I’m cutting and pasting this from the Ravberland.com website.

BH, I managed to get to Hevron yesterday with my husband.

We got there on time, for 8pm, (which means we got there ‘early’ by Israeli standards).

10 minutes after we arrived, the Border Police put barriers all over the Hevron plaza, and stopped the other members of Shuvu Banim from actually getting to the Mearat HaMachpela.


By the time I left at 9pm, there was a scene developing that was eerily reminiscent of what was going down on the Belarus / Ukraine borders pre-Rosh Hashana.

In case you forgot, that was when there were around 1,000 Breslov chassidim squared off against a wall of heavily-armed Ukrainian soldiers.

It was the same scene yesterday, just instead of Ukrainians guards with who had grandparents who quite liked Hitler, it was Israeli soldiers.


BH, the Rav will finally be freed today.

I read in one of his recent shiurim that he said all the secrets get revealed on Chanuka.

I’m hoping and praying that some of the stuff I’ve been uncovering the last month will start to come out, and that we’ll all finally be ‘shocked enough’ to stop making excuses for the state of our communities, and our families, and the world generally, to move forward to geula the sweet way.

Hating ‘bad’ doesn’t make me a ‘hater of Israel’, God forbid.

I know it’s not popular to keep harping on the FACT that we all have tons of bad middot, believe me, I know.

But there is a venomous snake wrapped around a barrel of figs.

And we all need to gird our loins to remove that ‘snake’ in our own dalet amot – and from within our own neshamas.




After repeated attempts by the Israeli court system to put off the hearing of our Rebbe, Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a, the critical hearing has been set for this Tuesday (Dec 1, 2020) at the Supreme Court.

To that end, prayer gatherings have been scheduled around Israel for his immediate release and speedy recovery.

The unprecedented persecution of Rav Berland, who at 84 is the oldest prisoner in the Israeli prison system, and who suffers no less than 26 different illnesses, has reached a point of a matter of life and death.  As had been reported over the last several weeks, the Rav suffers from, among other illnesses, heart problems (he has a pacemaker), has only one kidney, and has gangrene in his leg.

After undergoing two difficult surgeries, he was immediately returned to prison without a chance to recover in the hospital.

Moreover, the Israeli authorities have attempted repeatedly to prevent the Rav from receiving the proper medical care, requiring a court petition for something as minor as having his hand checked after suffering severe pain (it was discovered afterward that he had a broken hand).

The Rav’s attorneys have stated that this kind of treatment is without precedent and unexplainable.

It was reported in the name of autistic Binyamin Golden, that this was part of a deliberate attempt to assassinate the Rav while in prison custody.

While the Rav has been sitting for 10 months in prison without charge, and without any evidence brought against him, the court system has repeatedly attempted to delay his hearing.  This Tuesday, December 1, the crucial hearing will finally take place to decide if the Rav will be released.

Last week a prayer gathering was scheduled to be held at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, but in a shocking move, the police closed down the entire city of Hebron to prevent it.

Therefore, prayer gatherings have been scheduled at holy sites all over Israel for the Rav’s speedy release and recovery, Bezrat Hashem.


I’m so praying, we will all hear some good news soon.


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  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    This is really not meant to be antagonistic, but your help clarifying would be greatly appreciated. I have so far been unsuccessful verifying the information attributed to the autistic man Binyamin. In the article on the shuvubanim website, there is a general link to dani18.com and a link to a pdf file on dropbox. The document on dropbox doesn’t have the same format as other documents from dani18.com and doesn’t look the same. Also, I cannot find any link to this document on dani18.com. I’m not sure why the shuvubanim website wouldn’t have a link directly to the document on dani18.com.

    In looking at a few of the recent links (to documents) on dani18.com, I cannot see anything specifically referencing Rav Berland or Shuvu Banim, even though the article on the Shuvu Banim website says that Binyamin Golden has only recently begun referencing Rav Berland, Shuvu Banim, etc.

    I realize that the dani18.com website seems to focus on the man Daniel and not Binyamin. This is all very confusing and it would be greatly appreciated if you could help navigate this for us. It feels like there are things being pulled from all sorts of places and it’s not making sense for the uninitiated.

    Thank you and may we merit to hear good news.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The short answer is that the Dani18 website got a tremendous amount of ‘pushback’ from their readers when they come out last year with messages that the Rav was Moshiach.

      So, they decided to take off all of the messages referring to that – but I’d already put my posts up referring to them and copying their text, just now the links are broken.

      Then, some of the autistics (mainly those connected with Binyamin) ‘came over’ to the Rav’s website for a few months. But then that stopped after the Rav suggested they should retire from giving messages.

      I guess that Binyamin went back to the Dani18 website, and that again they got serious ‘push back’ for putting out ‘Rav Berland is Moshiach’ messages again.

      I can understand it, but it’s haval.

      • Ana
        Ana says:

        What you’re saying sounds plausible, but something still doesn’t make sense.

        The whole topic of the facilitate communication with these autistic men is essentially given credence by the impartiality of the facilitator(s) and that whatever these men are communicating across is coming from “other realms”…

        If that’s the case, then as uncomfortable for some as it may be that Binyamin started talking about Rav Berland in messianic terms, for the integrity of the whole website / all of their communications / the whole enterprise, how could they ignore what’s being said? The whole crux of their legitimacy is based on unadulterated transmission of the autistic men’s messages…

        So either the whole thing is corrupt / dealt with corruptly and even though Binyamin is giving over truth, there are other “powers” or considerations at play that call into question the integrity of everything on the website / that has been written in the name of these autistic men. Or perhaps the whole operation is totally legitimate and whoever is “in control” has noted some sort of anomaly (either intentional or unintentional) with Binyamin’s messages relating to Rav Berland and has decided to avoid including it due to said anomalies. (or some other alternative explanation)

        As noted, the layout / formatting of the pdf linked to dropbox that is of Binyamin’s message is totally different than whatever else appears on dani18.com. Has anyone who has been historically accepted as facilitating these messages taken responsibility for the veracity of these messages that look totally different from the others?

        As much as we want to believe everything being published in this regard is totally true and accurate (and it very well could be), it’s hard not to be at least as critical in analyzing it as with everything else that is discussed on these pages.

        It would be great to have some of your thoughts relating to these matters…

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I actually met the woman who has been taking down the ‘messages’ from the autistics about a year and a half ago, when she was waiting to meet Rav Berland for the first time. She told me that there were many messages from many different autistics saying the same thing about the Rav. Most of the autistics aren’t ‘public figures’.

          However, it’s certainly true that not everything the autistics say is necessarily true. I’ve written about that also on my site previously, how whenever you are dealing with communications of this type, there is ample latitude for falsehood and miscommunication to occur.

          It comes back to this: we all need to be asking Hashem to show us what is true, and what isn’t. And there are no other shortcuts to discovering the truth.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    … And I was all so praying from America, exactly at the same time, VISUALIZING myself being at Rechavat Mearat Hamachpelah. I guess my visualization was better than reality. What a shame, what a horror… all that under the pretext of covid, or was there no pretext whatsoever? Eze menuvalim!

    But I am very glad that our prayers were heard Above. B”H the Rav will be – or is already? – free.

    Thank G-d.


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