Last week, I decided to go to the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem, for the first time in three years.


I’m taking advantage of the current lull in ‘corona fascism’ to go places that were verboten before, for people who didn’t have a fascist ‘green pass’, or who weren’t willing to walk around in a mask the whole time. I find these trips are getting rid of any lingering Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) about all the yucky, evil culture we’re all drowning in.

Sure enough, the minute I stepped into Malcha Mall, I could see that one visit every three years is more than enough.

But I’d come with my daughter, and so we walked around a bit, just to solidify the understanding that the FOMO for places like Malcha Mall was completely misplaced.


She decided she wanted to go to Urbanica, Bar Rafaeli’s cheap clothes store aimed at teenagers and older people who should really know better.

I hate the whole ‘vibe’ in Urbanica, and I always have.

It’s full of clothes that are cheap in every sense of the word, and that mostly just degrade the people who wear them, But my daughter was actually headed to the housewares section, so I went with her, and tried to avoid the huge, massive video screens of ‘cool people’ wearing Urbanica clothes set up all over the store.

Except I couldn’t.

The colours were so garish, the video screens were so big, I found myself rooted to the spot, watching ‘celebrity pop stars’ Static and Ben-El strike poses surrounded by a bevy of young models all doing that sickening ‘seductive’ thing in cheap clothes….

I literally started to feel like I wanted to throw up.


Ben-El was covered in tattoos and looked like a freak show, despite his perma-white teeth.

The girls looked so hard and crude, despite all the make-up and expensive styling.

And something in my soul started to cry out Hashem!! Enough already!! Enough of all this degrading, disgusting, demonic ‘street culture’ that is teaching our sons and daughters to act, dress and behave in such cheap, soul-destroying ways!!

My daughter finished up, and we got out of Malcha Mall fast.

Once every three years is more than enough.


Everything in Israel has been ‘open for business’ for the last couple of months now.

But I find I still like staying in my house, or visiting holy places, or spending time in nature, quietly, over all the things that were ‘off limits’ or shut during the Covid 19 plandemic.

The culture has got so toxic, I am finding it hard to be ‘out on the street’ so much, watching all the people who permanently mutilated themselves with really ugly tattoos walking by.

I watch all those people tripping over their own feet as they walk along the pavement with their smart phones held up in front of their faces, scared to miss out on even one Whats App message…

I see the people with their masks under their chins still, (like, what?!) – or walking around in full-mask + massive sunglasses, to ensure no ‘Covid germs’ get into their eyeballs….

And I just want to be away from them all.

My tolerance for these types of people is steadily evaporating with each day that passes.


And honestly, I’m having a similar experience online, too.

Between all the ‘trans’ propaganda being pushed by Reform-funded fake orthodox Jews; all the awful pedophilia and abuse that is still being covered up in the chareidi world, but is for sure going on across the board in the non-chareidi world too; all the xtian missionaries infiltrating the Jewish world at every level; all the evil-propaganda-masquerading-as-news….

Most of the stuff online is also totally nauseating.

I am so yearning for kedusha.

I am so yearning for this world of lies to fall already, so we can get on with the job of living in this world as holy creations, and where God’s light can be seen and felt everywhere.


But in the meantime…

We aren’t quite there  yet.

And so, I have to keep walking that tightrope between fighting for kedusha, and fighting against evil, without getting totally swamped by the sickening, soul-destroying tarbut ra that is oozing in from every side.


But there is also some good news.

Things are now so bad on ‘the street’, that even my teenage daughters are coming to the conclusion that they should ditch their smart phones and return to a more simple way of life.

And they aren’t alone.

There were big rallies in the US last week, encouraging women in the chareidi world to pull the plug on the internet, and come offline.

More and more of us are waking up to the fact that using ‘social media’ means you are effectively swimming in a mental swamp of poisonous ideas and toxic ‘influencers’, peddling stuff that simply just kills your soul (and your brain cells…) 

I know more and more young people who are closing down their Facebook and Instagram and TikTok, and who are starting to search for something holy.

Over the next few months, I think this is only going to accelerate.

Because the blinders ARE falling off the eyes of so many people right now, and more and more of us are looking for a way out of the social media swamp, to get back to a life of kedusha and God-awareness.


But in the meantime, the war continues.

And that brings me back to the topic of the cover-up going on around Moishy Kleinerman.

HERE‘s a headline from YWN from yesterday, that says it all:

That ‘suspect’ was only ever a distraction, to try to get the public to shut up about Moishy Kleinerman while the police could carry on with their standard ‘cover up the truth’ operation.


Every square inch of Israel is now covered with sophisticated AI facial recognition cameras – including up North, by Meron.

Also, the parents have been told by genuine mekubalim with ruach hakodesh that their son is still alive.

That means he got kidnapped, and is being held against his will somewhere.


One of the last people who saw him was R’ Yoel Roth, who has a reputation for enticing kids away from their parents, to get married under the legal age without their parents’ consent.

Screenshot from HERE:



Roth, 39, who is also known as Yoel, is described by some in the ultra Orthodox community as a charismatic figure popular among adolescent boys and girls.

He is also known for alienating the youngsters from their parents.

“He’s a bona fide cult leader who’s basically making minced meat out of parents,” said one community insider.

Roth is reportedly an adherent of a philosophy that dictates in order to save young boys from sexual “sin” they should be married off young.

He is the grandson of Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, a noted Jewish legal scholar who died last month at 86 and whose Brooklyn funeral attracted large crowds.


If you didn’t see this already, go back and view it – it’s blogger Daniel Amram, talking in English about his ‘confrontation’ with Yoel Roth about Moishy Kleinerman, from a few weeks ago:


It is incredible to me that Yoel Roth has not been questioned by Israeli police, and that his name has been effectively ‘airbrushed’ out of this whole conversation about what really happened to Moishy Kleinerman.

Again, we see the police telling Moishy’s parents that they have ‘no leads’ – and again, we see them pointedly refusing to start questioning some of the people who might actually give them solid information that could lead to a breakthrough.


I went to take a closer look at Roth’s grandfather, R’ Yechezkel Roth.

Snippets from his Wikipedia page, HERE.

After many years of living in Israel, he emigrated to the US, where he eventually became recognized as one of the great Diaspora poskim.Years later, he began dividing his time between New York and Israel, where he would seclude himself for weeks on end in Meron in the spiritual shadow at the most famous for the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

In 1972, the Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum sought a Posek with uncompromising spiritual standards to serve on the Satmar beis din in Boro Park…

He dispatched messengers to Roth’s home in Israel requesting that Rav Roth relocate to Boro Park to disseminate Torah, and Roth assented. Since then, he lived in New York, and although he is not officially affiliated with any group, he has close ties with the Satmar community.


There’s a strong link between the Roth family, and Meron – where Moishy Kleinerman went missing.

HERE’s an indepth article about R’ Yechezkel Roth’s links to Meron, form the Mishpacha magazine.



The Roth family apparently owns a massive property in Meron.

Snippet from the same Mishpacha story, above:


Again, I’m not suggesting the Roths are directly involved with Moishy Kleinerman’s disappearance.

What I AM saying is that Yoel Roth and his followers who were there in Meron should be questioned by the Israel Police for any leads and information they may have that could lead to more clues.

And the Roth house in Meron should also be searched, to see if there are some ‘clues’ to Moishy’s whereabouts that could be gleaned from there.

This is ‘policing 101’, and I simply can’t understand why this wasn’t done by the police 3 months ago, and still isn’t being done today….


But this time, the parents aren’t backing down.

They are trying to raise money to hire private investigators to start figuring out where Moishy actually is, and you can donate to that HERE, via the Chesed Fund.

I donated something, because I believe that finding what really happened to Moishy could finally blow all the spiritual corruption going on in this country totally into the open.

Here’s that link again:



I am so yearning for kedusha.

But it seems, there is still a way to go, before we finally get to that stage.



So, the more I look into R Yoel Roth, the more strange things I’m learning.

First, here’s his camp for boys in the Catskills, called:

Camp Heichel Hakodesh Breslov

(Click the link to see a photo essay from this camp on YWN, from 7 years ago.)


Last year, one of my friends in the Catskills called me to ask me if I’d heard of a ‘Breslov Rabbi called Yoel Roth’ whose followers were causing a lot of problems in the local shul.

I said I’d never heard of him, and that he wasn’t part of the Breslov I follow, i.e. that of Rav Berland, (and his students Rav Arush and Rav Ofer Erez).

It’s interesting there is this camp for boys in the Catskills, and that sounds like another place where the search for Moishy Kleinerman should continue.


Next, I’m trying to figure out how the grandson of Satmar posek, aka ‘Kalzburg Rebbe’ R Yechezkel Roth, is now popping up as an apparently ‘Breslov’ guru, with his own large kehillah.

Over on the Forward, HERE, I find this interesting snippet:


Why should Yoel Roth have ‘inherited’ R’ Shick’s followers like this?

The late Rav Shick was married to the daughter of the Kosson Rebbe, Rabbi Asher Yeshaya Halevi Rotenberg.

I don’t know if the ‘Rotenberg’ family and the ‘Roths’ are connected.

B’kitzur…. lots of weird things going on here, under the surface.



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4 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    R. Roth’s indifference to the disappearance of a fellow Jew is disgusting and deeply suspicious. And the way he tried to label Moshe as crazy or unstable in some way! He should be offering to visit the police on his own simply to make a statement. That the police have not opted to question him, the last person to have seen him, on their own, SOP for a missing person case being taken seriously, is very telling. Obviously someone with a lot of power, even if the source or nature of that power is not obvious.

    If Moshe was “following” them around, how would he do so if he weren’t on the bus with him the entire time? I did a trip to kivrei tzaddikin in the Galil last fall. We went to many. There is no way someone who wanted to follow us could, without being in the vehicle with us, or have ready access to another vehicle without hindrance. There is so much travelling involved.

    The story about secluding himself in the trunk also smells off. Would a bus driver embark in such a case?

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    Avraham Fried, if the same one and I suspect it is, used to be famous for “rescuing lost Jews inside Arab Villages”. Maybe he could be asked to find Moishe.
    This “House” is near a Moshav? What goes on at the “House” when the Rebbe is not there?
    What goes on at that “Moshav”? Sounds to me that there is a hide-out (in or near) where troubled youth are taken to straighten them out in a secular way? Maybe even in a Cave nearby. Maybe inculcated into a …..?

  3. JR
    JR says:

    “It is incredible to me that Yoel Roth has not been questioned by Israeli police”

    With the gag order, you’re not likely to get an answer to that question. (Though American sources, if they exist, would be free from such restrictions) And there’s not much the Israeli police can do if Roth is in the USA and refuses to cooperate. Even if he’s innocent, he may still refuse to talk. He’s affiliated with extreme anti-Zionists and may well very refuse to have any dealings, however benign, with officials who are part of what he considers the ממלכת זדון.

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      JR, this is true. But there is that property…

      “Extreme anti-Zionists” still care about fellow Jews. This man’s indifference was quite breathtaking.


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