“What he wants is a world war.”


A new article on The Grey Zone fills out way more of the details about the fascist Azov Battalion, and its ties to ‘Jewish hero’ Zelensky. See below this post for more details.


The following translated snippets come from the Shivivei Or Newsletter 252, that brings the classes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland, from previous weeks.

Excerpt of a shiur from Purim Katan, 15th Adar (alef) (16th February, 2022)

“Now, we are talking about this, that everything we are experiencing, this is a tikun (rectification) for the sale of Yosef [HaTzaddik, by his brothers.] everything that is happening to us, everything that…

And a person doesn’t know what is going to happen, in another 10 years, 20 years.

It could be, that some crazy person will arise suddenly, who makes a world war now.

Because what he wants [i.e. Putin] is a world war.

He doesn’t want Ukraine, he wants Romania.

Return all my countries to me!

He wants to regain territory.


In that same shiur, the Rav spoke repeatedly about the ‘guarantee’ from Reb Shayale, the Tzaddik of Kerestir, that whoever believed in him, his grandchildren would survive the shoah.

(Reb Shayale died in 1925, around 15 years before the shoah occurred, but said these words 30 years before WW2.)

Here’s another translated snippet from the Rav:

“Now, we are in the month of Adar, we are rectifying ‘and you spoke evil’.

Because all our life, we need to rectify the sale of Yosef – all through our life, in every generation, Auschwitz, everything.

What they did to Yosef, this was done to us in Auschwitz.

In every place, they threw living people into pits.

And in every generation, this comes back again, for as long as Moshiach doesn’t come, so there will be a few more Auschwitzs.

But this is not in our generation.


We need to pray for our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren that they will pass through this [and be saved].

It’s like what Shayale from Kerestir said.

There is a book called ‘The Promise’, that he [R’ Shayale] said this 30 years before the shoah, that in another 30 years time, there is going to be an awful shoah.

Whoever assists me (i.e. helps me, or provides a service for me, or attends me) with emuna, his grandchildren (will be saved from the war that is coming.)”


The Rav then tells the story from this book, written by a grandchild who believed in the promise that Reb Shayale had given his grandfather – and was saved from death repeatedly, in miraculous ways.

The Rav doesn’t say anything stam.

Every word, every letter is a clue.


Here’s another snippet from a different shiur, given a little later on Shabbat Vayakhel, 5782:

“Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov) is changing the government in Ukraine.

Because this year, they decided that they are not going to let a single person travel [to Uman] on Rosh Hashana, because Shuvu Banim made a balagan.

But they don’t know who is really from Shuvu Banim, and who isn’t, so they said that they aren’t letting anyone come.

So, Rabbenu is fighting against them.

Zelensky said that no-one is entering Uman, so he’s been removed.


Excerpt from a different shiur, on that same day of Shabbat Vayakhel, 5082:

“Now, Putin is conquering Ukraine, because Rabbenu is doing the whole war.

Everything is Rabbenu, and ‘war I have made’ – the whole war is Rabbenu!

Rabbenu is fighting against Ukraine, because two years ago, they didn’t let people travel to Rabbenu.

So, they made a blacklist and a ‘white list’, because there were 200 people on the blacklist, that they didn’t let them enter.

Because they entered Uman, the travelled with great self-sacrifice, so they searched for them in Uman.

They asked each person, how did you get in?

And they put them on a blacklist.


And in Belarus, 20,000 people got stuck there on the road [border].

So now, everything there is tanks.

So now we are travelling.

We will get visas from the Russians.


Because Hashem won’t forgive everything that the Ukrainians did in the Shoah.

Hashem won’t forgive!

‘God of vengeance!’ Hashem is a God of vengeance!

We are coming to say that now, in the prayers.

And Rabbenu [also] doesn’t forgive, and Hashem will take vengeance in the Ukraine, for everything they did.


Ad kan.

I’ve been struggling a lot the last few days, especially with feelings of sadness and despair about the state of the world, both within my dalet amot, and without.

When I read the Rav’s words on Shabbat, they gave me a lot of chizzuk, so I wanted to share them with you.

This war is not stam, or ‘unjust’, like we are being told.

Again, that doesn’t mean Putin is a good guy – he’s not, he’s awful.

But what it does mean, is that God has got to the stage of really starting to mete out justice to the enemies of the Jewish people, and that he’s using the ‘evil’ in the world to do that.

I just started to feel a lot more hope again, that this is going to turn around, somehow, for the biggest revealed good we’ve ever seen.


One last thing, and then I’ll leave this for today.

As you probably know, me and my family were in Uman that fateful Rosh Hashana, two years ago.

That’s when I got stopped at the airport with my two teenage girls – despite the fact that legally, I had made it to Ukraine before their deadline of closing the border for Israelis travelling to Uman, at 12 midnight that Friday.

I got there at 4am Friday morning.

And the Ukrainians lied to us that they’d changed the law, and brought the closure forward 24 hours.

Me and my girls – there was only us for hours there, until 3 more chassidim from the UK showed up later on – were put under armed guard.

No-one told us what was going on.

There was nothing kosher we could eat in that airport, and I’d been travelling for 2 days, via France and Portugal to get to Uman, so the food I brought with me was already mostly eaten.


That was bad enough.

But then these Ukrainians put me and my family, plus these three chassids, on a bus in the middle of the airport – for no obvious reason – and we sat in that bus being mocked by armed Ukrainian guards for an hour, while a vicious Doberman circled the bus, to make sure no-one tried to get off.

mamash felt like I was back in World War II.

All I could do was clap and pray the whole hour.


By some open miracle, they changed their minds 20 minutes before Shabbat, and released us.

We got a cab to the Jewish Centre and Hotel in Kiev, and I cried the whole way.

That was the first Shabbat since I’ve been married that I didn’t light Shabbat candles, because I thought I’d got to the Hotel way after Shabbat came in.

(Turns out, I was wrong about that, but at the time I wasn’t aware that there is more flexibility in ‘Shabbat coming in’ than I realised.)



Then in Uman, we were ‘policed’ constantly by at least 3-4 different types of police and Ukrainian soldiers, non-stop for 3 weeks.

I had to go to the market to buy food to feed my family, and each time I stepped out on Pushkina, I could ‘feel’ the hostility of those Ukrainian soldiers in the air.

Meanwhile back in Israel, the horrible anti-semites ruling here (which remember, at that point was Netanyahu, Litzman and Deri) kept making statements about how everyone in Uman was a criminal, and that there would be massive consequences to pay when we got back to Israel.

The whole thing was so stressful and horrible, it literally took me out for a year.


It wasn’t a Shoah, of course, Baruch Hashem a million times.

But maybe, just maybe, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After I read the Rav’s words about God himself taking vengeance, I have started to feel way, way happier about what is going on.

Yesh din, v’yesh dayan.

And this process may be starting with the Ukrainians – but it’s not going to end with them, this time around.



I highly recommend you take a look at this article by Alex Rubinstein, on The Grey Zone:


Here’s a taster, of how ‘Jewish actor’ Zelensky was deliberately maneuvred into place in 2019, as a PR stunt to silence any accusations that the Ukraine really is full of neo-nazis.

And a key person funding those neo-Nazis is Igor Kolomoisky – the ‘president’ of the Jewish community in Ukraine (see HERE).

You can not make this stuff up.




The opening Shiur will be given by the famed talmid chacham Rav Yehoshua Cohen author of “Kerem Yehoshua”. Time: Sunday March 6th at 2:00pm Place: Bet Knesset Tikvat Shimon, Daniel street 5 in Musrara.

(Get the tram to the Iriya / City Hall stop by Safra Square, then it’s less than a 5 minute walk from there to the shul._

For those who are interested in joining the kollel either part time or full are requested to come to the Shiur.

לקראת פתיחת כולל חושן משפט לדוברי אנגלית בישיבה בעיר העתיקה יתקיים שיעור מיוחד באנגלית מפי הרה”ג רבי יהושוע כהן שליט”א מח”ס ‘כרם יהושוע’ לדרכי הלימוד וכללי הש”ס. השיעור יתקיים ביום ראשון ג’ אדר ב’ (06.03.22) בשעה 14:00 בביה”כ המרכזי תקוות שמעון רח’ דניאל 5 מוסררה. אברכים המעוניינים להצטרף לכולל מתבקשים להגיע לשיעור. בברכה המארגנים

For more information call: 053-315-5313


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9 replies
  1. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    So… A while ago, the Rav said the way would be in 200 years, a few weeks ago he said 100 years, now in our grandchildren’s lifetime, which also fits 100 years.
    What does this mean for geula, when the whole world will recognize Hashem and we all live with emuna shlema and “ein od milvado”?

  2. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    Yikes your experience in Ukraine sounds horrible! I was saying back in 2020, that it was a huge mistake to keep the Yidden out of Uman, and I had the bad feeling Zelensky would pay a price for that. I remember a few days after Rosh Hashana 2020, that 26 Ukrainian military servicemen were killed in an airplane crash in eastern Ukraine. 26, like the name of Hashem! Terrifying. I don’t claim to understand this, but there must be some connection.

    And then it’s true that Lukashenko allowed the Yidden to camp out on the border, but probably not out of the goodness of his heart. Because do you remember how he used Kurdish Iraqis to create an entire migrant crisis on the Polish border back in November? In the end the big losers were the Kurds which hoped that they could get to Germany via Poland and Belarus, and spent a lot of money to get to the Belorussian boarder so they could attempt an illegal boarder crossing. Poland refused to let the migrants in (rightfully so, because they did not have VISAs and could no longer be called refugees as they were already in a country generally recognised as safe). So it seems Lukashenko enjoys destabilising his neighbours, more than he cares to be a humanitarian…

    As relates to the Russian side of this war, Putin seems to have really gone insane. He’s making really strange and at times incoherent speeches. Yesterday he gave this bizarre speech surrounded by flight attendant trainees at a literal tea party, in what appears to be some sort of a bunker, with various greenery places around the room to disguise that it is a bunker. Major cringe effect. Why are all these dictators so weird? Anyway now he says “sanctions are an act of war,” but it appears that he just wants a war with the West. The Kremlin is clamping down really hard on regular Russians: people are getting jailed for anti-war tweets, the government is using facial recognition software in the subways to detain ordinary Russians suspected of criticising the government, there are really extreme checks at the border for people who want to leave Russia. Putin is a literal dictatorial madman sitting in front of the proverbial red button. Honestly it’s turning into a reign of terror in today’s Russia for the average Russian.

  3. Yochanan
    Yochanan says:

    I am not sure why this is so encouraging if I understand correctly,our grandchildren will have to pass thru another Shoah? What about Geulah in our generation? Is this to say we will be languishing and longing for the rest of our lives while the NWO gains more and more power over us. HaShem Yerachem!

  4. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Everything that can be postponed can be cancelled….

    And it’s encouraging to be reminded that GOD is behind all this, Ein Od Milvado, because whenever I lose sight of that, I can get very miserable, very fast.

    Also, the more people that open their eyes now, the more prayers…. the more teshuva…. the more this can still turn around and be sweeter, and sweetened even more.

    Each of us has a responsibility and a part to play, to stop buying into the propaganda, to stop winking at all the lies being told, and to start standing up for the truth, as much as we’re able, in our own dalet amot.

    Eliora – can you send any links to stuff showing what you are describing as happening with Putin and the crackdown in Russia?

    In the meantime, ‘the war’ is now being used as a massive excuse by our own budding communist Western governments to censor a whole bunch of alternative social media sites – Twitch just turned off a whole bunch of channels that were sharing info they don’t want people to have, but which they are blaming on ‘Russian hackers’…. as if.

    Telegram is also starting to be censored – the same old stuff, channels like LaQuinta Columna and others with valuable, real information especially about the Covid shots etc, show that their followers are now reducing inexplicably.

    All this started to happen middle of Feb, again, to a few different popular ‘anti-Covid shot’ sites in particular.

    And again, blamed on ‘Russian hackers’….

    Lastly, the US biolabs in the Ukraine story appears to be yet another ‘plant’, planned to make these ‘biolabs’ and ‘the Russians’ the scapegoat for when ‘smallpox’, or ‘marburg virus’, or ‘ebola’ – or whatever it is they are planning to try to induce next in the population, probably via interaction with the nanotech in the Covid shots and the 5…G they have just put up all over the world – kicks in.

    See this:


    Don’t be fooled by the propaganda!

    People ARE being killed, some sort of war is being fought, but underneath all that, the strings on both sides are being pulled by the same small bunch of evil people who believe they control our world.

  5. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, do you think that the Rav is saying that any of the events between Ukraine and Russia will somehow come to bite Israel???

    Avi Abelow seems to think so. Not that he’s a Rav or anything like that. But I’m wondering whether all these wars, starting with this one, will end up trying to start up with us, whether before or after (PG) Mashiah is revealed. Video at the other end of the link below.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There was a comment yesterday, that the Rav said Putin wants to conquer Israel.

      Everything is a right old mess at the moment, we just need to hang on to God and the true tzaddikim, pray a lot, make the teshuva that WE need to make, in our own dalet amot – and wait for God to turn this around.

  6. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Wow, my goodness, what an awful nightmare you all went through…..Glad you are feeling better now.

    Re: Putin, the Rav said exactly what Rav Dovid Smith claimed in his interview with Tamar Yonah: that Putin’s real goal is to recapture all Soviet territories; interesting! But of course the Rav gave even more information as to WHY this is happening. Very troublesome frankly: we can never get rid of this curse, so to speak?? Even if we try our best to be good brothers and sisters, even if we try our best to do good in general? That sounds pretty disheartening!

  7. nechama
    nechama says:

    Don’t believe Putin has the funds and manpower to capture all those countries (my opinion) they once had. He said he doesn’t want to conquer Ukraine (it’s a giant mess). His purpose was stated and he seems to be holding to that. The same endeavor will be applied to (next) Taiwan, that also has dangerous bio–labs. There are 49 of them in Europe and Asia. If there is indeed a plan to close them all up, a huge job, it means world war definitely. No end to “their” reset evil “they” want to inflict on us.
    BTW Fauci is in”witness protection custody”, so said Gov. DeSantis. Wow is this good news.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Interesting, about Fauci.

      I have no idea what is going to happen next – once we understand that Putin is just a puppet, we also understand that funding him is not a problem, if the puppetmasters want the war to continue.

      But, everything is being sweetened still, and I think that’s also why none of this stuff is really going the way anyone expects it to – including the puppetmasters.

      We’ll have to wait and see, and just keep praying.


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