Let’s take a closer look at Ariel Cohen Alloro.

He’s an externally orthodox Jew for Jesus, who claims that:

a) R Yitzhak Ginsburgh is his rabbi.

b) R’ Yitzhak Ginsburgh knows about his plan to ‘redeem’ Yoshki with $2 million, and is supporting it. 

c) R’ Ginsburgh has agreed to act as the ‘judge’ in a televised retrial of Yoshki, with Ariel Cohen Alloro arguing the case for Yoshki against 10 (hired…) rabbis.

(You can read Part 1 HERE).


There are a number of serious implications, if these claims are true.

Let’s see what we can find these people saying, from their own words and videos, and then you make up your own minds. Let’s start with this:



A video put up by Ariel Cohen Alloro called: Ariel Cohen Alloro – with his Rabbi, Rav Ginsburgh, the eve of Yom Kippur 5778



[Rav Ginsburgh greets Alloro warmly, and gives him a piece of cake]

Alloro: This isn’t instead of the $2 million, is it (Lekah = 2 million in gematria]

R Ginsburgh: No it isn’t. I am doing my best to be patient, but please hurry up. 

Alloro: Hurry about about what?

R Ginsburgh: About the 2 million.

Alloro: But I’ve brought you someone with the 2 million!

R Ginsburgh: He was not serious enough.

(The rest of their discussion is deliberately muted.)



A video of Cohen-Alloro preaching his message about Yoshke, and talking to a whole bunch of other externally ‘orthodox’ rabbis who seem to be loving what he’s saying (!).

(If anyone out there can help me identify the other rabbis, please leave the info in the comments section.)

The video is entitled: Ariel Cohen Alloro with his Rabbi, about reconciliation of Judaism and Christianity.

The subtitle is: The Return of Jesus

Warning: I found this video VERY disturbing for a lot of different reasons, and some of the people I sent this on to couldn’t even watch more than a minute, because they felt it was coming from a very bad place, spiritually.


Here’s some screenshots:

This is setting up the idea that Yoshke was the ‘Messiah ben Joseph’ (and can you guess who he and his rabbi thinks is the ‘Messiah ben David’?)


Screenshot of Cohen-Alloro discussing ‘his rabbi’s’ belief in his project (and of Yoshke as ‘Moshiach ben Joseph’):


“The Rabbi is too big that people would say it is just another one who went crazy.”


Screenshot of Cohen-Alloro referring specifically to R Ginsburgh:


“If I can do it and no Rabbi came against me, then no doubt that Rabbi Ginsburgh can do it, that he has the means.”


Screenshot of the other guy talking about this (anyone know who he is?) confirming that if Rabbi Ginsburgh opens his mouth to talk about Jesus, it’s going to cause a huge ruckus:


“If Rabbi Ginsburgh opens his mouth and stands openly on this matter, it is going to be a great tumult of God.”


This video then cuts to an excerpt of Cohen-Alloro playing the keyboards at an event where R Ginsburgh is speaking at a Kislev 19 Chanukah event, in 5778 (December 12, 2017).


Let’s take a closer look at what R Ginsburgh himself is saying at this event.

You can see the full video HERE, and below, I’ve excerpted the snippet that I’m going to bring the full transcript for, below.


Transcript of some of R Ginsburgh’s comments at the 19th Kislev event on Chanukah 5778:

[Note: I am basing this on the English subtitles under the video itself.]

As we said, in order to connect and buy the heart of the people, we need to be with everyone and we need to be with the attitude of permission, with ‘the power of the permission that is better’.

Because the simple people will never buy the attitude of the dossim (negative slang term for ultra-orthodox).

The attitude of the dossim will never bring the Kingdom of Israel in the land of Israel.

And for sure, it isn’t the attitude of ‘the new Torah that will come out from me’, also for the people of Israel who sit in the land of Israel, also for Jews in the Diaspora, and also, l’havdil, for the nations of the world.


A most important example of what it means to ‘permit the forbidden’ in our generation is what the Lubavitcher Rebbe says, that we need to go out and negotiate and spread the Torah among the nations of the world.

A thing that was forbidden in previous generations!

What is ‘forbidden’? It’s a taboo.

Out of certain reasons, out of fear, or from another reason that isn’t forbidden from the Torah. On the contrary!

The Rebbe says it is a command from the Torah!

But as the minhag of Israel becomes Torah, and as according to the minhag it was made a taboo.

And to permit the forbidden is to permit taboos.


This is the primary thing of permitting the forbidden.

There are many things that are a taboo, and particularly the things concerning the image of Esav (Christianity) and what is related to him.

This is exactly what the Rebbe said, that Esav is ready, he only waits for us to be ready. 

So why isn’t Jacob ready? There is a ‘Jacob’ that is far away from the Torah and mitzvot.

But there is a ‘Jacob’ that is apparently close to Torah and mitzvot. But his Torah and mitzvot are in the ‘Egypt’ of holiness, within the contraction, within the forbidden. So he himself is imprisoned.

All the time, he is imprisoned within the tzimtzum (contraction), he has no common language and ability to communicate, not with the people of Israel in the Aretz here, and surely not  with the nations of the world.


And we will finish with this thought that the Melech HaMoshiach should come and redeem us, and bind us with him, as bridge and groom in a wedding day.

And we should be ready for that marriage, between the people of Israel and the Melech HaMoshiach, to be ‘with the king’ in his rule.

To be partners in this new creation of the king.

And according to this ‘new Torah’, that is the power of permission [permitting?], that is a Torah that doesn’t threaten with a belt


Let’s say one more simple word.

When is the time to talk to Esav (Christianity)?

Literally, in the moment that the ‘belt’ of Esav is made loose towards us! 

Why was it a taboo all the time, to make with him negotiations, and also to speak of subjects that are connected with his culture, that it’s a taboo for any chareidi Jew to even talk of it?

Why? Because he symbolised the ‘belt’. 

And that is what the Rebbe himself says: in the moment that the world changes, Esav himself isn’t that tough anymore, and his belt is made loose. Indeed, the belt is made loose on his side.


It is also a ‘feeling’, it’s possible to err about this. 

It’s a sense about Esav that now doesn’t come, like when Jacob went to meet him fearing, back then, and then he really came with 400 men to kill him.

But if the Rebbe said now is not the case, then it means that Esav’s belt is made loose.

Therefore, the world belt (retzua) equals ‘Esav’. And in the moment the belt is made loose, then by us also the belt is made loose.

It’s a mutual thing!

And then, when we succeed to connect together and to prolong the abundant lights of ‘I have a lot’ within the rectified tools of ‘I have enough’, then we will merit to serve God with joy.


You come to your own conclusions about all this.

But for me hearing this, I was struck at how exactly similarly these remarks are, to so many of the teachings of the Sabbatean-Frankist preachers who were pushing to rehabilitate Yoshki as a ‘misunderstood righteous Jew’, and to bring Judaism and xtianity together in a ‘new religion’ where ‘Moshiach ben Ephraim’ and Moshiach ben David’ would be united.

Permitting the forbidden is a classic Sabbatean concept.

Introducing a ‘higher Torah’ where everything is permitted (including a whole bunch of ‘taboos’ we’ve been writing about here on the blog….)because now the Moshiach has come, and the world is rectified and sin doesn’t exist anymore is a classic Sabbatean concept.

Ha mavin yavin.


If you are still unsure of what Cohen-Alloro wants to do, take a listen to THIS interview he gave to a messianic conference in Jerusalem (where else?!) also in 2017.

At around the 15 minute mark, he starts talking about wanting to raise $2 million from every Jew to ‘redeem Yoshki’, and pay for a televised retrial over six months, where he’ll argue the case for Yoshki as ‘Esav’ against 10 rabbis he will hire, in front of his ‘rabbi’.

And this has been going on for years.


One of my readers sent me this:

He seems to have been at this thing of getting 2 million dollars since 2011 as evidenced by the following screenshot (taken from https://www.christianforums.com/threads/the-retrial-of-yeshua.7581536/ page 1)



A screenshot of a  Facebook post on Cohen-Alloro’s page from 2013, where he says this:



This, according to the view tha “in the Future the Pig [Chazir] will return [leChazur] to Israel”, and (2S 14:14) “levilti yidach mimenu nidach” (so that the banished person may not remain exiled from Him) (=692; Esau + Yeshu).
Thanks to this operation we have green light (to operate) from the Christia wold for the purpose of Tikkun (rectification). To make the Chazir (pig) kosher, and eventually bring peace between Christianiy and Judaism.


A Q+A from Cohen-Alloro’s site HERE, on what will be done with the money:

 30. What will happen with this amount?  
This amount of $2Million is needed for the Pydion haBen. $1 Million will stay with the Rabbi of Ariel Cohen Alloro for his Yeshiva.
The other $1 Million will be used by the Facing-Each-Other non-profit to prepare for and to organize the stages of the Retrial, to make a documentary movie about all the aspects involved in this project that may cost up to $450.000, as well a trailer worth around $35.000, to prepare books, animations, music and other PR materials needed for this event, to pay for rentals and travels, also to hire 10 rabbis that will participate in the public, online debate sessions of this educational Retrial.  

Last thing, for now, is a quick look at R Yitzhak Ginsburgh’s Wikipedia page in Hebrew, HERE.

Screenshot of the section about his family (descendants):
We learn from this that Yitzhak Ginsburgh married the daughter of Moshe Zvi Segal – co-founder of the Irgun.
(There’s a lot more to learn about that side of things, but slowly does it).

We also learn that his sons and sons-in-law continue to hold very some very prominent positions with the Chabad movement.

Further on down the page, we also learn this:
In 1994, Ginsburgh received widespread criticism for his article “Baruch Hagever” in which he defended Baruch Goldstein who had massacred 29 Palestinian worshippers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron….The conclusion to the article is that Goldstein’s act emanated from the super-rational powers of his soul, therefore one cannot rely on logical reasoning to determine whether the act was worthy or condemnable.

Ginsburgh also moved his yeshiva to Yitzhar, and there are a lot of rumours that his teachings are inspiring the so-called ‘price tag’ movement of committing acts of violence against Arabs.

We’ll park that side of things for now, as it’s a very complex subject and it will take a lot of serious birur to try and figure out the truth behind these issues. But I’m bringing them here as context, and to show that R Ginsburgh is still very much part of mainstream Chabad, and still has a very strong influence in some segments of Israeli society.

Which disturbs me tremendously, at this point.

Here’s a screenshot of some of his other students:


R’ Arush learned with Ginsburgh at the very beginning of his teshuva journey, before moving across to Rav Berland.

Meir Ettinger you’ve probably already heard about.

This screenshot comes from a Ha’aretz article in Hebrew, HERE:


And Dr Shlomo Kalish is a VERY interesting guy I’ve had my eye on for some time.

I got to him when I was trying to pindown more information about Daniel Roth’s ‘hitech’ links to China.

(Roth is Netanyahu’s son-in-law, who is apparently now ‘Breslov’ and part of the Meah Shearim Breslov shul which is the main hub of the psychos who have been attacking Rav Berland and his community for years.)

Most of the information about Shlomo Kalish has been thoroughly scrubbed off the net the last few years, but look up the ‘Shalom Beytenu’ website on the wayback machine HERE, as a starting place.


Let’s end with something to counter all this horrible spiritual tumah.

Back in 2018, this appeared on the Rav Berland website: ‘There will be no survivor to the house of Esav’.

It’s recommended to read the whole thing, to get an authentic, holy perspective on how Jews are really meant to be dealing with the question of Esav.

Here’s a snippet:

All the arguments between Esav and Yaakov were about Jerusalem

The house of Esav is Amalek. All the Nazis were [from] the house of Esav. For 130 years, only Nazis were created. 


The Rav reiterates this theme again and again, that ‘Esav’ is evil and will end up being totally destroyed.

That doesn’t mean that people who are currently xtian, or non-Jews raised in Western countries are unredeemably evil, not at all.

Like everyone else, they need to make some real teshuva, leave all that Yoshke / xtian dreck behind, and realise that the Torah is true, and God is the only person to serve.

This is the polar-opposite approach of Cohen-Alloro, and all the rest of these kabbalist-orthoprax Jews-for-Jesus, who are really just peddling updated Sabbatean-Frankist philosophy for our times.


And hopefully this time, we won’t fall for all the mystical deceptions being peddled by false messiahs and their prophets.


PS: I missed this off from the Wikipedia page for Yitzhak Ginsburgh, but I think it’s important to add:

הרב גינזבורג חתם בשנת תשנ”ח על “פסק דין” הלכתי שלפיו לרבי מלובביץ’ יש דין נביא ומחויבים לשמוע לכל הוראותיו, ובכללן שהוא המלך המשיח שיתגלה “מיד ממש”[9].


The Rav Ginsburgh signed on an halachic ‘psak din’ in the year תשנ”ח that the late Rebbe of Lubavitch had the status of a navi, and so we are obligated to listen to all of his instructions. And especially, that he is the ‘Melech HaMoshiach’ who would be revealed immediately, mamash.

You can see the PDF of that psak din HERE.

Here is the screenshot of his signature:

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17 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Because each time, they dress up ‘the test’ in different clothing.

      Really if we see what’s going on here, we can see that exactly as happened with Yoshke, Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank, we have the same ‘test’ coming around again, even the same language, just dressed up a little differently to fool us.

      If a ‘big rabbi’ is going to tell you Yoshke is Moshiach ben Yosef, that takes a lot of inner clarity to know it’s still a bunch of bull…

  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    Now, this guy Ariel Cohen Alloro is one of the more scary products of Yoshke’s actions, as has been said before by others. Not only does he speak the language of orthodoxy, but he also knows some of the deeper parts, like gematria, taking letters from a phrase or sentence, and other sophisticated methods of proving things from the Torah.

    However, the simple explanation trumps over all these; that’s why most Torah scholars start with Rashi as their (long-ago) teacher.

    The proof that Mashiah isn’t G-d’s first-born son and can’t be G-d, and furthermore no one individual can be, no matter how many methodological explanations one can come up with, lies in a simple sentence in the book of Shemoth (Exodus), chapter 4 verse 22:

    Then you shall say to Pharaoh: ‘Thus says the LORD: Israel is My first-born son.’

    Just as clearly in Hebrew, it says:

    ואמרת אל פרעה כה אמר יי בני בכורי ישראל

    Only one word: Bechori בכורי means ‘My first-born son.’

    No amount of gematria, roshei or sofei tevot, or any other method can trump this plain statement on the part of HQB”H. These are meant for hints that are not spelled out plainly; whereas this is a straightforward statement of who is G-d’s first-born son, to be delivered to the most powerful man in the world of the time of Moshe Rabbenu.

    As for Ariel Cohen Alloro: Is he a ‘tam’ as others characterize him, or is he a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? Is he a “simpleton” like me or is he a “sophisticate” pretending to be simple?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      How can someone like this be ‘tam’?

      As soon as you are trying to whitewash Yoshke, and to introduce Yoshke as the ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’ who needs rehabilitation, you are firmly on the side of the wolves in sheeps clothing.

      Regardless of how externally ‘pious’ and ‘frum’ you appear to be.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        That was a rhetorical question, Rivka…I think he’s quite sophisticated, and not in a good way.

        In my comment to your last post, I thought I made clear that the harm Yoshke did was way beyond his time and hasn’t stopped yet, and he’s responsible for it all.

    • Chaim
      Chaim says:

      No real “tam” can come up with such mental gymnastics to produce such a contrived argument to deny one of the most simple truths a real Jew needs to realize:

      X-niaty and Cheesus are bad.

      There’s no other explanation for the amount of suffering they brought to the Jewish People and there’s no excuse for that. Sefer Ovadiyah details the final destruction of Esav, and leaves no doubt as to its utter obliteration.

      There’s no “pidyon” for these tumot, otherwise, great luminaries from previous generations would’ve realized its benefit, performed it, and written about it extensively.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    You obviously know nothing about the whole story of Dr. Baruch Goldstein. I spent three months of my life translating the Hebrew book that was written about what really happened at Mearat Hamachpelah on that day. To call this spiritual tumah is a horrible insult to a Tzaddik who sacrificed his own life to save the community of Hevron, who was about to be massacred by the Muslims on Purim. You need references, I will give them to you – if I can remember the other book written in English about the whole episode. I still have the book in Hebrew.The PTB lied through their teeth about the event – and you bought the lie.

    You should know that it is thanks for his heroic act that we decided to move to Hevron of all places. He died so all Jews would not be massacred on Purim in Mearat Hamachpelah by the Arabs. So much for “spiritual tumah”.

    Sorry, but sometimes things are just too much. Check your facts!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for this. Daisy, please calm down. The tumah I was referring to is all the whitewashing Yoshki stuff. For what it’s worth, I’m totally convinced Baruch Goldstein was set up as a patsy, and very possibly didn’t even fire a single bullet.

      I read Barry Chamish’s work shortly after it happened, and I tried to get hold of the book that Goldstein’s sister wrote with the real story – but of course, it was totally scrubbed out of everywhere.

      Is this the same book?

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Sweden has already conducted a number of testing phases on its digital currency, the e-krona. Tests were conducted to determine how real-world payments would incorporate the CBDC. The currency testing phase concerns commercial banks and is set to evaluate how the e-krona could be utilized for both retail and commercial payments. –Yahoo News

      So when the news of the e-shekel comes to us, remember that in Hebrew it’s spelled אי-שקל…meaning “not-shekel.”

      With all our might, we need to protest this. We want the REAL SILVER SHEKEL.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        I love it, Hava! Yes, absolutely:

        כסף is money, and money is כסף, that’s it. Mearat Hamachpelah was bought with שקלים made of כסף, the Ag element, not with אי-שקלים . Let’s get back to Torah money; it can be done, and should be done!

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    OK, Sorry, Rivka, I misunderstood what you said; glad I was wrong about this, my apologies…. “I calmed down”.

    Re: the books:

    a) I don’t remember what Barry wrote about Dr. Goldstein.

    b) There was a good ( yellow and white) hard-cover book written in English which I had read at the time in Israel, I forgot its title and the name of the author; Baruch Goldstein’s sister? It doesn’t ring a bell.

    c) The book linked to above and here again,
    “Baruch Podeh Umatzil” was written by Michael Ben-Horin – from the Golan if I recall; he used to come to Hevron regularly, I even remember seeing him in Kiryat Arba one Purim.That is the book I translated; it does have lots of detailed information, it’s worth reading.

    d) Then later further information came out too, I forgot what the source was.

    e) Here, however, is an article written by Chaim Simons (Chaim Shimon I remember from years ago in the US??)

    Bottom line, Dr. Baruch Goldstein was set up by the PTB – of course. Another victim of the evil ones HY”D….Baruch Dayan Emet; very, very sad story.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      That’s also the bottom line of the book that I think was by his sister – that he was told there was going to be a massacre at the Mearah of Jews / there was a massacre happening there already, by the army, grabbed his gun – and then got set up as the patsy for a pre-planned State of Israel military operation to sow more hatred between Jews and Arabs, and take Hevron ‘off limits’ for Jews, most of the time.

      That’s why, BTW, I really don’t think guns are the answer in all this.

      Guns and violence is the craft of Esav, and they will turn it around on the Jews every single time, like they also did with Rabin’s murder – also using a ‘religious’ undercover patsy, to smear the whole religious community and make everyone else hate them for their ‘violent extremism’.

      Jacob’s ‘craft’ is prayer, not violence.

      I know this is not a simple discussion, but I’m throwing it out there.

  4. Darin
    Darin says:

    It’s widely understood among the Noahide communities that Rebbe Schneerson’s remarks about talking to Esau were referring to the Chabad initiative to [for the first time in modern Jewish history] begin to openly teach the Noahide laws to xtian societies, to call interested Christians (and non-Jews in general) out of idolatry, not to convert Jews to xtianity.

    As a former xtian who was called out of idolatry by the fruits of this program, I can say that despite some structural similarities, xtian messianism and Chabad’s specific brand of folk-messianism are not really compatible, and Rebbe Schneerson is never going to be a compelling messianic figure to most xtians.


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