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There was a massive ‘oil spill’ off the coast of Israel a few days ago.

And something about the whole thing is twanging the BS-O-Meter at high decibels – not least because the State of Israel has now placed the whole matter under censorship.

Read this, for more background details:

I’m not deep-diving into this (at the moment…)

But I’m flagging it as something to keep an eye on.

170 km out of 190 km of Israel’s coast has now been closed down; volunteers who were cleaning up slicked animals on the beach have ended up in hospital with weird symptoms, and – strangest of all – the government conducted it’s first ever ‘oil spill drill’ just 6 short months ago, back in September 2020.

And yet despite all that, was apparently totally ‘unprepared’ for what occurred on February 11th.

Something here is very fishy….

So let’s keep an eye on this, and see what else surfaces.


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  1. I am
    I am says:

    Oh I wonder what’s the Rabbi Berland opinion on vaccines I feel higher pressure to take as everyone says to do… He made a prayer to protect pregnant women and now many are in hospitals it suddens me. Maybe vaccine is solution? How can we know? Did anyone ask him or he wrote anywhere? I hope he is released soonest

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      He’s released to house arrest – he walked out of prison yesterday night, Baruch Hashem.

      This whole Covid-19 is a test of emuna – a massive test of emuna.

      The POINT is to turn inwards, and to make a real connection with our own neshamas, and to talk directly with Hashem. There is going to be ‘brainwashing’ going on, on both sides of this, until the geula shows up. We have to dig deep, and find our own truth.

      That’s always been the authentic Breslov way – hitbodedut, and getting guidance from our rabbis via their teachings and prayers.

      So I wouldn’t hold your breath for a pronouncement.

      And even if there is a pronouncement, I would take it with a huge pinch of salt and still go and do your own praying about it.

      The greatest holiness is always surrounded by the biggest klipa.

      It’s very easy to be fooled, if you’re looking for short cuts.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The plot thickens, as one of my kids went to the beach in Israel yesterday – and there wasn’t even a trace of oil or tar.

      I’m planning to check it out for myself, but it sounds like this whole thing could be fake news, designed to give the State of Israel and ‘excuse’ to attack Iran.

      They carried out a drill for an oil spill – for the first time ever! – in September 2020.

      I’m starting to think they filmed footage of that ‘practise run’, to use as a propaganda tool now, to convince us all there was a massive oil spill sent to Israel by Iran….

      As though you can ‘send’ oil spills directly to specific countries. Man, we are all so gullible.

      But I will go check it out with my own eyes, before coming to more of a conclusion.


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