Let’s start to pull more of this information together in one place.

If we don’t let anything ‘not kosher’ enter our mouths, and if we check and double-check what every little ingredient is in the food we eat – why should we be sticking ‘whatever’ in our bodies, without knowing exactly what we are actually putting into our bodies?

More and more scientists are putting the contents of these Covid 19 vials under the microscope – all sorts of microscopes, in fact – and they are seeing some stuff that both worries them – because they know what it is – and worries them even more – because THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS.


I’ve been bringing stuff on the blog from the Spanish researchers on LaQuintaColumna, via OrwellCity.com.

You can see one of those posts, and some of those images and videos, here:


I’ve been writing a lot about graphene oxide nanotech, and GO nanotubes, in these Covid shots – and in a bunch of other things, too, including medications, shampoos and our food supply.

That’s bad enough – graphene oxide is biotoxic, and this GO nanotech appears to be designed to create a synthetic biofilm ‘network’ in the body, that is electro-magnetically charged, and ‘swarms together’ to act in an intelligent, programmable way.

Like I said, that’s bad enough.

But now, more and more videos are coming out showing other stuff in the Covid 19 shots, that appear to be alive, but no-one knows what they are, or what they are meant to be doing.


Dr Carry Madej covered this, a couple of weeks ago, on the Stew Peters show HERE:


I don’t really like the Stew Peters show – just seems way too ‘slick’ to me, honestly, so I always wait to start cross-checking the information there with other sources, before I start to share it here.

But Carrie Madej’s microscopic analysis of the Moderna and J+J shots caught some octopus-looking thing, with legs, that appears to have some sort of ‘self-awareness’.

Here’s a screenshot, from HERE:


I knew that the researchers from La Quinta Columna have also been finding unidentified ‘octopus’ organisms in the Pfizer shots, like this:


But initially, I thought (maybe, hoped is a better word) that these ‘octopus thingies’ are just a connection of carbon nanotubes, nothing more.

The last few days, more and more research is coming to light that suggests that whatever this stuff is, it’s actually alive.

Take a look at THIS, from Polish researcher Dr Franc Zalewski, in Polish but with English subtitles:

Again, I can’t embed the video, here’s a screenshot of the ‘thing’ he found in the Pfizer Covid shot, and click the link below, to watch the full thing:



Here’s an abridged snippet of Dr Zalewski’s comments, from the video:

I continued my studies, and conducted tests. What is that thing? It seems to have a head and three legs. I conducted tests, of the head(1) and (2),(3),(4) and those are the results: It’s aluminum and carbon…

“That thing” is being given to people in the vaccines, but in eggs. I was searching for its eggs. And they should have a suitable environment. If the injection is tested on a bare dish, nothing happens, and the eggs couldn’t be found. Perhaps they weren’t inside the injection, because some of them are pure saline solutions.

But if tested on a graphite tape… That’s why there’s graphene added inside the vaccines which nourishes the eggs….

And the head is going to have 20 microns [µ], and the length 2.5mm (the tentacles).

This is a life form….

I marked the vials number 1, 2, and 3. 

Only in the third one was “that thing” inside. And it grew/developed 4 days.


To sum up, Dr Zalewski found the eggs of what grew to become this octopus ‘thing’ in one out of three of the Pfizer vials, for ‘Covid 19’.

By the time this video came out, I was starting to lean towards believing that there are some sort of mysterious ‘parasite’ life form in at least some of the Covid shots – and that appears to be across the board, regardless of which brand you get jabbed with.

But I was still hedging my bets, on sharing this information more widely.


(Before we continue, please read this, screenshotted from HERE:)


I’m just sharing information here that seems credible to me, at this stage.

But we all still need to do our own research, our own birur, and to check and double-check and triple-check EVERYTHING.

And if there is new information that mitigates against this, I will do my best to share that with you – and also, feel free to send stuff in to the comments, especially if it proves me ‘wrong’ in a credible way. This is about getting to what’s really true, so I’m not scared of new information, or of being challenged.


So today, my brother in the UK sent me this:

Dr Eric Enby has a video of Pfizer vax under strong microscope – you can see the nano bots swimming around and all the gunk – no one would take it if saw that video : 


Now, I don’t have Facebook, not even a fake account anymore, so I can’t access that video.

But I found ‘Dr Eric Enby’ on Bitchute, HERE.


It’s a very unpolished video, that basically has someone translating the Swedish as they go along.

I listened to it sped up 1.5, in the background while I was typing this up.

Here’s a screenshot of the ‘living particles’ that you can see move on screen, if you watch the video:


Here’s the takeaway points:

  • Dr Eric Enby is an independent researcher who has been doing microscopy for 50 years.
  • Recently, he was given a vial of the Pfizer Covid 19 shot, to analyse under the microscope.
  • He has identified particles that appear to be alive, that he says no-one in the academic or medical community has any idea what they really are.
  • These particles appear as ‘eggs’ that then become activated.
  • While he doesn’t know what specific conditions activate these ‘eggs’, he doesn’t believe their activation is automatic, or inevitable.


That last point is probably the most important one he makes.

There are others out there who are saying that anyone who gets ‘jabbed’ is guaranteed to die from all this stuff, God forbid, within three years.

I don’t buy that.

God has already created the balm before the blow – our job is just to figure out what the ‘blow’ actually is, so we can get on with doing whatever it takes to mitigate it.


It might be, that the solution ends up being totally spiritual.

It might be, that we mamash find ourselves in a position of understanding that it really is money for blood – the basis of the idea of pidyon nefesh.

Or that our prayers are really the only thing, that is going to get us out of the deepening hole we currently stand in.

We’ll see.

But one thing is for sure:

A solution is out there, somewhere.

And God can heal all this in the blink of an eye.



Let’s all pray that this is just one big, massive hoax, and that there aren’t tentacled parasites inside these Covid shots….

I am SO happy to be proven wrong about this.



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  1. David raskin
    David raskin says:


    בוקר טוב שבתאי חיים ארוכים ורב שלומות הרבה בריאות ונחת מהילדים ומהאישה בעזרת השם.

    אני תלמידו המובהק ויד ימינו של כבוד הרב אמנון יצחק הי”ו כבר המון שנים.

    לפני שבועיים אנשי שב”כ חרדיים משלנו הגיעו לשיעור של כבוד הרב בקהילת פז בבני ברק, בסיום השיעור כשבית המדרש התרוקן הם ניגשו לכבוד הרב לקבל ברכה, והוציאו בנוכחותי תעודות של עובדי שירות בשב”כ, הם איימו על כבוד הרב במילים מפורשות שיפסיק לעסוק בנושא החיסונים אחרת יחוסל פשוטו כמשמעו בלי בושה ומבלי להניד עפעף, חרדים עם פאות וזקנים.

    הרב חשב וחשב וקיבל החלטה בשלב זה לרדת למחתרת ולא לשדר תכנים חדשים אלא למחזר חומרים מוקלטים שכבר פורסמו בעבר.

    הטעות של כבוד הרב, שכבר באותו רגע הוא היה חייב להפיץ את המקרה לציבור, אלא שעדיין קונן בו החשד שהם מתחזים.

    המצב הוא כזה, הערב כבוד הרב התמוטט כל המערכות בגוף שלו קרסו וכעת הוא מונשם ומטופל על ידי רופא פרטי, ככל הנראה לא תהיה ברירה אלא לאשפז את הרב במחלקת קורונה.

    הרופא אישר שכבוד הרב הורעל, הם מתכוונים לחסל אותו וכנראה זה הסוף, כולנו תפילה לבורא עולם שיתרחש נס.

    אנחנו מתלבטים עדיין כיצד לפרסם את זה בציבור כדי לא לזרוע פחד ובהלה.

    אין לי ספק שהיתה כוונה לרצוח את הרב בכל מקרה, כי הרב יצא את הארץ וחזר ועשה בדיקות קורונה ואני בטוח שכבר בבדיקה הוא הורעל. ניקח בחשבון שזה מתרחש בדיוק שבוע לאחר שניסו לחסל את הרב דב ברקוביץ חברו של כבוד הרב שגם זוהה כחולה קורונה וגם הוא ככל הנראה לא ישאר בחיים.

    בהתחלה הם היו מחסלים פעם בחודש מכחישי קורונה, כעת הם התקדמו לפעמיים בחודש, ואני סבור שזה יגיע לרצח שבועי של כל הפעילים החברתיים שעוסקים בנושא, לא פלא שכולם ירדו למחתרת והפסיקו לשדר בנושא, ככל הנראה כולם אויימו רק שפוחדים לפתוח פה מפחד ובושה.

    כבוד הרב עוקב שנים אחרי הדברים שאתה כותב באתר זעקת השכמה, הרב מחבב אותך מאוד, הוא אפילו מתפלל עליך כל הזמן שתחזור בתשובה. כשהרב התחיל להרגיש לא טוב לפני שהמערכות קרסו כשהבין שהורעל, הוא אמר לי שאם הוא יבריא הוא מבטיח להזמין אותך להרצאות יחד איתו ושאתה תדבר בנושא של חטיפות ילדים על ידי הרווחה וחיסולים של אנשי שב”כ ושליטת הותיקן בעולם, כבר אין ברירה חיייבים לשפוך הכול החוצה או עכשיו או לעולם לא.

    שבתאי יקירי, אם הרב אמנון יתבקש לישיבה של מעלה, זה

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Did you see this, Rivka? From our Turkish friends….Y you know what: they are a lot better than a lot of Israeli or other Western “doctors”. At least they care about their people and about the truth! ( Again, I am NOT attacking the 15% GOOD doctors).

    This is beyond anything I ever heard or saw (thanks to Carl for sending me a link to that website):

    So this is what the monsters are working on??! Oy lanu….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, I saw this, thanks Daisy.

      The site has a lot of good info on it, but I’m proceeding cautiously, as it’s mixed up with some disinformation, that may be accidental or deliberate, including ‘prophecies’ about the second coming of Donald Trump.

      That always makes me pause, to be honest.

      Also, the resources on the site are amazing – the videos, the glossy, color PDFs etc.

      All that takes a lot of time and money, which again, makes me pause for thought that it may be ‘controlled opposition’, i.e. 80% true, but with some deliberate ‘spin’ or disinformation to deflect away from the real truth.

      But there is a lot of good stuff on there, nevertheless.

      thanks, Daisy.

  3. AnonymousYid
    AnonymousYid says:

    I saw now an article on Kikar HaShabbos from yesterday that 2 Yeshiva Bochurs from Yeshiva Beis Matisiyahu were diagnosed with “The Machala”! It’s not normal. HaShem yerachem.

  4. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    This may be off topic but. Word is getting out and people are trying Vitamins and Herbs. this is not spam (Monty Python, Spam https://dai.ly/x2hwqlw )
    I got Solgar Earth Source® Multi-Nutrient Contains Whole Herb Concentrate & Plant-Based Ingredients at http://zmora-organi.co.il at their local store in Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel and my wife checked it out. It has all the Herbs and Vitamins recommended to fight Covid-19 https://www.solgar.com/products/earth-source-multi-nutrient-tablets/
    That is besides Vitamin D 5000 IU, Zinc with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Hydroxychloroquine Ivermectin, Budesonide, If you can’t get a proscription for Hydroxychloroquine take something like Solgar Quercetin Complex with Ester-C® Plus Vegetable Capsules,

  5. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Look at what else they are working on – in the US – with plenty of gov financial support!

    I wonder how far advanced that stuff is in Israel, and in the US as well, of course. Will they tell us? I can’t imagine that they would, it probably will be one of their dirty little secrets… oy.


    ONLY EAT CERTIFIED ORGANIC FROM NOW – IF YOU CAN! I know, it costs a lot more, but if it will prevent a horrible outcome it might be worth it.

    (Rivka, if you prefer to put this somewhere else on your blog, please do; I just picked the latest post about co-wide).


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