Last week, I drove up the 90 from Eilat to Jerusalem.

We passed the Dead Sea – that I’ve been going to, on and off, regularly for the last few years.

I literally could not believe my eyes about what is going on there.

Over the Covid 19 lockdowns, the State of Israel started digging up parts of the coastline, we thought to stop people camping out there and escaping Covid fascism.

Now, it looks like they dug up literally tens of miles along the coast, by the side of the 90.


I cannot tell you how ugly the whole area is looking.

I also can’t tell you how much of the water from the Dead Sea has evaporated radically – even in the last 4 months.

This is a very good write-up, with good pictures and video, that will give you some idea of what’s ‘officially’ going on there:

But what is really going on there at the moment is a mystery.

A few months ago, there was way more water. And now, the Dead Sea is the smallest puddle I’ve ever seen.


We can – and should – blame human greed for at least some of this.

The potash plant at the bottom of the Northern Dead Sea has totally destroyed the area.

And if my tour guide from Mizpe Ramon is to be believed, the owners of that potash plant, the Ofer brothers, are preventing the State from opening the Degania Dam that would replenish some of the Dead Sea from the overflowing Kinneret.


HERE is the Wikipedia page for the Israel Corporation.

While you might think that the Israel Corporation is State-controlled, in reality 55% of it’s equity is owned by the Ofer brothers, snippet:

The Israel Corp was founded by the government of Israel in 1968, together with Shaul Eisenberg, who was one of the first strategic foreign investors in Israeli history, under the initiative of then Minister of Finance, Pinchas Sapir of the Israeli Labor Party, who changed the Encouragement of Capital Investments Law to attract foreign investment. The change ensured that the company’s owners were exempt from taxes for 30 years and received other benefits.

In 1975, the director general of Israel Corp, Michael Tzur, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after he was convicted on 18 counts of embezzlement, theft, fraud and bribery. He was released from prison in 1981…

After Eisenberg’s death in 1998, the family sold control of the company to the Ofer family.

In 2007, 55% of the equity of the company was held by the Ofer Brothers Group, 18% by Bank Leumi and the remainder by the public.


Who ‘owns’ that chemical / potash plant ruining the Dead Sea?

At least back in 2013, it was owned by Israel Chemicals. Screenshot:


Who owns ‘Israel Chemicals’?

The Israel Corporation.

Two of its major holdings, Israel Chemicals and Oil Refineries Ltd are also constituents of the TA-35 Index.

Who owns the Israel Corporation?

Idan Ofer, Israel’s richest man, who now lives in London,


HERE is his Wikipedia page, and here is a snippet:

He serves on the advisory board of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Dean’s Council of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. With Richard Branson and others, he is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, a think tank on climate change based in Washington, D.C.

You catching this disgusting ‘climate change’ hypocrisy?

That the same guy who is literally destroying the Dead Sea is preaching to everyone else about ‘climate change’ and switching over to ‘electric cars’?

Tatty, ad matai??


The Carbon War Room warped into something called ‘RMI’ that now has a $52 million budget to preach to all us plebs about climate change.

HERE is their website, and here is one of their vomit-inducing videos:



But what’s going on currently at the Dead Sea goes even beyond this.

I asked my ‘CERN expert’ if she had any ideas, and this is what they came back with:

BPEarthwatch is convinced that Cern’s main purpose is to alter the weather and the planet (I think that is only part of the story), and he has intimated that the sudden loss of water at Lake Meade may also have something to do with CERN.
Very strange phenomena, and in the videos he has posted it shows not only evaporation, but strange holes where you can see the water seeping away- as if holes are opening up under the earth and draining away the water (see 6:16-9:00 in this video):
Perhaps this relates to the Dead Sea phenomena??

So, after I got her email, I just googled ‘lake water disappearing’, and this came back, from HERE:


‘Climate Change’ is man-made.

They are messing around with all sorts of things at CERN, and with things like HAARP, that appear to be affecting the weather and temperature.

But I highlighted the bit talking about BUILDING NEW RESERVOIRS, because the State of Israel is currently using the Chinese to build a whole bunch of new reservoirs in Israel, including the colossal project at the bottom of Belvoir, again on the 90 a little south of the Kinneret.

These Chinese-built reservoirs may actually be the last straw for the Dead Sea.


So, who is actually building all these reservoirs in Israel (apart from the Chinese?)


This comes from their website, HERE:

  • The reservoirs built by KKL-JNF are spread all over Israel – adding a lot of blue to the map of the country. They add beauty to the scenery, provide a habitat for many birds and fish, create ecological hubs and also provide an environment that delights the eyes and the souls of local residents, farmers, hikers and all other visitors. Just one look from the top of Mount Gilboa over the Harod Valley with its many reservoirs, or a glimpse from the heights of the Belvoir Fortress (Kochav Hayarden) over the Jordan Valley and Kibbutz Neveh Ur is enough to satisfy anyone that these blue pools make an ecological-environmental contribution that is priceless.


Man, the hypocrisy of all this.

We’ll stop here.

But keep on eye on CERN – that has been ramping things up since July 6, 2022, and seems to be running their experiments at full tilt since then.

And understand that people like multi-billionaire Idan Ofer don’t give a stuff about the environment or climate change, for all they like to lecture everyone else about it.

As long as the money keeps pouring into their pockets, who cares what happens to the Dead Sea?


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4 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    My first cousin and his family (wife +3) used to live in Ein Gedi. The children were raised there, although only one of them was born in Israel.

    When we went to one of the children’s wedding back in 2008, EG was beautiful, at least the part we saw on the bus. The newlyweds went to live in Modi’in and, I believe, still live there. The rest have returned to the US.

    Imagine my shock at seeing what Ein Gedi has become…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The Ein Gedi spa closed down now and looks like a wreck. But the moshav is still going strong, at the top of the hill. Just the view is not anywhere near as beautiful as it used to be…

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        Glad to hear that the moshav is still there. But I’m sure my cousins would be very disappointed by the view, all the more so if they know why…

  2. Shoshana
    Shoshana says:

    One of the main products of the Dead Sea is Bromine- we are one of the major exporters of Bromine in the world.

    Bromine is a deep-red, oily liquid with a sharp smell. It is toxic.
    Bromine is used in many areas such as agricultural chemicals, dyestuffs, insecticides, pharmaceuticals and chemical intermediates. Some uses are being phased out for environmental reasons, but new uses continue to be found.

    Bromine compounds can be used as flame retardants. They are added to furniture foam, plastic casings for electronics and textiles to make them less flammable. However, the use of bromine as a flame retardant has been phased out in the USA because of toxicity concerns.

    Biological role
    Bromine is present in small amounts, as bromide, in all living things. However, it has no known biological role in humans. Bromine has an irritating effect on the eyes and throat, and produces painful sores when in contact with the skin.

    Natural abundance
    Bromine is extracted by electrolysis from natural bromine-rich brine deposits in the USA, Israel and China. It was the first element to be extracted from seawater, but this is now only economically viable at the Dead Sea, Israel, which is particularly rich in bromide (up to 0.5%).”

    The Bromine production in Israel is owned by a quasi governmental Israeli corporation, that is either partially owned or has strong ties to the Chinese government.

    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Compounds


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