I have to admit, I’m a little down about what’s going on at the moment.

The Rav, Rav Berland, has been (hopefully temporarily) returned to prison.


Because the court decided that 10 of his followers standing on the pavement outside the house in Zichron Yaakov where he’d been put in house arrest was an ‘infringement’ of their draconian instructions that the Rav must have absolutely no contact with any of his followers.

The Rav is 84, and really ill.

Even if the Rav had been convicted of the (totally fake…) crimes he’s been accused of, he wouldn’t have served this much time in prison.

BH, it’s only temporary, and he’ll be moved out of prison again soon – but it gets me down, to see the forces of evil still apparently having so many things ‘their own way’.


Here in Israel, life is kind of returning to a strange type of ‘normal’.

Most people apparently got the experimental-gene-therapy-pretending-to-be-a-vaccine, and in the meantime, the Government announced it’s now cracking down on serological tests for people to see if they already had Covid – because the whole point is to force people to be ‘vaccinated’, not to fight any disease.

Otherwise, how can we explain that the Government would prefer to spend $70 a person, forcing people to get shots for an illness that they can prove they already had and recovered from?


Baruch Hashem, in the world I live in, I don’t really need a ‘Green Passport’.

I hate shopping malls, I haven’t been to the cinema in 14 years, and I’m not a big fan of concerts or soccer games.

What I’m hoping and praying, is that now the manufactured panic is over, the usual Israeli hatred of petty bureaucracy and laws will kick in, and very soon no-one will give a stuff about ‘green passports’. That’s already pretty standard in the more orthodox Jewish communities, and in the Arab communities here, who learned a long time ago that the State is not their friend.

But it’s obvious to me that we are currently just in another ‘calm before the storm’, or to put it another way, another lull in the contractions, before the birth of moshiach kicks off again.


Ah, dear readers.

I’m so tired today.

This never-ending limbo, this never-ending uncertainty, this never-ending period of time with Kim Il Netanyahu installed as the permanent leader of the country, this never-ending persecution of the Rav, the never-ending lies still being told.

We’ve gone through 14 months of ‘Coronavirus’, and apart from half the shops in Jerusalem closing down, what’s really changed?

What lessons have we learned? What progress have we made?

I look around at life ‘returning to normal’ – with masks, Green Passports and some experimental gene therapy secretly making unknown changes to the DNA of about 5 million people here – and I can’t help buy wonder what on earth is going on.

What was all this for?

I don’t know.


I was talking to a mum of a large family yesterday, who used to love cooking supper for her kids.

These days, after a year of having some kid or other permanently under her feet for a whole year, she is seriously struggling to keep it together in the house any more.

She’s run out of energy to make food.

She’s run out of energy to walk her kids places without getting cross and irritable at them.

She’s run out of energy to keep being the ‘super mum’ she used to be.

Like me, she really loves her kids so much.

But after 14 months of having them around 24/7, we mothers are starting to seriously run out of energy.

When you can’t recharge your own batteries, you can’t keep going for those around you.


I’m sitting here typing this with a dull half a migraine.

Like you, I’m really feeling like I need a holiday, even just a day of two of not having to think about anyone except myself.

Probably like you, I can’t really see how I’m going to get one, at least, not this week.

I like to end my posts with a ‘flourish’, but I’m too tired today, mentally, to do that.

It’s hard all this.

And even when we’re trying to have emuna, and trying to appreciate all the tremendous good that still exists in the lives of each and everyone of us, some days – we still just want to run away.


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