Apparently, there have been riots in Jerusalem.

I say ‘apparently’, because even though I live a 5 minute walk away from the Old City, in a mixed community with a lot of Arabs, I haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary at all.

And I’ve been walking all over Jerusalem the last week.

It’s Ramadan at the moment, so there IS a lot of noise and fireworks (especially in the middle of the night…) but riots?

And other forms of ‘violence’ being reported (weirdly…) by all the news sites as apparently taking place in Jerusalem?

Well, I just ain’t seeing it myself.


After Covid 1984, I have to say it’s getting easier and easier to spot the media manipulation in action.

It works like this:

  1. Stage a ‘riot’ between ‘fanatical extremist Jews’ and ‘fanatical extremist Muslims’ – what both groups are actually rioting about, no-one knows and no-one talks about.
  2. Shoot / stage some provocative video of these ‘riots’ including soundbytes like this: “Death to Arabs!”
  3. Run some stories of bins being set on fire by bored young teenaged chareidim, gangs of boys getting into fights with each other, and people sadly dying in traffic accidents where they ram into traffic lights under the misleading title of: ‘Another night of violence in Jerusalem’.
  4. Get Joe Biden to ‘worry’ about the ‘shocking scenes of violence’ coming out of Jerusalem.
  5. Kick the media manipulation into higher gear with pieces like this:

6. Organise the ‘usual suspects’ to arrange a ‘counter protest, like this:

Following several days of violence and tensions in Jerusalem, a pro-peace protest was held in the capital on Saturday evening.

The protest, an initiative organized by the Peace Now NGO, was held at Jerusalem’s Zion Square in Jerusalem as a response to the “racist ideology” being spread across the city these past few days. The protest was attended by hundreds of people of all ages, all hoping to voice a clear opposition to violence, racism and incitement. 

7. Run stories about Syrians trying to bomb the Dimona Nuclear Reactor (it’s honestly hard to not laugh out loud typing this. If I wasn’t just bringing some real headlines from the last week, I’d be pulling a flunking grade for writing bad fiction.)

8. Encourage everyone to believe that ‘tensions are running high’ in Jerusalem, and that people here are living in a stage of siege.

9. (Presumably….) try to start World War 3 off the back of all this fake media manipulation, so King Bibi can stay in power for ever after all, and finish the job he started for Pfizer and the NWO.


Are you starting to see how this all works?

And we’ve been falling for it for decades and decades and centuries and millenia.

But maybe, just maybe, the illusion is about to shatter.

Not just for ‘Covid 1984’ – but for all the rest of the lies, too.



My kids showed me some of the videos of Jews being attacked in Jerusalem.

I’m not saying it’s not happening – what I’m saying is that things are being stage-managed.

People are being ‘directed’ – like actors in a play – to go and attack Hareidim; to stage counter-protests; to come out with sound bites designed to fan the flames instead of calming them down.

There is an agenda going on here.

Why would Arabs start to riot now, when they are closer than they’ve ever been to actually getting some real political power in the Knesset? It just doesn’t make sense.

But if you have corrupt politicians trying to hang on to their top job as long as they can…. well.

There’s nothing like a war to ‘bring people together’ and to encourage them to form ‘unity governments’ that otherwise nobody wants.

At least, that nobody wants with Bibi in charge.

Just so much of the reporting is striking me as ‘off’ about all this….

But I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next.


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2 replies
  1. nonee
    nonee says:

    Shavua tov, and B’H, speaking for me I was worried for you.
    Its a relief to hear this.

    Hashem bless you and yours, and toda for all you do to help others, you help me a lot.

    Hugs to you, Rivka.


  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    “False flag” as they call them in the US. So they are happening in Israel too? How interesting. Here in the US – where I find myself these days – it is common knowledge and nobody falls for it anymore, at least in the ” aware” community. I knew about all the false flag assassinations in Israel, but they were very real, unfortunately. Now “they” are starting with theater as well? Interesting .


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