It’s slow posting on the blog at the moment, for a few reasons.

  1. I’m trying to maximise my time out of the house while I still can.

The ‘powers that be’ are clearly angling for another ridiculous lockdown, based on absolutely NOTHING, and they are going to be able to pull it off because of the ongoing persecution against Rabbi Berland, particularly within the religious world.

When that beis din decided to put out their ‘anti Rav Berland’ psak din, the writing was on the wall that all the farcical coronavirus fake pandemic stuff would come roaring back here.

28 new cases in a city of a million residents is not a ‘spike’. 28 people caught the flu – big deal!!!

Anyway, I’ll save my ranting for another day as it’s frankly pretty disheartening to see how many people out there are basically retarded, and are still slurping down the ridiculous, obvious propaganda put out by the government and the media without any alarm bells going off.

If and when more people realise that it’s all lies – and that the case against Rabbi Berland was also built on the same sort of propaganda and lies, and make some sincere teshuva – then it will start to recede like the bad nightmare it actually is.


2. I’m also not writing a lot, as events are moving so fast.

All this looting and rioting in the USA seems pretty ominous to me.

But how many times can I write the same thing, that people should seriously consider coming on a long extended ‘holiday’ to Israel, as soon as they can?

Go to Harish – it’s a brand new city with very cheap rents and good infrastructure, that no-one has really heard of yet. You could move whole communities there from chul en masse. And the city welcomes everyone, regardless of religious level, from chareidi to secular.

Find out more about Harish HERE.


I’m off to the Baba Sali now, to do some praying.

Yesterday, I was walking along the seafront in Caesarea.

And tomorrow, I’m planning another trip to some stream or something.

The last few days, all my circuits have been blown out, energetically.

I can feel something ‘big’ is happening again.

Or maybe, a lot of ‘something bigs’ all at once, who knows.

And the only way to get through all this with basic sanity intact is to stay as close to the Tzaddik HaDor as we can.



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