There is a strange ‘quiet’ here in Jerusalem at the moment.

People are still going about their (pretend) normal lives, still shopping, still working, still doing most of the things (pretend) normal people do.

But underneath, you can feel that we are all holding our breath at the moment.

“Something” is about to break, something is about to change, but none of us know what, or if it’s going to be obviously good, or less obviously good.


Me personally, I seem to be spending most of my time at home at the moment.

After two weeks of bidud following my weekend away in Uman, I actually realised I prefer being home than out right now.

It was great, not to have to deal with the ongoing mask fascism, the ongoing hassle of stepping around all these ‘issue’ and ‘conversations’ with people who think that I’m a conspiracy theorist, because I happen to investigate and evaluate way more than they do, and try to keep an open mind and really notice what’s happening.

Right now, I don’t feel like eating so much. Don’t feel like interacting with people so much. Don’t feel like ‘going out’ very much, at all, even to places like the Kotel.

I’m not depressed or even miserable.

I was pretty scared, honestly, of what is happening, until I made a big effort last week to turn my ‘fallen fears’ into more yirat shemayim, and to just leave it up to God, if I live or die, and however He wants my life to unfold.

Most days, I’m still dancing and clapping away the ‘bad’, and feeling much happier and calmer as a result.

But underneath…

I feel that ‘something’ that we can all feel, if we put down the weed, the phone, the Facebook, the deadline, for just one moment, and quiet our minds.


I’ve had quite a few people asking me why I deleted my blog, if I’m just going to carry on writing the same sort of stuff anyway.

There’s a few answers to that.

One answer is that I deleted the blog with the intention of going in a different direction, more just spiritual housewife stuff, I guess more like this post, which takes me 10 minutes to write as opposed to the hours and hours and hours the other posts take me, piecing all that info together.

But then when I sat back down at my keyboard…. God had other plans.

And kind of ‘against my will’, I find myself writing what I’m writing, even though I know I’m just going to invoke a lot of criticism and bizayon.

So that’s one answer.


Another answer, is that I deleted my back posts to lower my profile, and to protect myself going forward.

Because you see, if I was the ‘crazed conspiracy theorist’ some people like to think I am, just making stuff up all over the place with no basis in fact or investigation, no-one would be trying to hack my blog and to take it down.

They wouldn’t white out posts, they wouldn’t block people from commenting, they wouldn’t stick my blog on some ‘shadow banning’ list which means often, people can’t even access it.

I know how much sourced information goes into the posts I write.

I know that I don’t pull things ‘out of thin air’, but back them up with solid facts that can’t be disputed.

That doesn’t mean my conclusions are always correct, btw, as with so much being continually covered up and hidden, there is an element of permanent speculation involved, until more of those lacunae in real information are filled in.

But the point is this: I deleted the back posts, because they contain a lot of true information that I felt could potentially put me in danger.

The lower my profile is, online, the easier it is for me to carry on researching things in detail, and writing about them, without drawing attention.


I really am trying to write this blog for God.

If I get the message to stop tomorrow, I’ll stop.

Every time I write some of these ‘controversial’ posts, I have another wobble about whether I’m doing the right thing again, and I have to go and check in with myself, with my soul, to see what it’s telling me.

I’ve had emails from people this week telling me I must have lost my mind, to be questioning the ‘tzaddik’ status of certain individuals, and threatening me with all sorts of spiritual calamity if I continue.

Since when are Jews not allowed to put facts together, and ask for an explanation of behavior that is puzzling to them?

People had no qualms doing that the last few years with some of the strange behaviour they saw Rav Berland engaging in, and in a much less respectful and polite way than I’m going about this parallel process of birur.

If someone has a good explanation, for why the Rebbe Rayatz didn’t write any letters to the US State Department asking them to intervene for the Jews of Europe during World War II, but DID write letters asking for his books and silverware to be rescued, I’m very happy to hear it.


And I’m also happy to hear an explanation of why so many government ministers, including rabidly anti-Torah personalities, are still sucking up to the Mesichist side of Chabad 30 years after the Rebbe died:


And I’m also happy to hear what’s really going on with this (below, and how the former Rebbe was so connected to the spiritually corrupt Presidents of the US like George (National Socialist) Bush and Ronald Reagan, these presidents were sending him letters wishing him happy birthday and congratulating him on his wedding anniversaries.

Asking these questions doesn’t make me an apikorus.


This is a world of lies, don’t you know?

It’s about to collapse.

And each person has to check very carefully who and what they are holding onto, for support, to see whether that thing, that person, is rooted in deceit, or rooted in honesty.

If it’s rooted in honesty, it will carry you through this next stage of the geula process.

And if it’s rooted in deceit…it will drag you down with it.

God forbid.


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  1. Rivka
    Rivka says:

    I’m glad you wrote this post – it helped clear a few things up. My family is not in any particular camp – we love the good sides of all the frum groups, whether Chassidim, Yerushalmim, Sefardim, Litvish, etc. What we want to see is the truth, whatever it is. I know very little about R. Berland and despite the many negatives I have heard, I have reserved making any judgment on him, as the truth is so obscured in so many areas. Regarding Chabad, there is so much positive and many, many people focus on the negative. Some of the biggest truth seekers in our struggle against tyranny are Chabadnikim – Rabbi Green, Rabbi Smith, not to mention Dr. Zelenko! Like many groups, the Chabad establishment does seem to have gone with the mainstream narrative, sadly. They are hardly alone. If the 7th Rebbe was still alive, I strongly believe he would have forbidden the corona vax. That being said, I don’t think you are wrong to do an investigation, as long as you are doing it to get to the truth, not to promote an agenda. I think you have been spot on about Meron and the vax tyranny and hope you will continue to seek G-d’s truth and stay safe!

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    Yesterday I couldn’t get my comment posted. Today i hope its better.
    Yes, I believe you did the right thing – for you.
    Following one’s cues from Shamayim is always the smarter way.
    Your current topic is puzzling, and hopefully it will become clearer as you go along.
    And Yes, I also felt that eerie silence graphically yesterday, despite the moving around.
    I wonder if the Women’s Protest yesterday has caused an impact on those who mean no good to us. Maybe this caused the underlying ‘silence’. Maybe they are shocked, or maybe they will just meet again and reformulate their ‘no good’ plans.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Hi Rivka,

    I just received this from Avi A. It is very important, no doubt. Please read and decide what to do about it. I can’t believe what is happening with Israel: maybe Jews should have stayed in Europe and the USA after the creation of the state? Had we only known what was going to be in our beloved Holy Land….Unless of course Mashiach can and will overturn this psychopathic “gov”, AKA monster.

    “Dear friends, this is Oren Pasternak speaking to you, lawyer for the defense of our sovereignty.
    I ask you for three minutes of your time to take vital steps to oppose the extension of the “Powers Act” with all the new limitations it intends to impose.
    It is very important to share this post so that it reaches more and more people.
    Here is a summary of what the new “power law” imposes.
    First, it establishes a dictatorship regime. And in it, a government with near absolute powers to impose restrictions on all walks of life by December 2022.
    The Knesset transfers its legislative powers to the government, and gives it almost full power to exercise parliamentary control. To date, they had declared a “state of emergency” for periods of two months. In the new law, we are told that each “state of emergency” will take place over a period of four months. Note that this law makes it possible to establish a mandatory Corona test. I repeat, these are forced tests! We no longer talk about the right or the left, they will no longer be more or less respected injunctions. Under the new law, any refusal to perform a test will be considered a criminal offense which will trigger a fine. Now you have to understand that forced testing will de facto result in forced vaccines. Why ? Because we’re going to tire people out by forcing them to get tested day after day after day, and again, and again, until they crack and end up getting vaccinated against their will.
    Again, if anyone wants to get the vaccine, that’s fine. We just want to avoid a coercive situation where a person is forced to do something against their will.
    The new law first reinforces the obligation of a green passport to enter different places. Until now, they had done it randomly. Here, for the first time, the book of the laws of Israel has been tainted. In addition, the law contains a clause that allows an administrative closure order to be issued to any place that has disobeyed and that would not have required the presentation of a green passport if required to do so. Plus a fine of NIS 10,000 for failing to prevent someone without a green passport from entering a place where it is mandatory.
    The new law allows a minor from the age of 14 to consent to the use of the government’s “consent app,” an app that locates them without their parents’ consent. I repeat, without the consent of his parents! It’s illegal, and it’s very serious.
    The new law states that there will be containment hotels that will not necessarily be funded by the state. It is not enough for them to determine who will be forced to be in quarantine, they will also pass the funding on to the citizen.
    The new law allows the transfer of data indicating who is vaccinated and who is not, who has been sick or has not been sick to the directors of schools or educational establishments, while the transfer of medical data is completely illegal. .
    This law also intends to deny detainees the right to attend their hearing, and to allow them only a video presence. All rights, all organizations that protect human rights explain during Knesset hearings that this is not an appropriate measure because the defendant must be able to physically stand in front of a judge for the judge to see. , that he observes his face, that he observes his movements. The accused must be able to speak to his lawyer. This thing is totally unacceptable.
    WE ARE ONLY LEFT 9 DAYS to oppose this new law after it took 4 months to put in place! You understood ? So I insist. Click on the links I gave you, on the top link to write a post in Facebook. Share the post. For those who don’t have Facebook, please share the links and this post. And, most important of all, ENTER THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OFFICE SITE AND EXPRESS YOUR OPPOSITION.

    Yes, it serves a purpose. Yes, it is effective.
    Throughout this Corona period, we have been successful in achieving change through the expression of our opposition and through citizen action. Don’t say “what’s the point? “. It’s wrong. Don’t listen to people telling you this.
    I will give you some examples.
    In the first “state of emergency law”, we succeeded in overturning the clause that allowed the police to break into your home without a warrant and use force.
    Of course there are ungodly laws left and we must continue to fight.
    The police can still enter your home for non-criminal offenses or offenses.
    We succeeded in preventing and canceling the clause to remove a minor from his home and put him in a hotel without his parents’ consent!
    We brought down the law that the consent of a minor would suffice to administer vaccines without parental consent, initiated by MP Karim Elarab, if you remember.
    We have done away with everything related to the denial of unemployment benefits to an employee who was made redundant because he would not agree to present a green passport. And the whole question of the denial of severance pay for a dismissed employee. Right now, those two laws are frozen, and we are keeping the pressure on. It’s all thanks to your actions, it’s thanks to your opposition, it’s thanks to citizen action!
    We have restored the right to protest for which we had fought. With the new law, we lose all rights to protest.
    My friends, your action is effective, it is essential, do not give up, the fight continues, it will only take you a few minutes, click on the links, and react!
    We have to manage to create a huge virtual event with thousands and thousands of people.
    Once again: it is forbidden to let this law pass! Israel’s book of laws must not be sullied with laws that allow forced testing of its citizens under threat of criminal sanctions. Raise your head, we’re on the right track, we’re winning. I’m in touch with what’s going on in the Knesset, I know what I’m talking about. We just have to keep fighting. Demonstrate, react, show civic imagination! We act with all groups that show a convergence of interest. You just have to act.
    My friends, have a great night, we are on the right track. RE-A-GI-SSEZ!”

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Daisy, I think this is from last week.

      I wrote about it and gave people the link, and around 17,000 people protested online at the DoJ website (would have been more, but they made it v hard to sign in).

      Ultimately, God is going to be the one who saves us, but I agree that each of us has to do whatever hishdadlut comes to us, too, in this world directly, which is why I’m writing my blog.

      BH, a silver lining, maybe, is to see just how many brave and caring people there are out there, trying to stand up for what’s right. It’s very heartening.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      See my latest post,

      and another one here, to see what they’re talking about at the MOJOI.

      Picture in black on white spells it out. May whoever devised it be blessed. And we need to keep it from us as best we can!!!

      Also, prophecy in Yehezkel spells it out, but even this Rav hadn’t noticed it before. He says:

      I learned Yechezkel in the past, but I failed to notice this intermediate period of internal oppression before Moshiach comes. God brings us back to Israel – yes, He wanted us to return before Moshiach comes – and then He has to save us from the animals in our midst. It’s right there, staring us in the face. This is the period in which we find ourselves.

      Yehezkel 34, esp. v. 23. Evil Shepherds and Rotten Animals

  4. Shlomo
    Shlomo says:

    There has been bikoret on Chabad why they did not join the protest of rabbonim to the president of America during war you have to get hold of the book making of a Godol which is now banned which has lots of recent historic info, the price of book now is over 500$ , the authors attitude was that truth must prevail and in the long term we cannot white wash our past , it was banned because there were some very uncomfortable things written

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I read it a long time ago, borrowed from a friend. What I remember is that it seemed to be more talking about R’ Finkelstein’s family (?)

      If you have the book, can you scan the relevant page, or pages, you think are important, and send them to me?

  5. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Hashem is shaking the world… We who love and look to Hashem ( Jews and non-Jews too) need to just pray, talk and plead with Hashem.
    Hashem IS in charge of everything.
    May Hashem have loving mercy on all. Amen.


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