Conclusive proof that we are being ‘sprayed’ with magnetic nanodust in Jerusalem.

Ever since I wrote this post:

I’ve been wondering how they’ve been getting all this magnetic graphene oxide inside of me and my husband.


Before we continue, a reminder that neither me nor my husband have had a ‘Covid 19’ shot, nor even a single PCR test, and we both try and avoid wearing masks – especially the graphene oxide-coated ‘clinical’ versions – as much as possible.

And yet, I’m still magnetic all over my collarbones and breathing passage, and also in my sinuses.

And so is my husband:


Here’s a snippet of what I wrote back then:

While I was busy sticking magnets to my thorax this morning, I heard the low rumble of a small engine fly overhead, here in Jerusalem.

It was a crop-sprayer.

I know that not because I saw it, but because I lived in the middle of fields or 5 years, and I can tell what a crop-sprayer sounds like with my eyes shut.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes to an hour, it made at least 11 passes over my area of Jerusalem.


So what exactly was it ‘spraying’ all over us?

Graphene Oxide nanoparticle smart dust.


That’s been my theory for a few weeks, and today I think I’ve proven it.

I got inspired by this video, below, from the website, which shows people in Spain sticking magnets in the dust outside, and on the dust on their car windscreens, to see if it’s magnetic.

It sure is!


But I like to test things out as much as possible in my own dalet amot, as there is so much deliberate disinformation out there.

Lucky me, I didn’t get around to cleaning my car before Rosh Hashana, so there it sat outside, filthy with ‘dust’, just waiting for my experiment.

Here’s what happened next:


I had to heap it up into a line before I could see what was really going on, as not every particle of the dust is magnetic graphene oxide nanodust, just some of it.

So there we have it.

They are spraying down all this stuff from the sky, and then it goes into the water, the food supply – and of course, straight up our noses to our sinuses and breathing tubes and lungs, which is why I’m magnetic where I am magnetic.


The good news:

I think the zinc and NAC stuff is definitely working to make me less magnetic – and remember, they’ve been doing this for years and years without any of us knowing it, so there is a big ‘magnetic nanodust’ backlog to break up in our bodies.

And I’m also a big believer in the power of prayer, and the God-given innate power of the human body to heal itself, so I’m actually feeling pretty positive that know we’ve ‘outed’ the toxic graphene nanodust, the problem will start to clear up pretty fast.


I’m visualising all this nanodust in my airways and bronchial tubes as just dissolving into nothing.

And of course, asking God to heal us all from this.

God can do anything, can solve any problem.

And this graphene oxide stuff is no match for God!


You don’t have to take my word for this, of course.

It would make me really happy, if you would take just 2 minutes of time, and go and do your own experiments with the dust on your windscreen, or anywhere else you care to find it.

And just honestly ask this question:

Is it magnetic?

And if you feel like it, let me know what you discover – and also, which part of the planet you happen to live on, so we can keep track of where is being ‘graphened’ with this smart dust, and where isn’t.

It’s happening in Jerusalem;  it’s happening in Spain; so the question is, where else is it happening?

And then we can move to the next part of this geula equation:

How do we get this to stop?





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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    My room has been accumulating dust from outside all summer. I scraped some from both my views there into a line and tried to pick it up with a magnet without touching it. No response.

    Only by scraping it with the magnet did any dust stick. I don’t think this shows magnetism. The one video you posted that showed the magnetism from the magnet picking up the dust is what I was looking for (and didn’t show in your video, doggone it).

    I’m in western Yerushalayim not far from Har Nof.

    Could it be that “they” are targeting people near Har haBayit?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      Thanks for trying the experiment, Hava. It’s very good to just keep accumulating the information, even if it doesn’t fit the theory. It’s all heading to a place of finally figuring out what’s really going on.


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