Just want to get this up now, without a lot of analysis, to make sure it’s not ‘scrubbed’ out of the record.

This is not easy video to watch, please be advised.

But it clearly shows the police were at the scene long before Channel 12 put them there.


UPDATE: Someone just sent me the link to this on Youtube, too, where it’s clearer to see it:


I will keep this version up too, tho, to make sure it’s still available in case the Youtube link gets scrubbed:



It also shows that BOTH SIDES of the stairs were blocked – the left-hand exit by the police, who can be seen in the video above waving people back up the stairs.



And the right hand side probably by a fence like the one below, or something similar, a little further down the steps.

(These screenshots come from a Russian-language news report into what happened in Meron. More on that another time.)



The screenshot below comes from a report from ‘ILTV’, that shows the steps that lead down off to the right-hand side of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ main stairs.

These steps are ‘Area 42’ – the area where it seems most people actually died on L’ag B’Omer.

It’s crucial to grasp that there was a RIGHT and a LEFT exit off the bottom of the ‘Reb Dov Shvil stairs, and BOTH EXITS WERE BLOCKED at the time people were crushed and asphyxiated to death there.


The RIGHT HAND exit (‘Area 42) off the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ seems to have been blocked by a double gate.

The LEFT HAND exit (‘Area 41’) off the ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ seems to have been blocked by a group of policemen and women, and possibly also a gate, or something else.


BH, I will look at this much closer motzash, and what it is telling us about what really happened, but wanted to get this up and circulating widely, before it gets scrubbed.

I have additional video taken from the same angle, but showing further down the ‘tunnel’ to the left, that clearly shows there were A LOT of police there, blocking the left-hand exit and waving people back.

The crucial piece of information is WHEN, exactly, was this video taken, BH, can anyone help to answer this question?

And I’m still very confused about WHAT is stopping these people from moving forward at the bottom of the stairs to the left (as you descend the stairs), where you see the police gesticulating at them to go back.

How is there a 2-3 metres gap of empty space between the police, and the crowd?

WHAT is preventing the people on the steps who are facing the police from moving forward, exactly?

Something here is still not making sense.

But with Hashem’s help, and a lot of prayers, we’ll continue to figure this out, BH.



Thanks to everyone who helped me get this video on to the site. May Hashem bless you all.


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8 replies
  1. ☺️Elisheva
    ☺️Elisheva says:

    I watched the Facebook link & it’s very upsetting to see the obvious distress, one might even say anguish, on the men’s faces. How many of these trapped people were subsequently victims hyd?

  2. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    הרוצחים במירון Israeli police blocking the way for thousands to exit lag ba’omer in meron
    Thank you to TOMER DEVORAH https://www.brighteon.com/channels/devash
    הרוצחים במירון Israeli police blocking the way for thousands to exit lag ba’omer in meron-2nd video
    More videos at: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/jerusalemcats

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      My heart quakes at that title… I’ll go take a look.


      This is a very useful link -Chananya Weissman has been collecting a lot of useful videos together, including ones that depict police violence at the Kever, and also ones that start to show ‘the bigger picture’ of what was really being planned that night, and how Hashem saved us.

      Thanks so much, Ruth.

      I hope these are all screensaved, so that there are copies of them floating around, if they start trying to take them down (?)


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