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Vaccine passports and the war against our kids

Still on holiday….

And really enjoying taking some time away from all the research that usually goes into my blog posts, for a few days.

But also, coming across some more interesting stuff to share with you.

So, I’m just going to cut and paste here, and you engage with whatever takes your fancy.


First, this, from a former Chinese resident explaining how the ‘vaccine passport’ stuff is really just a social credit system of control that China already trialled four years before Covid 19 was a glint in Fauci’s eye:

@miss.construe China’s social credit system. #canada #trudeau #fightfacsim #thegreatreset #civildisobedience #trudeaumustgo #nomandate #holdtheline #canada_life🇨🇦 #novaccinepassaport ♬ original sound – Miss.Construe


Then, take a look at THIS website, which has a ton of pictures and videos and information about what was going on with:

  1. Child trafficking and forced labor of small children in the USA and UK back in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  2. The terrible squalor and poverty so many people were living in back then
  3. A historical look at previous ‘forced vaccination’ mandates from that time.
  4. How ‘polio’ was invented as a cover for the reaction people had to the free-for-all use of DDT in the late 40s and early 50s:

Like this:


Flying and Biting Bugs on Jones Beach Die in a Cloud of DDT, New Insecticide—

A truck-mounted for generator squirts the poison, mixed with oil droplets, over a four-mile area of the New York City playground. Spread by Army and Navy planes and by hand sprays, DDT routed dangerous disease-bearing flies and mosquitoes on Pacific islands. DDT has a drawback—it kills many beneficial and harmless insects, but does not kill all insect pests.

Birds and fish which eat large numbers of DDT-poisoned insects may be casualties too. (National Geographic Magazine, October 1945, p. 410)


You can get to a lot more very well researched info here, too:


And then, read this, for more background on how the government and industry ‘persuaded’ the public that DDT was totally ‘safe and effective’, with no side effects anyone should worry about….


And then polio turned up very shortly afterwards, as the ‘cover story’ for all the people who had been poisoned by DDT.


And let’s not forget, that even the US government now admits those first polio vaccines were contaminated with something that caused cancer to aggressively sprout in so many of the people it was used on.

You can read more about that here:


Does any of this sound familiar?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: our government is not our friend.

And that includes here, in the State of Israel.


On the trans-war-against-our-children front, someone sent me a couple of links which are also interesting:


Left-wing activists have smuggled radical gender theory into more than 4,000 schools.


That piece is written about America.

But they are also doing the same thing in Israel.

Someone sent me this:

Attached is a letter that circulated about the young boy in Hertzlia with the insane parents who are transitioning him.

Transgender in Israel



But you know what?

I am really starting to feel like spiritually, some sort of corner has been turned here, in the ongoing battle against this evil.

Seeing how they’ve tried pretty much the same trick again and again and again – and ultimately, it always fails.

Because evil can never really ‘win’.

That’s putting me in a much better mood.

I’m just starting to feel lighter and happier again.

BH, may it continue!


OK, back to my holiday.

Happy reading.


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  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    Re polio:
    Yesterday it was announced that over 1 million children from 1-9 years old living in London will be offered a polio inoculation.
    Almost immediately a doctor who used to be on a specialist panel explained that this was a wild form of the virus found only in Afghanistan & Pakistan.
    However by the evening a professor was explaining that it was a because some countries were using the oral live version of the virus, no mention of where it’s found in the general population.
    And thousands of people are coming into the country unvetted.
    I read the same thing was happening in the USA. Coincidence? Government obfuscation again IMHO.


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