I was debating what to call this post.

It’s going to delve into some more highly controversial issues, and explain some more about how Jewish history has been totally skewed and ‘re-written’ by the people who don’t want you to know what really happened, or who they really are.

Why not?

Because once we understand what a ‘family affair’ pretty much all of our leadership is, both in the religious and the non-religious world, and both in Israel and abroad, and what it is that really connects them all together, idealogically….


Then we might start to stand up for ourselves more, and to start challenging more of the ‘brainwashing’ we’ve all been raised with, wherever we happen to live, and whatever community we happen to belong to.

We might start to see past all the ‘false divisions’ these false leaders have sown between us all, and to start operating again as ‘one body with one soul’, like we were at Sinai.


It’s crucially important that this information gets out, especially at this point in time, when so many ‘leaders’ are pushing their ‘flocks’ into some very disturbing directions.

But at the same time, I’m trying to put all this across as ‘tzniusly’ as possible, and – perhaps paradoxically – to avoid attracting too much attention from the people I prefer to stay ‘invisible’ to.

So, in the end, I went with the same tame, lame headline I’ve been using for most of this stuff.

That just seems like the wisest course of action at the moment.


So, back in THIS post, (at the bottom), I put a bunch of links that one of my very switched-on readers sent me, including where you can download the late Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s books, ‘To Eliminate the Opiate‘.

R’Antelman did a great job of starting to unpick how Sabbatean / Frankists were trying to control the Jewish world (and beyond…), but there are many gaps in his work, which are hopefully going to start getting filled in, as we go along.

One understandable mistake that R’ Antelman fell into was that while he traced the links showing how Sabbateans were behind the Reform, Conservative and Communist movements, he had very little to say about how Sabbateans were also behind the State of Israel (and the ‘aliyah’ movement generally…)

And also, how they were heavily represented amongst the ranks of externally orthodox leaders, too.


So in this post, let’s start to explain a little how that happened.

I’ll keep this intro short and sweet, and then tomorrow we’ll get into the person I want to really talk about: Moses Dobrushka.

(‘Dobrushka’ is a made up name. You’ll find out more tomorrow.)


Let’s go back to Yonatan Eybshutz, because there is some very pertinent information, proven by Antelman in his book ‘Bchor Satan’ (now out of print, and impossible to get hold of…) that needs to be widely disseminated in the Jewish community.

Yonatan Eybshutz was formally excommunicated by the Beit Din of the Council of the Four Lands back in 1756, because of his Sabbatean leanings.

That information has been totally and deliberately withheld from the public.

If you go to the YIVO encyclopaedia, for example – written by mostly secular academics – you are told this:

In 1724, the manuscript Va-Avo’ ha-yom el ha-‘ayin, began to be circulated. The book’s anonymous author attempted a synthesis of the methods and concepts of various contemporary kabbalistic schools, and the book included Sabbatian interpretations of kabbalistic literature. Owing to the text’s exceptional intellectual quality, Eybeschütz was suspected of being its author, and he did not take great pains to exonerate himself of this suspicion; he only claimed that he had definitely not written certain sections.

Still, two years later Eybeschütz added his name to the excommunication order signed by the scholars of Prague banning the Sabbatian heresy. He also participated in later bans against the sect in 1751, 1755, and 1761, but was careful to make it known that an excommunicated Sabbatian could always choose to repent. 


That book, Va-Avo… was responsible for dragging hundreds and thousands of Jews into the depths of the antinomian Sabbatean net.

There’s testimony from the Beit Din in Satanov (recorded by Jacob Emden) where tens of ‘orthodox’ Jews publically confessed that they’d been engaging in wife-swapping (and much worse…) after reading that book.

The ones that confessed in court were the ones that were trying to make teshuva.

There were many more, who didn’t.

In 1756, the members of the Council of Four Lands also apologised that they’d whitewashed the Eybshutz affair three years’ earlier, and explained that they’d been under tremendous pressure from Eybshutz’s supporters.

As it was then, so it is today.


Why does this matter?

A few reasons.

First of all, so many yeshivas are still reading and learning Eybshutz’s works, including Kreti v’pleti. People are still referring to him as a ‘tzaddik’ – when he was called a ‘Bchor Satan’ by the Council of Four Lands, when they excommunicated him.

All his books should be removed from orthodox institutions – and homes – immediately.


Here’s another reason it matters:

In the second volume of ‘To Eliminate the Opiate“, on page 85, Antelman brings the shocking (to me…) information that the rabbinical ordination certificate of Moses Mendelssohn was signed by none other Yonatan Eybshutz.

Moses Mendelssohn was a classic hidden Sabbatean: outwardly ‘super pious’ and internally doing his best to overthrow the Jewish tradition and Torah.

His history and family connections are also deliberately skewed and distorted, but we will get to him in due course.


Antelman traces the ‘true prophet’ of Sabbeateanism thinking (i.e., the guy who was the reincarnated soul of Shabtai Tzvi) in this way:


Jacob Frank is missing from this list, and probably a few others are too.

As we covered in a previous post, there were a LOT of contenders for ‘false messiah’ at this time.

Meir of Eisenstadt’s brother, Mordechai Mokiah, was one of them.

Meir of Eisenstadt was one of Yonatan Eybshutz’s main teachers, and also a secret Sabbatean who supported the candidacy of the above named ‘Yehuda Leib Prossnitz’, who was another teacher of Eybshutz.

Again, all of the official info you can find online about these people, even from secular, academic sources, goes to enormous trouble to obfuscate dates and real names, making it almost impossible to track down who these people were in real life.

So many of them were the Jewish community’s principle leaders and business people.

Their descendants still are.

But with God’s help, we will get there.


So here is the last reason, for now, why it’s important to know that Jonathan Eybshutz was formally excommunicated for being a Sabbatean in 1756:

I’m currently in the process of trying to track down his descendants, and it’s a very hard job.

So many of them went ‘underground’, and those that didn’t, their history has been nicely ‘tidied up’ in more recent times, so it’s very hard figuring out who they are connected to.

For example, one of his most famous descendents, David Shlomo Eibenshutz, has his famous father (or grandfather, I’m still trying to figure it out) totally whitewashed out of his biography:

His father’s name was Yerachmiel. He was a Russian-born rabbi and author, a pupil of Rabbi Moses Tzvi Heller, the author of Geon Tzvi. He was the first Rabbi of the shtetl of Chorostkov, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (now Khorostkiv, Ukraine). From 1790 to 1800, he occupied the position of Rabbi in Bodzanov (now Budaniv, Ukraine). Thereafter, he served as the Rabbi for Soroki, Bessarabia (now Soroca, Moldova), and in Jassy (now IaşiRomania). From Iasi, he made aliyah and went to the Land of Israel in 1810 and remained in Safed until his death on 19 November 1813.


David Eybshutz adopted a pseudonym in Israel, so it’s very hard to know who he really was, in the history of the proto State of Israel, or who his descendants are.

Also, I found sources elsewhere that state he was the talmid muvhak, or principal student of none other than Rabbi Baruch of Medzhibozh, Rabbenu HaKadosh’s maternal uncle.

Maybe he wasn’t a Sabbatean, maybe he was one of those who returned to true Judaism, and who wasn’t trying to subvert it from within. Until we have more information, it’s impossible to know.


There’s another interesting descendant of Yonatan Eybshutz as well (not including this two sons ‘Wolf’ and Mordechai-Marcus, who were both openly Sabbatian / Frankists.)

He is Natan Nata Eybshutz, named for Eybshutz’s ‘illustrious’ ancestor Natan Nata Spira, the Megulat Amukot.

CO-INC-IDEN-TALLY, one of the most famous ‘Shadlanim’ of that time was a guy named Natan Nota Notkin.

I can find so very little about him online, but here’s where you can read a little more about him:

“A merchant from Shklov, Nota Haimovich Notkin was invited to St. Petersburg together with Abram Perets by Catherine II.”

His life story parallels that of Joshua Zeitlin almost exactly.


Joshua Zeitlin links us straight in to the murky ancestry of both the Vilna Gaon, and the Alter Rebbe of Chabad (and honestly, a load more ‘big rabbis’ too…)

CO-INC-IDEN-TAL-LY, there’s a strange story on the Chabad website which tells us this, about Natan Nata Notkin:

In the year 1798, Rabbi Shneur Zalman was falsely informed upon by his detractors and accused of treason. When he was finally exonerated and released from prison toward the evening of the 19th of Kislev, the authorities asked him where they should bring him.

He replied that they should bring him to the home of Reb Mordechai Liepler, one of his followers. In the same building, there also lived one of the leading mitnagdim (opponents of the chassidim), by the name of R’ Nota Notkin, and unfortunately, Rabbi Shneur Zalman was mistakenly taken to his home instead.

For three hours, until the chassidim realized what happened, he berated, complained and argued against the chassidim, to the extent that Rabbi Schneur Zalman later remarked that he suffered more during those three hours than the entire time he was imprisoned.


This is strange for a lot of reasons, not least that elsewhere, Nota Notkin is credited for being the man who arranged the release of Shneur Zalman from prison in the first place.

If Nota Notkin (Eybshutz…) is one and the same as Joshua Zeitlin (who is definitely a close family connection of Shneur Zalman, either his father or father-in-law)….

Well, that’s kinda interesting, isn’t it?

And once we know that Yonatan Eybshutz was definitely excommunicated in 1756 for being a Sabbatean…

Well, that also kind of explains why his descendants would want to whitewash that stuff out of the history books, and also pretend that they weren’t connected to him.

Especially, if they were carrying on his spiritual legacy.



I was going back through the (fake….) ‘official history’ of the Rivlins and the Vilna Gaon, connected with and the people connected to them, written by (of course!) a Rivlin.

So many dates have been deliberately falsified, FYI, to throw us all off the trail. I’ve come across that tactic again and again and again.

So, I found another interesting connection between ‘Natan Nota Notkin’ and ‘Shlomo Zalman Rivlin’, which I’ve screenshotted below:


Long story short, Natan Nota Notkin’s daughter, Frumka, marries ‘Shlomo Zalman Rivlin’, making him his father-in-law.

This is the same Natan Nota Notkin who is the shtadlan who gets the ‘Shneur Zalman [unknown surname] aka Alter Rebbe out of Russian prison, and even has him delivered to his own home, according to Chabad’s own sources.

Interesting, eh?


We’ll stop there for now.

In the next post, God willing, I want to take a look at ‘Moses Dobrushka’.

I’ve found many sources alluding to the fact that he was a grandson of Yonatan Eybshutz.

I’ve also found sources stating that Dobrushka’s mother, ‘Schondl’, was either the cousin of Jacob Frank, or the sister or sister-in-law of Jacob Frank.

These are all made-up names.

But BH, I’ve found some more clues that may bring us a little closer to understanding who these people really were, then.

And who their descendants are today.



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13 replies
  1. True Tzadikkim
    True Tzadikkim says:

    Thank you for this post, Rivka!
    “operating again as ‘one body with one soul’, like we were at Sinai”
    Amen to that!
    There is a promise that the erev rav=the am, that Moshe “converted” and took with us out of Mitzraiym, these Hiksos, sons of the evil Pha-ra o son of Ketura= (Hagar violated by l i l it) will not be in time of Malchut Mashiah/Binian Bet ha Mikdash, for Habaiyt Hagadol Hashlishit will NEVER be destroyed!
    Note: the N A N O ma f ia that targets now many Jews in Israel after experimenting on people of South America till they died…is using the way of speech of the autistim and autistim from goiym and no Torah observant…:
    Its all about to be part of us while they can’t.
    Moah, is the seat of the Jewish Neshama, where Hashem enjoy this world. Eyes are the door to the Soul.
    Nose, eyes, eers and moah are connected and nan o neu ronim “developed to help” the handicaped are used in lsrge to terorize the kdusha of our people now.
    we must remember this and fight with all our soul as AM ECHAD
    LIOT BE YACHAD is in the song of Purim.
    It means liot b yachad in kdusha.
    May all the evil doers of moah of bnei Noah and Yehudim get there mida k neged mida now and force themself only into non existence.
    May all my people be safe and that love Hashem and respect HIS UNQUESTIONIONED TERITORY!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m half way through listening to the shiur and it’s certainly interesting.

      I’ll update my comments as and when I get to the end of it, but the Noda B’Yehuda was the son of Chaya (BABAD) and Yehuda Landau, the parnas of the 4 lands, and close family of Elkele, the wife of Yonatan Eibshutz.

      That particular BABAD family are directly linked to the notorious SHOR family of Sabbateans.

      (Having said that, it was certainly a small world, and just being part of the family doesn’t automatically possul you. But for sure, whatever chinuch you get growing up, that has a big effect, both for good and for bad.)

      He came under a lot of pressure to ‘keep his family happy’ by smoothing things over, and even in the shiur you sent me, the wording of the letter written by the Nodah b’Yehuda in 1751 makes it clear that he believes the author of the amulets was unquestioningly a believer in Shabtai Tzvi. But he then came up with 5 different arguments why – just because it was Jonathan Eybshutz being accused – everyone could just pretend it wasn’t a big deal and overlook it.

      BTW, the Noda B’Yehuda’s own son, Moshe Landau, sadly became a leader of the haskalah in the next generation. He may be the same ‘notorious’ Moshe Landau that Rebbe Nachman had dealings with in Uman, it’s very hard trying to figure it all out.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        So, continuing on with the shiur:

        The Rav is now quoting the letter that the Noda B’Yehuda sent to Empress Maria Theresa, where he patently said that J. Eybshutz was a Sabbatean, and also was in cherem.

        This letter was found many years later, in the historical archives in Prague.

        What’s interesting is how so many rabbis in the orthodox community came out to say that this letter from the Noda B’Yehuda was a forgery… But had no evidence for believing that.

        The rot appears to be going very deep here.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Honestly Rivka, I don’t know why you are saying this unless it’s a sarcasm. Of course not. There is the genealogy of Rashi that goes back through Yochanan Hasandlar, and from there to the son of the wife named Avital, Shfatyah. The descendants of Shlomo Hamelech are more found in the Sephardi world, from what I understand. Then of course there are also the Leviim, the Kohanim, and many many Jews descendants of the exiles. I don’t know where you get this from , that’s why I assume you are joking. Certain family names are known to be descended from David Hamelech, direct male line, such as Ettinger, Margolies Halperin and many others. You can find that genealogy here:

        Are you claiming that this is fraudulent?

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          No, not at all.

          All those families claim descent from an Exilarch of Babylon, who claimed descent from King David. The descent from King David is a recurring theme in a lot of places, and with a lot of families who have many descendents who are ‘interesting’.

          For example, all the families you named above are directly in the middle of this hot mess of Sabbateanism – I’m currently working on the Ettinger link to Yonatan Eibshutz, for example.

          And Margulies / Perels comes up again and again, as does the Heilprin family of ‘machers’.

          Just being descended from King David doesn’t make someone ‘good’. Look at the tanach – all those bad, horrible kings were all descendants of King David, and not a few of his own children were also problematic.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Ah, and I also want to add that many of the genealogies on that site subsequently got removed…. for no obvious reasons. Especially the ones connected to gedolim. There’s a lot of dead links there now, in all the crucial places.

    • True Tzadikkim
      True Tzadikkim says:

      Dear Daisy, what do you mean?
      Plz see first nannomafia googled with twitter.
      When you read some phd studies about, inc neuroscience, nanno neu rons and realize that it is abused same way to enslave as was in old Mitzraiym….
      Please let me know what part to explain if needed, bli neder i will.
      Hiksos are this time also in Israel.
      They are the erev rav (Datan v Aviram) that came with us while Hashem did not want, but it was needed for our tikkunim.
      All what you write about is rooted in it.
      Heka and Hiksos only changed their name.
      Still stuck to us, but not for much longer.
      The plastic world of technology, wi fi, 5 G, obelisks and pyramids, A L invented by the other side will go with their inventers where it belong, back to Etna.
      Liot b yachad with us not included.

  2. Mary M
    Mary M says:

    Interestingly, in Rav Anava’s latest he speaks exactly about how we have been fooled for so many years about so many of our leaders/rabbis and the truth is about to come to light… And we will all be shocked will be hard to keep our jaws shut… somehow it must be connected to all this.
    Attaching his latest shuir on the covid vaccine and why Rabbis are saying to get it….

    FINALY!!! Should you take the Corona vaccine? Why do so many doctors and Rabbi’s say to take it? POWERFUL lecture!! DON’T MISS!!!




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