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Let’s continue trying to pry out some historical ‘truth’ from all the lies being told about Jewish history.

In this post, we’re going to return to Moshe Schneerson, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, who converted to xtianity.

Let’s see if we can track down some of his descendants in ‘real time’, and let’s see if we can start to broaden out the links between the Rivlin (aka Vilner, aka Broda / Rovigo) family, and Chabad. Along the way, we’ll also start to see how the nascent State of Israel came into being – and who was holding its reins, right from the start.


Let’s dive in.


In the official history of Chabad, which you can read in Hebrew HERE:

We learn that Moshe, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, marries ‘the Rabbanit Shifra, daughter of the famous rabbi, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Ula.’ He apparently lives a very long life, and dies in 1877, in Russia.

In the official Jewish history, Tzvi Hirsch of Ula is the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Rivlin ‘Platkes’, who is the brother of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, and also of Mindel Schick.

As we learned in THIS post, Mindel Shick’s grand-daughter, Elke, married the infamous Frankist Moshe Dobrushka, and the whole family converted to the catholic faith.

[There is way more to say about Moshe Dobrushka, but we’ll save that for another post.]


In my ‘alternative history’, I’ve set out that:

  • RIVLIN is just an anagram for ‘VILNER’
  • Benjamin Rivlin = Benjamin Broida, the grandson of the Shabbatean prophet Avraham Broida / Rovigo, author of the Eshel Avraham.
  • The 6th Rebbe of Chabad, the Rayatz, sets out himself that ‘Leah Golda, grand-daughter of the Eshel Avraham’ becomes the mother of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, and that her husband is ‘Moshe of Shklov’.
  • That Moshe Shneuri converted to catholicism in 1820.

Now, let’s see if we can find out what happened to Moshe and Shifra Shneuri (nee Rivlin’s) descendants.


According to the official genealogies curated by Chabad, Moshe and Shifra (Rivlin) have just two daughters:

[20] Sarah Rivkah SHNEURSON m. Nachum Yosef SHNEURSOHN


[21] Rachael SHNEURSON m. Moshe Tzvi FUNDMINSKY

On the related sites on geni (which I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion are also being ‘curated’ by people trying to suppress the truth) – Nachum Yosef Shneursohn apparently has no parents, siblings, or other relatives.

I’ve learnt that this is a clear sign that the name is made up.

Especially when you’re dealing with people who ‘marry in’ to dynasties that are totally and irrationally obsessed with yichus. And especially when you’re dealing with people who like to marry their close family relatives, as much as possible.

When I try to look for who ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ is – I hit the same problem.

He appears out of thin air, with no parents, siblings or trace that this person actually existed, outside of the curated genealogies.

Do a search for both of these people on the internet, and it will come back with NOTHING outside of the Chabad genealogies.

So, I already know that ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ and ‘Nachum Yosef Shneurson’ are made up names, alter egos created to hide who these people really were.


This is where the principle of ‘cousins marrying cousins’ and ‘uncles marrying nieces’ really starts to be helpful.

BH, I’ve managed to unravel so many bits of hidden history by following this principle, so let’s take a look at who Moshe Shneuri’s grand-children married.

Rachel and Moshe ‘Fundaminsky’ have 5 children listed on Geni:

  • Miriam Mara Segal
  • Devorah Shmerling
  • ‘Unknown daughter’ who marries a ‘Yaakov Moshe Schneerson’
  • Shneur Zalman Fundaminsky (the younger (? – your guess is as good as mine)
  • Rivka Hinda Rivlin

There’s a lot of deliberate disinformation flying around, but that last one, Rivka Hinda Rivlin turns up something useful. According to this Rivlin family tree (which also continues deliberate distortions, upstream) Rivka marries Zalman Hayim Hillel Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Zalman Rivlin is the grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov, the main ‘disciple’ of the Vilna Gaon’s band of Perushim, who came to settle Eretz Yisrael.

Hillel is also the son of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov / aka Benjamin Broda -the Vilna Gaon’s brother, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik’ who stays within the Jewish community.



Zalman Rivlin is apparently married three times (!) – but again, his other two wives ‘appear out of nothing’.

One of Zalman Rivlin’s brothers is Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, credited with founding 13 new neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Wikipedia has some interesting info about him, here’s a snippet:

In 1857, Rivlin founded the Bonei Yerushalayim (Builders of Jerusalem) company for the purpose of building neighborhoods outside the Old City walls. He enlisted signatories in the company from among his acquaintances, wealthy relatives in Shklov and Mohilev, and pro-Israel committees in Amsterdam and London, and also traveled to Russia and Europe with his colleagues, Rabbis Yoel Moshe Salomon and Michel Cohen, to promote the plan…

Rivlin was also instrumental in securing an annulment of the Ottomon ban on construction outside the Old City walls, issued in 1844. Sent with Rabbi Benzion Lyon to Constantinople by the rabbis of Jerusalem, Rivlin and Lyon procured an annulment of the firman from the sultan’s secretary, effective 1862.


You’ll recall from THIS post that Yoel Moshe Salomon was the descendant of Hershel Tzoref of Vilna, another Shabbatean false prophet.

Let’s recap, before we move on:

  • The Alter Rebbe‘s great-granddaughter via his openly catholic son Moshe marries Zalman Rivlin, the great-grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov – continuing the tradition of these families intermarrying with each other.
  • Hillel Rivlin is the son of Benjamin Rivlin / Broda, the brother of the Vilna Gaon, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik‘ that stays within the Jewish community, to subvert it from within.
  • Zalman’s brother, Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, plays a leading part in ‘building’ Jerusalem, together with the descendant of another Shabbatean Prophet, Yoel Moshe Salomon.


There is and was a very profound ‘Shabbetean / Frankist Kabbalah’ component to all this effort being exerted to rebuild Jerusalem, that is also connected to ‘rediscovering the 10 lost tribes’ and to the xtian world.

If you go HERE, you can start to read a little about that for yourselves. I hope to do a much longer post on this soon, but suffice to say that Yosef Rivlin was also a big kabbalist, and also very busy with trying to identify the 10 lost tribes.

This obsession with the 10 lost tribes was also a recurring theme, with all these false Shabbatean prophets, and the xtian groups who were supporting them.


Let’s keep going a little, with Zalman and Rivka Hinda’s descendants, because it’s actually quite eye-opening.

Again, Rivka is the grand-daughter of Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s openly catholic son (who was almost certainly a Frankist).

Rivka’s daughter Chaya Rasha marries Rabbi Mordechai Zev Hominer.

The Hominer rabbinic dynasty was one of the pillars of the ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem (and Eretz Yisrael).


Another one of Rivka and Zalman’s daughters, Shifra Bracha, marries Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein, the leader of the religious community Jerusalem.

The following piece of golden information comes from the auction site for letters from the Eisenstein family, HERE.

(I’ve bolded the really interesting bits, below.)


R. Avraham Eisenstein (1800-1886) was born in Drahichyn, Belarus, and moved to Safed in 1823 together with a large group of disciples of the Gra, including his father-in-law, R. Chaim Cohen, rabbi of Pinsk and Safed.

In 1834 R. Avraham was appointed dayan on the rabbinical court of R. Yisrael of Shklov in Safed.

His entire family perished in the earthquake of 1837 except for one young daughter, upon which he moved to Jerusalem, where he eventually remarried the daughter of R. Aryeh Neeman (Marcus).

His sons R. Eliyahu Mordechai and R. Yerachmiel (who moved to the United States in the 1880s) were born from this marriage.

R. Avraham was among the community leaders of Jerusalem, and served as the director of the Vaad HaKlali (General Fund)….

His son, R. Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein (1867-1957), followed his father’s footsteps as a Torah scholar and community activist. He served the community in various capacities, including treasurer of the “Vaad HaKollelim”, secretary of the General Fund Knesset Yisrael, and other positions.

He also served as the personal secretary of R. Shmuel Salant for a number of years. He married the daughter of R. Zalman Chaim Rivlin (ca. 1832-1902), director of the Vaad HaKlali, and upon her passing, married her sister.


So. We’ve just discovered another unknown daughter of Rivka and Zalman Rivlin, called ‘Sara Esther’, who remarried Rabbi Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein when her sister, Shifra Bracha, passes away.

More importantly, we’ve started to uncover how the Lubavitch / Rivlin dynasty underpins large chunks of the ultra-orthodox religious world in Israel, via the Alter Rebbe’s catholic son, Moshe Schneuri.

And this is only tracking down two of Moshe’s descendants.

You would be AMAZED how many of our Jewish leaders, in the chassidic world, in the Litvish world, in the State of Israel, are directly connected to the Alter Rebbe and the Vilna Gaon, who as I set out elsewhere are very probably father and son.

So that makes the question of how closely these individuals were both connected to Shabbatean / Frankist theology, and beliefs, all the more sharp and urgent.



I was going to stop here for this this post, but then I thought I’d just go and see who Moshe Schneuri’s other daughter, Sarah Rivka, is connected to.

Her son, Schneur Zalman Schneurson, married Toyba Feiga Wolfensohn, the daughter of Dayan Abraham Wolfensohn of Shklov.

He’s another really interesting character. The following comes from Wikipedia (which has way more details, so click and read more, if you’re interested). Again, I’ve bolded the really interesting bits.


Rabbi Wolfensohn was born in Shklov, about 300 kilometers southeast of Vilnius in Lithuania, where he became a disciple of the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman. 

The Gaon believed that the return of the Jews from the Diaspora to the Land of Israel would bring about the Messianic era. Influenced by the Gaon’s vision, Wolfensohn founded an organization called Chazon Tzion (“Prophecy/Vision [of] Zion”), whose main principles included the ingathering of the Jewish exile.

In 1809, Rabbi Wolfensohn traveled to and settled in the Holy Land as a member of the first of three groups of Gaon disciples….

Included in the groups were members of the Wolfensohn, Ze’ev, Rivlin, Zeitlin and Bassan families—many of the descendants of these disciples became leading figures in modern Israeli society. Their arrival encouraged an Ashkenazi revival in the land which until this time was mostly Sephardi.

Facing an Ottoman ban on Ashkenazi Jews settling in Jerusalem, most of the Perushim, including the Wolfensohn family, settled in Safed, forming the basis of the Ashkenazi community there. Rabbi Wolfensohn became the first judge of the Perushim in Safed and was instrumental in ending the friction between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities in the region…

His wife and two of his sons were killed in the great Galilee earthquake of 1837, while Avraham was away in Europe collecting funds for the community.

His son Zeev survived because he was studying at a yeshiva in Jerusalem at the time.

Rabbi Wolfensohn then moved to Jerusalem where he married his second wife, Sheindel, with whom he had four children.

As leaders and members of the Perushim community, Rabbi Wolfensohn and his descendants (Wolfensohn, Woolfson, Wolfson, Ze’ev) had a significant influence both on the history of the Yishuv haYashan and the subsequent State of Israel


You’ll remember that I already talked about the Zeitlin connection to the Alter Rebbe, and to the haskalah, HERE.

Joshua Zeitlin is listed as the father in law of ‘Reb Alexander Sender’ – apparently one of the Alter Rebbe’s favorite talmidim.

And ‘Alexander Sender’ is meant to be the father of Moshe of Shklov – who we already pinned down as being one and the same as Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s catholic Frankist son.

 That would make Joshua Zeitlin the Alter Rebbe’s father in law.

(Joshua Zeitlin’s brother, Eliezer, came to Palestine as part of the delegation of the Perushim.)

So, if the thesis is correct that the Alter Rebbe’s father was really the Vilna Gaon, we are getting closer to pinning down who these people really were, ‘in the real world’.

And once we know that, we’ll have a much better idea how everyone is connected, and why they’ve been trying to hide that information for more than 200 years.




Hey, just as I was re-reading this post to make sure it formatted OK, I realised that the life stories of R Avraham Eisenstein and R Avraham Wolfensohn are almost identical…. right down to them losing all their family, bar one child, in the Sfat earthquake and being the first ‘dayan’ in Sfat.

I think we just surfaced another big piece of disinformation in real time.

But why would anyone bother to make up a double identity for R Abraham Wolfensohn?




You can see how our current President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, is directly descended from Benjamin Rivlin, here:

These people weren’t just pulling the strings 200 years ago. They are still pulling the strings today.


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