So many things have gone ‘wrong’ in the world because we’ve been operating from a false paradigm.

For as long as we remain unaware of what is really going on, and what is really causing our problems, we can’t solve our problems.

As more and more of us are starting to crack up from all the pressure of the last 10 months (plus all the stressful years and events that preceded COVID-1984), the imperative to stop lying to ourselves has gotten stronger and stronger.

If we really want Moshiach and geula, we have to pull our heads out of the sand, and to stop pretending that everything is OK, when it really isn’t. We can’t fix things, we can’t change things, we can’t stop all the suffering going on all around, if we keep on lying to ourselves about what’s really causing the problems.


This next post is probably going to be extremely hard for many people to read.

I apologise in advance for that. I know that pulling all this information out into plain view is a tremendously painful process. All I can say is, we have to get to grips with the ‘problem’, and cut that klipa of evil away from the very good, beautiful fruit it still contains.

Just as Rav Kook explained that ‘the State of Israel’ was a shell of evil that contained some tremendously holy, good fruit, so we can say the same about every other organisation, institution and derech in the Jewish world.

There are a lot of ‘shells of evil’ that have covered over so much of the ‘good’ in the Jewish world.

But these shells are fragile and external and superficial.

And the people who have found themselves caught up in them, trapped in them, duped and deceived by them, are for the most part very, very good.

It’s part of the birur process to do this job, and it’s painful.

But at this stage, the operation cannot be postponed any longer, as the patient is in a critical state.


So now, let’s continue unpicking the family tree of the Eshel Avraham, Avraham Broda / Rovigo.

Let’s begin with the ‘official genealogy’ of the Alter Rebbe’s family, Schneur Zalman, the first Rebbe of Chabad. This information is taken from the Sefer HaToldos Admur Maharash, written by none other than the Rebbe Rayatz of Lubavitch, the 6th Rebbe.

You can find a translation of that book in English, here:

According to the Rebbe Rayatz, Schneur Zalman (1745-1813) married Sterna Segal, the daughter of Yehuda Leib and Bila Segal, in 1760. The couple then had 6 children:

  • Dvora Leah (no dates are given for her birth or death – mother of the Tzemech Tzedek #3)
  • Frieda Schneuri (1765 – 1813)
  • Rachel Schneuri (1765-1844 – no explanation is given for why she shares the same birth year as her sister, Frieda)
  • Dov Baer Shneuri (The Mitteler Rebbe #2), 1773-1826
  • Chaim Avraham Schneurson (1779-1844)
  • Moshe Schneurson (1783-1877)

There are a lot of strange things going on here, but to avoid getting overwhelmed, let’s first stick with trying to track down the descendants of Avraham Broda / Rovigo, the Eshel Avraham.


In the ‘official’ Broda family history book written a hundred years ago, that you can read and download here:, the author tells us that Binyamin Broda, the Eshel Avraham’s great-grandson (and secret Frankist ‘Tzaddik’ who stayed within the Jewish community) had 4 children:

  • Rav Chaim Broda – author of ‘Zerah Haim’
  • Unnamed daughter #1 who marries R Pinchas ben Yosef of Posner
  • Unnamed daughter #2 who marries R Yehoshua Heshel Ashkenazi
  • Unnamed daughter #3 who becomes ‘the mother of R Shmuel Shneerson of Lubavitch’ (the 4th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Maharash)


This is what the Rebbe Rayatz says in his Sefer HaToldos Admur Maharash:

Reb Moshe married a woman of high pedigree, Leah Golda the daughter of Reb Binyamin Broida, a grandson of Reb Avraham Broida, author of Eishel Avraham.[1]…. The saintly Reb Moshe and his wife, the kindly Rebbetzin, had four sons. The fourth son was the saintly chassid Reb Aharon, father of my grandmother the Rebbetzin. As previously mentioned, Reb Aharon ben Moshe was born in the year 5569 (1809).

This is all extremely confusing, so let’s try to figure out together what’s going on here.

According to the Rebbe Rayatz, this ‘Reb Moshe’ who marries Leah Golda, the daughter of Binyamin Broida, is the son of a close talmid of the Alter Rebbe, called Reb Alexander Sender of Shklov. Let’s go back to the account of the Rayatz:

Reb Sender ben Hirsh was Reb Moshe’s father. Reb Hirsh had been one of the town dignitaries of Shklov, in the early days of the Alter Rebbe’s leadership. When the Alter Rebbe visited Shklov for the first time on a matter of public affairs, Reb Hirsh was the first of the town dignitaries to become close to him.[7] Being a very wealthy businessman, he gave the Alter Rebbe an enormous sum of money to use for the public benefit.


The official history of Lubavitch states that this ‘Reb Sender’ died young, so then his son Moshe of Shklov was raised in the home of his grandfather, Reb Hirsh of Shklov, who was a very wealthy merchant.

So then, ‘Reb Moshe of Shklov’ marries Leah Golda Broida, and they have a son, Aharon, who ends up marrying (Chayah) Sarah #2, the daughter of the Mitteler Rebbe of Chabad. In turn, they have a daughter Rivkah, who marries the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, the Maharash, in 5609 (1849).

Got that?

Great. Let’s start to unpick it.


This whole thing turns on whether there is any additional evidence that Chabad was connected to the Frankist undercurrents that were swirling all around that period of time.

And the sad answer is, that such evidence exists.

The Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, Moshe, converted to catholicism. You can read a full account of that (also bringing Chabad’s ‘official response’ to this unpleasant fact) on Wikipedia, here:

Here’s an excerpt:

Documents found by historian Shaul Stampfer apparently document Schneersohn’s conversion to Christianity. The original documents are located in the National Historical Archives in MinskBelarus. These include a letter to the local priest in which he states his intent to convert and his baptismal certificate dated July 4, 1820. The documents also show that after his conversion he worked for the Tsar to assist in the conversion of other Jews.


There are some notable overlaps between the story of ‘Reb Moshe of Shklov’, as penned by the Rebbe Rayatz, and Moshe Shneurson, the Alter Rebbe’s Frankist-Catholic son.

‘Moshe Shneurson’ marries Shifra, the daughter of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Ule, close to Liadi. After his conversion to xtianity, he takes the name Leon Yulievitch, and ends up in Shklov. Over the years, Chabad have expended a lot of energy denying that Moshe ever converted, and no-one talks about what happened to his descendants.

But once you understand that all the Shabbatean / Frankist families tended to marry each other over many generations, it makes it much easier to trace back who everyone really was, in the real world.


As I set out in this post, I have reason to believe that ‘Binyamin Broida’ is the same person as ‘Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov’, close follower of the Vilna Gaon, and one of the secret leaders of the haskalah, who hung out a lot with Baron Joshua Zeitlin (also in Shklov), another ‘secret’ leader of the haskalah.

I should state now, that a key tenet of ‘Frankism’ was promoting the assimilation of Jews, and blurring the distinctions between Judaism, xtianity and Islam. It’s not a coincidence that in the generation after Frank, the haskalah got started in earnest.

The people promoting it were almost certainly influenced by Frank, but (at least initially…) chose to remain within the Jewish community, where they could continue to influence others.

Over the last month, I have spent hours trying to put together correct family trees for all these people. And here’s where things are about to get even more interesting, again.


‘Benjamin Rivlin’ (aka Benjamin Broida) is listed as being the son of one ‘Shlomo Zalman Rivlin’ – who I believe is the son of Avraham Broda, with that same name.

‘Benjamin Rivlin’ has 3 siblings:

  • Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman (‘Platkes’ – this is probably the Vilna Gaon)
  • Mindel Schick (who marries Chanoch Henach Schick, the ABD of Shklov)
  • Sheftil

Eliyahu (Platkes) Rivlin has 4 children:

  • Fishel Rivlin
  • Arieh Leib Rivlin
  • Shlomo Zalman Rivlin of Shklov – I think this is the Alter Rebbe
  • Tzvi Hirsh Olier Rivlin of Ula – And this is the ‘Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Ula’ whose daughter, Shifra, marries the Alter Rebbe’s Frankist son, Moshe Schneuri.


If this genealogy is correct, that makes the Vilna Gaon the Alter Rebbe’s dad.

And if this genealogy is correct, it also suggests that the ‘Frankist connections’ were spread throughout the Vilna Gaon’s circles, and also throughout Chabad chassidut.

I appreciate that’s a very painful statement, but there is more evidence to back it up.

But before we do that, let’s just recap, to try to keep things straight:


The official genealogy set out by the Rebbe Rayatz has ‘Reb Moshe Alexanderov Sender‘ as the grandson of ‘Reb Hirsh of Shklov’. This ‘Reb Moshe’ marries a grand-daughter of Benjamin Broida, the Eshel Avraham’s grandson, named ‘Leah Golda‘.

Leah Golda and Moshe have a son Aharon, who marries the Mittler Rebbe’s daughter Chaya Sara. Their daughter Rivka marries Shmuel Shneerson, the 4th Rebbe of Chabad.

In the ‘real world’, Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov is the son of ‘Shlomo Zalman’, grandson of the Eshel Avraham via his son Moshe.

Benjamin Rivlin is the brother of Eliyahu Rivlin (probably the Vilna Gaon).

Eliyahu has a son, ‘Shlomo Zalman Rivlin of Shklov‘, who is probably the Alter Rebbe.

Benjamin Rivlin has another son, Tzvi Hirsh Olier of Ula, whose daughter Shifra definitely marries the Alter Rebbe’s frankist son, Moshe.

Shifra is a grand-daughter of Benjamin Rivlin (the grandson of the Eshel Avraham).

Leah Golda is a grand-daughter of ‘Benjamin Broida’ (the grandson of the Eshel Avraham)


In other words:

Shifra Rivlin = Leah Golda Broida

‘Reb Moshe Alexanderov Sender’ = Moshe Shneurson, the Alter Rebbe’s Frankist son.

Which means that the Mittler Rebbe’s daughter Chaya Sarah (#2) married her cousin, Aharon

Not such a big deal – except that cousin was being raised in a Frankist-Catholic home, and then became the father-in-law of the 4th Chabad Rebbe.

You can see why there has been such a convoluted attempt to cover up the genealogy.

But there’s more.


Benjamin and Eliyahu Rivlin’s sister Mindel Shick have an unnamed daughter, who marries someone called ‘Isak Juda (Lobl) Zacharias Joss.

They have a daughter, Elke, who marries none other Moshe Dobrushka, the son of Jacob Frank’s first cousin Schondel Dobrushka.

Moses Dobrushka is one of the leading ‘antinomian’ Frankists of his day, and ends up converting to xtianity, where he then takes on the name ‘Franz Thomas von Schonfeld’. This from Wikipedia:

“Some Frankists were active during the French Revolution, such as Moses Dobruška, a son of Frank’s Sabbatian cousin in Offenbach Shendl Dobruska. Many of the Frankists saw Napoleon Bonaparte as a potential Messiah.”

Read that last line carefully.

There is nothing new under the sun. The Frankists of 200 years ago were cheering Napoleon on as the ‘good in Esav’, too.


Ok, let’s recap, then leave things here for now.

There is still so much to say, of course, but I don’t want to blow your brainboxes too much, in one post.

We just learned that Benjamin Rivlin’s sister had a grand-daughter who married the infamous Frankist (and close relative of Jacob Frank himself), Moses Dobruska.

Again, remember that all these Sabbatian / Frankists repeatedly married each other, to ‘keep things in the family’ as much as possible.

Benjamin Rivlin’s grand-daughter Shira marries the Alter Rebbe’s son, Moshe Schneuri, and Moshe Schneri definitely converted to Catholicism.

Their son Aharon then marries his cousin, the Mittler Rebbe’s daughter Sarah #2, and becomes father-in-law of the 4th Chabad Rebbe, the Maharash.


For once, I’m not going to draw out the obvious conclusions.

Let each person think deeply about what I’ve set out above, and do their own cheshbon hanefesh.

And remember, that all this is just a klipa, just a shell, that still contains tremendous good, but needs to be peeled away for that good to be fully revealed.

In the next post, I want to try and shift the focus to the State of Israel and its links to the Freemasons / secret societies, via all these Frankist connections.



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8 replies
  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    I know you are going to overlook Chabad evidence against Reb Moshe’s supposed conversion as “weak apologetics,” but they do make a good point that the letters proclaiming his desire to convert contain the last name Schneerson, before it was even their last name. Which proves the Church faked documents (what a suprise) later on to shame the Jews

    Chabad historian Yosef Kaminetzky:
    “The documents in the Minsk files are forgeries, as shown by the name appearing in the letter, Shneurson, which had yet to exist as a last name at the time.”

  2. ozzy
    ozzy says:

    I’ve been compiling a family tree of my own for a while now. Can’t go into much detail in a comment box but I believe you’re wrong about the two wives of Moshe being the same people. I believe they were different marriages. Though you can be right. With Leah Golda they had two sons: Aaron and Gershon. We all know Aaron married Chaya Sarah, the second Rebbes daughter. They had Rivka who married the Rebbe R. Shmuel. From his wife Shifra, it seems like they had two children: Sarah Rivka and Rachel. Sarah Rivka married R. Nahum Yosef and one of their sons was R. Chaim Zvi who is famous for his sefer on Palestine (d. 1881).
    R. Moshe’s son, Gershon (George Alexanderovich) from his wife Leah Golda Brody is where my family tree ties in. He married Feiga Horodenker, R. Nachman of Breslov’s granddaughter. Together they had: Miriam Chana, Binyamin Wolf, Chaim Leib (Leon Cornelius Brady), Levi, Julia Golda, Aharon Alexander and Gershon, who was born right after Gershon, his father, passed away in 1826. Feiga died a year later: 1827. Some of the children were adopted by Udl, R. Nachmans daughter but 2 of them: Julia Golda and Aharon Alexander were adopted by the Van Hauke family who were Catholic and had ties to the Frankists. I had been of the understanding that Julia ended up marrying Prince Alexander of Hesse. It has always been known that Princess Julia was of Jewish descent.
    I can send you more details if you’d contact me, including everything I have on my own family tree.


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