Even regular visitors to Meron have been struggling to understand how 45 people could be asphyxiated to death there.

***More important updates below***


There is a new video with new footage of what happened, that needs careful analysis.



The timings on the slides below appear to be wrong – the crush built up much faster, and seems to have been caused by 10 policemen and at least one policewoman blocking the exit, with or without gates.

The footage is conveniently ‘cut’ at the crucial part that would show why people suddenly stopped on the stairs.

You can see it for yourself HERE:



I’d been poring over media accounts for three days, and still couldn’t really understand how this was meant to have happened. So yesterday morning, I grabbed my camera and decided I had to go and see things for myself, to see if that would bring a bit more clarity to the picture.

In this post, I’m going to first bring the cold, hard facts – as much as they are knowable, with so many big parts of the puzzle still missing.

And then maybe in a different post, I’ll tell you more about some of the interesting things that were going on up in Meron, and more of what I heard from some of the people there.


Let’s do it.


Identifying where the deaths occurred.

I’ve seen so many pictures of stairs next to white sheet metal fencing – that I totally didn’t recognise. So, the first job was to go and actually find the place where the 45 Meron Martyrs were killed al kiddush Hashem.

(More on how that actually happened below, after we get the cold, hard facts set down).

The following stills come from THIS drone footage of Meron, shot on April 30th, 2021.

(I’m working on doing this as a short video, too, if I can figure it out – see the update below.)


How 45 people died in Meron, on L’ag B’omer 2021:


That’s how it happened.

Now, we can make more sense of the videos I posted up here in previous articles. Let’s explain them clearly, so you really get what happened beyond the shadow of a doubt, and can’t be misled by any more MSM-government-sponsored lies and ‘spin’.

This video below first shows the exit that was blocked.

It also seems to show that one Border Policeman had enough of a neshama to start trying to rip down the metal sheeting right next to the blocked exit, to try to relieve the pressure and give people more space.

But notice other policemen standing at the bottom of the stairs, still holding the crowds back.


Next, you see the ‘river’ of visitors coming down the fenced-in path with the metal ramp.

I suspect that fencing was also put up around the sides just for this L’ag B’Omer, but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

But you can clearly see from the drone footage, above, that usually this area was all open air.

So why close it in?


Next, the video goes to an overhead view, looking down at the stairs from the building above it, where you can see how people have now ‘collapsed’ down the stairs and been crushed to death.

This occurred after the police removed the barriers blocking the exit, which caused hundreds of people to topple down on each other.

You can see one or two ‘regular’ police at this point trying to pull people out of the pile, together with a few first responders.

But all those big, burly ‘Border Police’ guys who were blocking the exit have now left the area.

Why didn’t they stay, to try to rescue more of the people who had been crushed and asphyxiated to death?


Now that we’ve pinned this information down, there are more questions to be answered.

According to this eyewitness account, below, two police pulled a double-gate across this exit at approximately 12:30am.

(The audio is very quiet, but if you can listen to what he’s saying, it’s very useful information.)


The gate was still in place almost half an hour later, at approximately 1am.

That means that the police let the crush build up on the metal ramp for approaching half an hour before the deaths occurred, without making any public announcement that people should try to find a different exit.




Menachem Engel, the guy in the video above, contacted me to make it clear that he is not saying and doesn’t know if the gates were still in place at almost 1am. I’m happy to include this information.

And I also want to include this information, from another eye-witness, that was reported in Hebrew HERE,  that the single exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex was blocked by 10 burly policemen, plus at least one policewoman who were pushing people back up the stairs and the ramp, just before the ‘disaster’ (in Hebrew):



Google translated snippet:

“[Q]uite a few dozen seconds after we passed the entrance to the path, a lot of policemen and at least one policewoman came to the entrance to the path and blocked the exit.

Anyone who knows this area at the time of L’ag B’Omer, this year and every year knows that police officers do not walk around in the mehadrin area at all [i.e. the area cordoned off for just men]… And certainly there are no policewomen in the whole area.

Suddenly at least 10 policemen appeared in one shot?!?!

They were at the ‘disaster’ long before the first responders and Magen Dovid Adam !! And after the disaster – most of them (not all!) did not reach out at all… they were not determined and urgent to help, to say the least.”


Another thing that Menachem Engel states – corroborated by many others – is that the Toldos Aharon plaza was unusually and uncomfortably crowded, and that he felt ‘trapped’ in the complex as soon as he entered it.

Other eye-witnesses have said that the police blocked other exits out the Toldos Aharon plaza, leaving ‘Reb Dov Shvil’ – the metal ramp – as pretty much the only exit out of the area.

According to the eyewitness above, he was told by a ‘mystery chassid’ to try to find another route out of the Toldos Aharon Complex because there was so much overcrowding at the blocked exit.

He only managed to do that because he was joined by a group of 40 yeshiva bochurs who managed to ‘fight their way out’ of the crowds to go up past the bleachers, and to exit via the area containing the ‘back bleachers’ at the top of this picture:


Let’s try to sum up the list of specific questions here, to keep this as simple as possible:

1.Why were all other exits out of the Toldos Aharon complex blocked off by the police?

2. Why was the only real exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex blocked by gates for half an hour, while more and more people joined the crush on the metal ramp? –

UPDATE: More information is coming out about how the exit was blocked. It could have been gates, initially, but it could also have been the group of 10 policemen, plus at least one policewoman, who showed up shortly before the ‘disaster’ and physically prevented the crowds from leaving the steps.

3. Who gave the order for that exit to be blocked?

4. Why was that order given?

5. Why was no public announcement made to tell people that the exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex had been blocked?

6. If you are going to tell me that the police closed the exit to prevent more people entering the plaza to ‘prevent overcrowding’, why wasn’t the gate set up at the top of the metal ramp, instead of by the bottom at the stairs?

7. Why was that whole area enclosed with white metal sheeting on the morning of L’ag B’omer, making a narrow, confined space even more narrow and confined?

(Especially in ‘Covid times’, when the authorities have been making a big distinction between ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ areas?)

8. Why did the police refuse to acknowledge that they had blocked the main exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex – and instead tried to blame the disaster on a mythical ‘stampede’ that never happened?

9. Why, immediately after the disaster at 1am, did the police put a message out on the public announcement system that everyone should leave the Rashbi complex immediately – which only added to the crush at all the blocked exits, and prevented ambulances from being able to drive up to the site of the fatalities?

(That’s why we saw so many pictures of people being carried out by hand on stretchers, then taken a long way down the mountain by people running with them – the ambulances couldn’t get up to the site.)

10. What other structures were built, what other bottlenecks were created, what other exits were blocked by the police at Meron before L’ag B’omer, to create so much dangerous and unusual overcrowding in the area?


There are way, way more questions about what happened.

We’ll get to those another time.

But in this post, I’m focussing-in specifically on the circumstances that led to the deaths of those 45 Meron Martyrs.

I’ve learned from experience that it’s when we focus in on the details, the nitty-gritty, that the truth inevitably starts to shake out.

I know they say the devil is in the detail, but invariably, I’ve found that the truth is in the detail – and once you pin the details down, they just can’t spin their lies about what happened in quite the same way.


BH, we’ve made a lot of progress since Friday, in figuring out what really went on here.

Now, that this part of the equation is figured out, we can turn more of our attention to who made these deadly decisions, who enforced them – and who stood to benefit from a ‘mass casualty’ event in Meron this year.

Make no mistake: this time around all of these questions will be answered.

And the people responsible for the murder in Meron will finally be exposed.



On the Ynet (fake…) news site they had this article, about the safety report about the Toldos Aharon complex ahead of L’ag B’Omer:


Meron event organizers ignored major safety report days before disaster

Report ordered organizers of the festivities at the Toldos Aharon compound, where the stampede occured, to have 4 passageways if the number of participants exceeds 9,000; 20,000 were inside when stampede occured but only one exit was open.



That Ynet report is trying to shift the blame for the deaths to the Toldos Aharon chassidut.

But what I want to know is, who was responsible for deciding there should be only one exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex?

I don’t believe that the Toldos Aharon chassidut would only want one exit in and out of their complex – how would that be helpful to them, and their followers?

So who made that decision, in stark contravention of this report that there should be at least 4 exits?

And then, who made the decision to close the only exit out of the Toldos Aharon complex, and who else signed off on it?

Once we know that, I think we’ll know a lot more.



In a minute and a half, you can now grasp what the MSM / government / police have all failed to explain to us over the last 4 days, namely how this ‘tragedy’ really occurred.

BH, I’m working on doing this in Hebrew, too, so the truth can get out there:



I got this comment from the eyewitness in the video above, who wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t say / doesn’t know if the gates were still in place half an hour later.

I’m after the truth here, so I’m very happy to keep updating the information as more of it comes to light. And I’m very happy to see the new footage on Channel 12, that apparently shows there were no barriers.

Which means, of course, all these poor people on the steps suddenly stopped there for no reason at all, and voluntarily suffocated and crushed themselves to death….

Doesn’t it?


Menachem Engel says:(Edit)

Hi. I’m the guy in the video you posted in this article. I really want to make it clear that I state in the video that I dont know if the barriers were still up 30 minutes later. I don’t know why you would twist my words like that. New footage has come out tonight that shows there were no police barricades there. check channel 12 news. Thank you.



This is in Hebrew, but Google translate does a good enough job of giving you the gist. It sets out in detail how the regular exits in and out of the ‘Toldos Aharon’ complex were blocked this L’ag B’omer, in the name of ‘Coronavirus Restrictions’.

While the Health Ministry put no limits – at all! – on the number of people travelling to Uman this year; and as far as I could see, there weren’t even the regular park n’ ride facilities in place this year to help regulate the crowds, what they did do is block off every exit to the ‘Toldos Aharon’ complex with fences, leaving just the ‘Shvil Reb Dov’ exit – which was known from previous years to be dangerously overcrowded, even with the other exits open.


That article is apparently based on hundreds of eye-witness testimonies.

I was going to bring one of the comments on that article, which brings more information and raises a bunch more disturbing ideas, but I realised it’s making this post too long. So I will do a new post with that information instead, BH.

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38 replies
  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    And why were the Ukranian police forces invited on the spot? Could it be that they were proxies?
    Rivka, your investigation is bulletproof. You are doing such a remarkable job!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Mamash, just the ‘keyboard’ in the hands of the tzaddikim…

      The Rav also spoke of the ‘KGB’ being invited to give the biggest ‘knocks on the door’ – 3 weeks before this event happened, and the same day a ‘hidden tzaddik’ told everyone to go up to Meron to pray all night to sweeten the decrees.

      BH, will write more tomorrow. The new information is flowing in all the time – and it’s all siyatta di shmeya, nothing really to do with me. Anyone who looks can also find it, I think.

  2. M
    M says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for doing this awesome work! Thank you for bringing out the truth. Thank you for your passion!

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    It could be my computer – I finally got my computer back – I’ve been using another one for months – but it seems to me the video you made is too wide for the area you put it in (it’s also tall, but I can see all the way up). Compared with the pictures you put into it and showed us above, the right side of the pictures is cut off, and so are some of the words on the slides you put between them. Such a pity, since it is really good otherwise, from what I can see!

    And everything else on your site looks fine.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Finally, I decided to see what I could do about it…I opened the video in a new tab, and it worked. Great video and explanations, as I expected.

      For anyone else who experiences the video the way I did, here’s the answer, for now.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        thanks for that Hava. I don’t know why it’s not showing properly on the site…. so thanks for figuring out a way to view it.

  4. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    How do you answer people who say that by speaking about this, I am engaging in lashon hara against the (Jewish) police and engaging in sinas chinam? (Severe eye roll can be inserted here.) I am having Chofetz Chaim quotes hurled at me, LOL.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If people think it’s lashon hara to say ‘the crew of the Titanic hit an iceberg, and the ship sank killing hundreds of people’ then you can’t argue with them.

      It’s not lashon hara to say ‘the police placed a barrier across the only exit of the Toldos Aharon complex for approximately half an hour, trapping 20,000 people in that space with no exit. And then 45 people died, and hundreds more were injured’ – any more than it is to say the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank.

  5. Malka
    Malka says:

    It’s a disaster!!!
    I am a professional safety inspector, and I was very very worried when I saw the people there.
    I thought OMG this is very ,very dangerous. That was before things started to happen.

    There are a lot of people , religious leaders and authorities,that did many things wrong.

    The emotionally situation overtook rational common sense from many different perspectives.
    Hopefully such a catastrophic situation will be prevented from happening again.
    In my opinion the whole area needs to be redesigned ,if they ever want to have a function there again.
    It’s human failure at its extreme.
    Very very upsetting

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      People have been gathering there in much larger numbers for years with no problems. I agree, the site needs a lot of money spent on it to make sure it’s as safe and accessible as possible, going forward.

      But that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s the police – and the politicians behind them – who deliberately created a situation where 20,000 people were in a space with ONE exit, instead of 4, because the police blocked all other routes out of the Toldos Aharon complex off. And then, they blocked the ONLY exit out of the area for approx. half an hour between 12.30am and 12.50am – without telling anyone it was blocked.

      And when people started to die, they stood and watched it happen.

      And then they pulled the gates away at the bottom of the stairs in such a way that hundreds of people collapsed down the stairs, fatally crushing those at the bottom of the stairs by the barriers.

      And now, there are also reports surfacing even in the MSM that the police deliberately blocked ambulances from getting to the site, too.

      This is way more than ‘human failure’.

      This is pre-meditated murder.

  6. Menachem Engel
    Menachem Engel says:

    Hi. I’m the guy in the video you posted in this article. I really want to make it clear that I state in the video that I dont know if the barriers were still up 30 minutes later. I don’t know why you would twist my words like that. New footage has come out tonight that shows there were no police barricades there. check channel 12 news. Thank you.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      God forbid, I should twist anyone’s words.

      I will put your comment up underneath the article itself as an update.

      I’m just trying to get to the truth, here. Please send the link for the footage on Channel 12 news.


      I’ve also amended the article itself, to make it clear that you didn’t say the gates were there for half an hour.

  7. Z
    Z says:

    This is ridiculous conspiracy theory stuff. Stop trying to find an “enemy” when there were clearly many failures by many different parties that caused this tragedy. This article does no good at all and helps no one.

    • Chaim
      Chaim says:

      Perhaps instead of accusing her of conspiracy theories, you could pinpoint where exactly the flaws in Rivka’s arguments are.

      Go on, we are waiting.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        I’m sure there are some flaws in my arguments, because I don’t have all the information and facts, so much has been deliberately hidden and lied about. But that’s also why it’s useful to have the ‘flaws’ exposed, because then we get to the truth.

        And that’s really all that’s important here.

  8. Randi Rochel Waxman
    Randi Rochel Waxman says:

    When I saw the crowd before anything happened I thought to myself, that looks scary!, G-d I hope nothing happens, that is a perfect target for the real psychos…’
    I ‘ve been a lifeguard and worked for OSHA and that did not look safe. Whoever was in charge of logistics and set-up and safety were complicite in a crime here, i have no doubt. Please expose them all, soon.

  9. Randi Rochel Waxman
    Randi Rochel Waxman says:

    Use those “psycho tendecies” to the max because you are right on; this evil needs exposing to the max.
    Thank you!
    Keep up the good work.
    It will all come out. We’ll see. Baruch Hashem ynechem

  10. Zedy
    Zedy says:

    I can see that it did it not occur to you that:
    1. While there may have been police errors amidst the confusion, their barricades in the first place may have been there to prevent overcrowding in other areas
    2. The other job of the police is to secure the area to prevent terror attacks
    Stop trying to make this into a “secular police” vs haredim war

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s not a ‘secular police’ vs haredim war. It’s way deeper than that, it’s a ‘determined cultural war’.

      Back in February 2012, highly popular Israeli journalist Yaron London wrote a piece for the Ynet (fake) news site headlined: Say no to Jewish Hezbollah.

      In that piece, London compared Israel’s haredi population to a ‘malignant body part’, and then called on secular Israel to “reduce the number of their grandchildren.”

      See the full thing here: https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4195684,00.html

      London wrote:

      “As haredi education rejects a life of work and participation in defending the homeland, and as we cannot imprison tens of thousands of yeshiva students (and those pretending to be such,) and as national service would hold justice in contempt, and as purely haredi regiments are a recipe for an armed civil war, and as the haredi community mushrooms as result of natural growth – the national majority has no choice but to embark on a determined cultural war.

      “Time is of the essence. Should the majority lose this war, the Zionist enterprise would be remembered as a short-lived historical episode.”

      • Yosef
        Yosef says:

        There is an excellent book that details this war, “The Empty Wagon : Zionism Journey from Identity Crisis to Identity Theft” by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I read it. I can’t agree it’s an excellent book. It made some good points, but contained so many sickening statements, distortions and sinat chinam I couldn’t keep it in my house. Everything is an admixture of good and bad today. Everything.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I just wanted to apologise if my response to you was too ‘sharp’. I had a v. strong negative reaction to that book when I read it. I didn’t mean for that to spill over into an ‘attack’ on you. If it came across like that, I apologise.

          • Yosef
            Yosef says:

            Thank you, but I didn’t see it as “sharp”. I haven’t finished the book, so your words are very helpful! Baruch Hashem!!

        • Nachum
          Nachum says:

          The author of that book should look up the original version of the story in the title- there’s only one version, as they was only one witness who reported it, namely, Yitzhak Navon, future president of Israel- and see what Ben Gurion responded to the mashal, which was a perfect response.

  11. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    Full Video Backup Posted, Just in case. “Watch Live 24 Hours Lag Ba’omer in Meron 2021 שידור חי “מאתרא קדישא מירון – לג בעומר תשפא renamed so that people will watch, “45 Dead and over 150 injured in Maron, Israel on 29 April 2021 celebrating Lag Ba’Omer” Full video 9 Hours 33 Minutes https://www.brighteon.com/aa71b647-6631-494b-8f26-e3c5b812c510
    Edited Video 1 hour 18 Minutes: Edited out 4 Hours 45 Minutes of Black Screen at the end and 3 hour 30 Minutes of Dancing in the beginning. “‘Meron, Israel Lag B Omer 5781 45 Dead 150 Injured Cut from Live Stream 29April2021” https://www.brighteon.com/e15f854c-26b9-4265-bf38-33bc8b196c01
    Posted: “How the Meron disaster really happened” https://www.brighteon.com/afa87988-4f91-47ab-83e4-30aac61f6890
    Posted: “Meron Tragedy 2021 – Personal account of what I saw happening” https://www.brighteon.com/ffa5c06b-7be5-486f-b41c-8f89f7e190a8
    Posted: “The disaster in Meron video is horrific 45 Dead,30April2021-האסון במירון וידאו מחריד” https://www.brighteon.com/2cb31a11-9bc9-4098-ad79-97616a73d3ef
    Sorry for the delay, it took some time to do everything.

  12. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Thank you for your hard work on analyzing and gathering important information. Between yours and Sara.sarahh777 videos and photos, it is clear that exits were blocked off and more people than usual were trapped inside. There is video of another exit to the Parking lot being blocked and a huge number of people told to “ go back”, when there was no where to go. So for hours Thousands who would have left ordinarily, were forced by police to crowd inside. That is why so many have said it felt “unusually crowded”, because thousands were blocked by police from leaving at other exits.
    At the bottom of the stairs, video shows police blocked that exit, which is why the crowd moving came to a complete standstill. People farther back could not see what was blocking the way. You can see in some video, that people farther back broke through metal sheets on the side, came around, and broke through the metal sheets right in front of the police blockage. There you can see police still blocking the way, telling people “ go back”. The Channel 12 piece edited out and manipulated the footage.
    The biggest question is Why the Police completely blocked that exit route for at least 10-20 minutes, which is why NOT ONE PERSON was able to move forward from that spot, not even One (except for the people who had broken through the metal and came around), because the Police Pushed them back.
    The question also is Who ordered them to block all exits, including this one, at exactly the same time when it was the most crowded, right during Toldos Ahron?
    And why? Was it out of Malice? Was it an attempt to make conditions so bad that they could “Take over Control of the Site” as they have been wanting to?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is answer that is starting to float up to those questions too… We will BH get to that in due course. It’s connected to all those strange – and totally false – stories blanketing the press that the bleachers collapsed in the Toldos Aharon complex the first few hours after the ‘disaster’ began.

      If that had happened, thousands would have died, God forbid. And no-one would be going to Meron for L’Ag B’Omer ever again….

      The most important thing is that we continue to work together to fit all the pieces together, as we can clearly see from the Channel 12 report that telling the truth is the last thing the MSM – also in the chareidi world – is going to do.

      Thanks for taking the time to share all these additional details.

  13. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Also, it is clear that it took a very long time for police to let Zaka and EMT onto that spot to help. As you say, the Big Burly cops who had blocked the exit, melted away, and other police came with the ZAKA and EMT’s. You can see video from earlier, that contrary to what Channelm12 reported, that there was an unusually high number of police that Day, and that they had been Extremely Violent with Chareidim all day, pushing them, hitting them, Blocking them.
    Also, the reason why the “ official” videos from the site are from behind farther back, is that police had removed some cameras. But we have phone video footage. Also, many in the crowd that were trapped are in shock, and could not see why everyone had stopped. An interview here in USA with a survivor, said he was standing still in that crush for at least 15 minutes it stopped moving but he didn’t know why, and people couldn’t breathe! Now, that is before ANY HELP WAS BROUGHT IN! So that is proof enough! The Cops had stood there blocking it as people slowly Crushed and Asphyxiated. It was a massacre. And though many want to look away, Justice must be done and those police who blocked exits arrested.

  14. Zohar
    Zohar says:

    Can you do same analisis for Shiezoli live video, and why music was not stopped and people warned to stop exiting, for 20 minutes? Do same and tell when on stage are informed and when they are continuig music after being informed


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