I had an interesting email from a reader in the US, who disagreed with my choice of words, that I called America the most evil nation in the world.

She made the following point, which is a fair point:

 There are many Americans, Jews and non Jews, who are G-d fearing and good people.  These people live moral lives, practice their spiritual beliefs and try to be kind to others and help others.  And they fight, each according to their ability,  against the corruption and perversion that is so prevalent in our culture today. I think it is the same in Israel, no?  

According to my correspondent, when I call America ‘the most evil nation in the world‘, I am calling these good Americans evil and bad too.


BTW, I’m not.

Also in Israel, we have a country and a military run by mostly disgusting people who do a lot of evil things to a lot of other people in the name of ‘security’ and ‘self-defense’.

Our institutions here are anti-Torah, anti-Jewish, anti-Judaism, anti-God.

But of course, not absolutely everyone who works for the government, or the police, or the IDF, is ‘bad’.

Of course not.

And of course, not everyone who lives here is ‘bad’.

Of course not.


But that leads us to a bunch of what I’ll call ‘uncomfortable questions’, that start to go to the heart of how our current war-hungry world operates, and justifies its actions.

Can we admit, then, that not everyone in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was ‘bad’?

Can we acknowledge that there were also some ‘good Germans’ in World War II, and some righteous Ukrainians, and some God-fearing Russians?

Can we say even now, that not 100% of the people who live in Gaza, or Egypt, or Syria are bad, evil, Jew-hating murdering scum?

Because of course, that’s the truth.

Just as there is no country that is 100% ‘absolute good’, there is also no country that is 100% ‘absolute evil’.


So now, we have an interesting moral question.

Was it right to unleash ‘shock and awe’ tactics on Saddam’s Iraq, during the Gulf War?

Was it moral to wage war against the ‘good’ people that for sure also existed in Iraq alongside Saddam Hussein, and who have been injured, killed, bombed out of their houses and reduced to subsistence poverty in their many millions, during the USA’s second war against Saddam?

These are serious questions.

If you want to tell me that there are still a lot of good people, good Jews, in America, I believe you 100%, that’s for sure true.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the government and military of the USA has deliberately targeted billions of the world’s citizens with a fake ‘plandemic’, in order to coerce people to get ‘Covid shots’ that were funded and developed by DARPA and US military intelligence, who literally just took over the Nazi agenda post WW2 and are now implementing the next stage of it.

So, what are we meant to think now? What are we meant to say?


What about Iran’s nuke?

Not everyone in Iran is ‘evil’, and I’m sure many of the people there also hate their government, also believe in God, and also want to see a world of peace and justice for their children.

But…. if their government really does have a nuke, and if that nuke really is aimed at Israel….

So, what are we meant to DO about all this, now?

Or is collective punishment of these ‘good, God-fearing’ people justified, when it comes to places like Iran?


We have been raised in this ‘war paradigm’ for so long, that so many of us aren’t even questioning all the hate and rhetoric we’re being brainwashed with 24/7.

But now, God is inviting us to take a real look at some of those beliefs, some of those automatic assumptions, some of that brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to since the cradle, and to measure it up against what the Torah says.

The Torah says: IF someone is going to kill you, rise and kill them first.

We use that as a justification for attacking places like Iraq, Syria and Iran.

But when the proof starts to accumulate more and more, that we are literally being ‘attacked’ with Covid shots, and that more people have died from Covid 19 shots than died in World War I (and probably also World War II, by now….)

And when those ‘Covid shots’ were being pushed on us by DARPA and American military intelligence, with a lot of help from our own corrupt politicians, academics, medical ‘experts’ and ‘rabbis’….

And now, we are also being ‘attacked’ with 5…G and with whatever the heck is going on underground with CERN, too…

What are meant to think, now?


Who is the real enemy here, and how are we meant to fight it?


For a few years, I had a really cushy job writing propaganda for the UK government.

It was mostly tame stuff, about getting yourself a pension and looking after old historical buildings.

But then, the politically-correct brainwashing began in earnest, and increasingly I found myself being asked to start writing about LGBTQ+++ propaganda, too.

I did it very minimally, 2-3 times, really the least I could get away with.

But I felt really bad about it, and my soul understood then that the writing was on the wall, for my ‘paid writing’ career.


I have barely earned a cent, literally, in the last 15 years.

Because in our toxic, corrupt culture, I would have to sell out my soul, and my religious values, on some level, to ‘fit in’ with all the political correctness and all the anti-God, anti-Torah lies.

Not being able to earn money writing has been pretty difficult, over the last few years, in a bunch of different ways.

But I don’t regret taking that stand, and refusing to be ‘part of the machine’ for a second.


The same applies to moving to Israel.

I really do understand that not everyone can or perhaps even should be in Israel.

I am not an indiscriminate ‘aliyah pusher’, or someone who thinks I’m automatically better than others, just because God gave me the zchut of living in the Holy Land.

I am aware of my faults, I try to acknowledge a lot of them, and I know for a fact that many of my readers in chul have much better middot than me, in a whole bunch of ways.

At the same time, there is a very important point here, about how we ”split off’ from evil, tachlis.

And there are many difficult questions to be answered, about how that actually looks in our own little world.


For me personally, it was obvious that I couldn’t continue writing LGBTQ+++ propaganda on any level, and maintain my spiritual integrity and my loyalty to the Torah.

So, I had to quit.

Police officers, army recruits, government bureaucrats, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, rabbis, influencers, writers – all these people and more are currently facing that same spiritual test, in a bunch of different ways.

For some people, it’s LGBTQ+++ propaganda-pushing in the school place, or via their Facebook posts.

For others, it’s coercing people who trust them into taking experimental shots that ended up being neither ‘safe nor effective’.

For still others, it boils down to things like ‘are you going to ‘disengage’ a whole Gaza, just because the army tells you to do that? Or, are you going to force small children to wear facemasks in the classroom all day, just because the corrupt Ministry of Education tells you to do that?


There are many versions and flavors of this test out there right now, but it’s really all comes down to this:

Do you continue to sell your soul out to pay your mortgage, or maintain your standing in the community?

Or, do you do the right thing, and quit? Or even, move country?


Again, we’re not even talking about politicians, judges and Bill Gates, here.

We’re not talking about satanic celebrities and ‘pedo Petes’.

We’re talking about you and me.

And how we really show God – and prove to ourselves – that we are willing to make some sacrifices, to end up on the side of people who really do fear Hashem, and who really are willing to sacrifice themselves to stand up for what’s ‘right’.


These are very hard questions.

And they are only going to come into sharper focus, as this process of birur continues.

Let’s bring it back around to where we began, with this whole question of whether it’s correct, to call America the most evil nation in the world.

The evil policies, destructive actions and negative impact of America on the world have been greater than any other country, since Nazi Germany.

The country’s institutions, military and government are as bad, if not worse, than Nazi Germany.

And I can say that without even having the full picture, still, of what’s really been going on behind the scenes with all the child trafficking, human exploitation, democracy-overthrowing and financial abuse and destruction of other countries.

We Jews in the State of Israel – and in Brooklyn, and in Lakewood, and everywhere else with large Jewish communities – were picked out by DARPA as their ‘guinea pigs’ for these shots.

That much is obvious, that much is clear.


What is also clear is that ‘collective punishment’ is something that the US and its allies has been meting out all over the world, for decades.

Who cares, that there were also good people in Iraq?

Or in Afghanistan?

Or in North Korea?

Or even today, in Russia?

If a government, a nation, is ‘evil’, aren’t we justified in totally destroying it?

And if the answer is ‘no’….

Then there is an awful lot of soul-searching and teshuva required.



My correspondent, who is taking the time to respond in a very considered, civil tone, made the point that at least 50% of the US citizens don’t agree with what the US government is actually doing, and many more don’t even know what the US government is doing, because of the ‘bill within a bill within a bill’ practise of hiding legislation.

Again, this is a fair point.

I think the difficulty here is that God is giving each of the test in our own dalet amot.

OK, we don’t know what the government is really up to, what the law really is, what the army and spooks are doing in our name. God won’t judge us for that.

BUT – for as long as we keep justifying evil, or going along with it, in our small little world, there is still a big moral problem.

The hardest birur of all is the internal one.


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7 replies
  1. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    Wow this is an article that never should have had to be written.
    The USA has been a war mongering evil from its birth, and since the 40s, an empire as corrupt and evil as ancient Rome.
    I am immensely grateful to have finally escaped it.

    and to whoever, yes, there are good people everywhere.

  2. doo wop rebbe
    doo wop rebbe says:

    perhaps you mentioned but i dont recall my family is believed descendants o the shelah.in your research is he a tzadikk a frankist or he hasnt come up

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The Horowitz family are on the ‘interesting’ list, and there seems to be some strange stories about the Shelah being ‘turned down’ by Chava Bacharach, doyenne of what became the Frankist Rothschilds (she was married to a first cousin of the Shach / Shabtai Tziv).

      There seems to be some discussion about Shabtai Sheftil Horowitz, the Shelah’s son, amidst communal scandals in Prague, that involved a lot of the families that subsequently followed Shabtai Tzvi, and then later turned Frankist, at least, in a number of branches.

      So…. don’t know.

      There was tremendous good and tremendous bad mixed up all over the place, same is true for the holy tzaddikim the BESHT and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s families. That’s part of what makes all this so hard to unpick.

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    “I am immensely grateful to have finally escaped it.”
    Me too, Yossi. I have a much better view from here as well.

    As a former American, I see that I didn’t perceive what others had against her (and me as one of them), mainly because I was never all that close to the government, or politicians in general. I knew about the Vietnam war, and the “war on communism” in general, but what I’m seeing now is that the USA (government and military specifically) wants to be in charge of everything in the world, a naked lust for power. It wouldn’t surprise me if the NWO’s real HQ was somewhere in the US, rather than in Davos or the CERN, both in Switzerland (which we all thought was a neutral country! Quite the disguise, that.).

    Again, there are good people everywhere. We have a born Swiss lady among our best commenters here, and one of my best friends. And my husband has a Swiss-born gentleman friend too. Different people who probably don’t know each other. But they’re both tremendous, and I’m sure they’re not the only ones.

    But, how many know that people high up in the US government and the military actually SUPPORTED Nazi Germany financially and in other ways while the Holocaust was still ongoing?

    One of the reasons I had no further loyalty to America as such was when I found out that Anne Frank and her family were not allowed into the US…I would have rather had her be less famous for her diary, and the foundation named after her, if she had survived to have children and grandchildren.

    Thank you, Rivka.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The main point is, it’s not the yichus that really matters.

      It’s who you are – who I am – today, and how we are acting, and whether we are truly trying to serve Hashem and work on overcoming our bad middot.

      Maybe that’s also part of why all this is coming out now, so people stop trying to ‘skate’ on their yichus, instead of doing the work we are all down here to do.

  4. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Brilliant post Rivka! Everything is said. Since the het of Adam haRishon good and bad are mixed. Each of us at his or her level is asked to do the birur between his or her ego and leShem Shamayim. This is the final test and then Mashiach can come.


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