I just got sent this parody ‘news story’ put out by Chananya Weissman.

It actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

Anything that makes me laugh these days is worth sharing, so here it is:


Here’s the snippet describing it:

Antivaxxers meet Rav Chaim Kanievsky


The so-called Jewish media is telling lots of stories. Everyone loves stories! Especially make-believe stories, where you can use your imagination, and anything is possible. And especially when you get paid to tell stories that other people make up for you!

I love to tell stories too.


BTW – I am willing to bet good money that the commentator on the YWN site who goes by the moniker ‘Gadol HaDor’ actually works for the site, and the Israeli Government (and Pfizer….) as an ‘opinion former’.

His comments are nearly always the first on these articles, and the lying MSM knows that if they can get a couple of yucky comments immediately up on a story, that tends to  ‘set the tone’ for the rest of the comments.

Go back, if you can be bothered, and check out his other comments.

‘Gadol HaDor’ always follows the ‘government line’, whatever it happens to be, and also, these people are so cynical that his moniker is also a dead give away.

But now, BH, more and more of us are starting to get wise to all these tricks and lies that the YWN, and other ‘Jewish’ news sites, which are really just paid propaganda sites for the forces of evil, have been using for years.

Most people, most Jews, do not think like this at all!!!

Nearly everyone pushing this ‘anti’ anti-vaxxers propaganda stuff in the comments are paid trolls, who are trying to persuade the masses that what they are writing is the mainstream views of regular Jewish people.

It’s not.

It’s all propaganda.

And now, back to Uncle Chananya’s story….


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  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    The ‘health mafia’ has topped their arrogance and transparent evilality with an article in the JayPohst saying that the Rav (K) has condoned the vaks trucks to pull up outside the Yeshivos and Girls’ schools to stab everyone with their “end of life” miracle drug. I bet NO ONE a can get an audience with the Rabbi to see if he is alert and communicating. They will run into a wall of ‘health reps’ guarding the entrance. But someone should try and film (cognito) what transpires. It might be very revealing.

    • Becky
      Becky says:

      Does anyone here, throughout Israel, have any information about what’s happening in the schools?
      Did they request parental consent for the jab and then only the kids with consent got it?
      More than the school’s conduct, what interests me most is the conduct of those in those said corona jab vans.

    • Eliora
      Eliora says:

      A few years ago when we lived in Eretz HaKodesh, one of my children went to see Rav K with his class. No parents were permitted to attend. I know the Rav’s attendants and the school menahel were permitted in, but I do not believe any teachers were. And the meeting was really quick. I found that odd. But in the context that the Rav could potentially be manipulated by handlers, it would make sense!


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