You remember, I was in Uman this time last year.

***Updates below on how Bet Shemesh is bribing school principles to vaccinate their pupils***

We had the most crazy trip of our life, as we tried to get into Uman ahead of the State of Israel inspired ‘cut off point’ for travel to the Ukraine, that kept getting pulled back earlier and earlier.

My husband, the lawyer, checked the small print of the last ‘cut off point’ for travel to Uman, and long story short, it was 12 am Friday night.

Early Wednesday morning, me and my family took our various flights all over Europe – because Israel had already stopped direct flights to Ukraine – to get into Ukraine legally, ahead of the 12am deadline.

Long story short: The Israeli government illegally pressured the Ukrainians to illegally stop all frum Jews at the airport – and me and my kids nearly got stuck in Giuliani airport in Kiev for a week with no food.

The point is: the Israeli government changed the rules while we were in mid-air.


By some miracle, we got out 10 minutes before Shabbat.

And last year, I spent 3 1/2 weeks in Uman, including over Rosh Hashana, seeing first-hand how the Israeli government pulled every move they could to prevent people from coming, and also tried to stop them from praying at the kever when they did come.

This is the video of the 2.000 thousands Jews who got trapped on the Belarus border with Ukraine, for 20 days ahead of Rosh Hashana.


NO MORE THAN 2000 people were in Uman last Rosh Hashana.

I know that, because I was there.

And you know that, because I was live-blogging a lot of it over on the site, because CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY my blog got hacked while I was in Uman.

Here’s a couple of those posts:

The Shocking Truth Behind the Humanitarian Disaster at the Ukrainian Borders

Remember This


The authorities were hoping for a huge ‘wave’ of sick, Coronavirus people to come back from Uman, that they could point to as proof that us dirty, infectious, religious Jews were spreading death all over the world.

(Probably, because they were spraying the area around kever with graphene nano-dust 24/7 and turning up the 5G…)

But they didn’t get it.

Maximum, there were 13 reports of Coronavirus-infected pilgrims from Uman.

I know that, because I was there, and I was live-blogging all the lies being told.


After what the State of Israel did in Meron this year – deliberately blocking the one exit out of Toldos Aharon so that 45 people suffocated to death – I’ve been really worried they were going to try and pull something like that in Uman, too.

Let me put it out there now:

God forbid anything should happen at all, but if anything ‘bad’ happens in Uman this year, know that it was 100% planned and designed by the State of Israel.

There are no coincidents, no accidents, just a bunch of Frankist-Freemason psychopaths mamash trying to kill people – and especially religious Jews. And especially, Breslov-connected religious Jews.


Why this matters, is because my husband has just bought a ticket to Uman, even though we both thought he wouldn’t go this year, as it’s just too fraught.

I don’t know if that means he really IS going – who knows what other tricks the State of Israel is going to try to pull off, against the pilgrimage on Rosh Hashana – but it means it’s at least possible.

So now, I’m paying more attention to the lies the State of Israel is telling about Uman, and Breslovers, again, which is why this caught my attention, on the Jpropaganda site:

Covid cabinet to review Uman travel outline on Sunday



“Last year, when coronavirus was was surging across the country and former coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu said that allowing Israelis to travel to Uman in the Ukraine on Rosh Hashanah could lead to a spike in infections and they should not go, former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu caved to pressure from the haredim and said he would ensure that at least some of these Israelis could gather at the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Ultimately, some 30,000 pilgrims traveled to Uman, bringing plane loads of sick people back to Israel – most of whom then defied mandatory quarantine requirements, spreading the disease in their own communities and then to the rest of the country.”


I’m starting to think maybe some of the descendants of Joseph Goebbels ended up in Israel, and are now employed writing press releases for the government.

I mean, how Der Sturmer can you get?!

And I’m flagging this now, because I want you to understand the scope of the lies being told.

And I want you to understand that there is an underlying agenda to demonise people in Uman as ‘disease spreaders’ – which began last year, but failed miserably – as the prelude to whatever they are planning to do to the people who go for Rosh Hashana this year.



Sometimes the lies and the evil of this Frankist-Freemason government, and all it’s agents working for it within all of our communities, is overwhelming.

Those fake ‘leaders’ of ours keep us all separate, all divided up into camps called ‘Litvak’ and ‘Chassidishe’ and ‘Dati Leumi’ and ‘Chiloni’ and ‘Mizrachi’ and ‘Chabad’ and yes, even ‘Breslov’ – to keep us from joining together, and defeating them.

But that’s the secret koach of Rabbenu, and Rosh Hashana in Uman.

Yes, a bunch of people there self-define as ‘Breslov’, mamash.

But a whole bunch of people don’t.

Rabbenu brings the whole of Am Yisrael together – and whenever you go, you find every stream of Judaism there, religious and not religious, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, and all just accepting each other happily.

And that’s why they are trying to destroy Uman, Rosh Hashana.

And you find the same thing by the Rav, in his wider kehilla.

And that’s why they are trying to destroy him, too.


Our unity, our achdus, the togetherness of the small people with no yichus, no titles and no positions of leadership is what can get this to turn around for the good.

This problem we have is everyone’s problem.

The Israeli government is going to try to pull a ‘stunt’ in Uman, and they will try to blame whatever happens on the pilgrims that went to Rabbenu this year – exactly the same as they tried to do in Meron.

Don’t fall for it!

Keep your eyes open, and even if you aren’t ‘Breslov’, don’t get pulled into pointing fingers at the people who go there, and buying the lies that they are somehow ‘spreading Covid’, and deserve to shoved in a disinfection camp and ‘force vaxxed’ as a public health measure.

We are dealing with fascism here, mamash.


Let me end with this, that I was sent anonymously over email.

It apparently shows the principality of Beit Shemesh openly bribing school administrators to coerce pupils to get vaccinated.

Read it, and make up your own minds.

(And if anyone can send me that flyer with ‘the words of the great men of Israel’ who are being quoted as supporting this campaign, please do so. It’s good to keep all this information in one place.)

We are all in this together, against a small group of yucky people who have hijacked our religion, our communities, our Torah.

And when we finally figure that out, all this evil will finally fall.


Subject: COVID vaccination program in schools in Israel. Letter to school administrators.

Message: This is a letter to school administrators that a school appears to have sent accidentally to parents. Translated here to English. The letter promises financial prizes to administrators that meet quotas. Side note, the letter says that religious leaders support the program. This is untrue. Some do and some don’t. 


Hello everyone,

My name is Ari Hamanik, I manage the vaccination project in the educational institutions on behalf of the Beit Shemesh Municipality. For the benefit of those who were not at the zoom meeting this morning, here are the main points:

At the initiative of Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch, the Beit Shemesh Municipality is launching a first-of-its-kind vaccination campaign in Israel that will vaccinate male and female students within educational institutions, with the backing of all relevant government ministries – health, education, defense and the Prime Minister’s Office.

It is important to emphasize that the operation is taking place thanks to the encouragement and support of all the religious leaders of Israel – Lithuanians, Sephardim and Hasidim alike – for vaccinating young people aged 12-18. Attached is a flyer with the words of the great men of Israel, which you can pass on to your parents.

Also attached is a letter that you will send to the students ‘parents with a basic explanation of the project, at the end of the letter there is an appendix that the parent returns signed with the student’s name, ID number and parent’ Before the medical staff, there is no need to attach an ID number.

You are asked to encourage, support and persuade the parents in every way possible to allow the children to be vaccinated, firstly to maintain their health, and secondly to allow a normal school routine even in the case of a child who is found to be verified.


The other stage in the project is a financial incentive that will be given to any director of an educational institution that meets the goals that will be set.

The exact details will be given to you later, but in general it is a differential reward depending on meeting the pre-defined vaccination goals.

As mentioned, in the first stage you will contact the parents today to start the project, we will contact you and coordinate the arrival time of the vaccine mobile to the institution, and in God willing we will complete the task for the best.

If there is an institution that is interested and can start as early as next week, feel free to update me and we will coordinate it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a successful start to the school year, in the hope that everything will go well and that we will be able to maintain as routine a routine as possible.


שלום לכולן,

שמי ארי המניק, אני מנהל את פרויקט החיסונים במוסדות החינוך מטעם עיריית בית שמש. לטובת אלו שלא היו הבוקר בפגישת הזום, להלן עיקרי הדברים:

ביוזמת ראש העיר ד”ר עליזה בלוך, עיריית בית שמש יוצאת במבצע חיסונים ראשון מסוגו בארץ שיחסן תלמידים ותלמידות בתוך מוסדות החינוך, כמובן בגיבוי של כל משרדי הממשלה הרלוונטיים – הבריאות, החינוך, הביטחון ומשרד רה”מ.

חשוב להדגיש שהמבצע מתקיים בזכות עידודם ותמיכתם של כל גדולי ישראל – הליטאים, הספרדים והחסידים כאחד – לחיסון צעירים בגילי 12-18. מצ”ב פלייר עם דבריהם של גדולי ישראל שאותו תוכלו להעביר להורים.

כמו כן, מצ”ב מכתב שאותו תשלחו להורי התלמידים ובו הסבר בסיסי על הפרויקט, בסופו של המכתב מופיע נספח שאותו ההורה מחזיר חתום עם שם התלמיד, מספר ת.ז וחתימת הורים. הזיהוי של הילד בשטח יתבצע באמצעות גורם מטעם בית הספר שיזהה את התלמידים בפני צוותי הרפואה, אין צורך לצרף ספח ת.ז.

הנכם מתבקשים לעודד, לתמוך ולשכנע בכל דרך אפשרית את ההורים לאפשר לילדים להתחסן, ראשית כדי לשמור על בריאותם, ושנית כדי לאפשר שגרת לימודים תקינה גם במקרה של ילד שמתגלה כמאומת ח”ו.

השלב הנוסף בפרויקט, הוא תמרוץ כספי שיקבל כל מנהל מוסד חינוכי שיעמוד ביעדים שיוגדרו. הפרטים המדויקים יועברו אליכם בהמשך, אבל באופן כללי מדובר על תגמול דיפרנציאלי בהתאם לעמידה ביעדי החיסון שיוגדרו מראש.

כאמור, בשלב הראשון תפנו כבר היום להורים בכדי להתחיל ולהניע את הפרויקט, אנחנו ניצור אתכם קשר ונתאם מועד הגעה של ניידת החיסונים למוסד, ובעז”ה נשלים את המשימה על הצד הטוב ביותר.

במידה ויש מוסד שמעוניין ויכול להתחיל כבר בתחילת השבוע הבא, מוזמנים לעדכן אותי ונתאם זאת.

בהזדמנות זו אאחל בהצלחה בפתיחת שנת הלימודים, בתקווה שהכל ילך כשורה ונוכל לשמור על שגרה ברוכה ככל הניתן.


UPDATE: Thanks to M, for sending me the flyer that goes with it.

I have to say, it makes for pretty disappointing and depressing reading.

I’m really saddened to see R’ Badani and R’ Abuchatzeira, amongst others, putting their name to this. Man, this birur is becoming more and more brutal with each day that passes.

Here’s the PDF, and below that, a screenshot.

גדו״י חיסוני צעירים


Here is the Twitter account for Ari Homnick, the guy who is running this propaganda project in Bet Shemesh on behalf of the government.


Notice that he describes himself as a ‘media advisor’ and works for the frum radion station KolBerama.

(See? All the media essentially boils down to paid Government propaganda, including in the ‘religious’ world.)

Here’s his latest tweet.

Free translation:

Finally, finally, we are starting to vaccinate within educational institutions. A student of Kita Zayin in the Beis Yaakov  school in Bet Shemesh is the first to get the Corona shot within the school, according to an order issued yesterday by the Ministry of Health.

Man, this is totally nauseating.




I went to check out the Twitter page of the other ‘religious’ journalist, retweeted by Homnick, Yair Cherky.

Here is his top tweet:


Free translation:

The Director General of the Ministry of Education, Yigal Slovik, came with MK Moshe Gafni to Rabbi Kanievski’s house in Bnei Brak.

The CEO presented the curriculum for the coming year that includes serological testing, antigen testing and vaccination for students over the age of 12.

The Rabbi’s household said he gave his blessing to the move and instructed that the outline be kept as if it was his own.


On the Habayitah blog HERE, she just posted up a link to Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel HERE, where he’s posted a 5 minute audio video in Hebrew, apparently from R’ Kanievsky’s daughter.

The daughter is saying that when he was first told about the ‘vaccine’, he came out very strongly against it, and said that no-one should take it under any circumstances.


It’s at least possible that R’ Kanievsky has been ‘hijacked’ by corrupt elements within his own household.

It’s at least possible, that he’s being held hostage about this issue in some way, and that’s why he’s apparently reversed his opinion on the Covid shots so spectacularly.

But the point is this:

There is no shortcut for thinking for yourself, and praying to God to give you clarity about what is going on.

And in the meantime, the war against our children rages on….



I went to check out that ‘Yigal Slovik’, the CEO of the Ministry of Education who was at R’ Kanievsky.

He’s a Brigadier General (Reserve) in the IDF.

This from Hebrew Wikipedia:

In 2020, Slovic will serve as head of the Counter-Terrorism Division at the National Security Headquarters of the Prime Minister’s office.

In June 2021, the Minister of Education, Yifat Shasha-Biton, announced her intention to appoint him Director General of the Ministry of Education. He took office on July 4 of that year.

Ask yourself, why do you need a Brigadier General who was working as the head of Counter-Terrorism at Israel’s National Security Headquarters to take a job running the Education Ministry – exactly a month before all this ‘force vaxxing’ of schoolchildren begins?

Do you have a good feeling about all this, because I dont.


If you’ll say that Yifat Shasha-Biton is ‘fighting for our kids’, I’ll say she is controlled opposition.

When I was checking out the Wolf Foundation, from yesterday’s post on Charles Lieber and the SYRINGE-INJECTIBLE MESH ELECTRONICS,  I noticed who is in charge of that Foundation at the moment:


And you see that guy to her right, Professor Dan Shectman?

I had a whole research project on him a few weeks ago, when I was looking into the tech that was used as part of the Twin Towers destruction.

It’s a post for another time, but he discovered ‘quasi-crystals’, and it’s all connected to stealth technology, directed energy weapons, and very possibly, what’s going on with 5G and ‘Covid’, too.

Yet again, we see what a very small world it is.


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5 replies
  1. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    The Belarus-Ukraine border is closed. Belarus is north of Ukraine.
    Lukashenko Orders Closing Belarus’ Borders
    by Tyler Durden – Friday, Aug 06, 2021 – 10:30
    Connect the Dots. Meron, Fires, Covid-19 mRNA Spike Protein Vax. Uman – 1768 Massacre, 20,000 dead Jews.Last year in Uman was a trial run. Remember that the Ukrainians hate the Jews as much or more then the Russians. And the Israeli Government …

  2. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    Think about your children’s future. Didn’t the Rav say NOT to go this year?
    You can’t stop your husband, but you are responsible for your own life. HaShem watches over Eretz Yisrael from the beginning of the year (Rosh HaShana) to the end (which takes one back to the beginning). I would rather be more directly with HaShem. This may be a test for you. Forgive me for being so blunt.

    • Yosef from the Galil
      Yosef from the Galil says:

      The Rav gave people mixed messages this year. To some, he said go, to others he said wait. Shuvu Banim minhag is to be together in Yerushalaim for first night Slichos, and then everyone usually goes. This year, he told some to wait to decide Tet Vav Elul, which is tomorrow as I write this, and that he would provide further instructions then.
      Nonetheless, all of the Shuvu Banim yeshivas and many individuals have already gone. However, most of his top students are waiting on the Rav’s words expected soon.


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