I just wrote a whole big post that deleted itself before I saved it.

Here are the main points:

  1. Rabbi and Rabbanit Arush have made it to Uman.
  2. Around 2,000 Jews are still stuck at the border of Belarus, which is now starting to head into massive civil unrest, with 200,000 people marching on the capital in Minsk. If you can do anything to help those Jews, please do so, and if you can’t do anything practical, please pray for them.
  3. Some more people are trickling into Uman.
  4. There is a ‘plan’ to let 7,000 Jews come to Uman, under harsh rules that are straight out of Comrade Stalin’s era.
  5. I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel – but it’s still very up and down. More and more people, Jews and non-Jews, are starting to question the narrative, fight back against facemask tyranny, and are refusing to be cowed into ‘lockdowns’ that have no science to back them up, and are 100% political, and part of trying to emasculate the populace.
  6. Self-sacrifice is what will get all this bad stuff to finally shake out and fall apart. So even if you aren’t a Breslover yourself, and even if you don’t ‘get’ what the big deal is about Uman Rosh Hashana, still appreciate that the mesirut nefesh being shown by so many of your fellow Jews is what is actually going to save us all from Corona fascism, and the dark eugenics agenda behind it.
  7. Rav Berland said that if COVID-1984 wasn’t over by Tisha B’av, then it would be over by Yom Kippur – so we are in the home stretch, hang on.

Also, someone just sent me some comments where the Rav apparently said that geula is imminent, and will begin in Elul.

I haven’t heard that first-hand, tho, so buyer beware.

BH, I will try to post something longer next time, if it doesn’t get deleted.

Also – thanks to everyone for their kind comments and messages. I have limited time online, so please forgive me for taking a while to respond, or even not responding.




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  1. nonee
    nonee says:

    Hashem bless you and yours. Somewhere I read, (forgive if i cannot recall where, but a Jewish site) to say Ps.27 during this period of Elul. I am doing that, and i say it again for you and others Rivka. May Hashem protect you and yours and all there in Uman. Amen.

    Many things i do not understand, but not worrying about that anymore. I, like many others, Jews and non Jews like me, trying my best to do teshuva, to do what good i can and to hang on to Hashem, even when i feel, (perhaps like many many other good peoples of all faiths all over the world), feel so worn out with the madness that surrouds us and growing so out of control. In the end though we know, that this too will end. Amen.
    Thanks again, for all your efforts, and all you do and are still doing to bring the Light of Hashems’ Truth, and soon too, please Hashem, Mashiach.

    Amen v’Amen.


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