More and more, it feels as though the world is kind of splitting into two distinct realities.

***Updates below***

One ‘reality’ is that old, gashmius world, where people just shopped, and holidayed, and surfed and snorted their way through ‘life’, if you can really call it that.

And then there is the growing spiritual reality, of a world where ‘shopping’ and ‘entertaining’ and ‘sunbathing’ are out the picture – but where it just feels way, way better than what’s on offer on the other side of the fence.


Yesterday, I kind of had a day off.

My husband suggested that we take a look at the relatively new ‘D-City’ home decor mall, that they built just next to Maaleh Adumim.

It’s designed to look like Venice, and / or Rome.

It opened with a huge splash in the Summer, and my daughter went and was raving about it, so we said yalla! Let’s go and do some window shopping, and maybe buy a new armchair, or something…

If you go HERE, to the official D-City website, you’ll be greeted with a video of the enormous effort they made to get the mall on the map, a few months ago (the video is not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


True, it was a cold winter’s day in Israel.

True, it was a Sunday afternoon – not the busiest time for furniture shoppers in this country.

But we couldn’t believe how ‘dead’ and depressing the place felt.

Partially, it could be the masks, that just make it so hard to ‘pop in’ and browse, when you aren’t there looking for something specific.

But also nearly all the shops themselves just seemed to be totally disconnected from reality.

There was one store after another, filled with ‘stylish’, ugly, super-expensive furniture from Italy (etc…) that was just way too big, or too expensive for most people to even consider buying.

BH, I live in quite a big space now, for Jerusalem.

BH, I had a bit of cash for a new armchair, or something.

But I wasn’t going to drop 30,000 shekels ($10,000) on a sofa that was bigger than most people’s apartments.


We wandered all over that place, trying to find a semi-normal shop, with semi-normal furniture, at semi-normal prices – before we gave up.

Let’s go and get a coffee, my husband suggested.

At least we could try to rescue some of the ‘fun’ of our afternoon off in the food court.

Below is a video of the D-City food court – made out to look like an Italian Piazza, and replete with ‘fake’ sky:


It had more people than anywhere else in D-City – but it was still mostly empty and pretty depressing.

After 10 minutes sitting under that dark, ‘fake’ sky – when there was a much bluer and sunnier one outside, even in winter – I said to my husband,

Yalla, let’s get out of here. This place is really starting to bring me down.


That depressed feeling kind of lingered for the half an hour drive back to Jerusalem, until we turned into Shimon HaTzaddik, so my husband could catch mincha and I could do a Tikkun Haklali.

You know, that same Shimon HaTzaddik where people have apparently been attacked and stabbed by Arab terrorists recently.

(As I was typing this bit, my husband came home from davening at Shuvu Banim and told me that someone there was benching gomel this morning, as they’d just been attacked by two terrorists with knives at the junction at the top of the road, next to Sha’ar Schechem – and miraculously escaped completely unscathed.)


Shimon HaTzaddik was heaving.

The car park was full.

The men’s section was full of people praying.

And strange to say, that dull, heavy, ‘dead’ vibe we got from the mall totally disappeared, when we entered the kever of a dead, holy Jew.


As we drove home, it got me thinking about this strange ‘dual reality’ many of us are currently experiencing.

Baruch Hashem, even before Covid, my life was not revolving around malls, shopping and holidays.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been asked anywhere for a ‘Green Pass’, but the truth is that my lifestyle is not one where the ‘Green Pass’ really comes into play, anyway (apart from the restaurants. And most of them, at least in Jerusalem, seem to be totally ignoring it.)

But what about all those people who live for holidays and shopping?

You could literally feel the despair and depression in D-City yesterday, as bored and worried store owners either hovered anxiously by the front door scanning the walkways for people, or just retired totally into their smartphones, pretending that the empty shop was someone else’s problem…

Here is a news flash:

‘Normal’ is not coming back.



For those of us who are more spiritually-focussed, this stage is still quite scary.

But because we know that the ‘new reality’ is going to be way better than the old one, and because we are holding on to Hashem and the True Tzaddikim, life is still mostly pretty good.

But for others, I’m seeing that the strain of trying to pretend that everything that’s going on is still within ‘normal’ parameters is starting to literally crack people’s minds.


I got a sent a few emails yesterday, with details of more of the massive demonstrations going on in Israel, against the ‘green pass’ and the whole, corrupt Covid jabs agenda.

These demonstrations tend to take place on Saturday night – and the lying, corrupt media is totally blanking them.

So, here’s what I was sent (thanks to all readers for doing that, keep it coming!):



Taken by a friend.

None of this gets to the news, of course.

There are regular massive protests.

Last night they brought out a water cannon and used it on the crowd.




Then this, from another reader:

Some words from hero lawyer Irit Yankovich from the protest at the PMs house last night.

They fenced in the protesters from all sides and brought in horses. It was another Meron waiting to happen. We’ll send out condensed footage later.

Adv. Irit Yankovitz sums up the demonstration tonight in Raanana:

“I have no doubt, even if it is easy, that the Israeli police, which today “secured” the demonstration in Raanana, planned, initiated and deliberately attacked the demonstrators in the first place, and this is a matter of planning in advance.

On my way out of the demonstration compound, I came across a sealed wall of police that prevented me from leaving.

I repeatedly walked along the block with the intention of finding where to get out of the closed compound – into the street. Everything was hermetically sealed. Then I opened a camera. The policemen standing in front of me explicitly told me that this was the order they had been given – to prevent us from leaving the compound.

Outside, the cavalry were already waiting to come in violently.

The policemen did not consider the growing pressure of demonstrators behind me that they just wanted to go back to the vehicles. When I opened the camera and identified myself as a lawyer, all of a sudden only the checkpoints opened for me and me and I went outside.

I heard that after a few minutes the violence broke out.


Let there be no doubt, this is an initiated and deliberate violence by the Israel Police against demonstrators, including doctors and medical staff.

Tomorrow we intend to contact the Minister of Internal Security and demand that he conduct an investigation into who gave the order to prevent the demonstrators from leaving the compound. Who risked the lives of hundreds, including doctors and life-saving nurses, just to prove police bullying.

Tomorrow there will also be a complaint against the two commanders laden with falafel who were present at the scene with a sealed face as if they were watching a circus for which they were not responsible.

To be perfectly clear, the Israeli police today wanted violence, prepared for violence, intended to have bodily harm to protesters and it itself created a real danger to life by imprisoning hundreds of false ones.

Someone will have to give the verdict on that.


Dear police officers, when you carry out such orders, someone else will carry out such orders against your mother, father, child or wife, take this into account.

And tell your commanders – enough violence, we do not take any part in it anymore.

And here in the video the policemen explicitly tell me that they have been ordered to prevent the demonstrators from leaving the compound that they closed on purpose and out of an explicit desire to create violence.

Shame on the Israel Police !!”


Below is the video I was sent, where you can see people trying to break through the ‘police wall’ – and the police taking that as a ‘cue’ to start beating protesters up:


Then, another reader just sent me this, pictures of the AI / 5…G DEW ‘security system’ that has recently been installed on their block, together with this question:


Why would the government buy 5…G cameras from the Chinese government that they use in internment camps?

This is the company with the name clearly printed on the camera next to the zapper.




And then another reader, who works at an institution for ‘higher education’ in Israel sent me this:

The new wifi systems [identified in THIS post] have been placed in one room, facing towards the two other rooms on either side, to provide service to all three rooms.

This was done all through the building. 

The classroom that actually has the device has more wifi emitting in it, so the strength is more powerful in that room.

Two days after they installed them, a six-month pregnant, vaccinated student lost the child.

It’s horrible, how fast it can work on some people.


Let’s make the connection again.

(And again and again and again, so that all this finally starts to sink in, and to pierce the bubble of media propaganda so many of us are still living in.)

In Israel, the government is now busy sticking Cisco Meraki MR55 5…G Wifi into classrooms all over the country.

Amongst many other things, that WIFI upgrade can do this:

There’s also a low-power Bluetooth beacon, which can be used to track user movements around your property, or to broadcast messages directly to devices.


In the meantime, we are seeing more and more stories like this one:


This ‘mysterious illness’ is being caused by acute radiation poisoning, connected to both:

  1. The elevated levels of GO being breathed in, post ‘chem-trailing’;
  2. PLUS the GO in the Covid shots, for those jabbed;
  3. Plus the short millimeter 5…G frequencies now being blasted at the students FROM INSIDE THEIR CLASSROOMS, by the new Cisco Meraki system.


Let’s continue to connect the dots.

(Again and again and again, until all this finally sinks in.)

The Internet of Things was invented back in 1996.

HERE’s a brief description of what it actually means:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects capable of gathering and sharing data between themselves and the Internet.

One of the core objectives of an IoT system is to provide a digital overlay of information over the physical world in domains such as industries, smart cities, and vehicular networks.

Thus, sensing and embedded systems are key enabling technologies for the IoT vision.


And HERE is a diagram, explaining how the COVID shots are being used to inject ‘self-assembling’ wireless networks within the human body, that begin to emit MAC / Bluetooth codes that enable that person to be connected to the Internet of Things:


(If you want more details on the tech itself, including that cute nanoantenna in the shape of a swastika, mamash, go back and read THIS.)


So, these are the two realities we are now living in.

The ‘bread and circuses’ of places like D-City just isn’t working any more, to cover up the really ugly face of the gashmi, apparently ‘real’, buy actually totally fake world we live in.

And the people who are desperately trying to cling on to that are in for a pretty rough time, going forward.

There is a fight being waged against humanity, right now.

There is a spiritual battle going on.

And very soon, each and every one of us will have to openly and publically pick a side.


UPDATE 1: The Water Cannon

A reader sent me a video of the water cannon in action, against the protesters in Raanana Saturday night:


This is also a good time to remind you that the police are using water cannons, ‘skunk water’, and of course, some good old fashioned violence against the brave teenagers who are continuing to protest the police murder – and subsequent cover-up – of Ahuvya Sandek.

Every week, they protest at the chord bridge, and every week, the Israeli police come and spray them with skunk water, beat some of them up publically, and then make some ‘arrests’.

And every week, they come back – because as I said before, these teens are really some of the holiest and most principled Jews you’ll find in the whole country.

And they aren’t going to give up, until the people who killed Ahuvya are held accountable for their crimes.


UPDATE 2: More proof that the ‘Jewish’ media is totally corrupt

BH, I have had almost a week of not looking at any ‘Jewish news’ sites – and I am feeling so much happier about life!

I’m still getting some ‘news’ from places like anti-semitic, controlled-opposition Sott, and mostly from the LaQuinta Columna Telegram channel – which has more useful info and facts than all the MSM put together.

But I have now sworn off ‘Jewish news’ sites – apart from one wobble on Friday afternoon, which left me feeling instantly stressed and nauseated again, thus reinforcing my decision to totally stay away from them.

Because they are ‘Jewish’, they pack a much yuckier punch, spiritually, and can literally sink my mood and stress me out in a nano-second.

But readers with stronger stomachs than mine are continuing to read them, and one sent me this, from the ‘Matzav’ paid propaganda site:


Here’s a screenshot, where I highlighted the bits to pay attention to:


Indeed, ‘Money always talks’.

And it tells us:

All our politicians, all our media, and nearly all of our ‘leaders’ are bought and paid for by the forces of evil.


I’m in the middle of a big research project, so might be slow posting the next couple of days.

But the truth is coming out, BH!

Watch this space.


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