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One of the things I can’t stress enough is the two-faced nature of the leading Sabian-Sabbateans, and the Frankist-Freemasons who then took over from them, within the Jewish community.

Many of these people excelled at portraying a ‘super-pious’ and ‘super-holy’ appearance for the outside world, all the time while engaging in totally awful acts behind closed doors.

Also, many Sabbateans got into the habit of ‘denouncing Sabbateanism’ publically, in order to persuade onlookers that they were totally free of that stigma. In modern parlance, we’d call this ‘projection’. In Baal Shem Tov parlance, we’d call this ‘the whole world is a mirror’.

And this very successful method of ‘bamboozling’ people by denouncing the very things you yourself are up to, secretly, in a totally OTT fashion, is continuing today.


In this post, I want to go back to ‘Dr Cain Chenul Falckon’, aka Rebbe Chaim Shmuel Falk, the ‘Baal Shem’ of London.

I want to show you how the two-faced nature of the Sabbatian-Frankists actually plays out, in real time, where they build a reputation as a miracle-working ‘Rebbe’ or Baal Shem within the believing Jewish community – and then build a reputation as a fountain of occult, evil knowledge for satanic secret societies.

At one and the same time.


The journey begins back with the Rosicrucian secret society called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

And in particular, with Chuck Furnace’s site, on the Wayback Machine, where I found a whole bunch of interesting resources on what Chaim Shmuel Falk was really up to, on the dark side of the spiritual fence.

Here’s how that site describes the Order of the Golden Dawn:

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was one of the foremost gathering and training grounds for the Magicians….

While the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA), Madame Blavatsky‘s Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner‘s Anthroposophical Society, Frederick Holland‘s Society of Eight and Johann Friedrich Falk‘s Kabbalistic College of London all held lectures, dinners and discussions about occult subjects, these interests seem mostly intellectual rather than practical.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn introduced practice and ritual to what had been discussion, including exercises to develop occult skills. In this, there was little practical Alchemy, which had been the goal of the Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross in Germany, and a strong focus on Qabalah…”


There is a disagreement about whether the ‘Johann Friedrich Falk’ mentioned above is actually one and the same as Chaim Samuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London, or his son.

But there are plenty of other sources that show first-hand that the Sabbatian ‘Dr Falkcon’ was teaching black magic, or ‘practical kabbalah’ to a bunch of non-Jews with a satanic bent.

The following information about him was very helpfully gathered together on a page called ‘hagiography’, HERE, linked to from the Chuck Furnace site.

Here’s some of what we learn from the ‘other side’ (bulleted, to make it easier to keep up with the information, and with the source for the information italicised at the end.)


  1. Falk came to London from Podolia, and was known to be a kabbalist.

He was also known to be a Sabbatian who practised the most ‘extreme’ form of Sabbatian antinomianism as taught by Baruchya Russo, which included awful sexual immorality, including incest.

In fact, Falk had nearly been burnt at the stake back in Poland when word of his black magic and incest reached the ears of the Archbishop of Cologne, but he somehow managed to escape to Amsterdam, and from there he moved to London.

[It’s possible that Chaim Shmuel Falk is one and the same as the ‘Chaim Malach’, a very popular Sabbatean preacher in Podolia who influenced a great many people, but who is proving very difficult to trace ‘in the real world’.]


Falk’s main financial backers in Amsterdam were the wealthy Sabbatean ‘Boas’ family – now conveniently scrubbed out of Jewish history (possibly because Frank’s second wife may have been a ‘Boas’.)

Falk’s main financial backers in London were the Goldschmidt banker-brothers, and he also hangs out with the ‘Chief Rabbi’ David Tebele Schiff.

But Falk’s secret Sabbatean fan club spread around the globe, even to places like Algiers, in North Africa.


Falk also had close family who were secret Sabbateans in both Hamburg and Altona:

The Dr. Falk who died in 1782 had … kinsmen in Germany. From Kalisch’s diary, it is clera that Falk maintained contacts with Sabbatians [viz., who may have been his own relatives] in Hamburg and Altona.


Altona is where people like R’ Yehezkel Katzenellenbogen and R’ Raphael Ziskind Kohen – married to one ‘Tamar Falk’ were hanging out.

There is a lot of funny business going on with their family trees, and also with the family tree of  other famous Falks, like the Pnenei Yehoshua. Maybe, we’re starting to grasp a little more of what that is all about.

While ‘official Jewish history’ likes to tell us that Falk had no children, he had at least one daughter, Chaya Josefa Falcon – who married ‘Jacob Frank’ and had six daughters with him, before she died.

(One of Frank’s grand-daughters, Lea Golda, became the mother of the 4th Rabbanit of Chabad….)


  1. The Falk family in London were running a co-ed ‘Qabbalistic College’ in London aimed at non-Jews.

And at the same time, Falk was also busy setting up a new, secret branch of Sabbateans based in London.

He became a wealthy man, and managed to buy a big mansion in Wellclose Square, which was home to his ‘private synagogue’. Count Rantzau, one of his non-Jewish followers, also writes that Falk had a separate meeting place in London Bridge, too, where his ‘initiates’ would meet.

In his diaries, Rantzau also fingers Falk as being a ‘Rosicrucian Adept’ and ‘Prince of the Jews’.


3. The secret Hebrew name of this organisation was inititally the Chabrah Zereh aur bokher.


  1. As his alter-ego ‘Dr Falk’, he taught occultists including Emanuel Swedenborg and Cagliostro ‘practical kabbalah’, aka occult black magic:

“The Dr. Falk who had such an influence on Blake’s Swedenborgian circle was Dr. Samuel Jacob Hayim Falk (1710?-1782), who lived in London for over forty years …

Other proto-Freemason-satanists who were in touch with Falk include:

  • Cagliostro
  • Pierre Lambert de Lintot
  • Russian actor, Dimitrevsky Narykov
  • Theodore the ‘King of Corsica’
  • The Duke of Chartres — Grand Master of the Grand Orient in Paris (visited Falk in 1777)
  • Simon von Geldern, the ‘Court Kabbalist’ of the Landgrave Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt.
  • French actor Jean Monnet, who wrote a fictionalised account of the ‘Jewish Rosicrucian’ who was teaching him and his friends Kabbalah, i.e. Falk.
  • Baron von Gleichen, Danish diplomat.
  • Waldenfels, a senior German Rosicrucian.


Emmanuel Swedenborg has a lot of connections with Jewish Sabbatean circles.

Before he met Falk, his brother-in-law, Eric Benzelius worked with a Polish Sabbatian who subsequently converted to Lutheran xtianity out of disappointment, when Shabtai Tzvi didn’t ‘rise from the dead’ as his prophets were predicting he would, in 1695/6 – 30 years after his passing.

That Sabbatian was a guy from Krakow called Moshe ben Aharon HaKohen, who took on the name Johan Kemper, post-conversion:

Snippet from YIVO here:

It is certain that he was active in one of the groups linked to Yehudah Ḥasid, which around 1695 began to prepare to immigrate to Palestine in order to await Shabetai Tsevi’s second coming in Jerusalem.

Mosheh ben Aharon was attracted to the preaching of the Sabbatian prophet Tsadok ben Shemaryah of Grodno, a former brandy distiller who appeared around 1694, traveled through Eastern and Central Europe, and foretold redemption in the year 1695.

Following the failure of this prophecy, Mosheh became receptive to the Christian message that Sabbatian expectations should be abandoned because the messiah had already come.


Benzelius’ son-in-law Ander Norrelius edited Kemper’s manuscripts in 1720, and also published his own treatise on the kabbalistic teachings of one ‘Knorr von Rosenroth.’

As well as hanging out with ‘Dr Falk’ in London, Swedenborg also spent time in the Jewish ghetto of Prague, were he apparently learnt about meditative states that could induce trances and telepathy.


  1. Falk spent the last 5 years of his life on developing a ‘Judeo-Christian Freemasonry’, where Jews wouldn’t be pressured to convert to Christianity.

It looks like this was the ‘Egyptian Rites Freemasonry’ that was later ‘marketed’, if you can call it that, by Falk’s protege Cagliostro (aka Joseph Balsamo from Italy, who may well have been another Sabian-Sabbatean, even before he met Falk.)

Cagliostro visited ‘Swedenborgian Lodges’ all over Europe, trying to coax them over to Falk’s new brand of satanic ‘Egyptian Freemasonry’. He was a big hit in North Germany, Vienna, Holland and also Poland.

“[T]he [Polish] Freemasons subsequently praised Dr Falk and Jacob Frank as true [Qabbalists].”

Remember, Frank was the son-in-law of ‘Dr Falk’, and the putative father of Falk’s six grand-daughters – all of whom married back into the ‘orthodox’ Jewish community of secret Sabbateans.

Cagliostro also met the Comte Saint-Germain in Vienna, who had become the ‘Rosicrucian mentor’ of Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.


  1. Defacto, Falk created a ‘new mystical religion, which would…transcend all sectarian divisions.”


7. Falk – and others – fused together the already warped Sabbatean theosophy with high-level Freemasonry rites.

One of the people Falk was in close contact with at this time was Count Nicolai Zinzendorf, who was another of these ‘two-faced’ people.

In one world, he was an upstanding xtian missionary, church leader, and xtian ‘zionist’, who had a big eye on getting Jews to convert.

This comes from HERE:

Over the years, Zinzendorf made several attempts to establish a Jewish “Kehila” (community). He organized mixed marriages of Jews and Christians according to Jewish rules, but never a large enough group was recruited to establish a separate community.


Then in the other world, he was the leader of an occult group called the Moravian Brotherhood, who wanted to totally uproot society and get rid of all class structures.

Zinzendorf’s Brotherhood had branches in Holland and in London, as well as in Moravia.

Moravia was the stamping ground of the Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshutz, and later became a stronghold of the Frankists who retained their Sabbatean-Frankist beliefs, whilst remaining the Jewish community. As we will discover, that was no coincidence.


In the 1750s, Zinzendorf developed a new, secret doctrine for ‘initiates’ to the top secret ‘German Pilgrim Section’ of his Brotherhood, which basically copied the worst antinomian Sabbatian practises of breaking every sexual taboo mandated by the Torah.

This snippet comes from HERE:

In the secretive interior section — called the German Pilgrim Section or Der Pilger — Zinzendorf revealed an esoteric doctrine of sexual antinomianism that bore striking resemblance to that of radical SabbatianismThroughout Swedenborg’s association with the Moravians in London, Zinzendorf was actively seeking contact with Sabbatian Jews, in the East End of London … .

In 1757-1758 the Count was stirred by reports from Poland about charismatic Sabbatian leader Jacob Frank.

And hey presto, another link up between satanic ‘xtian zionists’ and satanic Frankist-Sabbateans is formed…


  1. The brand of Sabian-Sabbatean-Satanism known as ‘The Illuminati’ was also brought to London at the same time that Falk was busy developing the Judeo-Christian new satanic religion called the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’.

The people who introduced ‘Illuminati-ism’ to London were:


  1. Falk’s non-Jewish proteges create the ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ in 1782, the year he dies.

In 1782, a Masonic convention is organised at Wilhemsbad by Royal satanists Frederick, the Duke of Brunswick, and Prince Carl of Hesse-Cassel.

The upshot of that meeting, which brings together occult satanists from all over the place, is the creation of a new secret society, called the ‘Order of Asiatic Brethren’, with the Duke of Brunswick and Prince Carl the new Grand Masters.

The ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’, as it’s also known, fused together Sabbatean theology and black magic kabbalah with the ‘theosophy’ of non-Jewish occultists including Swedenborg, Saint-Martin, and Georg Welling.

This is the same ‘Asiatic Brotherhood’ that Moses Dobruska, the nephew of Jacob Frank and grandson of Jonathan Eybshutz, is closely associated with.


The Brotherhoods main HQ is in Vienna, and a lot of Sabbatean-Frankist Jews join that branch.

Other lodges open up Copenhagen and Schleswig, under Prince Charles, and in Hamburg and Berlin, under the Duke of Brunswick.

In Hamburg, we come across another link between Jonathan Eybshutz, Falk and all these satanic-Sabbatean secret societies:

In the latter city [Hamburg], the “Asiatics” drew on the Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathon Eibeschutz, who had earlier maintained a mysterious relation with Elias Artista (Johannes Muller), the Rosicrucian patron of Swedenborg in Hamburg.


In case you are wondering what these ‘Sabbatian teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschutz’ are, it’s the infamous treatise VaAvo haYom el haAyin, that basically secretly glorifies things like incest with a very warped ‘kabbalistic’ explanation for why this type of evil ‘hastens the geula’.

In typical two-faced fashion, Eybshutz denied writing the work, but it was an open secret that he was in fact the author.

The book was totally banned and its ‘anonymous author’ excommunicated. It’s known that Jacob Frank drew some of his own warped philosophy from this work and that Moses Dobruska incorporated this work into the rites of the Asiatic Brethren.

(We can only imagine what… but clearly incest was a big ‘mitzvah’ for these people.]


  1. Another spin-off of the Asiatic Brotherhood is formed in Frankfurt, in 1807, called the Loge aufgehenden Morgenrothe.

Most of its members are Jewish, and it’s known as Aurore naissante in French, and ‘Rising Dawn’ in English.


In 1817, another branch of this Lodge is formed in London by the Duke of Sussex, but it apparently only lasts until 1822, when it’s closed by Anton Wolf, a representative of the ‘Mother Lodge in Frankfurt’.


A few more words about the ‘Asian Brotherhood’, before we sum everything up, and conclude with what all this means for the Jewish community today.

This from the Wikipedia page HERE:

It’s full title is “Order of the Knights and Brothers of St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist from Asia to Europe”.

That’s significant, because we know that historically, the Sabians worshipped St. John the Baptist as their top guy.


Also from that same Wikipedia page, we learn this:

Initiated Asian brothers received the Hebrew order names at their initiation. 

Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, was admitted to the Order as a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Ish Tzaddik (i.e., “a just man”), and Prince Charles of Hesse (who became Grand Master of the Order in 1786 after Justus) (in 1786) under the name Melchizedek.

In addition, Eckert’s brother, Hans Karl, was a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Israel, Thomas von Schoenfeld [aka Moses Dobruska, Frank’s nephew and Eybshutz’s grandson] under the name of Zacharias…. as well as many doctors, lawyers, officers, and Jewish merchants.

Members of the Order also included influential Christian aristocrats (Prince Lichtenstein, Count Westerburg, Count Thun), wealthy Jewish financiers from Vienna (Nathan Arnstein, Bernhard Eskeles), as well as Rav Baruch ben Yaakov Shik from Shklov, Dayan (judge of the Jewish Court) in Minsk, and a reformer of Russian Jewry known for his Hebrew translations of Euclid. 


Notice, that last guy is Baruch Shick of Shklov, a leading maskil who is also meant to be one of the leading students of the Vilna Gaon, while hanging out with ‘Yehoshua Zeitlin’ in his Kherson mansion.

Other names to notice are Bernhard Eskeles and Nathan Arnstein.


I just want to end this by bringing a snippet from the letter of one of Falk’s adherents that I quoted HERE, that sets out a few more people ‘connected’ to the Sabbatean-satanist Dr Falk, aka ‘Rebbe’ Chaim Shmuel Falk, the Baal Shem of London:

Afterwards, [Falk] commanded this Moshe and another member of this holy Chevra, Rabbi Yaakov, grandson of R. Meir Eisenstadt (author of Panim Meiros), and they each lit a large candle. Then he commanded that the group enter barefooted into his room, and behold, we saw the holy man sitting on a throne, dressed like an angel…

The godly Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe David, known as Rabbi Moshe Ba’al Shem, wrote a letter to our master Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz, the famous Chief Rabbi of Hamburg, and told him all these great things and wonders regarding this holy man (=Falk). So R. Yonasan applied to him the words from the Tikkunim, that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said, זכאה דרא דהאי רזי עיתגלי ביה, “This generation is fortunate to have such mysteries revealed.”

The letter continues:

“I am grateful that I have been received into this Brotherhood, who by their piety can hasten the advent of the Messiah…my son, be very circumspect, and show this only to wise and discreet men. For here in London, this matter has not been disclosed to anyone who does not belong to our Brotherhood.”


You see what a difference there is?

Here, Falk sounds like a holy rebbe who is speeding up the geula and bringing Moshiach…

But that’s totally the opposite of who he really was, and what he was really doing.


There are a lot of ‘Eisenstadt’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees.

And there are a lot of ‘Eybshutz’ descendants in a lot of illustrious people’s family trees, too.

Once you understand that ‘secret Sabbatean = person who practises incest and immorality as a mitzvah’, you start to understand so much more about what’s gone wrong in certain parts of our Jewish community.

You also start to understand why so many of the descendants of these Sabbatean-Frankists went to such great lengths to cover up their families’ past – and to totally distort Jewish history, in the process.

So many of the people who believe they have ‘impeccable yichus’ are probably mamzerim, mamash.


And the last thing to say, is that THIS is also the real reason why certain sections of the Jewish world, especially the externally orthodox Jewish world, apparently have a very big problem with sexual immorality and incest, behind closed doors.

Once you start tracing back most branches of chassidut, you find they are rooted in the same small group of families who are very closely linked to the secret Sabbateans who stayed hidden in the Jewish community.

That’s not to say all families, all chassiduts, have these problems, God forbid.

But it IS to say that many people were born into families where incest etc, was practised ritually for well over 200 years….

Today, most of them probably have never even heard of Shabtai Tzvi, but we know how these problems and issues are repeated down the generations, in any case.


I know this is hard to read.

But the cover-up has gone on for long enough.

We need to take a deep breath, pull back the covers on what’s really happening in our community, with compassion, and start the clean-up process in earnest.

It’s probably the single biggest thing we can do, to speed up geula and bring it the sweet way.

And that’s also why it’s probably going to be so challenging to get to grips with, for so many of us.


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14 replies
  1. JR
    JR says:

    ” other famous Falks, like the Pnenei Yehoshua.”
    This is a mistake. The פני יהושע did not have “Falk” as a family name. “Falk” often followed יהושע, just as Leib follows Aryeh.
    The פני יהושע was an opponent of Eyebeschutz.

  2. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    This is such a great article, thank you so much!

    I remember speaking with a Rabbi I knew who issued people with ‘complicated backgrounds’ (halachic Jews with two or more generations of intermarriage or in case of two Jewish parents, suspected mamzerus) halachic letters stating that they are eligible to marry any Yisroel or Levi (but obviously not a Kohen). This is really important today as you can imagine, because not everyone has their parents’ or grandparents kesubah but has to prove Jewisness to marry…

    Anyway I asked how it works when there’s suspected mamzerus, and he told me that there are intricate halachas. But the gist of it is, if the kehillah can’t prove someone to be a mamzer, then we do not consider them to be; that the burden of proof is on the kehillah, not the suspected mamzer. Also that a genetic line loses mamzerus by the kehillah forgetting that said line has such ‘circumstances’ in its background. Otherwise someone could spread mamzerus for all the generations until Moschiach comes, and the Rabbonim didn’t want that, which is why they made forgetting mamzerusin the background a halachic method of losing mamzerus. And really how do any of us know that somewhere down the line we don’t chas v’shalom have a mamzer in our background? We don’t it’s impossible to know what happened 500 years ago in our own yichus.

    On the note of forbidden relations, one theory I think could be an explanation for why some branches of Yiddishkeit have more indecent behaviour when it comes to this is that at 18 or 19, they are married off to whomever their families chooses for them without much regard for how attracted the couple is to each other. In the modern world this is often disastrous, and I can’t even imagine how painful that must be for people to be stuck married to someone they are incompatible with and unattracted to- the feeling of being stuck and dreading the future when you’re only 20. So maybe because they’re miserable in marriages where they’re repulsed by their mate on a number of fronts, and feel unable to divorce because of social standards, they seek ‘fun’ or a ‘romantic escape’ elsewhere? It’s also a subconscious act of power seeking and revenge, in a society where they feel manipulated, controlled and powerless. To me that just seems so plausible an explanation on a psychological and emotional level.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for this, it’s very useful.

      Re: the rampant immorality in certain communities, for me it comes back to the Rebbe’s, and the senior leaders in that community, ‘setting the tone’.

      If the Rebbe and the top people make it clear there is zero tolerance for this behavior – as is the case by Rav Berland, incidentally – then people who have a proclivity for this behavior can’t get away with much, and tend to leave.

      But when the top guys themselves are indulging in abuse and molestation, and / or happily covering up for those who are engaged in it, and telling people in their community that it’s ‘evil to snitch’ on such behavior – that to me underlines that the problem is COMMUNAL, and coming from the top, not just a matter of individuals with lusts and bad middot they can’t control.

      • Eliora
        Eliora says:

        Right that is an important factor. It’s as if this behaviour will be tollerated, so long as one doesn’t challenge the power structure.

  3. M
    M says:

    I could see how someone can come to this conclusion but I disagree with this idea. That hasn’t been my experience. My friend has another theory….when couples are not careful with the laws of family purity, then problems arise….

    • Eliora
      Eliora says:

      There are many happy Jewish couples which do not commit adultry, though their practice of taharas hamishpacha leaves much to be desired. They are simply unaware of the laws of tahara hamishpocha and are considered tinok shenishba halically speaking. I knew such couples growing up, especially before internet brought the possibility for this knowledge to enter non-religious Jewish homes.

      To me the explanation that ‘they need to be more careful with taharas mishpocha’ might be a veiled way of putting the blame for a man’s impropriety onto his wife. As if to say, she should be more careful in regards to some action, else he will violate shmiras einayim and maybe even wander.

  4. John Burkart
    John Burkart says:

    ThIs was a great and informative read. It’s amazing how many of the Sabbatians involved with the Asiatic Brethren were involved in the military financing of the Austrian empire as well as managing the state’s tobacco monopoly. Plenty of ennobled families involved. Also of interest is the near countless instances of intermarriage between the families of the members of the Frankfurt Judenloge (“Nascent Dawn”): Goldschmidts, Rothschilds, Guggenheims, Schiffs, Hanaus. The links between Sabbatianism and high finance seem to run as deep as the links between Sabbatian Kabbalah the various Western occult orders up to the present day.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      But what’s the most interesting to me is that this ‘infiltration’ of Judaism appears to have been going on for millenia. When all is said and done, these ‘court Jews’ are still serving the non-Jewish powers behind the throne, same as the other ‘puppets’ fronting this operation.

      I think it’s important to keep underlining that point, as the anti-semites out there keep trying to blame everything on the Jews, and our Talmud – when the real problem seems to be rooted far more in the ‘proto-xtian’ world of Gnostic (devil-worshipping…) mysticism.

  5. Ben
    Ben says:

    Some time ago I saw some things you wrote about Rabbi Yonason Eibshitz. Afterwards saw what Rabbi Nachman said about him! He seems to have admired him! Or at least judged him on the side of merit. see Chaii Moharan.
    All the best


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