It’s not so easy to keep things ‘together’ at the moment.

At least, in my household.

Every day brings new revelations, new information, that is frankly so challenging to assimilate and digest, that it just sometimes takes me out.

I won’t go into details, but I watched R’ Anava’s class yesterday, where he made the throwaway comment that Bill Gates is actually a transgendered woman, and that readers should go and ‘check it out for themselves’ – so I did.

Long story short: I’m 85% convinced.

But that wasn’t even the most challenging bit.


Once that horrible possibility surfaced, I went looking to see who else might be secretly transgendered.

(I know, I should have spent the time doing a tikkun haklali instead, but what can I do?)

Very fast, I came across a whole bunch of stuff about Michelle Obama (5ft 11 1/2 inches in ‘her’ stockinged feet, with the neck and shoulder muscles of a male professional weightlifter…)

Or rather, Michael LeVaughn Robinson, as many people on Youtube are saying he was known as, before he started his transgender journey aged 12.

If you’re interested, go research it for yourselves, but what I will tell you is this:

The late Joan Rivers unexpectedly died in strange circumstances two weeks after she gave an interview saying Barack Obama was America’s first gay president, and that ‘Michelle’ was transgendered.

Oh, and Obama’s half brother, Malik, publically questioned whether Obama was married to ‘Michelle or Michael’ on Twitter, back in March 2019.


Is this true?

I have no idea any more.

What I can tell you is that even the possibility made me totally sick to my stomach.

Because if they managed to pull that deception off on the whole world – with the collusion of so many people in the media and the political sphere – then that is totally disturbing.

And it makes the prospect of ‘Pizzagate‘ being true way, way more likely.

Which again, makes me totally sick to my stomach.

(Again, no links. If you want to learn more, that’s up to you, and if not, that’s also fine.)


There is just so much stuff going on that is so yucky, and so bizarre, and so uncomfortable, that it’s way, way easier to just switch off and go along with ‘the official narrative’.

I totally understand why so many people are doing that.

But the problem is this: ‘the narrative’ is all lies, and it’s being spun by very evil people with an increasingly obvious agenda to harm billions of people and to destroy much of what’s beautiful in the world.

Starting with people’s souls and their connection to God.


This stuff is really hard to deal with, on so many levels.

No-one likes to think they’ve been lied to and manipulated.

No-one wants to believe that all the people and institutions they trusted are nearly all totally corrupt and the very opposite of how they appear.

That the medical profession isn’t really populated by ‘angels of mercy’ who are only interested in saving lives.

The the government isn’t really acting in the best interest of its citizens.

That the State of Israel has very little to do with authentic Judaism, and is really the personal fiefdom of a small clique of Sabbatians and Frankists.

Who wants to believe all this stuff, and all the rest of it?


That’s why they’ve been getting away with things for so long, because we so desperately want to believe them, when they tell us go back to sleep, you are just imagining all the bad in the world…. It’s all just a conspiracy theory, don’t you know? Go back to sleep!


Right now, the US seems poised on the brink of civil war and martial law.

No-one wants to believe that the US is so corrupt, that the people behind Biden FOR SURE ‘stole’ the election.

But that’s a fact.

And that fact is leading to some huge consequences, right now.

Here in Israel, no-one wants to believe that Bibi and his government, and all the ‘health advisors’ popping up all over the place, totally sold us out to Big Pharma as ‘guinea pigs’ for their next generation of nanotechnology.

But that’s a fact.

I wrote about it months ago, HERE.


Remember this, from the Milken Institute Report commissioned by Shimon Peres?

Just yesterday, big mouth Ehud Barak basically confirmed the thesis publically.

Here’s what he said:

(Warning: It’s not shmirat eynayim friendly. I found this video on the Tomer Devorah website, btw, who together with the Habayitah website, continues to bring some good information together about what is really going on.)


Here’s a screenshot, and a brief translation, for those who don’t understand Hebrew:

“At the end of the day, Pfizer found in Israel a good place for their ‘pilot program’, because the kupat holim here – there’s one kupat cholim (health provider) here that has the [personal] details [of their patients] for the last 40 years, and their vaccine history.”


Interestingly, the female news anchor starts mocking Barak for his ‘conspiracy theory’ – but the other journalist corrects her, and responds that Dr Chezy Levy – the DG of the Health Ministry that took over from Milken fellow Moshe Bar Siman-Tov – confirmed that what Barak said was true.

Pfizer came to Israel, because Israel allowed them to ‘data mine’ that whole big bank of yours and mine personal health details that they’ve been collecting for decades.

Without you or me having a say in it.

And because of our diverse population, with people from all over the world, we are the perfect country for big Pharma to try out their nanotech experiments on.

That’s what the journalist from YNET and Ehud Baraks says, not me.

So it must be true…



I don’t want to believe all this.

Who wants to believe all this?

That’s why this period of time is so very hard, mentally and emotionally.

None of us want to accept that we have been ruled by evil psychopaths – and that this also applies to pretty much every area of the Jewish world, too.

Make believe is so much nicer.

Part of me also wants that fluffy world back, where we went on holidays, and ate out, and bought nice clothes…

But a much bigger part of me understands – increasingly – that that world was built on the backs of so much suffering.

So many children being abused in awful ways…

So many people being enslaved in debts they can never pay off…

So much injustice, so much emptiness, so much human misery.


That world has to change, and radically.

All the challenging stuff going on right now is part of that process.

But it’s really hard to deal with.







13 replies
  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    In times like these, I almost feel like medieval Jews in xtian countries must’ve when their local protestant lord got invaded by the local catholic lord, or vice versa. Let the idolators battle it out, attach to your local Rav and the Torah and Hashem as much as possible, keep your head down, and try not to say anything controversial about marian or baptism doctrine when the xtians are listening (not that the warlords actually cared in the slightest about those things – but they /loved/ using them as an excuse for mayhem).

    The place where I live has been an anomalous bubble of peace and sanity throughout this whole process, and I have no doubt that, even though I certainly don’t merit it personally, having at least one person here attached [to any degree] to the tzaddikim of our generation is no small pat of that.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Regarding Ehud Barak – who happens to be one Jeffrey Epstein’s great Lolita “friends” :what he is saying more or less corresponds to what I wrote here just a couple of days ago, except my take is even more sinister frankly. Imagine, not having to pay for stage II animal experiments – normally required by the FDA – being able to present data, catalogued, arranged on spreadsheets, for all to see, turning millions of Jews into guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, monkeys! And getting paid for it on top of it? Wow, Pfizer hit jackpot: Mengele Yemach shemo must be really jealous in his hell!
    Did Jews descendants of Avraham, YItzhak and Yaakov ever imagine they would have the immense honor of becoming lab animals for the profit of a Germano-American company, and that they would even volunteer for the privilege?

    “SO ISRAEL CONSENTED TO HAVE ITS POPULATION BECOME LAB RATS FOR PFIZER’S BOTTOM LINE…. I WONDER WHAT KICKBACKS BIBI AND COHORTS RECEIVED FOR SELLING OUT AM YISRAEL: WHAT DO YOU THINK? DID YOU AGREE TO BECOME A HUMAN GUINEA PIG? WASN’T DR. MENGELE ENOUGH FOR OUR LOVING LEADERS, THEY HAD TO DO A REPEAT? From the Jerusalem Post of January 3rd: “Nine reasons why Israel leads the world in vaccine distribution” : “Though there is no contract with Pfizer to share data, he said, he assumes the company “saw the possibility of Israel not just to vaccinate but to monitor whether people have side effects and realized that Israel can become an international experimental arena to see fast and effective vaccination of the public… For any company this is so valuable.”

    When is Am Yisrael finally going to open their eyes and say “enough”?

  3. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I mimic your thoughts almost exactly although I don’t wish to go back to my earlier perception of a lovely and perfect world. Once you know, you can’t unknow and now I just want the whole world’s hidden evils exposed, everyone to know the whole truth and to go into the next era of our reality with Moshiach. I’m not surprised with any new conspiracy theory now being proven as true, I just want to be done with it already!! Just rip off the whole band-aid quickly, enough of this pulling it off bit by bit. I realize not everyone is ready for that and Hashem is doing it slowly to be able to ease people into a different reality without them totally freaking out but I personally want to hide under a rock until this process is over.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      But I want to flag it now: UFOs don’t exist.

      That’s going to be another ‘revelation’ they will try to foist on us all, the end game, that really, UFOs exist and are responsible for everything that’s going on.

      UFOs were Nazis, who then became deep state in the Western Intelligence / Military.

      Don’t forget that, because I’m sure that’s coming soon.

  4. Milka
    Milka says:

    Can I trouble you to please send me links that convinced you that Gates is transgendered? I heard that a lot of political people are doubles…

  5. Abbe
    Abbe says:

    What the Tag Berland say about vaccine take or not take can’t find any source. Many rabbis, rabbi Kanirvsky, chief rabbis say to take, rabbi But Ben Artzi to take etc,

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      He hasn’t said anything.

      I doubt he’ll say anything – and anything that is ‘said’ by any of the really big rabbis has to be very carefully prayed on, as the media and government are expect at manipulating people with faked statements, faked recordings, faked videos – and especially, fake ‘orthodox Jews’.


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