There used to be an advert on British TV when I was growing up that said:

Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat.

I’m taking half that advice, and I’ve decided to take a break from the blog until after Shavuot, because I’m honestly exhausted from all the writing and researching of the past few months.

BH, we will hear some better news starting to sprout around the world soon.

There are some small reasons for optimism, that I’m detecting here and there, that things are starting to change at ‘ground’ level.

And in the meantime…. enjoy the rest of the Omer, and we’ll catch up after Shavuot.

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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I just posted about the possible upcoming of the worldwide national sovereignty handover to the WHO next week…this would affect Israel (and us citizens) greatly unless something is done at the highest levels of government.

    Is the “Great Reset” happening NEXT WEEK??? plus how this might apply to ISRAEL and her covenant with HQB”H

    We have a very short opportunity to do our part to choose the kind of RESET we want, this SHMITA year!

    My main source, Dr. Peter Breggin, is a hero in my eyes because he went up against the mental hospitals in America and stopped the vast majority of nasty procedures, such as electroshock therapy, that were standard practice before many of us were born. He keeps after other medical agencies, too.

    There are many other sources too, but I picked the one I believe will help the most, should this come to pass. Lots of details in the article I linked to, including how the WHO would actually get NATIONAL sovereignty, even though it doesn’t make sense.

    He wrote a book about the plandemic called COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. I’m not going to review it because I haven’t read it.

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      Hava: my mother’s brother was a victim of that horrible treatment, and they killed him. The world is due for a complete washout!

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      I heard the US Senate voted negative for the W.H.O.’s diabolical plan. So I don’t think the US will be under their agenda. However, its a total different ballgame for Israel.

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    I had a dream this morning, around 4.30 am, that Rabbi Shimon had ‘sweetened’ everything this year at Rashbi, somehow.

    My kid was in the kever this morning, and has first-hand video of the police women there abusing and bullying the women who had obeyed all the stupid rules, bought all the stupid tickets, spent hours on buses, then waiting in fields with no toilets or water, just to get to the Kever for 5 seconds…. exactly as the police ordered.

    And the police were still abusing them when they got to the kever to pray!

    This afternoon there are reports that the police ‘lost control’ of the site. I can only say BARUCH HASHEM!! The police in Israel are mamash animals. And the YWN is calling God-fearing Jews ‘extremists’, the same way they’d presumably call someone who tried to escape out the Warsaw Ghetto, or break out of a concentration camp an ‘extremist’, for not being a good boy and following all the evil rules of the evil rulers.

    People kept all their stupid rules – and for what? They still weren’t let into the site, and were left without basic amenities in fields for hours, while the tomb was totally empty. This is what ‘police planning’ for L’ag B’omer looks like?

    So no wonder they stormed the site. I am praying the police violence will not hurt too many people there. The people in Meron, the pilgrims, need our prayers, to be protected from the REAL danger, the real sakanat nefashot in Israel.

    I.e. the police, and the government they serve.

    In the meantime, the last time I saw something like this was in Uman, 2 Rosh Hashanas ago, when they also tried to block people from Rabbenu.

    And now, Zelensky’s government has approx five more minutes before it implodes.

    Take note, the people who think they are running the State of Israel.

    There is an eye that sees everything, and a hand that records. There is real, holy justice and a Judge above – and very soon, that’s going to become obvious to everyone.

    PS: The police have a mobile 5…G antenna, in a truck, in parking lot Number 1 by Meron, in addition to tech all over the site, including a lot more of those ‘horn speakers’ they used last year, to make a whole row of people fall down by the stairs at once, blocking the only exit, as part of their ‘ACTIVE DENIAL’ tech.

    The police are 100% responsible for any harm that befalls any of the pilgrims this year, in whichever way that happens. Don’t be fooled by all the spin.

    You don’t treat animals with the level of cruelty and abuse the police and this government are treating visitors to Rashbi.

    BH, the rest of the day will pass peacefully – and Hashem will come and fight this battle for us, finally.



    My daughter had a lot of friends there in the yellow vests as ‘madrichot’, same as last year. She got the firsthand story for me, that the chareidim broke through the fences this afternoon, and that once it started, there was no holding it back.

    They literally started smashing up all the fences and pushing down all the gates.

    (Just think, if they’d done this last year, probably 45 people would still be alive, Hashem should avenge their blood.)

    When this started happening, she told me all the police ‘ran away’, and locked themselves in a building for a while, because the ‘chareidim were scary’.


    Now, as there were 15,000+ police there – mostly armed – and a maximum of 16,000 people at a time on the mountain, all unarmed, including women and children (and usually way less….) I’m not sure what to make of this.

    There are 2 possibilities that suggest themselves:

    1) The police really are typical bully-cowards, and have lost their siyatta dishmeya to carry on bullying and abusing Jews in the State of Israel (I would love this to be true….)


    2) This is some sort of ‘feint’, to make out like the mountain is now totally unpoliced – which btw, they are also announcing all over the news sites – so that thousands of people can flock there, and then the police can try for a ‘Meron disaster part II’, with all their Active Denial tech and mobile 5…G antennas in a truck in carpark 1, with any ‘problem’ again blamed on the chareidim for not following the rules.

    God forbid a million times.

    If no-one is killed or seriously injured this year, BH, – in my eyes, that’s an open miracle, and proof that the decrees really did get cancelled at Meron this year, and the State’s plans nullified again.

    But whatever is going on, this is going to be the very last L’ag B’omer they get to ruin. Something massive is changing in the picture, you can feel it.

    Read this, (google translate from Hebrew) for more of an idea of just how badly the police treated people today, WHO WERE FOLLOWING ALL THE RULES:

    If I have more useful stuff to share, I’ll add another comment. But for now, I am going back to my Kit-Kat 😉

    • Nachum
      Nachum says:

      So it was all the police’s fault, but the kooks were right to riot. Got it.

      My cousins didn’t go to Meron. They spent Lag B’Omer marking the first yahrtzeit of their nephew, whose death you exploit for your lunatic conspiracies and personal religion. For shame.

      Learn to think of other people. It’s what Jews are supposed to do.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        As you are so kindly taking the time read all the posts and comments on my site – thank you! – I thought I should return the favor, and spent a few minutes scrolling through your ‘Sword of Buddha’ Blog – here, for anyone else who would like to do that:

        And I have some more questions for you.

        As a follower of Meir Kahane, I find it kind of puzzling, how you can defend the police in Israel, in terms of their track record with dealing with religious Jews?

        Or are the police only in the wrong when they are beating up and murdering ‘dati leumi’ people who studied in yeshivas you approve of?

        Secondly, your yourself have experienced some ‘holy’ destructive tendencies:

        From your blog, HERE.

        “Today I had the zekhut of tearing down two posters featuring gedolim. One was just offensive because of what it said, and the other just came off with it. (Although I’ve got issues with the actual person on the second.)

        Actually, I think all posters tacked on walls in my neighborhood need to be torn down, regardless of content. This ain’t Geulah. In addition, I was worrying about chillul Hashem, seeing someone reading it this morning. So I’m just sure if my motives were 100% pure, that is, fighting for kavod haTorah in the face of attacks from the Right, or whether neighborhood beautification and defense of God’s name played a part as well. But the latter two are nice things as well, so we all win.”

        Strange that you are so quick to condemn the Jews in Meron as ‘kooks’, when they were also protesting the desecration of God’s name that was going on there by the police, including – but not least! – leaving elderly women and children in the burning sun for 5+ hours, with no shade or water, AFTER they’d followed the rules and bought their tickets.

        You seem to be incredibly intolerant of others who don’t think and believe exactly the way you do. But not so long ago, I seem to remember ‘Kahanists’ were also being called fanatics and extremists by the police in Israel, when they were trying to demonise them to the rest of the Jewish population.

        And lastly – what happened to that nice, kind, sometimes even thoughtful side to you, that came through some of your earlier blog posts?

        Now, you just seem so obsessed with being ‘right’ – and of course, attacking me simply because Rav Berland is my Rav, and you bought all the media lies about him hook, line and sinker – that it’s making you incapable of actually discussing differences of opinion in a calm, reasonable matter.

        That’s a shame. I welcome different viewpoints, because we can all learn something from others – particularly those we most disagree with.

        I’m sorry that I’m offending Yeshiva University, and all your wonderful ‘rebbes’ and teachers, with the stuff that I’m turning up here. I understand why that information is making you angry.

        But there is a lot of terrible corruption going on in the Jewish world, and that has been going on for a very long time.

        So, I’d like to invite that nicer part of you to stop taking pointless potshots, and to help me do the birur properly here.

        Because the good and bad is mixed up everywhere, in everything, and everyone.

        • Nachum
          Nachum says:

          Why would you think that’s my blog?

          Well, certainly no one could ever accuse you of being inconsistent. I am more of the Emerson school myself there, but to each his own.

          Meir Kahane was once talking to a bunch of Beis Yaakov girls and one stood up and started blasting the State. Said R’ Kahane, “Excuse me? The State has arrested me fifty-seven times and I don’t attack it that way.”

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Recognise, if you please, who these words belong to:

            “My English name is Nathan. I live on Rechov Azza. My late sister called me that as a joke. A joke.

            Buddha-with-a-sword was a joke of a friend.

            Tommy Lapid has been dead for years. His son is a dolt.

            I’m neither a Sabbatean, a Buddhist, or a Lapid voter.

            Not everything is a mysterious conspiracy, you know.”

            Your own comment, from this blog post:


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