Tightening the noose

A few days ago, I got woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of massive trucks reversing in the streets next to my house.

This has been going on for a couple of months now, as the Jerusalem City Hall steps up its program to install 5…G facial recognition ‘AI’ cameras all over the city.

If you don’t know what an AI ‘facial recognition’ camera is, read THIS for a very superficial introduction, snippet below:

Facial recognition will not make us safer, it will turn public spaces into open-air prisons and entrench patterns of discrimination that already oppress entire communities.’

Big Brother Watch added the technology should be scrapped and the code legalised ‘invasive surveillance technology’.


If you don’t know what these cameras look like, here’s a picture of one of the new ones that just popped up in my neighborhood, in the middle of the night:


And HERE is a video ‘unboxing’ one for personal use – notice that these AI people tracking cameras have a round orb, and use the internet to send and recieve their info in real time – that’s the real reason why we have such a mad rush to rollout 5…G everywhere.

In Jerusalem, you will find the new 5…G tech in white ‘electrical cabinets’ underneath where these cameras are located, marked with a miss-spelt ‘Motorola Solutoins’ branding in blue.


And then, take a look at this video (with sound off, to mask the horrible muzak and speeded up as fast as you can), which showcases how these ‘AI thermal imaging cameras’ can help our wonderful, caring governments catch ‘Covid 19 spreaders’:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly.)


Here’s a snippet of the product description info – which ends with a plea to get in touch, if you want to buy this super-duper AI camera, that literally records all your biometric information and sends it to Big Brother, every time you step out to get a pint of milk:

The specifications of the product:


2. M.P.Temperature measurement distance: 0.5 to 1m

3. Face recognition distance: 0.5 to 2.2 meters

4. Temperature error range: ±0.3°C

5. Store human face data: 30,000 people

6. Identification Accuracy: 99.5%

7. Perception speed: About 20m/sec


The characteristics of the product:

1. Existing body temperature gauges are inefficient because they must be carried by a person and measured only at close range, but this product can be measured with a social distance.

2. Avoid physical contact and save personnel for temperature measurements.

3. Temperature can be measured by wearing a mask, and temperature measurements can be made for outsiders other than those stored in the data.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to buy it.


And just so we are clear that what’s going up all over Jerusalem – and Meron, and Tiberius, and probably in your neighborhood, too, are these AI facial recognition cameras, here’s a couple of screenshots from a report into ‘human rights abusing China’, and how it’s using AI cameras to turn the whole country into an open-air prison:



Yesterday, my daughter and I took the car out, and when she got to the junction where this magnificent array of AI and CCTV cameras has now been emplaced, she literally stared at it in horror for a good minute.

My daughter is doing her best to stay ‘normal’ in an increasingly crazy world, and I am mostly encouraging her to do that.

As long as she’s aware of the truth, and guided by it, I think it’s healthy for her to kind of ‘bury’ that knowledge for most of the time, and to try and continue on ‘as normal’, until all this finally falls apart.

But yesterday, I could see that she was fundamentally disturbed by this new encroaching reality, of AI tech and CCTV cameras literally every 100 meters in Jerusalem.


Ima, I really do feel like I’m living in a prison, she told me.

I’m starting to feel pretty insecure about where I live, and what’s going on.


Join the club.

All this stuff is always sold to us as being for our ‘health and safety’, but really? It’s just more of the ‘power grab’ happening all over the world right now. And it’s very worrying, on so many levels.

So again, I spent a lot of  yesterday trying to figure out a spiritual response to all this, that will enable me to stay calm and healthy, while the world continues to go to hell in hand-basket.

I don’t have it all cut and dried yet, but I can tell you what’s helping.


Two days ago, after my trip up to Meron, we drove down past Ramla, so I could go and say 3 Tikkun Haklalis next to the Ayalon prison, where they were keeping Rav Berland.

Five minutes in, I suddenly noticed something very weird:

The dull, stress-induced chronic migraine I’ve had for weeks and weeks had gone.

The ‘stress in my system’ had wound down to zero, and I was sitting there feeling the most ‘zen’ and blissed-out I’ve felt for months.

I told my husband, I think I’m going to be coming back here a lot, like at least twice a week. This is the most chilled I’ve felt in months….

Such is the power of the Rav.

But as usual, things aren’t quite working out like that.


Yesterday, the Jerusalem police decided to bring the 84 year old Rav, who has multiple serious health issues, into the Russian Compound for questioning in yet another fabricated ‘story’ designed to keep him behind bars forever, God forbid.

And they also decided to bring his elderly wife in, who has a broken arm and is weak from recovering from ‘Covid’ – but not in an ambulance, and not in a respectful way.

They literally sent in a SWAT team to stretcher her out with maximum drama and stress, and then shoved her in a police car.

So yesterday, I found myself saying my 3 tikkun haklalis next to the Rav in the Russian Compound, instead, as 4 mounted riot police periodically rode their horses at the crowd, while waving their big sticks around.

After figuring out that our police and military are secretly using Active Denial energy weapons against crowds here, I was kinda grateful it was just that.


As I stood there, I noticed more of those AI cameras, stuck on the walls and lamp-posts all over the Russian Compound.

But that’s not all I noticed.

The Russian Compound itself is flanked by a road called ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ road.

Shneur Zalman Cheshin was a prominent judge in Israel, who was named after the Alter Rebbe of Chabad and is a direct descendant of Moshe Schneuri, the catholic-Frankist son of the Alter Rebbe that no-one likes to talk about.

Do you think it’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, that two of the three people spear-heading the persecution of the Rav within Meah Shearim are called ‘Cheshin’?

Because I don’t.


Do you think it’s a CO-IN-CID-ENCE, that the former Supreme Court Head in Israel, Miriam Naor, (who is now overseeing the Meron Commission) was apprenticed to Mishael Cheshin?

Here’s a snippet from her Wikipedia page:

[Naor] worked on constitutional issues in the State Attorney’s Office under Mishael Cheshin, who would later be appointed Deputy Chief Justice.

Mishael Cheshin is the son of the ‘Shneor Zalman Cheshin’ who the street in the Russian Compound is named for.

Shneor Zalman Cheshin has a lot of yichus, and descends both from the Alter Rebbe, via his Catholic-Frankist son Moshe Schneuri; and also from Benjamin Broda / Rivlin, the ‘secret Frankist Rebbe’ who stays in the Jewish community when Jacob Frank schisms out; and also from the Vilna Gaon.



And on the other ‘more frum’ side of the family, we have the main persecutors of the Rav, from the famous ‘Cheshin’ family of Meah Shearim, who descend from the same ‘Rabbi Moshe ‘Cheshes’ Haslavitcher‘ that Shneor Zalman Cheshin does.


And is just so happens, that the Jerusalem Police dragged in the Rav and Rabbanit for questioning at their compound located on ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ street, so everyone can see that the Rav is literally at the heart of the problem, and at the heart of these people who created the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel.


I spent a couple of hours digging around the Cheshin family tree, and I found links to all sorts of people you might have heard of.

Like, the Netanyahu-Milikovskys… and Amram Blau, founder of Neturei Karta, and his disgraced nephew, Yehuda Meshi Zahav, and further back, to people like R’ Hillel of Shklov, and all those Rivlins who are still running the country…

Israel is literally being run by the same big, extended family, on both sides of the religious / secular divide.

And they’re all busy persecuting Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and Shuvu Banim.


Everything is connected.


That’s why the only real answer to the cameras, and to the government’s totalitarianism, and it’s murderous tendencies, and to all the other ills and woes happening here is a spiritual one, that goes to the very heart of the battle between good and evil that is being waged here.

Right now, the frontline for that spiritual battle is on ‘Shneur Zalman Cheshin’ Street, in Jerusalem.

That’s not a coincidence.

And you can help the Rav to stand up in it, with your prayers and your heartfelt Tikkun Haklalis.

Because whatever happens to the Rav, is going to happen to the rest of us, too.

And when he gets out, we all go free with him.


If you want more details explaining this latest farce of a concocted ‘story’ against the Rav, take a look at THIS, in Hebrew, on the ShuvuBanim website – Google translate it, if you don’t read Hebrew.

It’s all just more of the same made up rubbish we’ve seen before, but hopefully, this time around more people understand that the YWN is run by the secular State of Israel’s propaganda wing, and they won’t fall for the lies again.



After I wrote this, on a whim I decided to look up Miriam Naor’s Geni profile.

Her maternal uncle was David Raziel, here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

David Raziel was a leader of the Zionist underground in British Mandatory Palestine and one of the founders of the Irgun…he studied for several years at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem. He was a regular study partner of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, son and ideological successor to the Rosh Yeshiva and Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook….

His sister, Esther Raziel-Naor, became a member of the Knesset for Herut, the party founded by Irgun leader Menachem Begin.


Here’s a screenshot of her geni profile:


As usual, a bunch of dead ends…

Except, that ‘Zelikson’ is a very unusual surname, so I plug that in to see who else is called ‘Zelikson’.

Hey, whaddya know!


I am back in the family tree of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

The red arrows show you how one branch of his descendants becomes Zeliksons, and how they are connected directly to a bunch of Tumarkins and Zaslavskys.

And we already know that the ‘Tumarkins’ are directly connected to the Zeitlins, and also directly connected to the Bolsheviks who sparked off the Russian Revolution, not least via people like THIS:


I am willing to bet good money, that our very own Supreme Court Justice Miriam Naor is also directly related to the Alter Rebbe, via her anonymous ‘Zelikson’ grandmother.

Or to put this another way…. all the movers and shakers in the secular State of Israel seem to be the descendants of the Alter Rebbe, one way or another.

Or to put this still another way, the secular State of Israel seems to be a Chabad creation.

And all these links have been deliberately suppressed and hidden by people on all sides of this equation.

I think, just maybe, you’re starting to understand why.





26 replies
  1. Rachel Erman
    Rachel Erman says:

    Excuse me a million times, but how is this different from what you wrote about previously? You yourself said that you wanted to write about different things.

  2. M
    M says:

    “If you look around and can find no good to focus your attention on—try closing your eyes instead. That does not make you a fool. On the contrary, it is indicative of a very wise individual.”

  3. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    So what conclusions are we to draw from this about Chabad?Just because the Alter Rebbe had a rebellious son are we supposed to throw the baby out with the bath water?Im sorry Rifka I think we have to limit the scope to the descendants of this rebellious son .We are in the middle of Parshat Toldos and we see a tzaddik having 2 types of sons,should we cast aspersions on Yitzchak Avinu?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m saying: come clean.

      Tell the truth, about our real Jewish history, and stop pretending that every ‘Esav’ in the family tree is really a Yaakov Avinu.

      Because then we will know what we are really dealing with, what they are after, and why they act the way they are acting, so we can protect ourselves against them.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          My yichus is totally nothing (no offense to my parents…).

          I am nothing, and nobody special. I have a ton of bad middot, and I try to give God what He wants, but I probably fail miserably.

          What’s your yichus, Anonymous Yid?

          • AnonymousYid
            AnonymousYid says:

            Therein your problem lies. Kol haposel pasul-bmumo posel (Kiddushin 70b). Because you think, erroneously, that you have no yichus, you are nothing, nobody special, ect. you project these feelings on other Jews.
            I was taught by my Rebbe זצ”ל that every Jew has yichus, every Jew is somebody. Once you start to look at yourself in a positive way then you can look at others in the same manner.
            Everyone is given the chance to be a Tsadik or Roshah (Rambam Hilchos Tshuva perek 5), although it might be harder for some depending on their “tikkunim”, that chance is inherent. It has nothing to do with ancestry. If we would judge Jews by their ancestry Avraham Avinu wouldn’t have had a chance. Your inquiries into Jewish ancestry are interesting facts but are absolutely irrelevant to whether someone is a Tsadik or Roshah.
            The Rambam writes at the end of sefer shoftim that Eliyhu HaNovi is not coming to make tomay the tahor or tahor the tomay, not to make pasul kosher people or make kosher the posul (rather to bring peace into the world ect.), the Ran in Kiddushin explains that even though Eliyhu HaNovi knows who is who he won’t pasul and that the same principal applies to us. It’s not his job nor is it ours.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            The reason I’m taking an interest in the ‘yichus’ of these people is because at at least 3 distinct points in recent Jewish history, there was a break in certain families with yiddishkeit.

            The first break happened with the ‘conversos’ of Spain and Portugal, who effectively lived as devout xtians for 100 years (or more…) and then when they returned openly to living as Jews – they brought a lot of ‘xtian’ ideas and sentiments with them, and many of them knew very little about practical halacha and authentic Jewish ideas.

            And additionally, because they were so at ease in non-Jewish society they very swiftly became the ‘machers’ and the ‘court Jews’ in Eastern Europe, as they had been in Spain and Portugal beforehand, which meant they had an awful lot of power and influence over the Jewish communities, not least in their capacity as ‘tax collectors’ for the crown.

            The next ‘rupture’ happened with Shabtai Tzvi. Some of this more extreme followers ‘converted out’ to become the outwardly Muslim Donmeh of Turkey.

            But many of his more moderate followers – who were very ‘frum’, just they happened to believe he was the Moshiach, and was coming back to finish the job – stayed within the Jewish fold, and started subtly subverting it from within.

            Again, we don’t know the true scope of the problem, because it’s all been very carefully covered up.

            Shabtai Tzvi was a big Rav, and he descended from a line of “big Ravs”, and married into families of ‘big Ravs’, and also, most importantly of all, influenced a number of ‘big Ravs’ to believe he was the Moshiach – and many of them kept that secret belief in Shabtai Tzvi well after he died, and passed it on to their families.

            So that was the second ‘inner rupture’, in relatively recent times.

            And then Jacob Frank(el) came along – also from a very illustrious family of ‘big Ravs’, who were part of the underground Sabbatian movement that was still going strong in the Jewish community, especially in Podolia and Moravia – and that’s when really ramped up into ‘openly evil’ mode.

            His followers included many of the most important ‘Rabbinic’ families in Podolia and Moravia, who were also connected to the old Sephardi Sabbatean families – and all of these people were very focused on getting the Jews back to ‘Eretz Yisrael’. It was a known obsession for both Sabbateans and Frankists.

            Of course being born into a specific family doesn’t make a person ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – those terms are anyway meaningless, as they only apply to actions, and only God knows the true sum of a person’s soul. There are no ‘good people’, only good actions. And the opposite is also true.

            At the same time, if someone was born into an antinomian ‘Frankist’ household, where it was a ‘mitzvah’ to do things forbidden by the Torah – you can see how that person will end up doing a whole bunch of ‘bad’ things, and entertain a whole bunch of ‘bad’ ideas that are the opposite of Torah-true Judaism, and certainly damaging our communities and our Am – and our souls, at a fundamental level.

            So, that’s why I’m taking an interest in the yichus, because those secret Sabbatian families all married each other, and that was also the case with the Frankists who grew out of the Sabbatian underground.

            Frank was connected to a bunch of other formerly Russian orthodox sects, who were also into some very immoral, bad and weird stuff, again with the focus on the ‘living messiah’ and Israel.

            Many of those people – ‘Subbotniks’ – moved to Eretz Yisrael and Jacob Frank’s followers intermarried with them, which means that it’s very possible that a large section of the ‘ruling elite’ in Israel are not even Jewish. Which would explain a lot.

            Moshiach is the one who is going to unpick all this, of course, and rectify it. But right now, we live in a world where a bunch of ‘pseudo-Jews’ who outwardly identify, however loosely, as being ‘Jewish’ are mamash involved in probably the biggest crimes against humanity, ever.

            It’s imperative for the Jewish community to ascertain who these people really are, and to do the ‘birur’ within our own communities, and our own hearts, before the nations of the world come and do it for us.

            Because while we can and should seperate between ‘secret Frankist-Freemason-Sabbatians’ and real Jews – the non-Jews won’t make that distinction.

            And when the hammer finally falls on Pfizer, and all the rest of these companies, so many of which are being run by ‘outward Jews’, and the truth comes out, there is going to be tremendous anger against these ‘outward Jews’, which will affect every Jew.

            It’s imperative the birur is done before then, and we ‘uproot the evil in our midst’ before we get to that stage. And we do that by being honest, and stopping the cover up.

            And of course, that work starts with us.

      • nonee
        nonee says:

        Begging your pardon Rivka…. but we have Hashem to protect us in every way.

        So i cannot understand why you are persistent in ‘exposing’ others.

        From what I have been learning about Judaism, which I am following as a Noahide. B’H, it is not good to ‘gossip’ period.

        Why not let Hashem be the sole judge of all.

        By the by, I have to say one thing more, some 3 years of so back, I undertook to go visit the resting place of the Rebbe in NewYork. It was very touching and emothional too for me.

        As I was finished praying, and threw in my prayer requests, a lady behind me touched my shoulder and said: All your prayers will be answered. That too touched me.

        I know some among them, the Chabad, think he is the mashiach and will return as christians believe about their own belief regarding Jesus.

        But there are many among Chabad, that do not…
        Another thing, like many Jews go to Uman and other blessed places where the pious Jews are buried -pray at the graves too.
        I ask the Rebbe, too, in the privacy of my room, that the Rebbe please take my prayer request, to Hashem, as i doo feel the Rebbe was a good and honest in his teachng.
        Whether anyone wants to believe me or not… many times my prayers were answered.
        I also go and talk to Gd, Hashem, personally as I learned from you and some other blogs too and some Rabbis too.. that talking directly to Gd is what we all should do.

        I am not a Jew, yet i can honestly say, Hashem has answered me…
        When i have asked the Rebbe to intercede for me… (when it has been difficult for me to ask Hashem directly- many reasons for that), I have also been answered.

        I thank Hashem, i thank the Rebbe..

        You may not post this comment of mine, i had to write what i wrote.
        I still think, especially in the times we are on now… you ought to desist from opening up scandals about others.

        Look others who spoke against Rav Berland, and what he is undergoing.
        Not good. May Hashem intervene soon for the Rav and his wife. Amen.

        Please i ask you in good faith, stop steering up any kind of um… sh-t… about anyone.. let Hashem be the Judge and jury.

        Hope i did not offend you or anyone.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I’m not offended. You made some good points from a sincere place.

          There’s a few things to say.

          1) We don’t ‘pray’ to dead people. We can talk to them, for sure, and make a soul connection, but we only pray to Hashem. It’s a subtle difference, I know, and it’s fraught with spiritual nuances that are beyond most of us, but most of the ‘problems’ going on are based on these exact same ‘subtle nuances’ in understanding spiritual issues and Kabbalistic concepts.

          At that level, even the tiniest mistakes can have massive repercussions, and literally lead to people falling from the heights of kedusha to the depths of evil – as happened to Acher.

          2) I appreciate that no-one likes ‘stirring things up’. If the world, Jewish and otherwise, was going fine there would be no need to ‘stir things up’. From where I sit, that’s not the case. There’s a lot of things going very wrong, all over the place, and governments literally trying to kill and maim their subjects with dangerous experimental ‘injections’.

          Plus here in Israel, the government is targeting genuine Jews – orthodox and otherwise – for persecution and potential destruction, God forbid.

          Clearly, something big needs to change.

          Clearly, we’re not on the right path that God wants us to be, and so we DO need to stir things up, and explore where the error has been made, so we can finally fix the problem.

          Although I appreciate it’s unpleasant and uncomfortable.

          No one has to read the blog, if its too much for them. And I keep getting pushed in hitbodedut to continue with this…

          So, that’s what I’m doing, until I get the message to stop.

          • nonee
            nonee says:

            Shalom Rivka, one has to do what one has to – and must do.

            You are closer in your faith in many ways.

            I know that you are trying to help many of your people, and others like me, to open our eyes to the reality of what is real, and what so called o leaders are trying to do, to set themselves up as gods. May Gd topple them soon. Amen.

            Chief among their list of ‘changing the world’ is to de-throne Gd.
            Like in the days of Noah and also in the building of the tower of babel.

            babel bla-bla is all they do,

            Keep on trucking and doing the special work you have been called to do by Hashem.
            You are sincere, wise and you see further than many average beings.
            Hashem bless you and may your efforts to expose the horrors of the realities. May Hashem keep you and yours always under H-s protection, Amen.


            P.S: Love your blog… its the first thing i read when i turn the computer on. <3

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I don’t know about being closer, but I am just trying to give God what He wants, even when it’s unexpected and takes me down some interesting paths.

            Most of this is just about seeing what actually there, right in front of our faces, all the time.

            And it’s only with regular hitbodedut that the ‘world of lies’ – and all the ‘stories’ it likes to tell, and all the pr and propaganda it throws around – recedes enough to see what is right in front of our faces, all the time.

  4. Adam
    Adam says:

    Please do not insult Reb Amram Blau zs’l, he was known to be a Tzadik. Maybe the reason why have problems is because you insult our sages so often and spread lies about them and their families. Does Rabbeinu ever say things against the Chabad rebbeim or the Gra? Absolutely not.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m not going to argue with you. If you have details of any errors or ‘lies’, please do share them, specifically, so we can set the record straight.

      Rabbenu never mentions the Gra – not even once – which is kind of strange all by itself (and even stranger, as the evidence points to Rabbenu’s wife Sashia being a grand-daughter of the Vilna Gaon’s possible alter ego, R Alexander Sender Margoliot of Satanow.)

      Here’s a quote from page 62 of ‘Until the Moshiach’:

      “[A] follower of Rabbi Shneur Zalman from Byela Cherkov (Sadeh Lavan), who was very learned and rich, became extremely jealous of the Rebbe. He made amulets and hired false witnesses to testify before the Shpola Zeida that these were distributed by the Rebbe. They also concocted stories that the Rebbe was making use of Sacred Names for incantations. These stories were at least partly responsible for the great opposition of the Shpola Zeida to the Rebbe.”

      Incidentally, Chabad reveres the Shpola Zeida to this day:


      What I’m after is transparency. All these ‘family ties’ have been deliberately obscured and hidden from the general public. So much of our history, as the Jewish people, has been deliberately falsified, and that needs to stop.

      If everything is so great and ‘tzaddik-y’, what’s the big deal about coming clean, and finally putting all the stuff ‘out there’?

      What is there to hide?

  5. AnonymousYid
    AnonymousYid says:

    In response to your comments above, I don’t know where you’re getting the idea that it’s “imperative” for you to do a “birur” on other Jews. Can you show me where that’s found in the taryag? Actually, that’s what I explained to you. That there is no mitzvah to do that. And just the opposite, it’s an averah. Every Jew has a chezkas kashrus. I don’t assume another religious Jew is a “Frankist” or anything else derogatory if there is no reason to believe they are. Even if they have family members who are or were doesn’t give me the right to assume that they are. Accusations are slander.
    Shabbatai Tsvi יש”ו and others are an interesting subject. I’ve also read much on the subject. But I don’t assume another frum Jew would be a Sabbatian unless I have concrete proof. We’re talking about other religious Jews here, not whether the non religious state used “active denial” (which is also unproven).
    I think your priorities have become confused. I don’t blame you. Your Kehilla has gone through a lot in the past years. I personally think that much more could have been done to strengthen your community from the outside. It’s really a shame what happened but your Rav is human. I hope you and your community can move on. It shouldn’t break you.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You are coming across as very condescending. All of us have the job of birur to do, on ourselves first of all.

      Rabbenu teaches us that we have an obligation to look for the ‘lacks’ in the world, the problems, the issues, and to try and ‘fix’ them anyway we can, obviously with the emphasis on prayer and teshuva.

      That’s what I’m trying to do, in whatever way God gives it to me to do.

      I’m not broken – at all – by what is happening to the Rav and his community. I know it’s all about tikkunim, and that the Rav knows exactly what needs to happen, and that everything that’s going on is occurring at a very deep level.

      What breaks me is religious hypocrites, superficial thinkers, and people who deceive themselves that we can get to ‘Moshiach and geula’ without some massive changes and teshuva.

      The religious world is broken. And everyone has an obligation to recognise the true issues, and to see what part they themselves have played in it’s destruction…. and what they need to do to rectify it.

  6. AnonymousYid
    AnonymousYid says:

    I was trying to empathize. What can I say, I’m not part of your community. I can’t really know what they or you feel. But, I was taught, that when another Jew is b’tsar we try to empathize (noyse b’oyl chavero).
    As for “birur” on ourselves, that’s exactly what I said. On ourselves, not others (like the Ari Zal compares chometz on Pesach to our bad middos).
    Although it’s true that the Rambam poskens that we can’t get to geula without tshuva and we all have to do our part, I don’t understand what you mean “without some massive changes”.
    Your digging into people’s ancestry and speaking loshon horah and motzie shem ra on kosher Jews won’t make “massive changes”, it won’t bring the geula. Like I said, it’s just the opposite, an averah. That’s exactly the “Frankist” ” Sabbatian” idea that you claim you want to expose. They wanted to bring the geula through averos. That’s wrong. Read Rabbi Yakov Emden’s sefer Toras Knaios about all the disgusting averos Shabbatai Tsvi יש”ו did. All in the name of bringing the geula.


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