I was so disturbed by the implications of that last post, I had to take a few days off.

Honestly, I was also asking God some hard questions, about why He’s continuing to let this awful evil happen, especially to innocent children.

After a couple of days of difficult thoughts about that subject, I finally got some peace of mind back again, when I remembered what the Baal Shem Tov taught, about every single thing being a ‘tikkun’ for previous lives.

Who knows what we did, and who we were in our past lives.

Who knows, how many people we hurt, in terrible ways.

I also read something from the Rav, Rav Berland, that he said last week, and that really helped me a lot, and which BH I will try to translate later this week for the blog.


Point is, for a few days I just wanted to shut up the laptop and do a ‘Prophet Yonah’.

I really wanted to run away from all the ‘bad’ in the world, and just kind of circle the horses, and wait for Moshiach to show up quietly, without sticking my neck out any more.

I shut down all my tabs.

I started talking about spending my time doing more painting, and way less writing again….

And then, yesterday, I came across this, on a Telegram channel I went to check out because they had a picture of how our murderous, evil corrupt governments are even sticking 5…G transmitters down manhole covers, too – of course, without telling anyone.

Here’s that first picture:


But here’s the thing that really caught my attention:


Really, that’s all I want to do on this blog, is to encourage you to find the truth for yourself.

That’s why I’m very happy to post up conflicting opinions and opposing views, as long as they are phrased respectfully (and sometimes, even when they aren’t, depending on how many ‘diamonds’ I feel I need, at that moment.)

I’m not a paid-for-propaganda machine, trying to convince you that only my brand, my way, my political party, my ideas are the ones that are right.

I have my personal beliefs, that I’ve invested a great deal of prayer and inquiry and teshuva into, and I’ll defend those because they are part of me.

But mostly, I’m just trying to share impartial information about what is going on with 5…G, or the war in Ukraine, or the terrible child abuse occurring at all levels of the Jewish community, frum or otherwise, so you can make up your own minds.

Jews are meant to question, we’re meant to challenge, we’re meant to keep searching for the truth, however uncomfortable that makes us, and the people around us.

God’s seal is truth, don’t forget.


When I came across this meme, it kind of shone a path for me, out of some of the difficulties I’m having about how to share information in a ‘safe’ way.

Now I see, I don’t need to spell anything out, I just need to lay out some links, and let you, the reader, do your own research, and come to your own conclusions, whatever they may be.

Same way as I did.

So, here’s some dots, and please connect them yourselves, in any way you see fit:

This screenshot comes from HERE:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s a short video from Regavim about that secret tunnel:


And here is my last post:


Now, do your own investigations, and come to your own conclusions.



I feel a huge weight lifting off.

Sometimes, I feel like there is no way that we can ever ‘beat’ all the evil that’s controlling the world right now. They have our police, judiciary and military in their pockets. They control our media, our schools – and even most of our ‘rabbis’.

But then my soul starts whispering to me again: Ein Od Milvado.

That all this is really just a puppet show, carefully designed to bring the truth out of ourselves, and to encourage us to stop lying to ourselves, and to work on our own bad middot and lack of emuna.

When I remember that, it gives me a lot of hope, that this can and will turn around for the good, very soon.

Each person that reconnects to ‘truth’ within themselves – to God, essentially – removes the evil ‘world of lies’ from that part of creation.

And there are thousands, maybe even millions, of people actively engaged in that process now, every single day.


We get to geula one step at a time, one soul at a time, one ‘enlightened’, honest, courageous person at a time.

There is no other way.

And when I remember that, it gives me the koach to continue, because that’s when I realise that everything that is going on right now is actually bringing us leaps and bounds closer to that time of true goodness for all of humanity.

And then, I can tolerate the world again.

Just about.


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6 replies
  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    I also understood that Jews were meant to ask questions, however when my younger daughter was about 15 & at secondary school she was told off for asking a (respectful) question by the rabbi teaching the class. She was informed she was there to listen, not to ask questions!

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, I’ve had a long-standing problem with an idea that I have picked up (and may have misinterpreted, for all I know), that certain children are punished with abuse of various kinds because of things they did during their past lives. I have seen others who meant just that, from decades ago. Particularly XIANS, who don’t believe there is any innocent person in the whole world, even while not accepting the idea of gilgul.

    How do we know that it’s not WE ADULTS who are being tested for our response to such a situation?

    Rahmana litzlan.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The test is for everyone involved, clearly also including the parents, and anyone else who is ‘connected’ to the situation, even us long-distance observers who just hear about this stuff.

      But it’s certainly the case that the soul that is in the body of that young child CHOSE the very difficult experiences they would be enduring, as a young child, to atone for sins in a previous life, and / or to achieve a higher spiritual level.

      Xtians, l’havdil (honestly, that satanic religion is making me more and more nauseous….) believe that all people’s souls are ‘flawed’, because of the original sin of Adam and Eve.

      They also teach that there is no gilgulim, as you yourself mentioned, and that people’s souls aren’t reincarnated.

      Judaism teaches that the soul itself is totally pure, but it’s surrounded by ‘klipot’, or shells of evil, that kind of ‘dress up the soul’ as bad, and have to be broken.

      But the core of the soul itself is totally pure!

      So, to come back to your question, it boils down to this: if we don’t believe that an innocent child is going through awful things to pay down their debts from a past life, then we are saying that God is cruel, God forbid, and / or that God would do something like that to a person ‘stam’, for no reason.

      And /or, the ‘satan’ is somehow bigger and stronger than Hashem, God forbid – which is total heresy.

      Xtianity may teach and believe that – because as we keep discovering, it’s actually the antithesis of everything good and holy in the world.

      But Judaism teaches:
      1) Ein Od Milvado – God is doing everything, absolutely everything, including putting young children in positions of awful child abuse.
      2) God is doing that for a good reason – not just to torture the child, God forbid, but to ‘pay down’ sins from a previous life in this passing, temporary world, that are stopping that soul from truly enjoying the unfathomable – and permanent! – good of the world to come.
      3) That everything that happens is a message, in some way, for what we need to work on, fix, change and improve ourselves.

      And that last one is where the Jewish teachings depart from all the Eastern idolatry of ‘karma’, that basically say ‘you deserve what’s happening because of what you did in your previous lives, so we aren’t going to help you or stop it.’

      In Judaism, each and every one of us is required to stop the evil, and to help the other, and not just ‘blame the victim’.

      But also, at the same time, to justify Hashem, and to understand that if these awful things are happening, there are very deep spiritual reasons for why the soul needs to go through all this.


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