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Well,  in the 16 hours or so since I last put a post up, a lots changed.

At 7.51pm, I got an email from a friend asking me if I knew about the prayer gathering – atzeret – being held for the Rav by the Kotel, starting at 8pm.

I didn’t until I got her email, but as I live very close by, after supper me and my husband drove up there, and had the privilege of joining hundreds other people from Shuvu Banim doing 7 Tikkun Haklalis, and one Pirkei Nevurchim.

There was a lot of koach yesterday night in those prayers, a lot of strength.

I’ve been at more of these prayer gatherings than I can count, and I have to say that by the time of the last few outside the prison in Ramla, you could feel that the whole community was getting pretty exhausted.

That’s when we thought the corrupt State of Israel was going to succeed in keeping the Rav behind bars for ever, God forbid.

There was so much yeoush back then, so much despair. And you could feel it in the prayers.

Then of course, everything turned around miraculously, and the very same people who had been persecuting the Rav for decades found themselves behind bars, for the same murder they’d tried to pin on the Rav.

That’s when I really started to believe in open miracles again.


So, back to yesterday.

At the end of the atzeret at the Kotel, I felt pretty good. As I was walking out of the Kotel Plaza, I heard some guy on his phone talking about a pigua – terrorist attack – in Tel Aviv. But I didn’t pay too much attention.

I got home at 11pm and went to bed.

This morning, I learnt that there was a terrorist attack in Bnei Brak yesterday, that apparently started at 8pm – the same time that the prayer gathering began at the Kotel.


That terrorist attack already has its own page at Wikipedia, HERE.

This is some of what it says:

The attack started at around 8:00 PM local time when Hamarsheh began firing at apartment balconies. The gunman then switched to targeting passerby on HaShnaim street, killing two pedestrians at a grocery store and a car driver. Hamarsheh tried to shoot another resident but the gun jammed.

He then left for Herzl street where he shot and killed a man who was trying to prevent his baby from getting killed. Hamarsheh engaged in a gun battle with two police officers who were called in to confront him, ending in the terrorist’s death. An officer was brought to Rabin Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The attack came shortly after a man killed four people in Beersheba and two Islamic State terrorists killed two police officers in Hadera.

The perpetrator was identified by police as a Palestinian from Ya’bad. The Times of Israel reported that he was a 26-year old named Diaa Hamarsheh. According to the Jerusalem Post he was a Fatah affiliate who had been imprisoned in 2015 for charges of supporting terrorism as well as arms trafficking.


This morning, I went to pray by the Saba’s kever in Har Hamenuchat with a friend.

She told me that she knows Bnei Brak quite well, and she can’t understand why the terrorist would have gone to a side street like HaShnaim street to start trying to kill people, God forbid.

According to her, he needed to drive through some very busy streets like Jabotinsky, crammed with people and pedestrians, to get to the relatively quiet HaShnaim street. There’s nothing much on that street except a makolet and the Chabad yeshiva.



Then, I got home and I found this email:

Apparently 2 of the victims shot yesterday in Bnei Brak are Ukrainians and it’s unclear for long they had been in Israel.


They haven’t released the names of the Ukrainians yet, so no-one has any idea if they are even Jewish, or not.


Then, I had two conversations with my daughters, both of whom are feeling ‘weird’, sad – and not a little scared.

These girls were going to school in the Old City at the height of the ‘stabbing intifada’ in Jerusalem, a few years’ back.

And the youngest one was hanging out at bus stops on dangerous roads in the shtachim, waiting for buses or hitch-hiking, in the middle of the night, when the Arabs were shooting up bus stops all around that area.

She in particular doesn’t ‘scare’ so easily.

But today, she told me’s feeling scared, in these words:

It feels to me that they are killing way more people than they usually do. That it’s not just knives now, but real guns. And that the State of Israel can’t seem to stop them from doing this. And it’s also weird to me that it’s happening all over the country, not just in a particular place like Jerusalem.


For me personally, I’m wondering how we can have a police State of Israel, with facial recognition AI cameras literally set up at every crossroads and on every major thoroughfare in the whole country now – and apparently, the Shabak has no idea that a gun-running terrorist from Jenin who was in prison in 2015 is about to commit a terror attack in Bnei Brak with an M16?

AI facial recognition cameras can be ‘programmed’ to specifically recognise a face, or a particular feature, and to follow that ‘face’ or ‘feature’ around.

If the State of Israel somehow ‘forgot’ to program these known terrorists into the ‘facial recognition’ function of these cameras – then why the heck do we have these cameras in the first place?

(It’s a side point, but it seems they also ‘forgot’ to program the faces of suspected pedophiles into these facial recognition cameras, too….)


So, lots and lots has changed in the last 24 hours.

Not for the first time, it seems that the Rav called an atzeret to try and sweeten a decree that could have been way worse, even though 5 dead people is already 5 worlds lost.

As mentioned above, it makes no sense that a terrorist would get out of his car on a busy street like Jabotinsky – then make his way over to a sleepy side street to start trying to kill people.

I’m also waiting for the names of these two Ukrainian victims to be released, so we can understand a little more about how they happened to be in the line of fire in Bnei Brak.

And lastly, it seems to me that someone in the corrupt State of Israel has pressed the ‘terrorist on’ button again, to try and distract us from something they don’t want us to be paying attention to.

They did that last year, too, when the ‘terrorist on’ button got flipped very soon after they killed 45 Jews in Meron with Directed Energy Weapons – and realised that they’d left way more ‘clues’ behind than they intended to.


Remember, ultimately God is behind all this.

And also remember that this world is just a corridor, a world of ‘fixing’, where the soul comes to be refined and purged of all its dross, often in some very painful ways, before it gets back to the real, permanent, spiritual world.

I keep saying this, but it bears repeating: we have no idea who we were in a previous life, nor what ‘bad’ we did, that we got reincarnated in this lifetime to pay down and fix, somehow.

Nothing is happening ‘stam’, this is all spiritual unfinished business.

That doesn’t make all these deaths ‘ok’, and it for sure doesn’t excuse – in any way! – the murderers.

But it does make all this a little easier to bear, as we continue to lurch closer towards geula.

I have the feeling it’s going to be pretty hectic, between now and Pesach.

So hold on to your teshuva, charity and tefillot, keep saying your tikkun haklali, and start talking to God every day, if you aren’t doing that already.

Because God isn’t done shaking the blanket.



This is from Debka file, HERE:

 A common factor in all three was that all the perpetrators were on the books of the security authorities and two at least served time for security offenses. Yet their conspiracies were not picked up.

What does this sound like to you, that the ‘security authorities’ didn’t know what was going to happen – three times in a row, with automatic weaponry, by members of ‘ISIS’ – or the opposite?

That the State decided to flip the ‘terrorist on’ switch?




This is part of a comment left on the Tomer Devorah site, HERE. I think he’s on to something – that it’s actually not the corrupt ‘State of Israel’ itself that is flipping the ‘terrorist on’ switch, but the even more corrupt Americans, via (Jewish CFR member….) Antony Blinken:

Some days ago, the Americans “complained” because the Israeli pawns tried to not take clear side against the Russians, and Blinken came here to put the things straight….Suddenly , ISIS started operations in Eretz Israel…..May Hashem take revenge against the enemies of His people…

Man, enough is enough already. That country is literally neck-high in blood, murder and corruption.


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11 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I think the ‘terrorist toggle switch’ — it has an “off” setting too, rarely used — has been a permanent fixture in the architecture of the Sabbatean-Frankist “Frankenstein” state of Israel. Installed by the Americans and fanatically maintained by the “Frankenstein” system that was cobbled together to replicate so-called democratic governance and replace the Torah system in Eretz Yisrael, it is what has kept Jewish Israeli citizens under emergency measures since the very beginning of the state in 1948 (the Michigan Law School link I had up on my post about mandates has been removed! Wow. Talk about censorship!)!

    Only the miraculous victory in 5727 (1967) stunned world leaders enough to make them even pause. If only our leadership had contained just one person with integrity then, the whole sham could have been shut down.

    The Gerush of Gush Katif and northern Shomron proved the success of the wicked system’s recovery.

    But I guess we had some lessons to learn. How can we show we’ve learned them? Or, maybe we haven’t yet?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, I think you are right Hava.

      That has some profound implications for all of us in Israel, especially those of us with children of army service age…

    • Shimshon
      Shimshon says:

      The victory of the Six Day War is even more astounding and miraculous when you do a deep dive into the USS Liberty incident.


      Both the page itself as well as the Unz article it links to are very interesting reading.

      At this point, decades later, it is pretty much irrefutable that the USS Liberty was intended to be a false flag, whereby Egypt would be blamed for sinking it, thus drawing America into the war and occupying all of the Middle East and making Israel more of a literal puppet than the client state it became. Note that this was basically the same plan enacted decades later in Iraq etc. Only the failure to topple Syria (thanks to Russian intervention on the eve of the last Shmitta) got in their way.

      Everything hinged on the sinking of the ship. The fact that Israel could not do it, despite the massively extraordinary effort to do so not only stopped their plan cold, but on the contrary greatly expanded its territory and power once the war ended, contrary to the desires of the entire leadership, who could not abandon its gains fast enough, starting with Har HaBayit.

      This analysis also explains Yitzchak Rabin’s infamous nervous breakdown more coherently than him losing his nerve on the eve of war. He was probably responsible for carrying out the false flag operation and knew the deaths of hundreds of Americans would be on his hands.

  2. JR
    JR says:

    ” I’m wondering how we can have a police State of Israel, with facial recognition AI cameras literally set up at every crossroads and on every major thoroughfare in the whole country now ”
    1) Maybe there aren’t such cameras everywhere
    2) Maybe they don’t have an up to date photo of him
    3) Maybe his face was covered or obscured
    4) Maybe the camera wasn’t operational at the time
    5) Maybe there wasn’t enough time between recognition and the attack

    “major thoroughfare”
    “There’s nothing much on that street except a makolet and the Chabad yeshiva.”
    6) Maybe he went to a side street to avoid the cameras

    And finally
    7) It’s never a good idea to rely too much on technology. The terrorists and criminals are always seeking a way to circumvent such systems.

  3. האיש
    האיש says:

    Cleansing our Minds
    12) Acts of charity and kindness have the power to break the force of the serpent, which is the root of materialistic ideology. And then these wild animals will have no power over you. However at times even after you have crushed them they are soon back again, placing fresh doubts in your mind about whether the world is governed only by the will of God. If this happens you must make fresh efforts at charity and kindness. Charity has the power to subdue the ideology of materialism and reveal that everything is governed only by the will of God (Ibid. 9).




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