Upside down

That’s how it looks to me, as I sit here.

The more ‘quiet’ the MSM goes, the more you can bet your bottom dollar that the real news is starting to happen.

Like, Dutch Farmers protesting the globalist land-grab going on in Holland…

Like, Sri Lankans storming the presidential palace…

Like, Japanese former presidents who refused to mandate shots, paused the vax schedule and sent 1.6 million doses of ‘contaminated’ Covid shots back to big Pharma getting murdered for no obvious reason….

Like, Boris Johnson, who opened up the UK when everyone else was getting ready for more ‘Omicron lockdowns’ – getting neatly moved out the way by his billionaire-globalist ministers….

Things ARE starting to move, in a whole bunch of ways.


Joe Biden is about to officially visit Israel.

So, traffic in Jerusalem is going to get all snarled up for this awful, degraded person, suspected pedophile and father of known pedophile Hunter Biden.

The holy city apparently attracts these types of people.

But not for much longer.

Over  on 4Chan, someone apparently hacked Hunter Biden’s phone, and is uploading all sorts of disgusting stuff, including videos, and including the interesting information that Joe Biden’s phone number is saved in his son’s phone under the name ‘Pedo Peter’.

Of course, the MSM is pretending this is all just more ‘nothing burgers’, nothing to see here…

But more and more people – even ‘normal’ people, who don’t read this blog – are starting to realise that something is very wrong with the whole picture.


My unvaccinated brother in the UK has had a very rough couple of years, socially.

He’s been mocked on social media (repeatedly….) embarassed in public (repeatedly…) and even told he couldn’t come to social events by friends and neighbors because he’s unvaccinated.

Now, at least some of his former detractors are starting to change their tune.

Someone came up to him at a BBQ last week, and told him that he personally knows of 3 people – triple vaxxed – who have been really, seriously ill, since they had the Covid shots.

When they go to the doctors in the UK, the doctors tell them verbally that they are ill because of the shots.

But when they ask the doctors for confirmation in writing – the doctors all refuse.

Even that ex-detractor told my brother that the more stories he’s hearing like this, the more he’s coming to the conclusion that my brother was right, about these shots being designed to kill and harm people.

That trickle of truth is about to turn into a flood.


On that front, take a look at this, from today’s Daily Expose:

While you were distracted by Boris resigning, the UK Gov. published data confirming the COVID Death-Rate per 100k is now highest among Fully Vaccinated; suggesting they’re suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

HERE is the PDF of the FOIA stuff Pfizer was forced to disclose publically, which shows that ‘antibody-dependent enhancement‘ was one of the known side-effects of these shots, right from the very beginning.

Here’s some screenshots:


Notice all the weasel words here:


Yah, you can’t consider these cases DEFINITIVELY as VAED / VAERD….

Not until you’ve jabbed billions of people, and then you’ve got the real-world evidence that even the MSM and corrupt governments can’t hide so easily…


There is still a way to go.

More people have to make some serious teshuva, still, especially in the Jewish community.

More of us have to square up to the reality of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in our communities, especially the externally ‘orthodox’ communities, and to start to call out our own versions of the ‘Pedo Peters’ ruling the roost here, while pretending to be oh-so-holier-than-thou.

I had a couple of emails asking me if I’m stopping all the research into the Frankists now.

The answer is no, I’m not.

I asked the Rav specifically if it’s safe for me to be researching the pedo ring in Jerusalem, and its links to the chareidi / chassidishe Jewish community, and I was told to stop that for now.

But in terms of piecing the rest of the story together, with all the dead Sabbatean-Frankists – I’m still going strong. And I have a lot more info that I’m puzzling together, BH.

So, watch out for that.


Take heart, dear readers!

The edifice of lies IS starting to crumble.

There is a way to go, still, but all the tikkun haklalis, all the sincere prayers, all the heartfelt teshuva – it’s all moving mountains.

And very soon, we’re going to see very clearly who the really righteous people are in the Jewish community, and who they are definitely not.

Remember, it’s the olam hafuch, the upside-down world.

And the people who are now ‘on top’ are really on the very bottom.

And vice-versa.

Not much longer, that’s going to become blindingly obvious to all of us.



I usually don’t have a lot of time or patience for videos, but God just popped this one in front of me, and it’s pulling together a lot of different strands – Bidens, Ukraine, Branson, Zelensky, ‘Deep State People Trafficking’ – so many of the things we are talking about here.


I also just learned that Pfizer pulled out of Uruguay now, because a judge there ordered them to reveal documentation that would prove there IS self-assembling graphene oxide nanotech in their Covid shots….

And that the civil unrest is mamash spreading all around the globe.

The house of cards is about to tumble…

But it may still take a couple of months.

Because Moshiach only comes motzae shvit…


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12 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    Trump said “Crimes Against Humanity (traffickers and abusers et al) DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY!
    “Now You’re Talking”!

    • nechama
      nechama says:

      Forgot this:
      The following countries are in category of
      “Food Scarcity or Famine” and Energy Collapse

      Sri Lanka (total collapse)
      South Africa

      Europe (energy catastrophe, food scarcity)
      USA? (on the way)

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    Did u notice this: on one of the links to Vat – Resigned or Arrested?
    1. Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa
    2. Sri Lanka’s prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe
    3. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’ liberal Reform Party
    4. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany Andri Melnyk
    5. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Hungary Liubov Nepop
    6. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Norway Viacheslav Yatsiuk
    7. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyinis

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Not until you pointed that out, thanks.

      It seems Zelensky ‘fired’ five of his ambassadors the last couple of days. Kinda weird… and of course, our MSM continues to pretend like none of this real news is actually going on.

  3. David
    David says:

    Greetings from Holland.
    It is heartwarming to see what’s happening here. Our farmers (and fishermen) who represent ‘normal’, traditional, anti-globalist people get a lot of support. 90% of people who didn’t take the vaccine support our farmers.

    G-D only can change things.
    But, like you said, it sure looks / feels like things are totally falling apart for the globalists / the evil powers in our elites.

    Keep up the good work.
    G-D bless you/your family.


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