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Stew Peters put this documentary up a few days ago.

It’s about state-sponsored child-trafficking going on in the USA, as we speak.


I was debating whether to post the link, because Stew Peters and his group are very, very ‘xtian’.

They make a big deal about Yoshki caring about children, ‘these little ones’, but again if you go back and take a deeper look, here is a more famous saying of Yoshki (from the Gospel of Matthew):



All this starts to sound a little different now, doesn’t it?

 But I guess that is also part of this birur, to understand that there are many good people, Jews and non-Jews, caught up in a false philosophy, in a web of lies, who really do want the truth, and who really do want the world to be a better place.

Just they have been lied to and deceived for centuries.

I have no idea if Stew Peters, and the other xtians on his channel like Dr Jane Ruby are going to be able to ‘cross the Rubicon’, when we finally get down to the wire.

But in the meantime, I respect their courage and bravery, in trying to figure out what’s really going on, particularly with the Covid shots.


All this stuff is disturbing and also quite scary, I freely admit.

That’s how they’ve been getting away with it all for so long, because it’s much easier to go into denial and pretend none of this is really happening.

I read somewhere that evil’s biggest trick was managing to fool the public that it doesn’t really exist.

But it does.

And we can’t fight this evil by ourselves, at least, outside of working on our own bad middot and lack of emuna.

What we CAN do, is put our prayers, our efforts, our spiritual support behind the true tzaddikim, who will then use all that as ‘ammunition’ to really take the evil down at it’s spiritual root – without firing a single shot.

That’s why so much effort has gone into pulling the Jews away from the true tzaddikim, and giving them one false leader, one ‘false moshiach’ to follow, one after another.


BH, you should have an easy fast, this Tisha B’Av, if that’s relevant.

And don’t worry too much, that there is no way of fixing this.

WE can’t fix it.

That’s the point.

But we can make sincere teshuva, we can make more effort to pray every day, and do some hitbodedut and say our Tikkun Haklalis, and after Sunday, to go back to dancing and clapping all this stuff away.

And we can trust that Hashem and His true tzaddikim actually have all this covered 100%.

And they are just waiting for enough of us to really wake up, and return to Hashem, instead of following after the Golden Calf.

May it be soon!


PS: I decided I need to take a break from blogging for a bit.

Probably a few days, maybe longer, just to ‘clear all this gunk’ out the system, and try to reconnect to more  good, healthy Jewish soul stuff now, like Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

All this xtianity / satan-worship / Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons stuff is heavy…

And every time I try to steer away from it on the blog – like when I wrote the Turkey Trans post – somehow or other, I get pulled back into it even harder.

There’s a lot of stuff to go back and look at here, about xtianity, Jewish-Christians, Shabtai Tzvi and other connected issues.

Once I’ve recharged my batteries a little, I’ll be back.

And who knows, maybe something HUGE really is going to shift this Tisha B’av, that will change the whole picture around for the good.

Bezrat Hashem.


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19 replies
  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    We don’t “fix” anything. Our job is to turn AWAY from anything that is not for HaShem, and to TURN TO HaShem ONLY! HaShem is in control of EVERYTHING and our job is align our thoughts to the “GOOD” and cling to HaShem like a life-raft in the turbulent ocean. HaShem will take care of the rest. GoD is in control, just believe it. Ain Od Milvado!

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    The only thing we can ‘fix’ is ourselves, and our bad middot and our lack of emuna.

    That’s the whole point and job of being down here.

    And that’s what we’ll be held accountable for, if we don’t at least start the job of wanting, and yearning, to fix the broken parts of ourselves.

    One other point to make, because it’s important:

    Of course, Ein Od Milvado!! Everything is ultimately only Hashem, even all the evil.

    At the same time, the Israelites only got out of Egypt by following the Tzaddik HaDor, Moshe Rabbenu – and 4/5 didn’t make it.

    And then in the desert, Korach and his crowd decided that they didn’t need the Tzaddik HaDor anymore, Moshe Rabbenu – and Hashem buried them alive for eternity.

    Ein Od Milvado – of course! But Hashem still has put some rules in place as to how these things operate, and we only get out of ‘mitzrayim’ by following the real Tzaddik HaDor.

    And the only way to understand who that really is, is to pray on it.

    Because even if people tell you so-and-so, it’s impossible to know if that person is right.

    The birur has to be done by each person, internally, without just relying on hearsay or brainwashing from others, however well intentioned.

    Even if it’s me.

  3. Michal
    Michal says:

    “I have no idea if Stew Peters, and the other xtians on his channel like Dr Jane Ruby are going to be able to ‘cross the Rubicon’, when we finally get down to the wire.”

    I believe Dr. Jane Ruby is Jewish. She called herself a Jewish grandmother on a Zoom meeting with a Bais din that was centered in Brooklyn NY months ago. She was asked to present her evidence against the jab.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      She talks a lot about believing in Jesus…. so then she’s another Jew for Jesus.

      She’s very brave and principled, but this is still chaval.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Yes, it is quite chaval, Rivka. But without it there is no way she would have been accepted by xtian fanatic Stew. Meanwhile she is doing very important work, helping lots of people with crucial info. B”H one of these days she will do Teshuvah, when she is not needed on the show! Let’s just remember that everything is from Hashem, even thisL so maybe we should pray for her Teshuvah, how about that?

        And how did Tisha be’Av go? Intense, heh?

  4. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Did you see this report, Rikva? Really disturbing, re: the IDF.

    And everything else too, of course. The problem is THE MONEY: I remember one situation a few years ago, where I alerted one winery owner about the missionary character of such donations, warning him about the questionable kashrut of his wine if he let their “volunteers” work in his vineyard and donate money to his project; he got it, but his wife got angry at me – I assume because she wanted the money so bad! Many cases like this, in the Shomron too and all over Yesha; they work “for free”, when it is everything but free; think of the price we pay when missionaries get embedded into “kosher” wineries, and support all kinds of projects that locals want to promote, but lack the necessary funds for!??…..

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:


      I actually read about that a couple of days ago, but not this specific article.

      I got to it by starting to track down R Eliezer Melamed, close disciple of R Yitzhak Ginsburgh, founder of Arutz 7 – and a person who has been welcoming evangelical xtian missionaries all over Har Bracha for years….

      In the dati-leumi school system, his ‘books of halacha’ are being taught in schools – my children had to endure them, and at the time, I was flagging some stuff they were being taught as ‘halacha’ that I found really problematic, but didn’t know who the author was.

      Now, lo and behold, I see this on this guy’s Wikipedia page:

      “On May 2, 2022 six prominent hareidi rabbis issued a letter banning Melamed’s Peninei Halacha Books which they claim ‘uproot halachic traditions’.[10] The Har Bracha yeshiva headed by Melamed chose not to respond to the letter of those hareidi rabbis.”

      It seems I wasn’t the only person picking up something very ‘wrong’ with these ‘halachas’….

      I can’t tell you how much standard ‘dati leumi’ education turned my kids – and nearly all of their friends – off of really believing in Hashem and His Torah.

      Thank God, there are a few teachers, a few schools, who really are breaking that mould – I guess they’d be defined as ‘chardal’, but really they are out of the box, and that’s why they work.

      I will take a closer look at this, thanks Daisy.

      • A Dad
        A Dad says:

        “I can’t tell you how much standard ‘dati leumi’ education turned my kids – and nearly all of their friends – off of really believing in Hashem and His Torah.”

        1000% !

        I can only pray that mine will somehow find their way back after being so spiritually abused and turned off by the Ulpana system.

  5. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Here’s another headline from Israel HaYom, to give a flavor of how these people work, to totally undermine the Jewish people and Judaism from within:

    ‘Female soldiers who contribute to Israel’s defense are performing a mitzvah’
    Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, one of the most important figures in religious Zionism, has very unorthodox views. He sees no reason to boycott Judaism’s progressive movements or prevent couples’ rights to seek alternative wedding ceremonies. “I oppose religious coercion,” he states.”

    We have to stop looking at the ‘outside’, the beard, the title of ‘Rosh Yeshiva’ or ‘Rabbi’ and see what ideas and philosophy these people are pushing.

    Go tell that poor IDF soldier – and her friends – who got pimped out in uniform to Palestinian terrorists in Gilboa prison that they are doing a ‘mitzvah’.

    Go tell it to my kid’s good friend, who went to the army a shomer shabbos girl, and is now an unbelieving lesbian living in Tel Aviv….

    And of course, Reform is great! And Conservative is great! Because they are all just different disguises for the same goal of uprooting sincere, authentic Judaism that these people are secretly engaged in.

    Sabbatean-Frankists have way more in common with xtianity than they do with real Judaism. But they disguise themselves very well, like all ‘undercover missionaries’ and that’s how we get fooled.

    The only question is whether they are really pushing Yoshki, or Shabtai Tzvi, or some other ‘false messiah’. But otherwise, it’s the same playbook.

      • Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
        Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

        sorry to disturb you but….. everything here is connected …..One more nice piece… This gay , very hassidic , masgiach kashrut for years!!!!-started his business almost immediately after his conversion ,he infiltrated to corrupt the Anglos department of Eli Yishai’s party and latter the Anglos of the Otsma !! PLAYS the anti-missionary activist BUT participates also in “interfaith” global meetings , and became the “chief rabbi” of the “lost island” electronic made up masonic “country”

        [Ed. note – see later comments, he didn’t mean ‘gay’ but ‘guy’ – bad English error.]

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          This is getting crazier and crazier – here is his Twitter feed, and he says he’s being invited to foreign countries, and to things like opening the new Chabad house in Thailand….


          Here’s a sample tweet:

          Prime Minister of Lostisland
          May 17
          I have decided to travel to Thailand via Bahrain with @GulfAir
          and back, via Dubai, with @emirates, to celebrate the Abraham Accords.

          Also, if you go to the website you linked above – don’t know how recently this was updated, but here’s what he’s a member of:

          Founding member and President of Lékh Lékha Europe, France
          Founder of Anglos for YACHAD-Ha’Am Itanu, Israel
          Member of Cambodunum Lodge #3953 (Order of Freemasons), England
          Member of Holy Land Lodge (Order of Freemasons), Israel
          Member of Philosopher Stone Lodge (Order of Memphis Mitzrayim), Israel
          Member of B’Nei Brith International, U.S.A.



          What is the ‘Philosopher Stone Lodge’ of masons in Israel?!

          How do you know he was linked to Eli Yishai, and why are you saying he’s gay? He appears to be married, at least from his website of 2012.

          • Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
            Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

            MIstake !!!sorry for my poor english. I wanted to write “guy”. He is married with children. Veeery Hasidic family in a veeeery froom neighbor in a veeery froom city.

          • Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
            Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

            I know him personally , from Manchester . He was converted there and he was in and out to hasidic places and courts even before his conversion …..and he was elevated to be masgiach kashrut very easily.

  6. Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
    Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

    Back to 2020 in a meeting between the so called pr. Rivlin and representatives of the LGTB together with heads of the regional councils was said explicitly that part of the gov. authorities was transferred to the regional councils to apply the policies of the Agenda….These policies of “religious tolerance” and “gender equality” are adopted and advertised openly in the official sites pages of ministries of the gov….. With very “froom” and very “zionists” influencers” (“free masons” all of them propably) , they infiltrated religious settlements .


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