It’s amazing the information you find, when you actually start with real people, instead of manufactured ‘history’.

If you remember from THIS post, we’d just figured out that at least one branch of Zeitlins changed their name to ‘Fundaminsky’.

The grandfather of these Zeitlin / Fundaminskys was none other than the Russian tea oligarch (and big Zionist funder), Kalonymus Ze’ev Wissotsky.

We also learned that these Fundaminskys were Bolsheviks involved in the Russian Revolution.


We also learned that ‘Manya Tumarkin’ – who appears to have married these two Zeitlin / Fundaminsky brothers, plus the non-Jewish, Russian Minister of Interior affairs Nikolai Avksentyev – links us straight back to the ‘Tumarkin dynasty’ closely associated with CHABAD.

The last thing we learned is that the leading ‘Zionist thinker’ Ahad Ha’am – Asher Ginzburg – actually worked for Wissotsky – and was married to the niece of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe.


OK, so now you are all caught up, let’s see what we can learn about this mysterious ‘Tumarkin’ connection, with the Zeitlin / Fundaminskys, Wissotsky, and of course, the Zionist enterprise that created the State of Israel.

While I hit a dead-end pretty fast with Manya Tumarkin‘s own genealogy, all carefully hidden behind ‘private’ labels, I struck gold, when I started searching from the top down.

This is a screenshot for the entry for ‘Aharon Tumarkin‘ (the first):



I’ve been doing this so long now, that I have certain names emblazoned on my brain as ‘interesting’.

The name ‘KLETZKER’ is one of those names.

‘EISENSTADT’ is another of those names.

So, I immediately see that this Aharon Tumarkin is:

a) Meant to be married to an ‘anonymous’ Eisenstadt / Kletzker.

b) That this same anonymous Eisenstadt / Kletzker woman is also the wife of the Alter Rebbe’s grandson, one ‘Baruch Klutzkar’.


I start clicking around, and I somehow come across THIS attached document.

(It’s in Hebrew and Yiddish.)

It’s a whole, big collection of official Chabad ‘stories’ about Benjamin Kletzker, Aharon Tumarkin’s father-in-law.

Very quickly, I become amazed by what I’m reading.


Like, the story of how this Benjamin Kletzker comes with the Alter Rebbe, and the Mittler Rebbe, to ‘confront’ none other than Yehoshua Zeitlin, who is described as the ‘chief mitnaged’, at home in his mansion.

And then there are stories of how this Benjamin Kletzker and Pinchas Rosanes Shick are big merchants, doing kiruv in the local fairs in Leipzig, and while they tie their trees together as part of their lumber merchant activities.

And then, there are stories of how Rabbi Shlomo of Karlin tries to ‘entice’ Benjamin Kletzer to become his chassid… and more stories of how Benjamin Kletzker storms into the ‘mitnaged’ shul in Vilna, bangs on the bima and gives over a big shot of chassidic mussar….

And then, there are stories that show that this Benjamin Kletzker mamash seems to be treated as something of an equal by the Alter Rebbe; and the Mittler Rebbe, and also the Tzemach Tzedek (Rebbe Number 3).

So how come I never heard of this guy before?!?!


So then I get up to page 65, screenshotted below, and here is what I read:



(This is all talking about this same guy, Benjamin Eisenstadt / Kletzker):

His sons-in-law

One of his children married the Rabbi Baruch of Shklov / Orsha, the second son of Rabbi Eliyahu (ben Rabbi Mordechai), and the Rabbanit Frieda, daughter of the Alter Rebbe.

The daughter of Rabbi Baruch was the daughter-in-law of the Tzemach Tzedek, the wife of his son R’ Yaakov, who died during the lifetime of the Tzemach Tzedek.

[Benjamin Kletzker’s] second son-in-law was Rabbi Aharon Tumarkin, (the grandfather of ‘Chatan Danan).

His third son-in-law was ‘the big, famous’ Rabbi Ber Leib Baruchin, from Plotsk.


So, we already learned some interesting stuff here.

We learn that the Alter Rebbe’s daughter Frieda was married to someone called ‘Rabbi Eliyahu ben Mordechai’, and that their son is ‘Rabbi Baruch of Shklov’ – who is probably none other than Baruch Shick of Shklov.

Way back at the beginning of this odyssey, we fingered Baruch Schick as an early ‘reformer’ and proponent of the haskalah.

Here’s some more interesting information about him, from HERE:


Rabbi and physician, studied medicine in England.

He translated many scientific works into Hebrew. Jewish scholar and encyclopedist.he received the title of rabbi in 1764 in Brest and served as a dayan (religious judge) in Minsk, studied medicine in England and published a treatise on trigonometry “enEneh ha-Midah “(Prague, 1784; Shklov, 1793), as well as works on astronomy, anatomy and hygiene.

Translated the works of Euclid into Hebrew; he spent the last years of his life in Slutsk, where he served as a dayan and court physician to the prince Radziwill.

He joined one of the English Masonic lodges at the end of the 18th century.

Towards the end of his life, he spent some time with the famous philanthropist Joshua Zeitlin. He set up a chemical laboratory for his scientific experiments. 


Just file Baruch Shick’s connection to Prince Radziwill away for now. It’s a big clue to what is really going on here.


According to this document above, which is meticulously footnoted from conventional Chabad sources, Baruch of Shklov’s maternal grandfather is Shneur Zalman, aka the Alter Rebbe.

But according to the Jew-Age website HERE, Baruch Shick of Shklov’s maternal grandfather is none other than… the Sha’agat Aryeh.


Back in THIS post, about R’ Chaim Kanievsky’s ancestor, the haskalah-promoting Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim, we learned the following (from his Wikipedia page):

Meeting with Baruch Schick of Shklov

In 1778, upon the recommendation of the Vilna GaonBaruch Schick of Shklov (1744-1808) journeyed to Slonim to ask Shimshon to write an approbation to the first ever Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Elements, Sefer Oklidus. Shimshon agreed and wrote part of the introduction to the book.


Go back and read that post.

You’ll see how the mythical Sha’agat Aryeh figures large in that post, too.

Here’s another pertinent snippet:

Here‘s another interesting link:

Joshua Zeitlin (1742 in ShklovBelarus – August 18, 1822, in KhersonNovorossiya) was a Russian rabbinical scholar and philanthropist. He was a pupil of the Talmudist Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben Asher Gunzberg who was the author of Sha’agat Aryeh;


And lastly, this comes from the website:

Baruch Shik lived for many years in the Ustye estate, owned by an outstanding teacher of the law and philanthropist Joshua Zeitlin, where he continued his serious study of the Torah…

His grandson, the outstanding teacher of the law, R. Yaakov Bruchin, was one of the closest students of the founder of the Volozhin Yeshiva, Haim from Volozhin.


Click on the piece about Haim of Volozhin, and here’s what you get:

It is said that at the time when R. Chaim was about to be born, an outstanding teacher of the law, R. Aryeh-Leib Ginzburg (Shaagat Aryeh), was studying in their house, which was rich in books. 

Although Rivka, the woman in labor, was in agony, not a single moan escaped her lips, and she restrained herself so as not to distract the sage from his thoughts. When R. Aryeh-Leib learned of this dedication for the sake of Torah, he blessed the woman in labor, wishing that the son who was born would become a great Torah scholar (ibid.).

In his childhood and youth, Chaim studied under R. Aryeh-Leib Ginzburg, who became the chief rabbi of Volozhin and opened a yeshiva there.


You see, it’s exactly the same names, the same people, coming up again and again and again.


Let’s finish this post by taking a closer look at Rabbi Yaakov Bruchin (1780-1844).

A big, red flag that something interesting is going on with him is that he’s been almost totally scrubbed off the web.

Almost all I can find is this PeoplePill entry in Hebrew, that is preserving information from a Wikipedia page that apparently no longer exists, but which also got copied over to Wikiwand before it was scrubbed. Here’s some pertinent info:


That first bit I highlighted says that R Yaakov Baruchin’s son is called R’ Alexander Sender.


That name again.

And the last line says:

“His great-granddaughter, Rosa Cohen, was the mother of Yitzhak Rabin.”


Or to put this into ‘other words’, Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin was the direct descendant of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Here’s how that works:

Alter Rebbe > Frieda > Baruch Shick of Shklov > Unknown child > R’ Yaakov Baruchin > > > > Rosa Cohen > Yitzhak Rabin.

Same people, same families, on all sides of this State of Israel / Litvak / Chabad equation.

That’s why they are hiding all this information, and scrubbing all these ‘links in the chain’ out of Jewish history.


This comes from the Wikipedia page for Yitzhak Rabin, and is also weird:

Yitzhak’s mother, Rosa Cohen, was born in 1890 in Mogilev in Belarus. Her father, a rabbi, opposed the Zionist movement and sent Rosa to a Christian high school for girls in Gomel, which gave her a broad general education.

Early on, Rosa took an interest in political and social causes. In 1919, she traveled to Palestine on the steamship Ruslan. After working on a kibbutz on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, she moved to Jerusalem.


Yeah sure!

Rabbis who oppose Zionism were always sending their kids to xtian schools in the late 1800s, didn’t you know?

(If they were Frankist-Freemasons, that is.)


We will come back to Benjamin Kletzker another time soon, God willing.

And probably a few other of the characters mentioned here, too.

So, we started off with Bolshevik Zeitlins and Zionist Wissotskys, and ended up with the Alter Rebbe, his grandson, the Freemason Baruch Shick, the Volozhin yeshiva, and finally…. Yitzhak Rabin.

And I’m sure we’re not done yet.




If you go to the geni entry HERE and click ‘view tree’, you’ll start to see how so many of the State of Israel’s ‘establishment’ are all related to each other.

Eugenics pushing Arthur Ruppin.…Aharon Yadlin, father of Amos Yadlin,  Major-General Uzi Narkiss... and in that same family tree, the one for Yitzhak Rabin’s mum, Rosa, we also find another illustrious relative:



The ‘unknown sister’ of R Yaakov Baruchin is the ancestor of R’ Aharon Kotler of Lakewood Yeshiva.

I.e. Rav Aharon Kotler is also a descendent of Baruch Shick, and the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

Such a small gene pool all our leaders swim in, isn’t it?



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7 replies
  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    Is “PeoplePill” an elaborate cross-linguistic pun on “pilpul”?

    “Pilpul (Hebrew: פלפול‎, loosely meaning ‘sharp analysis’; from פִּלְפֵּל‎ (pilpel) ‘pepper’) is a method of studying the Talmud through intense textual analysis in attempts to either explain conceptual differences between various halakhic rulings or to reconcile any apparent contradictions presented from various readings of different texts.”

    That doesn’t feel coincidental.

  2. John Burkart
    John Burkart says:

    Great article.

    If you aren’t already familiar, I’ve discovered the following connections:

    1. Mehmet Cavit Bey of the Young Turks descended from Donmeh leader Baruchiah Russo. The latter explicitly made prohibitions into positive commandments for his followers and allegedly taught Jacob Frank.

    2. David Tebli Hess was the leader of the Mannheim Sabbatians. His great-great grandson was founder of Labor Zionism, Moses Hess.

    There are so many famous people connected to Sabbatianism.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, I didn’t know this information. Thanks for helping to fill in more of the blanks. Are there any links you can share with more of this info?

      • John Burkart
        John Burkart says:

        The Hess information I found in Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s book To Eliminate the Opiate: Volume 2, pg. 14 (and rest of the chapter).

        I tried to dig up the Russo lineage source but haven’t found it yet. I’ll post a citation or link when I locate it.


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