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It all started with a simple email from my husband:

The real power behind the power behind the power…. blah blah


The headline basically sums it up, but go take a look, as it’s pretty surprising just how much power this particular ‘power behind the power’ apparently seems to have.

Two minutes later, he followed it up with this email:

Bizarre – or apparently not, comment in this article:

“Later, Cohen allegedly asked Milchan what Sara Netanyahu thought about him, and the businessman assured him that she thinks positively of him.”
In case you don’t know who Arnon Milchan is (lucky you!), here’s a quick bio, from HERE – well worth more of a read, if you can be bothered:
Arnon Milchan was born 12/6/44 in Palestine. He describes himself as a “10th-generation Palestinian. My family’s been there for 500 years. My grandfather was a very close friend of President Weizman.” (Los Angeles Magazine, 4/00)

Milchan’s father “laid the sprinklers that irrigated Israel.” Later, he grabbed many of Israel’s military contracts. (Los Angeles Magazine, 4/00)


Be kitzur, he was a big ‘friend’ of all those people we’ve come to know and really lurve from the State of Israel, including “Shimon Peres, Moshe Dayan, Teddy Kolleck, and Chaim Herzog” – and is also one of the very biggest players in the cess-pit spelled H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D.

I haven’t looked into his background yet, but who wants to bet me he’s intimately related to all the interesting people we’ve been writing about on the blog?

Because as I keep mentioning, if you follow all these people who seem to be running the State of Israel back a few generations, you tend to hit the same small family group.

And guess what?

That’s also what happened with the PM’s ‘power behind the throne’.


As you’d expect, her geni profile is totally sanitised and almost useless:


Unless you are obsessed with geni, like yours truly, and have been clicking through so many profiles of famous Jews the last few months, that I’m starting to make some of the connections that clearly they don’t want to be made.

Like this:

Sara’s mother, Chava, is a Paritzky.

That’s the same family Shimon (Perskey) Peres descends from.

Hey, what a CO-INC-IDE-NCE!

But if you try to click back to see how that might possibly link up – you hit a dead end very fast.

But now at least I had something to work with.


Next stop was HERE, the ethnicelebs.com website, which is turning into a handy archive for a lot of the details that are being steadily scrubbed off in other places. That’s where I read this:

Sara is the daughter of Chava/Hava (Paritzky‎‏) and Shmuel Ben-Artzi (born Samuel Han/Haan), a writer, poet, and educator. Her father was born in Biłgoraj, Congress Poland, Russian Empire. Her mother is a sixth-generation Jerusalemite.

Sara’s paternal grandfather was Moishe/Moshe Han/Hon (the son of Zeev Hon and Khana Beile). Moishe was born in Tarnogród, Biłgoraj County, Lublin Voivodeship.

Sara’s paternal grandmother was named Chava Sima Tauber.

Sara’s maternal grandfather was named Dov Paritzky‎‏.


Most of that information has now been scrubbed off geni.

You don’t have to believe all these conspiracy theories, but I’d love to hear your theories about why all this information is steadily disappearing out of the public arena, if you aren’t buying my explanation.

Let’s continue.


Next stop was HERE, the archives of Yad Vashem, where I managed to pick up some more details of close relatives of her father who’d been killed in World War II.

Once I had a few more names to work with, I could plug those in and start the search afresh.

And that’s when I got to HERE, a totally different genealogy website, with way more details of dear Sara’s ancestors.



If you scroll down, down, down, you get to this:


You know who else ‘Elchanan zum roten Rose’ is related to, don’t you?


It’s so interesting, how the same people, the same names, just keep coming up again and again and again.


Let’s just end this, where we began, with that interesting news story my husband sent me:

The real power behind the power behind the power…. blah blah

Now that you know who she’s related to, does that make this headline more or less believable?



So, I went and had a poke around in Benjamin Netanyahu’s family tree (the bit I can access easily) – and guess what I found?
He had an aunt, Shoshana Netanyahu, who was a Supreme Court Justice in Israel, and instrumental in passing the National Health Insurance Act in 1994 that made participation in one of the nation’s four health kupot (organisations) mandatory for Israeli citizens.
This snippet comes from HERE:
From 1988 to 1990 [Shoshana Netanyahu] headed a national committee of inquiry for examining the functionality and efficiency of Israel’s health system. This required ground-breaking policy work, involving issues of public health, health economics and the rights of the citizen to health care.
Her commission recommended three reforms: reinforcing the status of ambulatory medicine in the community and transferring major medical care to it; transforming state-owned hospitals into economic corporations under government inspection and supervision; and a normative change in the relations between the Ministry of Health and the health system.
In the wake of these recommendations the revolutionary National Health Insurance Act was passed in 1994 but other reforms proposed by Netanyahu, such as privatization of the hospitals, have not yet been implemented and remain the subject of controversy.

Man, this plan to create an ‘harvestable’ bank of personal medical data has been in the works for at least the last 35 years.

I’m actually shocked.

Here’s a bit more about that National Health Insurance Act of 1994, from Wikipedia:

Under the National Health Insurance Law, membership in one of the four following health funds, or Kupot Holim (Patient Funds) is compulsory for all residents of IsraelClalitMaccabiMeuhedet and Leumit.,,, The law established a system of direct oversight of the Kupot Holim by the state, and certain services are under the direct administration of the State, usually by means of the Ministry of Health.

Now, go back and read this:

This current ‘Covid 19’ nightmare has been planned for at least 35 years!

And I can’t believe it’s a CO-IN-CIDE-NCE that such close family members are involved in it, on all sides of the equation.

Looky here, another ‘Netanyahu’ in a top spot at the WHO, from the JPost, back in September 2020:

Israel’s WHO scientists playing a key role in making the world healthier

#13 – Who’s Who at WHO: Dorit Nitzan and Sinaia Netanyahu


When was she named to that ‘top post’ at the WHO?

This comes from HERE:

The former chief scientist of Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry was named Thursday as the country’s highest serving official at the World Health Organization, a posting celebrated by the government as a major achievement.

Sinaia Netanyahu, who served as the Environmental Protection Ministry’s chief scientist from 2011 to the end of 2017, will become the head of the Program for Environmental and Health Impacts at the WHO’s Europe office, according to an announcement by the Foreign Ministry.


I’m sure it’s just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE that she’s married to Nathan Netanyahu, the PM’s first cousin.



When are we going to wake up, and see what’s right in front of our faces?



Some more interesting articles, to fill out this picture.

This is a link to an article written by Moshe Bar Siman Tov – former economist-turned-former-head of Israel’s ‘Health’ Ministry, explaining how ‘Israel turned decades of medical data into digital health gold.’:



This article was written by Bar Siman Tov in March 2019 – almost a year before Israel went into its first ‘Covid 19’ lockdown, in March 2020.

And yet, Bar Siman Tov writes this (emphasis mine):

“Because of its small size and advanced technology, implementing a health record digitization project has been easier in Israel than it would likely be elsewhere.

“That makes Israel ground zero for an experiment that in time could solve many of the challenges facing its own health care system, and for systems around the world.”


And now, compare and contrast the above with this from today, a sickening article where Pfizer CEO – the ‘unvaccinated’ Albert Bourla – explains very clearly that he made a ‘bet’ with Netanyahu, and also sets out so clearly you simply can’t lie to yourself anymore, that the citizens in Israel are being used as lab rats in one big ‘experiment’:


Pfizer CEO expects teens to vaccinate in 6 months, kids 5-11 by year’s end

“We placed a bet with Israel. We are so happy, because the way that you executed was beyond our imagination,” he told N12 in an interview.

Here’s another snippet (emphasis mine):

“We knew that it is very appropriate for humanity to be able to select one country, so that we can demonstrate what the vaccination of the people can do to the health index, the health of the people, and to the economic index, because they will be able to reopen the economy,” he said.

When asked what made him choose Israel as a case study, Bourla said “Of course, I was talking with several heads of state. I spoke to your prime minister, he convinced me that Israel is the place with the right conditions.”

By “right conditions,” Bourla meant that Israel has a small population – 9 million – an “extraordinary healthcare system,” and a large amount of electronic data on its citizens.


I truly feel a little sick, reading this stuff.

Bar Siman Tov either had a crystal ball back in March 2019 – or this ‘Covid 19 experiment’ has been planned – with Israel as its principal focus – for years.

Which do you think is the more credible explanation?

And then, what does that tell you, about what’s really going on here?


Hashem, please come and rescue us!



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32 replies
  1. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Wow; you are a champ, Rivka!

    “Whoever holds the purse makes the rule”, right? That’s also part of the Rothschild philosophy and M.O. How cool: keep little Bibi ( or should I say little baby?) on a leash: do as I say or you get no food! Unbelievable! – although the story sounds extremely believable actually: big friend of Trump, big ruler and Iran fighter is actually a scared little boy, scared of big mommy – and her family relationship actually explains why he “fell in love with” the stewardess, doesn’t it: marry into power, and there you go. Achashveros did it too, but look how that ended: I don’t see Bibi becoming an Achachverosh, unless some Haman shows up who wants even more power than the “queen” has; has a Haman showed up? I would say YES: Bill Gates did. But I think the parallel ends here: what comes next???

  2. Ana
    Ana says:

    There is a lot of interesting information here. It still doesn’t express the “big picture” of what they’re doing. Meaning, if this is a deadly, nefarious vaccine, why would the government try to “inoculate” and potentially harm all of its citizens and over 80% of its armed forces (so far)? Netanyahu may be a lot of things, but with no population to rule over, he’s nothing… so what’s going on? Are they trying to “condition” the population, to break them into being obedient? Something else? Are the vaccines really *mostly* safe and this is just about money and power? As if the whole Covid is exactly as presented by the world’s governments?

    On a different note, relating to genealogies and geni, etc., have you tried archive.org to see what is changed and maybe that will help you figure some of these things out? What is being hidden?

    • Ana
      Ana says:

      By the way, do you know anything about Netanyahu’s first wife and Haredi daughter? Just from the press, it seems he doesn’t have a close relationship with his daughter.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Nope, but I know he was married 3 times, with Sara being #3.

        It’s on the list… Do you have more info about them, as a starting point?

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        So now I did just some surface digging.

        He’s had 3 marriages:

        1) To Dr Miriam Weizmann (I have a feeling she may well be related to *the* Weizmann family – that wouldn’t shock me.)

        They have one daughter, Noa Roth, married to a Dr Daniel Roth who is a apparently affiliated with Chabad and a businessman, and they apparently live in Meah Shearim.

        There are 2 potential ‘Dr Daniel Roths’ I can find in Jerusalem this guy:

        And this one:

        2) Is a non-Jewish woman called Fleur Cates, from the UK, who Netanyahu had a fling with with still married to Miriam, above, leading to their divorce.

        Strangely, no-one seems to talk about her, but you’d think that this would have had at least some impact on his voter base…


        3) And lastly, in 1991, he married his current wife Sara.

        • Ana
          Ana says:

          I don’t have any particular insights. It just seems like an interesting thing that whoever Bibi is, he has a Haredi daughter living in Mea Shearim… it’s doubtful either of those Daniel Roth’s are “the one” you’re looking for. It could very well be he doesn’t have a public internet persona. Is there a Chabad presence in Mea Shearim? There’s an opinion piece on TOI if you search for her name… obviously the author is biased, but probably some of the “facts” are true.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Apparently, they live in Sanhedria, not Meah Shearim.

            Businessmen – even chareidi businessmen – are on the internet, these days.

            Also, the couple had one of their brissim at Aish HaTorah, that the PM attended…. Which would suggest a connection with Aish.

            Tov, we’ll park this for now. But it was useful in showing up that the PM has been married 3 times, once to a non-Jew, and had multiple affairs including one he was actually publically blackmailed over. I guess it’s just kind of filling out the bigger picture of who this man really is.

            And why no-one should trust him.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            whoah, nice bit of detective work!

            Thanks Ana. How do you know this is definitely Netanyahu’s son in law, tho?

            I will go check that company out… I have a feeling we may have just tripped over an interesting back door to Chinese investment in Israel, including the connection with the new Haifa Port… But let’s see what pans out.

            Thanks again!

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I also saw those, but didn’t manage to track him down.

            Truly thanks for the steer. I’m now researching that site, and it’s opening another big can of worms. For example, it says that Daniel Roth was “Associate Partner at Jerusalem Global Ventures”. When you go check that company out – run by one Shlomo Kalish a billionaire Chabadnik with some interesting links to Netanyahu, and a whole bunch of ‘hitech’ guys and politicians – it seems that Daniel has been scrubbed out.

            That immediately peaks my interest – because why? Can you find anything more on that, Ana?

            In the meantime, the more I look into Shlomo Kalish, the more the BS-O-Meter is dinging off. For example, take a look at the charity he’s meant to have started back in 1999 – that has apparently now disappeared, so this link is the Wayback machine:


            The list of ‘honorary trustees’ spreads over 3 whole pages, and includes some names we all recognise, including:

            (This is just the first few… – Why are all these huge names involved in a charity that seems to be very ‘modest’ in its activities and scope?)

            Yitzhak Shamir, Former Prime Minister
            Benjamin Nethanyahu, Former Prime Minsiter
            Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi, Rabbi Kfar Chabad
            Mr. Ilan Atias, President PowerDsine
            Mr. Bezalel Arkush, President Main X Change.Com Ltd
            Prof. Robert John Aumann, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
            Mr. Shlomo Avnon, Chairman and Associate Shalmor, Avon and Amihai
            Mr. Ami Ayalon, CEO Argo Quest Israel
            Mr. Nir Barkat, CEO BRM
            Mr. Amos Bar-Shalev, Managing Director TDA Capital Partners Ltd
            Mr. Ron Be’ery, President Be’ery Investments Bankers
            Mr. Itsik Ben- Yesha, CFO Valor Computerized Systems Ltd
            Mr. Gideon Ben-Zvi, Vice President Business Development Wizcom
            Mr. Rami Beracha, Managing Director DS Polaris
            Mr. Avi Berger, Managing Partner Kesselman & Kesselman
            Prof. Joseph S. Bodenheimer, President Jerusalem College of Technology – Machon Lev, Jerusalem
            Prof. Herman Branover, The Lady Davis Professor, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
            Dr. Meir Burstin, Chairman & CEO ART – Advanced Recognition Technologies
            Dr. Joseph Ciechanover, President of the Challenge Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors of El Al
            Mr. Itzhak Chalamish, President Menora Gaon Capital Markets Ltd.
            Mr. Daniel S. Chertoff, Managing Director Chertoff & Company Ltd.
            Mr. Isaac Devash, Founder & General Partner of the IIF International Funds
            Mr. Shmil Dolberg, CEO Valor Computerized Systems Ltd
            Dr. Shimon Eckhouse
            Mr. Boaz Eitan, President &CEO; Saifun Semiconductors
            Attorney David Efrati, CEO Efrati , Galili & CO
            Mr. Raphael Epstein, President Netformx
            Mr. Amir Feldman, General Manager Prizma Technology Investment Ltd
            Prof. Jacob .A. Frenkel, President Merrill Lynch International
            Mr. Yosi Frenkel, Managing Director YLR Capital Markets
            Dr. Motti Friedman, Educational Director – Partnership 2000
            Mr. Itshak Forer, Chairman Ernst & Young

          • Ana
            Ana says:

            This is from lower down in the Haaretz article, which is where the idea to look on the Israel China site came from. Here is the main part of interest:

            Roth, 41, is the daughter of Netanyahu and his first wife, Miriam Haran. She became ultra-Orthodox and married Daniel Roth, an ultra-Orthodox businessman. The couple has four children and lives in Jerusalem’s Sanhedria neighborhood.

            For some years, Daniel Roth has been trying to launch a business based on ties between Israel and China. Among other things, he founded companies and a public-benefit corporation, through the law firm of Netanyahu’s close associate David Shimron.

            On the website of the public-benefit corporation, China Israel Exchange, Daniel Roth had appeared in a picture alongside the prime minister. According to previous reports, during meetings in China, Roth made hints about the benefits of his ties to the prime minister. The day after a report was aired in 2017 by Israel’s public broadcaster, the website of the public-benefit corporation went offline. It has since gone live again.

            The apartment for which Roth received the loan is on Kadish Luz Street in Jerusalem. Roth’s mother and two sisters inherited it from their mother, Matilda Weizmann, in 2001.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I couldn’t get past the paywall – I used to look at the cached articles on Google as a workaround, but now I’m on Duck Duck Go, not sure whether I can do that – at least, I haven’t figured it out.

            So, to be clear: Noa (Netanyahu) is born from a mother called Miriam Weizmann.

            And she marries Daniel Roth, who for some reason seems to have changed his name from ‘Weizmann’, the original name of his mother and two sisters?

        • Ana
          Ana says:

          You can see an archived version of the Haaretz article on archive.org…
          I think you’re mixing something up, saying that Noa (Netanyahu) was born to a Weizmann mother and then saying something about Daniel Roth changing his name from Weizmann to Roth… I think Daniel Roth is his name.
          What is striking is that supposedly Netanyahu has almost no relationship with his daughter, but there seems to be a strong “business relationship” between him and his son-in-law (which involves linking to China)…
          Maybe it’s all just very normal and innocent…

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            It’s from the bottom of what you quoted from the article, here:

            “The apartment for which Roth received the loan is on Kadish Luz Street in Jerusalem. Roth’s mother and two sisters inherited it from their mother, Matilda Weizmann, in 2001.”

            Ah, now I see how I got mixed up. I think it’s saying that Roth’s grandmother is Matilda Weizmann, but the grammar is wrong as it says she is ‘their mother’, not ‘her mother’.

            Meanwhile, Noa Netanyahu Roth’s mother is also a Weizmann, Miriam Weizmann (now Haran).

            All these Weizmanns marrying each other…

            Just another CO-INC-IDEN-CE, if you believe in those.

            In the meantime, here’s what Miriam Weizmann Haran has been up to:

            (From here: https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Miriam-Haran-09NVVM-E/biography/)

            “Miriam Haran occupies the position of Chairman for Weitz Center For Sustainable Development.

            She is also on the board of Dead Sea Works Ltd. and Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd. and Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Israel.

            In her past career Dr. Haran was Chairman of Israel Consumer Council, Director General at Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, Deputy Head-Human Resources at China Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation and Head-MBA Environmental Management at Ono Academic College.”

            This link is particularly interesting, at least to me:

            “Deputy Head-Human Resources at China Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation.”

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:

        Noa? I do know about her. How? Well, my neighbor in Yerushalayim, a nice old lady of German Jewish origin, Lotte H., happens to be the mother of Noa’s second husband. Nice people. Yes, Noa is Shomeret Shabbat. But I don’t know how close they are to Bibi. Not very much, if I recall.

        • Daisy Stern
          Daisy Stern says:


          I just read what you said about Noa Roth. That is very strange, as Lotte clearly told me that one of her sons is married to Noa. That was about 10 years ago. Could she have divorced that husband too and remarried a Dr. Roth? I don’t see Lotte’s sons ( she has 2 sons) changing their names. I don’t know them that well, just bumped into one of them once, they used to come visit their old mother every Erev Shabbat. But the link to Noa was absolutely real, not a doubt , Lotte is a very reliable person, she was Vaad Habayit for a long time.

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            So, your neighbor Lotte was not ‘Mrs Roth’? She had a different name?

            And you’re sure her son is / was married to Netanyahu’s daughter?

      • Ana
        Ana says:

        For the last week or so, it’s seemed that there is a delay with comments and posts coming out. Similar things happened to me when I tried to comment previously. Some posts show up in the morning and are dated the previous day, even though the previous day nothing was visible when opening the main site.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          I have a lot of weird quirks with the site. I think that’s one of the ways God keeps it ‘hidden’ when it needs to be hidden, if you know what I mean, so I don’t get into trouble.

          • Ana
            Ana says:

            It’s not clear if there’s a timing delay or if you’re not finishing loading or clicking on something on your end – for example, the main page says this post has 29 comments, but clicking on the post itself, it’s showing 25…

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            I only have one outstanding on my desktop right now – yours, at 10.35am – which is about to go up…

            All the comments get out there eventually, I guess God decides when they show up.

  3. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    OK. Now that it is easy to post again – I had to go through ‘Incognito”, could you imagine? – I will briefly summarize my error re: Haran: the MOTHER of Noa, not Noa herself, married a Haran, the son of my neighbor. So Noa is the stepdaughter of Mr. Haran, she did not marry a Haran. My apologies, I had not remembered the details correctly.

  4. Netanel Simcha
    Netanel Simcha says:

    Yeah, I agree with you Ana. Although I do believe that the vaccine has directly killed people, I think it certainly hasn’t killed a big percentage of the population at all. Although I do think there are some bad guys at the top of the chain, like Bill Gates and Fauci, if their intention was really to kill a big percentage of the population, then it seems they’ve completely failed.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s part of the way that the ‘yetzer’ has us trained in 2021, that if the bolt of lightning doesn’t strike immediately – that we say it’s never going to strike.

      People break Shabbat – nothing happens. They eat traif – nothing happens. They are full of ga’ava and selfishness – nothing happens.

      But at the end, if it’s not fixed, all these things lead to some very terrible outcomes.

      That’s how God created the world.

      Delayed reactions are built in all over the place – both for the good, and for the bad.

  5. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Sorry Rivka, I started writing a comment, and it disappeared. So here is the continuation.

    I was saying that first of all your reply was very insightful and true. Thanks

    Secondly, this is particularly a reply to Ana and Netanel Simcha:
    take a look at this information that surfaced in the last few days: Mike Adams is only one of many who posted it, because it is very important, coming from a scientist who comes ‘from the other side”, if you like. I found it on several websites, but this one is well put together, coming from somebody who understands the terms and the issues. And there are a lot of other scientists who studied this “vax” and came to the conclusion that the worst effects are only waiting to appear. It is a long, convoluted reason I cannot discuss this minute, but there are many detailed sources.


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