A few months’ ago, I happened across an interesting person in Jewish history named Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim.

It was back in that period of time when I was writing pieces about the Yichus of Shimon Peres, and the Yichus of Sarah Paritsky, wife of Ben Nitay – the infamous descendent of the Vilna Gaon who was recently booted out as PM in Israel.

What was coming through loud and clear from all that research, at that time, is how all these secular politicians were literally related to each other, and notably to the Vilna Gaon and his small band of, disciples and ‘perushim’.


Back then, we were discovering that any way you sliced a ‘division’ in the Jewish community, you would find members of the exact same three families heading it up.

  • Mitnaged vs chassid…
  • Zionist vs ‘anti’-Zionist…
  • Religious vs secular…
  • Reform vs ultra-orthodox…
  • And probably even
  • Sephardi vs ashkenazi – although standing that one up in real time is something that’s going to take me a huge amount of time to prove, if I ever get around to it.

It comes back to this idea of ‘controlled opposition’, where basically the controllers have to have their people on both sides of the equation, the war, the division, in order to ensure an outcome that can be, well, controlled.


At that point, so many months ago, I tripped over some interesting connections with the Karelitz family of gaonim.

But I decided to shelve them, as I had enough controversy going on at that point.

Well, today I was going to write you a whole long piece explaining how all these PCR tests we are doing in Israel are sending our DNA directly to databases in China – in Wuhan, actually – with the blessing of the corrupt State of Israel.

But somehow, I managed to delete all my tabs again, which I took as a sign that I should write about something else instead.

And then, bizarrely, out of nowhere, I ‘tripped over’ all the information about Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonimthat I decided to shelve, six months ago.


Lots has happened since then.

Like this, for example:

WATCH: HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Approves: Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky backs call to vaccinate children over 12

So, I decided that shemayim decided I should write this stuff today, so people can decide for themselves what might be going on here, in the family-run mafia aka the State of Israel.


Let’s start with the Wikipage for Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim, full as it is with deliberate misdirection.

There, we learn the following:

Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai of Slonim (c. 1734/1736 – 1794), was an 18th-century rabbi, philosopher, mathematician, and scientist.

He was one of the leaders of Haskalah and the Misnagdim, and was greatly influenced by the Vilna Gaon. He was the Av Beit Din of Slonim and Königsberg and is thought to have been descended from Shimshon Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague’s brother through his grandson, Samson ben Pesah Ostropoli.


Straight off the bat, please notice we are back in ‘Maharal of Prague’ territory.

Honestly, we nearly always are.

Let’s get the easy stuff out the way first.

First, let’s define what the Haskalah actually was (from Wikipedia):

The Haskalah, often termed Jewish Enlightenment (Hebrew: השכלה‎; literally, “wisdom”, “erudition” or “education”), was an intellectual movement among the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe, with certain influence on those in Western Europe and the Muslim world. It arose as a defined ideological worldview during the 1770s, and its last stage ended around 1881, with the rise of Jewish nationalism.


In other words, Reform Judaism, zionism and mass conversion, atheism and Jewish apostasy all flowed from this same well of ‘Haskalah’, culminating in the creation of the State of Israel.

And this guy, Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim, was somehow bang in the middle of enthusiastically pushing all that along.


Perhaps, then, you’ll find it a little strange to learn that Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim’s descendants include the Chazon Ish and R’ Chaim Kanievsky.

Here’s how that goes, in descending order:

Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim >

Gershon Zelig Karelitz >

Zundel Karelitz >

Yeshaya Shmeril Karelitz >

Samuel Shamke Karelitz >

Eliyahu Shmaryahu Yosef Karelitz >

> Avraham Yehoshua Karelitz (Chazon Ish)

> Miriam Karelitz married the Steipler Gaon, and had R’ Chaim Kanievsky.


Now, all sorts of strange things happen in families, it’s true.

But I find it very surprising that an early ‘leader of the haskalah’ should have had descendants who not only stayed within the orthodox fold, but who also rose to become the defacto ‘leaders’ of the orthodox Jewish world in Eretz Yisrael.

Because mostly, the kids of these early leaders of the haskalah converted out, or apostosized faster than you can say “the haskalah was created by Frankist families who stayed within the Jewish community.”

But looky, here, the chasdai Hashem!

Not only did this branch of haskalah reformers stay frum, they were also able to give Am Yisrael such tremendous guidance in these dark times, especially in relation to the very complex question of whether it’s safe to take the Covid 19 experimental gene therapy, that includes biotoxic graphene oxide.

Truly, it’s outstanding.

But let’s continue, as I told you, getting this stuff out the way is the easy bit of unpicking what’s going on here.


Let’s just take a quick detour to see who the Chazon Ish is connected to on his mother’s side.

Here we discover that Rasha’s father is one R’ Shaul Katzenelenbogen (1828 – 1891) who happened to change his family name to Katzenelenbogen, from Epstein.

It’s weird that he changed the family name to that for a lot of reasons, not least that his great-grandfather was a very highly esteemed Rav named R’ Aryeh Leib HaLevi Epstein.

Why would people who are SO into their yichus want to somehow ‘hide’ their connection to R’ Aryeh Leib HaLevi Epstein?

Let’s see if we can find out.


(BTW, I’m doing this ‘live’ as it were, so I have no idea where all this is going to end up. But I have the feeling, it’s going to be an interesting ride.)

If we go to the Hebrew Wikipedia page for R’ Aryeh Leib HaLevi Epstein (1708-1775) (which always seems to be more factually correct and less doctored, at least for Torah sages), we learn the following nuggets:

  • He served as the Rabbi of Koenigsburg for 30 years.
  • He was born in Grodno, to R Mordechai Epstein (aka ‘Mordechai Wilner’) – that’s interesting, because the Vilner Gaon’s descendants went by the name ‘Wilner’, including this one: R’ Mordcha Motel Marcus Mordechai Wilner.)
  • The Karelitz family have been intermarrying with this particular branch of the Epstein / Katzenelenbogen family for generations.
  • He wrote 23 books on the kabbalah, including one called ‘Ha Pardes‘.
  • The Vilna Gaon only gave 3 haskamas in his life to books – and two of these are to books written by R’ Aryeh Leib HaLevi Epstein.
  • He was a very close friend of Yonatan Eibshutz
  • There is a very strong ‘Vilna’ dimension to all this.


Let’s see if we can try to unpick this some more.

If we head back to Geni, we discover that Mordechai Epstein had a few other children, including one called Zeev Wolf HaLevy Epstein.

What I immediately notice as I’m clicking around is that so many of these relatives have been hidden behind the ‘private’ label – which is kinda weird. I mean, it’s almost 300 years ago, so what are they trying to hide, here?

I know from past experience that these interesting families always try to marry each other, so when I see that the daughter of Zeev Wolf, one Rivka, marries an unidentified ‘Aryeh Leib’…. well. I get the feeling that it’s her uncle, OUR Aryeh Leib HaLevy Epstein, author of HaPardes.

But why would they try to cover that up?



One possible clue is that ‘Aryeh Leib’ is meant to be the son of Rabbi Shmuel, the last ABD of Vilna.

If you go back to THIS post, you’ll get more of the background about the huge ruckus that was going on in Vilna during the tenure of the Vilna Gaon, which saw the kahal and the chief Rabbi – this Shmuel ben Avigdor – fighting a pitched battle for control for more than 30 years.

That whole episode has been totally distorted and misreported, historically, because I think it’s at the heart of so much of the ‘Frankist takeover’ of our modern Jewish world. But here’s the bit I want you to focus on, for now:

  • The real identity of ‘Rabbi Shmuel ben Avigdor‘ – the Chief Rabbi of Vilna, at the time of the Vilna Gaon, and the son-in-law of wealthy shtadlan ‘Rabbi Yehuda ben Eliezer Safra deVayana’ – has also been deliberately hidden.


If Aryeh Leib Epstein’s dad is ‘Rabbi Shmuel’, that makes ‘Rabbi Shmuel’ = Mordechai Epstein, aka Mordechai Wilner.

And that makes Aryeh Leib’s mother the daughter of ‘R’ Yehuda ben Eliezer Safra deVayana.

And if that’s the only mystery we clear up today, then dayenu. But I don’t think it will be.

Eliakim Getzel’, the one child not marked as ‘private’ is an unusual name, and it leads us straight back into the midst of the interesting families I’ve fingered previously as being made-up pseudonyms for Sabbatean-Frankists, who were trying to cover their genealogical tracks.

But let’s leave that there, for now, because I want to get back to the connections between Aryeh Leib Epstein, Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim, and the mysterious Vilna Gaon.


First, here’s a snippet from the Yizkor book for the community of Ciechanowiec, in Poland.

(Bear with me – all this will come together by the end of the post. I hope.)

The close ties between the Vilna Gaon and Ciechanowiec found their source in Rabbi David Saul Katzenelbogen, Head of the Court in Ciechanowiec.

Rabbi David had four sons named after four animals. They were Zvi Hersch, Ze’ev Wolf, Aryeh Leib, and Dov Ber.

Of these, Aryeh Leib was the comrade of the Vilna Gaon.

There is a standard edition of the Hebrew Bible with many commentaries known as the Mikraot Gedolot, which includes a commentary of the Vilna Gaon entitled Aderet Eliyahu (Mantle of Elijah). In the section dealing with Leviticus we find, “When the Vilna Gaon was ten years old he had a companion closer than a brother, that famed Gaon, our Master and Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Ciechanowiec.”…

So close was the friendship between these two scholars that the Vilna Gaon subsequently named his firstborn son Yehuda Leib after Aryeh Leib of Ciechanowiec.


Is ‘Aryeh Leib Epstein’, author of HaPardes, whose books got two of only three haskamot the Vilna Gaon ever wrote, the same as this ‘Aryeh Leib Katzenelenbogen of Ciechanowiec’?

Who was apparently such a close bosom buddy of the Vilna Gaon, he even named his firstborn son in his honor?

It’s at least possible.

If you take a look at the geni screenshot below, you’ll see that, just like R’ David Saul Katzenelenbogen, R’ Mordechai Epstein (Wilner) also has: four sons named after four animals. They were Zvi Hersch, Ze’ev Wolf, Aryeh Leib, and Dov Ber.


So now, we can add another pseudonym into the mix:

R’ David Saul Katzenelenbogen of Ciechanowiec = R’ Mordechai Epstein (Wilner) = R’ Shmuel ben Avidgor, the last ABD of Vilna.

But let’s get back to Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim, because there is still more secrets hiding out over there.


Here’s another snippet from his Wikipedia entry:

Marriage and life in Slonim (1765-1788)

In around 1765, Ichile Ginshpriker, son of Aryeh Leib Epstein, arranged for his first cousin, Basha bat Ze’ev Wolf and Shimshon to be married. They married on 26 October 1765.

In 1769, Shimshon got a seat in Slonim as an Av Beit Din (Chief Rabbinical Judge). He kept this position until around 1791. Shimshon became part of the movement of Haskalah.

When he became Av Beit Din in Slonim, he began to spread the concept of Haskalah throughout the city. He is regarded as the first Chief Rabbi to do so in Slonim.


Hey, small world or what!

And if we’re right that Basha’s sister Rivka married her uncle, Aryeh Leib, that would make Aryeh Leib Epstein and Shimshon ben Mordechai brothers-in-law.

Next snippet:


Shimshon had a library of around 250 to 300 books that he had collected on his journeys to Hamburg and other cities. People such as the Vilna Gaon and Solomon Maimon came to Slonim to borrow books from his library. Among Shimshon’s prized possessions was the unpublished work, Bosmat Bat Shelomoh by the rabbi, Joseph Solomon Delmedigo.


More strange links with the Vilna Gaon.

And also, pay attention to that guy Joseph Solomon Delmedigo.

He is one of the main people who introduced Copernicus’s ideas of scientific ‘sun worship’ into the orthodox Jewish community.

Delmedigo’s daughter Sarah married straight into the Oppenheimer clan – and yes, we get straight back to all these fabulously wealthy ‘chief rabbi / tax collectors’ who used to be xtians but are now, conveniently, Jewish again.

Are you starting to see how all this is connected – and has been for centuries?


Another snippet:

Meeting with Baruch Schick of Shklov

In 1778, upon the recommendation of the Vilna Gaon, Baruch Schick of Shklov (1744-1808) journeyed to Slonim to ask Shimshon to write an approbation to the first ever Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Elements, Sefer Oklidus. Shimshon agreed and wrote part of the introduction to the book.


Baruch Shick was one of the early ‘reformers’ who was hanging out in Joshua Zeitlin’s mansion.

Remember this, from HERE?


Now, here‘s another interesting potential link:

Joshua Zeitlin (1742 in ShklovBelarus – August 18, 1822, in KhersonNovorossiya) was a Russian rabbinical scholar and philanthropist. He was a pupil of the Talmudist Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben Asher Gunzberg who was the author of Sha’agat Aryeh;


The Sha’agat Aryeh is a fabricated persona.

That doesn’t mean that he didn’t exist, but it DOES mean that I haven’t been able to track down any real details for him, in real life.

Now I’m reading this, and I’m starting to ponder:

Could Aryeh Leib Epstein (HaPardes), aka Aryeh Leib Katzenelenbogen (the Vilna Gaon’s bestest buddy), also be one and the same as Aryeh Leib, the Sha’agat Aryeh?

I started writing a very long post about all the lies being told about the Sha’agat Aryeh a few months ago, which I abandoned. Maybe, it’s time to revisit it, in light of all this new info.

Let’s continue, because we still didn’t get to the most weird bit of the story.



Jeremy Bentham’s visit

In 1787, the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, was going to visit his brother, Samuel in Krichev, when he spent the night in Slonim.

As he writes in his journal, all of the inns were full, so he was forced to spend the night with a rabbi who also kept a hardware store.

He goes on to describe the rabbi’s home and that he had two bookcases with “not fewer than 250 or 300 Vols.”. Bentham also talked about how the rabbi possessed a copy of Euclid’s Elements as well as a manuscript on astronomy which contained a diagram, that was the rabbi’s own work.


Say what?!?!

Since when did orthodox Rabbis in Eastern Europe just let random English philosophers stay in their house?!?

Say what?!?!

And not just any old non-Jewish philosopher, but Jeremy Bentham, the guy who endowed his body to the University of London to be dissected in the interests of science – on condition they’d hang his embalmed body in a glass case over the university entrance.

Apparently, it’s still there today. And even weirder, another condition Bentham made with the university is that his:

“body had to be present at all board meetings and deference paid to it by a salute of some sort at the beginning of each meeting.”

THIS is the guy, that Rav Kanievsky’s ancestor was hanging out with?!?

Say what?!?!?


One more thing that strikes me, is that it’s very possible that this ‘Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim’ is also made up, and could just be another coverstory for Aryeh Leib Epstein, aka the Sha’agat Aryeh.

Although here in the ‘real world’, it seems to be Shimshon that has the illustrious descendants, that really means nothing.

The rest of the story is just so 2-D – when it’s not outrageously fake – it’s pretty hard to imagine it could be a true biographical account.


Let’s stop there for now, although I could literally go on unpicking all the lies and distortions for months and years….

In case you haven’t realised it yet, they have been lying to us and deceiving about real Jewish history, and about who our leaders really were in the past, and who they really still might be today.

Probably, we’re not going to know who the Vilna Gaon really was, or why they are lying about people like ‘Shimshon ben Mordechai of Slonim’, nor why they are changing the names of so many of our Jewish leaders from the past wholesale, and expunging their genealogies – until Moshiach shows up.

But what I can tell you is this:

Don’t let a person’s yichus, or even their reputation for Torah learning fool you into brainlessly following a psak that is mamash endangering your life, and the life of your children and relatives.

Nothing is what it seems right now.


And the only clarity available right now, is that which comes from within your own soul.


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14 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Here’s a related subject you might be interested in. The edition of the Talmud nearly universally learned today is the “Vilna Shas.” It was subject to heavy censorship compared to the Venice edition, the other major printed edition.

    I was in a Daf Yomi shiur once with someone who had a Venice edition, and he would show how the two editions used the same paging scheme (which itself must predate the printing press), along with regular occurrences of missing text from the Vilna edition. Mind blowing.

    Even to this day, few modern efforts do anything to restore this content that is readily available (to the scholar, not the layman). I think this is intentional.

    The history of the Vilna Shas, along with its continued prominence and ongoing censorship of important parts of our mesorah to this day, might be of interest. Given everything that you’ve covered going on in Vilna, it is probably significant the Talmud we all learn today took form there.

  2. Moshe
    Moshe says:

    Come on, I’m sure you could just as easily find all kinds of bad yichus about the rav. Yichus is lo maaleh velo morid.

  3. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    Rav Binyamin Rivlin? = Talmid of Yehoshua Zeitlin of Shklov.
    Rivlin, as in former President of Israel Rivlin? Maybe related?
    Also says he’s a descendant of the Vilna Gaon?
    = Zionism?
    To tell you the truth, my head is swirling at the list of all these names. I don’t know how you keep them straight. Maybe their enemies can enlighten us? Hashem sometimes gives us clues in the rantings and allegations of our enemies.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Definitely related. I will try to find the links where I pointed out that former President of Israel Rubi Rivlin is a direct descendant of (secret Frankist…) Binyamin Rivlin, the Gabia HaKesef.

      He’s connected to the Sabbatian Broda family, who in turn intermarried (a lot….) with the Chabad Rebbes. Check out the references the Rebbe Rayatz makes to the ‘Eshel Avraham’ = Abraham Broda = ‘Avraham Rovigo’, very influential Sabbatian Rebbe.

      All this is such a mess, believe me.

  4. Rachel in NY
    Rachel in NY says:

    So what are we supposed to DO with this information, when we have yeshivish grown children who are rabbis who insist that the only way to Derech HaTorah is by following the mesorah? Would they say that yichus matters? I’m not sure about that… but the fact that Rav Kanievsky may have questionable yichus doesn’t negate his greatness in Torah, and his mesorah may not come from “that side of the family” that you are calling questionable. Even descendants of xtians who are righteous converts can be very great on their own merit. So while I find all this interesting, I’m not sure the geneology is ultimately more important than any one person’s accomplishments. Having said all that, my fear is that some people, like my sons, whose reverence for Rav Kanievsky is steadfast, might be swayed by statements attributed to him that it’s fine to get the shot. So getting back to that, has it been proven that this is, in fact, his stance? Or is it that he was lied to by those around him and made such statements with information missing from his knowledge, and where does his ruach HaKodesh come into all this? I am SO frustrated by not being able to hold up someone “big” and respected like Rav Kanievsky as proof of refuting the shot. Even our Rav won’t refute it (not that anyone in my family would listen to him if he did, as he has been disgraced). So there’s maybe a list of a bunch of unknown rabbis who refute it, but I can’t hold that up to my sons who never heard of them. What’s a poor mother/bubby to do?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If I’ve learnt one thing, from all my encounters with my own rabbinic ‘fakers’ down the years, is that you pick the Rav that suits you.

      Whatever your internal bias, whatever you own internal compass is telling you, you go and you find the person who is going to ‘echo’ that back at you.

      The only way to really find a true Rabbi, a true Tzaddik, le shem shemayim, is to pray on it profusely, and to ask God to show you the truth.

      That’s what I had to do after going through a long string of fakers, each of which ruined a different part of my life, in their own way. But I totally, 100%, deserved that to happen, because I wasn’t looking for a real Rav in their own right.

      I was looking for a shortcut ‘echo chamber’, to confirm me in my own biases.

      re: the yichus.

      This is SO not about yichus. It’s about family connections and lies that are being told about those family connections. To stick with your example of gerim, it’s like those fine, upstanding gerim pretending their non-Jewish, non-kosher relatives are all Moshe Rabbenu.

      THAT is the main problem.

      The lies that are being told about all these family connections, not the family connections themselves.

      Why lie?

      Because the thing that is connecting all these people together is NOT yiddishkeit. It’s something else entirely.

  5. Dan
    Dan says:

    Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the Chazon Ish’s writings, will find this nitpicking about his ancestors to be absolutely pointless. Such pure love of Tora comes only from the heart of an unblemished Tzaddik.
    And what could be worse than Shmuel Hanavi’s ancestry, coming from Korach? Or all of us who descend from Lavan HaArami?
    Furthermore, you’re surely aware that the Rav testified countless times that the Steipler was a true Tzaddik. Are you implying that his wife and brother-in-law had a conspiracy going on behind his back?

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Sorry Rivka, I missed your comment about you being bothered with the lies, not the yichus itself.
      So that invalidates my point about Korach and Lavan.
      But still, do you mean to say that as long as the Chazon Ish didn’t come out and publicly declare that he is the descendant of a rasha and his family has been lying, or Rav Kanievski doesn’t do so presently, we can’t trust them as Gedolei HaDor? I don’t think it’s their responsibility.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        I think there must be halacha that governs this.

        If a ‘judge’ is connected to one of the parties by close blood ties, then according to halacha are they still permitted to judge the matter brought before them? Does halacha consider that ‘judge’ to be impartial, or does it state that this ‘judge’ should recuse themselves from judging, because of a potential conflict of interest?

        What is the halacha?


        I just found this reference from Sanhedrin:

        “A judge who is a relative of one of the litigants, or has any other personal relationship toward him (“loves him or hates him”), must disqualify himself from sitting in judgment over him (Sanh. 3:4–5)”

        This clearly shows that it IS important to be honest about what the family relationships that existed, and exist today, between those who are running the ‘orthodox world’ and those who are running the secular State of Israel really are.

        This is a matter of halacha, not opinion.

        • Dan
          Dan says:

          I’m sorry, I re-read your post, and couldn’t find any reference to the Chazon Ish or Rav Kanievski judging, or attempting to judge the matter of their ancestry, nor to they being dishonest about it in any way.
          AFAIK they just never dealt with the matter. After all they were/are totally immersed in Torah study and never found interest in such mundane matters.
          On a side note – I totally agree with you that Rav Kanievski (and the many other mainstream Rabbanim) is completely wrong about the vaccine. So sad we don’t have today someone like the Chazon Ish. He was incredibly sharp, and would have immediately seen through all the lies the medical establishment is trying to feed the public.

  6. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:


    I owe – actually we both owe – an enormous apology to Rav Kanievsky and his family. I badmouthed him, when it turns out he is ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT! TO badmouth a Tzaddik is such an aveirah, I am in tears. I have been sick nonstop for the past two weeks, so has my son and his family. Now I understand why. Hashem, I am so sorry for every word I wrote that was negative about him. Please forgive me. I have to make a public apology, and to his family as well. Anything I said about him I am retracting right now. He is a Tzaddik, Gadol Hador or one of the Gedolei Hador – of course we have Rav Berland too, but he is also a Gadol for sure. My first instincts were correct.

    What is going on with Rav Kanievsky is exactly what is going on with the Rav: it’s called ELDER ABUSE. They will do that to all the people who can stop their evil agendas. MONSTERS!

    Here, I got this from Rav Chananya Weissman – in case you didn’t see it yet: this deserves coming out of your break I believe, before Rosh Hashanah; for your sake, and for my sake.

    May Hashem have mercy on both of us, and forgive me for this horrible sin I committed. I am not sure if you are in need of forgiveness too, but if you are, then of course may Hashem forgive you too.


    Recently, news sites have publicized very strange things, which any person who possesses an ounce of seichel should immediately
    recognize as impossible to have come from the mouth of a tzaddik. Yet, tragically, gullible people seem to believe the false
    propaganda, so we must correct the misinformation, for the sake of Rav Chaim Shlit”a, and for the safety of Klal Yisrael.
    The following are the falsehoods that have been publicized: 1) That Rav Chaim said that all children 12 and up who didn’t have
    corona should be vaccinated, 2) That Rav Chaim said that all teachers must be vaccinated, or their principals should fire them.
    Using your own logic, how does it make sense that Rav Chaim, who usually says not to pay attention to doctors’ worrying
    pronouncements and to simply increase davening and Torah study, now says to inject ALL HEALTHY children with a brand new
    medical treatment which has already caused myocarditis, blood clots, and death in so many young people, and whose long term
    effects are absolutely unknown – only to “protect” against a disease from which NOT ONE child died in Eretz Yisrael, and whose
    “protection” is very questionable, as Israelis are now being forced into a third shot?
    Indeed, when we investigated closely on the ground, we discovered that Rav Chaim never said such a thing. A letter was prepared –
    supposedly from Rav Chaim’s doctor – who was fed information by someone with an obvious financial agenda to get everyone
    vaccinated. This letter was placed in front of Rav Chaim and he said NOTHING. And from this, words were placed in the mouth of
    a tzaddik, false words that he did not say, which could chas veshalom have untold effects on Klal Yisrael.
    We also know the following: A) Representatives of three organizations came to Rav Chaim, trying to get him to say that everyone
    should vaccinate, and he refused to say a word. B) Rav Chaim himself has NOT taken the shot. C) Rav Chaim Shlit”a is very weak
    and frail, and does not recognize his own children and grandchildren, save for two. It is IMPOSSIBLE that he has looked into this
    matter and rendered a ruling, as is being claimed. (If he did, where is the signed teshuva? Our mesora is NOT to pasken by video,
    nor by Ruach Hakodesh, on ANY matter in Halacha, let alone a question of sakanas nefashos. We have lost our bearings to even
    dream of such a thing! We must note that there IS a Beis Din which investigated the subject thoroughly, and that is the Beis Din of
    Rav Vosner in Bnei Brak. They heard testimony of doctors on both sides, and they came out with a p’sak warning very strongly
    about the dangers of the shot, and completely forbidding it for children. Indeed, as Rav Uri Sofer, who sat with them, stressed to us,
    it is criminal to be pushing this injection when there are medications to prevent and treat corona that are perfectly safe, and which
    are being suppressed.)
    The idea that Rav Chaim would have issued a blanket ruling that all teachers – no matter their age, history, or condition – must
    vaccinate, is preposterous, and it is impossible that he would have instructed that breadwinners, among them almanos and yesomim,
    be summarily fired for refusing to inject themselves with an unknown substance.
    Even the idea that Rav Chaim would issue any blanket rulings at all, binding on all Klal Yisrael, is mistaken, as Rav Moshe
    Feinstein zatzal explained that only the Sanhedrin in the lishkas hagazis has the authority to issue a ruling binding on the whole
    The scariest piece of this all is the video from Rebetzin Leah Kolodetzky, she should live and be well. The reason it’s frightening is
    because it clearly shows that something is very wrong, and Rav Chaim’s family is being threatened. Why? The Rebetzin gives the
    date of the video (Yud Alef Elul) and makes the claim that her father says that everyone should vaccinate, and that all ages and
    stages of people have already taken it AND EVERYONE IS FINE. But THERE IS AN AUDIO RECORDING FROM THE WEEK
    BEFORE, in the possession of many people, in which someone gravely injured by the shot came to the Rebetzin, and said, “I got
    the shot because you said it was safe, and now I cannot care for my family”, and it was explained to her the horrible effects being
    suffered by so many others. This is not simply a recording of unknown veracity floating around. WE KNOW THE PEOPLE
    INVOLVED, AND THEY REALLY CAME AND SPOKE TO THE REBETZIN! The Rebetzin was visibly shaken, and at the end
    of the meeting, she promised not to tell people to vaccinate anymore…but then days later, she made this video! Therefore, it is
    certain that Rebetzin Kolodetzky is being forced to say things against her will. Who knows what horrible threats are being made
    against her, her father, and the whole family, by people with huge financial or other interests at stake?
    An informed source in Eretz Yisrael told us that there are government agents stationed constantly at Rav Chaim’s home, and that if
    anyone would manage to walk out with a recording of Rav Chaim saying NOT to get the shot, the person would be murdered. It is
    clear that Dr. Hardt and his family are under tremendous threat from the government as well, and are not free to speak as they wish.
    Shlit”a, for his family, and for all of Klal Yisrael, as a terrible danger hovers over us, from those who seek to harm our nation!
    For verification of the information above, please call HaRav Uri Sofer, Dayan in Bnei Brak, at 011-97222-53-310-0170.


    I witness that the Health Ministry Haredi Liaison Unit has issued press kits on Rav Kanievsky and his
    family including press release, photo, and voice recording to outlets such as the one I worked for,
    pushing the vaccine, and that we were instructed to redact any sign that the story was part of a public
    relations campaign, but to make the article appear as a spontaneous news story, quoting the Rabbi’s
    daughter as if her words were genuine, and not part of an orchestrated campaign

    Shana Tova to you, dear Rivka. I love you, we all love you, you have done tremendous good for so many of us. But when we are wrong, we are wrong, we have to admit it and correct it.

    May you and your family have only blessings this coming year, and until then too of course.



    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Hi Daisy,

      Thanks for this. I will take another look at what I wrote, specifically, and very happy to apologise for anything I need to apologise for. BH, I will write something on this a little later today, as together with an apology to Rav Chaim directly, there are still many, many questions to be asked, about who is enabling this, and who has been turning a blind eye to what’s been going on in Rav Chaim’s household, while all these ‘pronouncements’ and charity campaigns apparently with long letters supporting them, that we were all led to believe were apparently from Rav Chaim, have been used to persuade good Jews to do a whole bunch of things, over the last few years.

      There is still a lot of birur left to do here.


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