Rebbe Nachman told a parable about a royal prince who one day woke up and believed he was a turkey.

As usual, Rabbenu was way ahead of his time, and gave us solid advice on how to handle a phenomena that is one of the biggest scourges for our children and our society. So, I thought it was time to update Rabbenu’s parable, a little, and to tell you the tale of the Turkey Trans.



Once upon a time, there was a fine young man, a prince in the royal palace, who spent way too much time on Tumblr, Instagram and Tiktok.

Because it wasn’t so easy being the son of a king, these days.

Everywhere he went, people accused him of having ‘white privilege’, and ‘male privilege’; his opinions were mocked and derided – because what could a spoilt, rich prince know about things that real people experienced, like loneliness and depression?

And he found it really hard to make friends, because it had happened more than once that his so-called ‘friends’ had turned around and sold exposes about him and his family to The National Enquirer.

So, for all his wealth, and all his luxury, and all his ‘elite white male’ privilege, the Prince was actually one of the loneliest and misunderstood people in the whole world.

And he hated being a prince.


One day, he stumbled across a group of Turkey Transitioners on Tumblr, and he was amazed about all the love and acceptance they were getting, as they posted up pictures of the trans journey from human to Turkey.

I am pecking this story out with my new prosthetic beak, wrote @NotForThanksgiving, and I can tell you that I have never felt happier, being a Turkey!

There were like, a gazillion comments underneath the post, cheering @NotforThanksgiving on, and praising his courage and determination to live life in accordance with who he really felt he should be: a Turkey.

The prince felt a twang of envy. And also, a strange urge to go and find some earthworms to snack on…

Hey, he started to wonder, maybe, deep down I’m also really a Turkey?!


A few days later, he made an appointment with the royal psychiatrist, who was really good friends with people like John Stryker.

How can I help you, sire? enquired the shrink, with barely disguised disdain in his eyes for this royal whiner and perfect example of selfish white privilege.

Um. The prince blinked a little, then let out a small stream of bluck, bluck, blucks. The psychiatrist instantly warmed to him. I think I’m a Turkey stuck in a human being’s body, the prince told him.

The psychiatrist beamed widely, and would have given the boy a ‘welcome to the party’ bear hug, except everything was being recorded by the camera in the corner….

That’s wonderful news! Really wonderful! Let’s get you started on some ‘humanity blockers’ immediately – and don’t worry! The effects are totally temporary! They’ll  just stop your human brain from developing, and will regress your ability to speak, while you’re trying to figure things out.

But once you fully transition to a Turkey, all your problems will be over, royal highness!

You’ll be living life the way you are meant to be, as the real, Turkey-you!


Wow. The prince had never seen the shrink so friendly and accepting.

He still had some doubts, honestly, about whether being a Turkey was totally the right path, but he had to admit, the shrink’s encouragement was dispelling them like clouds on a hot summer’s day. But then, the Prince remembered something, and his face fell.

What about my dad? he whispered. The King was really not going to like this.

Leave him to me, the shrink nodded sagely. Then wrote something on his notepad, so the cameras wouldn’t catch it:

We’ll tell him that if he doesn’t let you transition to being a Turkey, you’ll kill yourself.

It works every time! he nodded at the prince, smiling.


So, the Turkey-Prince got his new prescription for ‘humanity blockers’, and proudly wrote his first post in the Turkey Transitioners group on Tumblr.

So proud of you, royal sire. 

You rock, Turkey-princeling.

Welcome to the club, wrote @TurkeyTwizzler. I’m getting my feet-transformation surgery tomorrow, and I’m really excited to be living life as a free (range…) turkey.


Harry, we have a problem.

The King raised a grumpy eyebrow, and grunted for his wife Mathilda to continue. Always problems, problems, problems, and hardly ever solutions. His father had warned him that being a King was not as much fun as it was cracked up to be…

Our son, the royal prince, is sitting under the table on the patio naked, and pecking at some grubs. Mathilda flushed bright red with the shame of it all. He tells me he’s transitioning to become a turkey!

Whaaattt? King Harry roared out. That son of his had always been a nincompoop, with all his stupid ideas about abolishing the monarchy are redistributing the family’s wealth and land to the poor people. But this took the biscuit!

Get me the royal psychiatrist, right now!


The Royal Shrink arrived, bowed deeply and kissed the King’s hand.

What a creep, the King muttered to himself, conspicuously wiping his hand on a piece of ermine. If Stryker hadn’t paid him $10 million to have the guy on his staff, he would have beheaded him a long time ago.

My son thinks he’s a Turkey. What can we do to cure him of this mental illness?

The Royal Shrink bowed again. O sire, we have to be extremely careful with these young people! The best thing to do is to affirm his own feelings. If he believes he is a Turkey, then he really is a Turkey, and should be supported on his path. That’s what all the people at Harvard are saying.

The King was so stunned, it took him a moment to regain his royal composure.

And if I don’t ‘support him’ on his path, and try to beat some sense into him instead? King Harry demanded.

The shrink smiled obsequiously.

Then he will kill himself! Isn’t it better to have a live Turkey on the throne, than a dead Crown Prince?!


All day long, there was a massive argument between Mathilda and Harry, about what to do to help their son.

Mathilda had been listening in to the conversation with the Royal Shrink, and when he mentioned that her son would probably go and kill himself, if he wasn’t allowed to transition into a Turkey-Prince, her heart almost burst.

Mathilda, this is nonsense!! Harry snapped back. It doesn’t matter how many ‘human blockers’ the boy takes; how much surgery he has to sew up his mouth and give him a prosthetic beak; how many feathers he has surgically embedded in his skin – he will never be a Turkey!

Mathilda peeked out the window, to where the Crown Prince was clucking around outside and getting himself all dusty.

But Harry, he looks so much happier and calmer, now he’s come out as a Turkey,  she called back over her shoulder. Maybe, he really is a Turkey soul, stuck in a human body.

Doesn’t the Zohar talk about that?

Harry hrumphed again.


Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Sire, there is a man here who says he can help your son.

There had been a steady stream of ‘experts’ arriving at the palace, since the news had exploded on Tiktok that the Crown Prince was transitioning. Most of them were now sitting in the royal dungeons.

I don’t need anyone else here recommending the best ‘Turkey feet plastic surgeon’! Harry roared out.

No, no sire, this gentleman says that he can help your son regain his mental equilibrium again…. so that he will understand that God made him a human being, and not a Turkey.

Usually, Harry didn’t go in for all the religious mumbo-jumbo. But at this point, he was desperate, and he was willing to try anything.

Ok, show him in!


How can you help my son, wise man, when all my other Harvard-trained ‘experts’ are telling me that if I don’t let him transition to live as a Turkey, he’s just going to jump on some BBQ grill somewhere?

Sire, the wise man answered. God created him a human being, and God doesn’t make mistakes. Your son just needs some love, acceptance and trauma counselling.

This also sounded like preposterous nonsense. But at least they weren’t talking about prosthetic beaks.

OK, you have permission to try, wise man. But if you don’t come up with the goods… Harry nodded down, to where the dungeons lay.


The next morning, the Crown Prince gobbled down his ‘humanity blockers’, then went back to scratching in the dirt.

He was pecking away happily, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man in a pair of modest boxers, also pecking around in the dirt and trilling Turkey sounds.

He watched him carefully. I haven’t seen this guy on the Turkey Transitioners group on Tumblr, the Crown Prince mused to himself. Although honestly, the more ‘humanity blockers’ he took, the harder it was getting to think , or see, straight.

For a whole day, the two just pecked in the dirt together, and made Turkey noises and exaggerated wing movements with their arms.

Finally, the Crown Prince’s curiosity got too much for him.

Who are you?  he asked the stranger.

I’m a turkey-trans, he replied. Just like you.


The next day, the Crown Prince sidled up to the stranger and asked him: Are you on ‘humanity blockers’ too?

The stranger let out a loud cluck, then shook his head vigorously.

Whoever heard of a real Turkey popping prescription drugs? And besides, the side-effects are so bad, I was getting a migraine every time I was trying to chase down a bug.

The Turkey-Prince was confused. It’s true, real Turkeys didn’t take prescription medication. Only human beings would do something like that.  A little later, he circled around, and came back up to the stranger.

When is your feather-enhancement surgery meant to be happening? 

I’m not doing that either, answered the wise man. Since when does a real Turkey pay thousands of dollars to go under the knife?! Are you really going to trust these people? You know what ‘Thanksgiving’ is, right?

The Crown Prince shivered.

So, you’re not getting a prosthetic beak? he tried again.

Nah, waste of time. They don’t really work, they just get infected and honestly? The wise man leaned over and pulled an escaping worm out of the ground with his fingers. It’s way easier to catch lunch like this.


The Crown Prince had to admit that the other turkey had a point.

He’d been kinda surprised that no-one else in the Turkey-Trans group has been writing about how difficult this journey actually was. He’d only managed to eat three ants in the last few days – and he’d cheated to catch those – and he was dying for a hamburger.

But if he wimped-out of the transitioning process now… The Crown Prince cringed, thinking about all the bashing he’d get on social media.

From the side, the wise man was watching.


The next day, a tray of fresh hamburgers appeared in the middle of the garden, and the wise man made a beeline for them, clucking merrily.

He sat down, and started eating a juicy burger with pickles, relish, and all the fixings.

Hey! The Crown Prince screamed at him. Turkey’s don’t eat meat!!!

Sure they do, the wise man replied. You’re just making a human value judgement. Who is to say that a cow’s life is really worth more than a grub’s? Or an ant? Turkeys eat other animals all the time. You can still eat a burger, but stay a turkey…

The Crown Prince clucked closer, than hunger overtook him, and he wolfed down three burgers in half a minute.


Over the coming days, the Crown Prince realised that he could still be a Turkey and walk upright, without killing his back.

He could still be a Turkey and have deep, human conversations with other Turkey-Trans, who also felt they just didn’t ‘fit’ somehow, in the world.

And he could still be a Turkey and fight for social justice.

But, the wise old man warned him, just like real Turkeys don’t pop pills, they also don’t use social media. Did you ever see a natural-born Turkey with a TikTok account?

Now that the Crown Prince was off the ‘humanity blockers’, and had been avoiding the Turkey-Trans Activist groups on social media, he was finding it easier and easier to think straight.

You know, you’re right! 

The Crown Prince picked up his iPhone, and tossed it into the royal fountain.


Son, I’m moving on, the wise man told him one day, as they were eating butter croissants with jam for breakfast in the royal gazebo, and drinking Starbucks espresso.

The Crown Prince was going to be very sad to see his Turkey-Trans friend go. Who was he going to speak to, who was he going to hang out with now?

I want you to remember something, the wise man told him. No two souls are alike. God created each of us as unique individuals, with our unique struggles and tests and abilities. We don’t have to fit into anyone else’s ideas about ‘what a Turkey’ should be. 

You can still be the king one day – and be a really good Turkey. Don’t forget that.


They hugged each other goodbye, as King Harry and Queen Mathilda reappeared with a big purse of money for the wise man.

Turkeys don’t need endowments or grants from people like John Stryker or Paul Singer, the wise man said, while he winked at the Turkey-Prince.

Please use that money to set up an education foundation to teach Turkeys that they don’t need pills or dangerous and destructive surgery to live life as the ‘real them’.

And put your son here, in charge of it.


And what happened to the Royal Shrink, and all the other ‘experts’?

The King signed a royal charter that they should be ‘transitioned’ to become wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And so it was.


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25 replies
  1. Isak
    Isak says:

    Theres a certain missionary on youtube who acts, dresses, and talks just like a Charedi yid. He claims he isnt a notzri but rather he is “just doing pidyon hanefesh for Yoshki”…Whatever the hell that means. I thought he was just another random schizo no-shaychus dude.

    But he claims to be a former talmid of Rav Yitzhak ginsburgh, and theres even a video supposedly showing Rav ginsburgh indirectly mentioning him, and a video of the two talking before Yom kippur, and videos of him in a meeting with Rav ginsburgh’s talmidim to try to make them believe in Yoshki

    As frum jews this is very disturbing stuff. Do you know anything else about this?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, but I’ll take a look at what you just posted up.


      This is beyond disturbing, especially Yitzhak Ginsburg’s speech about ‘New Torah’, and joining together with xtianity.

      I’m checking into this more now, and BH will write something about it.

      Readers – take a look for yourselves, and screenshot and record stuff as you go, to make sure it doesn’t ‘disappear’.

      Long story short, Yitzhak Ginsburg is allegedly trying to raise $2 million bucks via this Cohen ‘disciple’ of his, to do a pidyon for Yoshki to get him out of his boiling excrement in gehinnom, and then to hold a ‘retrial’ of Yoshki, with 10 ‘objective’ rabbis who will presumably find him not guilty of being one of the most evil deceivers in Jewish history.

      I am checking into this further, but that’s what is being started openly, apparently, in these videos being posted up by Ginsburg’s follower, Ariel Cohen.

      There’s also a lot of talk by Ginsburg of ‘permitting the forbidden’, particularly when it comes to joining hands with xtianity – a classic mantra of the Sabbatean-Frankists.

      It’s kind of hard to believe what I just heard with my own ears, to be honest…

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    First of all I want to stress that my overall view of Xtianity is not good at all, I don’t like it at all, I am extremely angry at them for all the horrors they have inflicted on Am Yisrael throughout the centuries, no doubt, the crusades, the inquisition, you name it…

    However let me give you an example of Jewish narrow-mindedness: in Hevron I once mentioned “love” to a rebbetzin I won’t name. What was her reply? “love” is a Xtian thing, not a Jewish thing ( more or less her words, maybe not exactly, but the meaning was clearly that)! Can you imagine? That’s what has become of the understanding of love in Am Yisrael, even among rabbis and rebbetzins?

    One thing Yoshke did that was good is he reminded Jews about love, which comes from Hashem and belongs to Hashem; his life was around the time of the destruction of the second Beth Hamikdash, which was destroyed for Sin’at Chinam, right? So he clearly had a point there, no matter what other things he did he should never have done. I don’t know, I wasn’t there, and I didn’t study any of this stuff in detail. But the idea of doing a pidyon nefesh for him is really not such a bad thing. Just a couple of weeks ago I listened to a shiur of Rav Yosef Biton on Arutz 2000: he discussed a group of mekubalim who are going to kivrei Tzaddikim on the 5th of Av to daven for and do a pidyon nefesh for all our dead, so they don’t suffer in Olam Habah, taking a pidyon in the process. I actually donated for that, I thought it was beautiful to do that, it touched me. So why not do one for Yoshke too, if he is deserving of some good too? I really know nothing about what happened 2000 years ago in E.Y., all the details, all the turmoil, however I can’t help but notice that one beautiful quality of Yoshke. That’s all. After all love belongs to all of humanity, doesn’t it? Halevay! With love, none of the horrors the “you know who” are perpetrating on humanity would be occurring, we would not be going through all the suffering we are going through, right?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      For once, we have to agree to disagree.

      Yoshki was never about ‘love’ – he was a sorcerer who used black magic and improperly used Hashem’s ineffable name, to do ‘miracles’ that pulled hundreds, thousands, millions of Jews off the path of believing in God, and instead got them to believe in fiction of ‘man-as-God’ instead.

      Daisy, if they discovered Hitler was really a Jew, would you also want to do a pidyon for him, too?

      • Shimshon
        Shimshon says:

        This rasha’s punishment is very just. It is the Christian censors who removed our the portion of the Talmud that explains why he got what he got. And people feel sorry for him? Is sorcery, avodah zarah, and inciting the masses not enough?

        Further, he was not even alive when we are told. The reason for the year they ascribe to his death is because of the Gemara that speaks of the degradation of the world 40 years before the churban. Thee goyim know this, and just as they try twist Tanach around, they also twist parts of the Talmud, while censoring the parts that defy twisting. They ascribe the source of that degradation to his death, hence the vague chronologies putting close enough for their purposes.

      • David
        David says:

        “love is a Christian thing not a Jewish thing..”

        Maybe a much too blunt formulated but with my Christian background it triggered me.

        I heard Rabbi Skobac from Jews for Judaism state one time a little similar; something like “why are so many churches warm and welcoming to people and so many synagogues not.”

        Interesting stuff.

    • Inna
      Inna says:

      So so coincidental that I re-read an article about Hitler and other high level Nazi officials actually being Jewish today. When I read Rivka’s reply to Daisy I knew i have to post a link. Please read, look at the pictures, check the sources and decide for yourselves. But I am with Daisy on this and disagree with another approach. I will state why: this duality is making us all mentally sick. This “religious” approach with complete lack of love, constant fear-mongering from and by the people who themselves appear to be less than holy after careful review of their actions and not words , is definitely not healing the world. The results are bad. We can not continue the old way. I do not think this is even sustainable. We got to try something different. A different look at the world maybe. Is not this world just an illusion and a mirror. What about Ein od milvado? We have to break free – this is my firm belief as of lately.
      For example, big names in the Jewish world were exposed on this blog with some horrible deeds. At least there is a possibility of them not being tzadikim as presented to the general sheep public . Why do we conclude the Yoshki was worse? What do we know so bad ? What do we know for certain?
      And if the holocaust was a doing of us to ourselves , then why all other calamities not? They were of lesser statue. What we need is honesty to the end and not when it hits internal blocks that threaten to shatter entire foundation. So may be this is what Hashem wants. Complete transformation?

      This is the link. And even without reading the facts from geni, other sources
      Just a look at those faces will tell somebody who knows the difference between the races. These are Jewish faces to me. These are not arian faces. I was born and raised in Russia and I know very well how to distinguish facial features. And I studied holocaust so much, read everything I could on the topic. Could never wrap my head around it. It appears that whoever we were told is the enemy were only accomplices and those who we admired turned out to be not so good after all.

      This is the link:

  3. David
    David says:

    My previous comment is not ment to disrespect Holy Torah from Moshe/Jews in any way – G-D forbid.
    If you seem it does please don’t publish it.


  4. Daisy J Stern
    Daisy J Stern says:


    I am certainly no Xtian “talmidah chachamah”, never studied any of that stuff; but I remember reading years ago a few paragraphs from one of those Yoshke books they dared include in their “bible” – I don’t even want to name them, they turn me off so much ( a “Yemach shemo” kind of gut reaction, which should tell you something about how I really feel about their “holy” book); yet all I read that time was about love, love and more love. I was touched, because on our end love was frankly not part of our regular conversations – I mean in the Torah world I grew up in, which was very halachic, honest, and righteous. And love, to this day, means a lot to me, love of humanity, love of children, of Am Yisrael, or Eretz Yisrael, etc, etc. So how do you explain this stress on love in the Xtian “bible addition” if he was not the source of those writings? Where did it come from?

    And re: this whole thing about him having been a sorcerer, where are the sources? I know, we had discussed it in the past, and frankly that idea rang true as well, but me being no Talmudist by a far cry, I don’t know where to find the true reference to that. Can you give exact sources please? And what if the sources were wrong: is that possible? I am not a Yoshke apologist, but it seems to me we should be fair, and if he, as a Jew, did something good, we should give him credit for it. If on the other hand he really did those horrible things, then we also need absolutely irrefutable first hand sources in order to condemn his actions with good reasons, otherwise we are just repeating lashon hara: what holds today also holds for the past, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, even if he did some good himself as a simple Jew, the bad that followed him is absolutely impossible to stomach, no doubt about that for sure.

    Re: Hitler: of course it makes no difference whether he was a Jew or not, evil is evil – as long as Hitler was responsible for the crimes he was accused of. If on the other hand he had been accused of being this horrific genocidal monster when in fact he tried to do good ( nonsense,obviously), then his memory should be rehabilitated – of course irrelevant considering the facts we know.

    But what do we really, really know about Yoshke? And if this happened in a historical period when Ahavat Chinam was seriously lacking in Eretz Yisrael, could he have been judged unfairly? I am not saying he was, as I have no clue – just asking. After all we see so many cases happening nowadays too, over and over – a period when Ahavat Chinam is sorely missing in the hands of the leadership and where people are constantly being unfairly treated: can’t you imagine a similar scenario having happened 2000 years ago?

    Again, I am no Yoshke apologist, I am only asking questions. I also would like to get to the bottom of this. Maybe at the end we will agree to agree, who knows?!:)

  5. nechama
    nechama says:

    There is a Torah mitzvah “to love your fellow Jew” as you love yourself. This means your Jewish brothers in halacha (and sisters). This does not mean the enemies of Jews, who persecuted Jews and the Jewish way of living according to halacha. There is also a command to hate Amalek and Amalekite peoples. One does not love those who come to kill Jews/Israelis (Palestinian terrorists). Nekoma is vengeance. Rabbi Miller’s writings for this past Shabbos was on Nekoma. It is worthwhile to read and learn. I’ll try to capture the salient points in a post on my blog, soon.

  6. Alizah Teitelbaum
    Alizah Teitelbaum says:

    bs”d And one of the worst things that guy did was to divert attention (completely!) from the most valuable post I’m seen in some time. Please read Rabbi Nachman’s story of the turkey prince and then read Rivka’s. I would say the two stories connected come close to prophesy.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      You are right Alizah! I even told that story to my son and grandsons last night, and surprise surprise, the little ones had already heard it in their school. Isn’t that interesting? But for some reason the teacher did not quote Rabbi Nachman as the author, they were wondering what Rabbi Nachman had to do with it

      But it is definitely a great story, and I love the way Rivka paraphrased it; very perceptive and great!

  7. David
    David says:

    I have no agenda to be an apologist just hope that my information may be of any help. Feel free to not publish and/or edit.

    I grew up in Christianity. I never had an antisemitic thought in anyway. I slowly learned that JC was a Jew and that he came for Jews first and that everything evolves around Jews/Israel/Tora.

    All this is not actively taught / stressed in many churches but thank G-D I discovered this with help of kosher Christian teachers somewhat in the fringes.
    As you may know a lot of Christians, especially after 1948 est. of state of Israel, are questioning their own faith because the ‘old’ people of Israel are ‘back’. Kind of an affront when you believed for nearly 2000 years that the Jews were cursed.

    8 years ago I met Rav Berland in Amsterdam. He told me I was born a Jew. After that I abandoned JC; a traumatic experience for me. I now know that one of the reasons I found it so hard that JC ‘left’ was that I found the concept of ‘a man in the middle’ very comfortable.


    I want to share two things.


    According to Rabbi Skobac (from Jews for Judaism) Christianity today is totally different than what it was when it started (back when it was a Jewish ‘enterprise’).
    First Christians were Torah observing, circumcised, there was no trinity whatsoever etc.

    He explains this in lecture below – ‘A Rabbi cross-examines Christianity’:

    One striking example (at minute 20):
    Rabbi Skobac refers to the question about salvation/going to heaven:
    JC is asked how to get to heaven.
    JC answers (what any Rabbi would say today): “keep the commandments.”
    This is totally different than what any Christian would say today:
    A Christian today would answer: “Believe in JC.”.

    A very interesting lecture. If you want me to summarize the highlights and email them let me know.


    A personal thought about this ‘love is a Christian thing not Judaism thing’ remark.
    I am not claiming this claim is true in any case but I was thinking about the following, it may be a little bit related..?:

    According to a famous rabbi (I believe Maimonides) both Christianity and Islam were created to prepare the world for believe in one God.

    If G-D is both King(justice) and Father(love) could it be that Christianity stresses the aspect of Love whereas Islam stresses the aspect of judgement?
    And should Judaism not be about the (difficult) combination of the two?
    Who so often SEEM to be in conflict with each other?

    As a Christian, I was amazed when I learned that all Jewish prayers start with declaring the Kingship of G-D. It was kind of an alien idea for me: I only ‘saw’ G-D as Holy Father.

    From: https://www.answering-islam.org/Silas/no_father.htm
    Islam has no father

    “Muhammad ascribed many names to Allah and these names reveal Allah’s character. As examples there are Al Muntaqim – The Avenger, Ar-Raoof – The Compassionate, and Ar-Razzaq – The Provider. You can search through Allah’s 99 names (some Muslims state that Allah has more names) and you’ll find many characteristics that a good father should have. [2] But one name is missing that is one of the most wonderful of God’s names, and that is “Father”.”

    Hope this helps.

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Beautifully said, David; I love your observation of the division of “Love” and “Judgment” of the Almighty between the two “spin-off” religions: it does make a lot of sense, clarifies a lot. Yes, Love IS part of Torah, to a great extent, but the Judgment part seems to have been stressed a lot more in very “frum” circles: “don’t do this, or else”, rather than “ask your Father in Heaven, speak to him”. Now, thank G-d, and thanks to Rabbi Nachman, and also thanks to Am Yisrael having returned to Eretz Yisrael where things are more normal from a spiritual point of view, the stress on Tehillim, speaking to Hashem, praying to Hashem, Hashem as our Protector rather than only our Judge, all these things have come back to the fore, B”H. And as we all know, in the trenches people always remember G-d, right? But we definitely need to remember both sides and then everything will be OK.

  8. reuven
    reuven says:

    The victors re-write the history books. Just because the ‘new testament’ is (apparently, I’ve never read it) gushing with love your neighbour, it doesn’t mean that’s this is in fact what yeshu actually taught or believed. You and I weren’t around to know. This was a promo book which was written 200 years later by his PR guys to make him sound like an angel, obviously.

    Our holy sages report (Tractate Gitin 56b) that Onkelos called down the souls of three of the greatest rashaim in history, Bilaam, Titus and ‘that man’ (yeshu). These three are singled out for special punishment (see there for details).

    ‘Yeshu’ is the initial letters of ‘yimach shemo v’zichrono’ (may his name and his memory be blotted out). He is given this name for a reason.

    Whilst we in the 21st century consider ourselves to be such ‘enlightened’ individuals, unfortunately, if we drop our ga’avah for a moment, we should realise that we have no idea what we’re talking about. Relying on our holy sages, who did know what they were talking about, is called ’emunat chachamim’. Its apparently a tenant of our faith.

    If they decided his name and memory should be blotted out forever, who do I think I am to now decide that I think actually maybe he wasn’t such a bad chap after all…? Pure delusion. To call it ’embarrassing’ would be a woeful understatement.

  9. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I think the tzaddik of the generation would be able to know who is Amalek and who we really could do a pidyon for, anyone else, I’m not sure. We are supposed to want the rashaim to do teshuva, Jewish and non Jewish ones. So, even though we want to see our enemies destroyed, there are enemies who Hashem wants teshuva from as they are not true Amalek and can return to humanity.

    Our enemies are often the messenger who delivers our punishments for our own sins. They say don’t hate or harm the messenger, right? Take the focus off of an individual’s wrongdoing and realize we’re all one and there are always our own faults to look into. Even evil sorcerers can do teshuva, I suppose. We do see Jewish evil kings do teshuva like Menashe, right? He seems worse than Hitler in some ways. He is used as an example of someone who one would think is beyond teshuva but yet, Hashem accepted him back. Seems above our heads. Hashem’s ways are not our ways. We have human logic and Hashem knows all. If our pidyonim can help Hashem accept the repentance of the most evil sinners, then despite my distaste of it, I should accept Hashem’s wishes.

  10. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to try and ‘birur’ this, even though I personally don’t agree with some – or even a lot – of what’s being said here.

    But the discussion itself is a very valuable part of that process, and we’ll keep chipping away to separate ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’ (and ‘fake public relations’) to figure out what is really going on, and BH what God really wants from us.

    Some general points:

    1) Yoshki is dead. Dead people can’t make teshuva. So, we can’t compare Yoshki to someone like King Menashe, bad and evil as he really was, because King Menashe made teshuva while he was alive.
    2) Xtianity is built on a pack of lies, and seems to have come up with that original ‘two-faced, narcissist hypocrite’ thing of saying one thing, while doing exactly the opposite. I went to a Church of England primary school, and most of the teachers there were totally nuts, and very into preaching what they weren’t at all practising themselves.
    3) I am working on bringing more of the sources about Yoshki from Jewish sources. The reason many of us just don’t know how bad he really was is because a lot of OUR sources were consistently and deliberately censored. Look out for the next post.
    4) EVEN IF a ‘pidyon hanefesh’ could work, in theory, to get Yoshki out of his big vat of boiling poo, it’s God who put him there. He singled out three individuals for particularly horrible treatment in gehinnom, and they were: Bilaam, Titus and Yoshki. I could understand someone trying to break the incredibly evil, destructive klipa of ‘xtianity’ itself, by doing a pidyon nefesh against xtianity, but that is something totally different. And even in that case, it would be the Tzaddik HaDor that would decide what is necessary and what is required.
    5) ‘Pidyon nefesh’ – redemption of the soul – is totally different from ‘Pidyon Ben’, what this disciple of Yitzhak Ginsburg seems to be talking about. And again, it boggles the mind that someone living 2000 years after Yoshki feels he could do a ‘pidyon haben’ for someone who is a) already dead and b) of such questionable parentage that we have no idea who is dad actually was, or whether he was the first-born son of his mother. (Plus other relevant questions such as whether his mother had a miscarriage beforehand, which would also mean no pidyon haben.) This whole discussion is just making a total mockery of Torah law and halacha in a way that sounds so very familiar, for anyone who has been following the discussion here of ‘frum’ Sabbatean-Frankists.
    6) The people who committed holocausts, holodomors, Bolshevik Revolutions etc – many of them were genetically Jewish, but they were not practising Jews, and very possibly hadn’t been for generations, maybe even for 1900 years. There is a group of ‘Jewish-Christians’, very possibly the same as the Karaites, who have been trying to undermine yiddishkeit for at least 2000 years. All these nazis, Rothschilds, Bolsheviks etc etc may ‘look’ Jewish, but if they are practising any formal religion sincerely it’s xtianity (and / or devil worship. Still to be clarified if the two are actually inextricably linked, and maybe ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.)

    Of course, God wants as many people to make teshuva as possible. But we are not ‘xtians’, and there has to be some sort of ‘awakening from below’ – people themselves have to have at least a hirhur of real teshuva, and to accept they aren’t perfect and have damaged God’s creation.

    That’s the bare minimum.

    And our part is to PRAY that others will start to have that ‘hirhur of teshuva’, and to follow the advice and guidance of our true tzaddikim, who actually know what they are really talking about, are genuinely holy, and (most important of all…) don’t come from a tradition of ‘secret Jewish-Christian followers of Yoshki’, for the last 2000 years.

    I suspect the list of our leaders who really fulfill these criteria is way smaller than most of us still realise.

    • Inna
      Inna says:

      I feel We need to define “ teshuva” more precisely. Otherwise it is a generic term that does not mean anything really.
      I also think it is time to delve into basic psychology of self esteem vs ego. Because blame and guilt are two sides of an unhealthy ego. The rectification can not come thru blaming anybody. And it will not come from extreme guilt. It can come from emuna only. But emuna is also a very generic term. It need to be contemplated upon I believe this is what rav Nahman was teaching.
      Otherwise we will continue to seasaw between those concept with no end. For another 2000 years

    • Molly
      Molly says:

      Rivka, a really amazing person to reach out to is Rabbi Tovia Singer. He has dedicated his life to combating missionaries and their tricky tactics for converting Jews. To argue their most popular points, he has become an expert on all things Jesus and NT, and could for sure point you in the right direction for learning more about the truth of his origins.

  11. David
    David says:

    So at the same time when thousands of Christians are flocking to Tora, Judaism, (Noachides) ‘orthodox’ Jews are flirting with Christianity..
    Unbelievable. What an irony.

    However despicable; if somebody converts from Judaism to Christianity was he ever a Jew..? Should one therefore really be sad?

    In any case a lot of ‘Christians’ – lot of them with (partly) Jewish souls – want to learn Torah from Jews. Maybe very important that more Torah observant Jews know a little bit more what is Christianity and what it is not?
    Although many Christians already feel there is something off with their faith and accept immediately to jump forward to Torah (and skip all Christian dogma’s).

    Good people loving Rabbi’s (like Michael Skobac or Tovia Singer) clear up the lies from Christianity in 1 or 2 hours (and these Rabbi’s know more than what I learned in 20 years).

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s always sad whenever anyone, xtian, Jew or otherwise, falls away from serving Hashem, and falls into a world of religious lies and deception. Each of us tips the balance, in someway, to the good side or the bad side. Every person makes the difference. Just a Jewish soul ‘weighs more’, in some senses of the word, both for good and for bad.

  12. David
    David says:

    Correction to my previous comment;
    A person can be a Jew of course and assimilate or convert to an idol religion.
    (I suspect I did it myself in my previous incarnation(s) and now I pay(ed) the price – many years feeling alone, lot of questions, out of touch.)

    I should have said; was a Jew who converted to an idol religion ever G-D fearing? Did he ever love, serve G-D, have a relation with G-D?

    Question: If G-D places so many Jewish souls in Christian environments would G-D also place non-Jewish souls in Jewish environments..? And for what possible reason?


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