It’s right there, on the Israeli Prime Minister Office’s website:

How the Rothschilds, Wexner and Michael Milken are effectively running the State of Israel as their private fiefdom.


It’s happened so often now, that when I’m typing stuff for this blog, some ‘idea’ pops out spontaneously, which when I go to research it turns out to be bang on the money.

In the last post, I started pulling some information together, that linked Michael Milken’s ‘Milken Innovation Centre’ with the Rothschilds, and showed that there was a strong possibility that all this ‘COVID-1984’ lockdown hysteria in Israel was being engineered by big business interests who are effectively running the State of Israel.

It’s not Netanyahu, or Bennett, or Gantz, or Lapid who is making policy decisions for the State of Israel – that’s just the lie we’ve all been spun, to make it seem as though voting for all these different politicians is actually going to make a difference, on the ground.

Because if we knew the truth – that whoever we vote for, they are just the ‘front men’ for the big businesses who are using the State of Israel to promote their own nefarious agenda – there would be riots in the street and a revolution.

[And then Moshiach… wait for it, it’s happening soon.]


So anyway, that was the theory I set out in the last post, with a lot of supporting evidence to back it up. But after it was written, I finally found the smoking gun that proves it beyond the shadow of the doubt.

Tucked away in some shadowy corner of the Israeli Government’s website, I found something called the ‘Atudot L’Israel’ program, which roughly translates as ‘Futuristic Israel’.

This program was formally put in place in 2016 by the Prime Minister’s Office, and I’ll explain in a moment what it’s all about.

First, take a look at the shiny video they put out as part of their PR machine to hide what is really going on here:


It begins:

“Atudot L’Israel seeks to build the next generation of Israel’s public service sector.”

I.e. all the civil servants, Director Generals of the Health Ministry, Economics Ministry and others, the heads of Hospitals like Ichilov (hi, Ronny!), even the heads of the IDF and the chief justices of the Supreme Court, and the police chiefs – they will all be part of this ‘Atudot L’Israel’ program to take over the public sector.

I’ve screenshotted some of the video’s factoids, below, but here’s a run-down of what they are saying:


There are 75,000 people working in Israel’s civil service.


When you add in things like local authorities, hospitals and NGOs, this number swells to 1,000,000 people – i.e. one in 6 of every working age person in the State of Israel.

45% work in positions connected with the Ministry of Education; 15% with the Ministry of Health; 15% for the Ministry of the Interior; and 10% with Welfare.


Next, we’re told how private organisations and donors have created several ‘management training’ progams for the State of Israel’s public sector.

We’ll deep dive into what those programs are in a minute, but it’s things like the notorious Wexner Foundation Fellows, and the Koret-Milken Fellows – i.e. programs which are there to serve the billionaire oligarchs’ economic and geopolitical interests, and NOT the people of Israel.

Then, it says:

“Due to the success of these programs, the government of Israel has decided to promote a strategic plan for ‘talent management’ for the entire public service sector.”

Or to put this in plain English, from 2016 on, the whole apparatus of the State of Israel was effectively put at the service of these billionaire oligarchs, who now control the country via the graduates of their ‘talent management’ programs, who have been parachuted into some of the most sensitive and powerful areas in the public sector.

That’s a big claim, I know. I’ll back it up with solid facts in a moment, we’re just setting out the stall, still.


The video then goes on to explain how the entire public sector was mapped out, and the top 1% of management – around 10,000 people – were targeted to participate in one of the billionaire oligarchs ‘talent management’ programs.


They aren’t shy about what they are trying to do here, even starting baldly in the video that:

“Influencing [this 1%] means influencing the entire public sector [of Israel].”

[It’s a post for another time, but if you watch the video you’ll notice a banner of “Israel 2035” popping up. I know of the UN’s notorious Agenda 2030, but having just quickly googled ‘Agenda 2035’, I can see there is another Pandora’s Box opening up here, which I will cover in a future post. But the UN’s ‘Agenda 2035’ is about ‘Controlled Migration’.]


We’re then told that each ‘system’ will have its own Executive Committee – that is effectively calling the shots and making the decisions, regardless of who you and I vote for, at the ballot box.

“The different Executive Committees will collaborate as a smart network.”

If you look at the screenshot above, it shows how all these ‘Executive Committees’ will interact. Take a close look at what’s being listed, here:

  • Atudot L’Israel
  • Atudot L’Israel Forum
  • Executive Committee of the Healthcare System
  • Executive Committee of the Education System
  • Executive Committee of the Local Government System
  • Executive Committee of the Welfare System
  • Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance
  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • The Civil Service Commission

These are the people calling the shots in the State of Israel, not the ministers, not most of the other MKs and politicians, and definitely not the voters.

I would LOVE to know who is sitting on the Executive Committee of the Healthcare System – if anyone with good Hebrew wants to research that, I’d be very grateful. Because I’m 100% sure we already know a lot of those people’s names very well, from this whole COVID-1984 lockdown nightmare.


Let’s continue.

The video ends:

“The future [of the State of Israel] is in our hands”

They aren’t lying. The future of the Jewish State really is in these people’s hands, so now, let’s take a look at which foundations and billionaire oligarchs are running Atudot L’Israel, shall we?

This comes from it’s own website HERE. If you want to download the report in English, you can do that HERE – quick, before they scrub it!! Because when this information finally starts to get out, it’s mamash going to change the whole picture.

So, who is now firmly in control of Israel’s public sector, effectively bypassing us, the voters, and controlling our politicians via bribery and blackmail?

I’ve bolded the ones I want you to really pay attention to:


[T]he following is a list of some of the Atuda programs in the public service sector, which are working in cooperation with other bodies in the Civil Service and in the public sphere:

Senior level

  • The Senior Staff Fellowship at the Civil Service’s National Leadership, Governance and Administration Academy
  • The Wexner Senior Leadership Program 
  • The Israel National Defense College (INDC) Senior Officers’ Program


  • The Senior Staff Atuda Program at the Civil Service’s National Leadership, Governance and Administration Academy
  • Maoz Fellows program
  • Advot—Leadership Pipeline for the Israeli Education System
  • Inbar—Healthcare Management Program
  • Makom—Municipal Leadership Pipeline Program
  • Ro’im Rachok¬ Program—Management Pipeline for Social Services in Israel
  • Mashpi’im Program—Haredim in the Civil Service and Local Government
  • The Mimshak Fellowship for Young Leadership of Scientists as Scientific Advisers in Government Offices 
  • Digital Leaders—Agents of Change through Digital Innovation
  • The JDC Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance
  • The Wexner Israel Fellowship for Leadership Development for Leaders in Israel’s Public Sector
  • The Mandel School for Educational Leadership
  • Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community 
  • Mandel Youth Leadership Program
  • The Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev 
  • The Mandel Center for Leadership in the North

Entry Level

  • Cadets for Civil Service Program
  • Atidim-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Bachelor’s program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Atidim-Pais Cadets for Local Government— Bachelor’s program at Tel-Hai College
  • Rothschild-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Masters program in Public Administration (MPA) and Policy at the University of Haifa
  • Rothschild-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Master’s program in Strategy and Urban Planning at the Technion
  • Rothschild Cadets Program for Informal Education—B.Ed in Informal Education and Social Sciences, with Minor in Public Policy from Oranim College (including a teaching certification and a youth worker certification)
  • Shoham—Cadets for the Police Force Program
  • The Foreign Ministry’s Cadet Program
  • Cadet Program for Israel’s Economic Envoys
  • Mashpi’im Program—Haredim in the Civil Service and Local Government

Specialized Programs

  • The Mimshak Fellowship for Young Leadership of Scientists as Scientific Advisers in Government Offices 
  • Milken Innovation Center Fellows Program for outstanding leadership to promote economic growth in Israel through internships in government offices, applied research and training


There is SO much to unpick here, and I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, so let’s just make some ‘broadbrush’ observations, and I’ll come back to specific points in future posts.

  • Lesley Wexner, Michael Milken, the Mandel brothers and the Rothschilds (especially the French and English branches) are defacto setting the policy of the State of Israel, and running the country irrespective of who we vote for.
  • Lesley Wexner has been directly connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking, prostitution and blackmail outfit. Epstein was managing the funds for the Wexner Foundation for years, and the Wexner Foundation has been funding its grads in Israel for a couple of decades.
  • Michael Milken is ‘the junk bond king’ at the centre of a group of corporate raiders who were christened ‘Milken’s Monsters. Most of them were Jews, and many of them, like the late Meshulam Riklis had close ties to the State of Israel – Riklis bought Ariel Sharon’s Negev Ranch for him.
  • Donald Trump pardoned Michael Milken for his crimes just in February, 2019. Isn’t that a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


  • One of Michael Milken’s ‘fellows’, Moshe Bar Simon-Tov, was the head of the Israel Health Department when the COVID-1984 plandemic hit Israel, and he was one of the main people, along with the WHO’s Itamar Grotto, who was pumping up the hysteria, and demanding a full lock down from day one.
  • The Mandel Foundation is a new name to me, so I’m only just starting to research them. What I can tell you, is that Morton Mandel was closely connected to Reform Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, who co-founded the Wexner Foundation with Lesley Wexner, illegally ran guns for the Hagana (so was intimately tied to the Labour Socialists), was head of the United Jewish Appeal (the precursor to all these American Jewish Federations, today) and seems to have a strong connection to the IRA, too (!)
  • According to Wikipedia, Friedman believed “in the dispersal of the Jewish people across time and space as an integral part of their creative genius.” (I have a feeling this could be linked to Agenda 2035….)
  • The Mandel Foundation are also just lurving COVID-1984. This comes from the Foundation’s ‘Coronavirus Response’ page:

“The first lecture in the series was titled “The Coronavirus Crisis from a Global Perspective: How Do We Prepare for the Next Level?” Presented by Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, professor of economics at Tel Aviv University, it focused on the implications of the coronavirus crisis for globalization and the global economy, exploring questions such as: How will the world order change in the post-COVID-19 era? What will happen to liberal democracies and what will happen to autocracies? How will the economic world change following the crisis?”


The Rothschilds are ‘hiding’ behind a lot of these organisations.

For example, the list above makes it sound as though:

Are all separate organisations. In fact, Maoz is also running the Advot, Inbar and Makom programs, and Maoz was funded by the Edmond de Rothschild foundation (EDRF) (now run by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild) to the tune of 1.5 million shekels back in 2018. I’m sure it’s budget is even bigger now. (See below)



Also, EDRF is also funding Roim Rachok – to the tune of 900,000 shekels in 2018. Here’s a little of what they do, from their website:

“The program has since been expanded to train participants in other professions needed in the IDF and civilian job market such as software quality assurance (QA), information sorting, and electro-optics technicians.”

Uh, this has a ‘police state surveillance’ ring to it, doesn’t it? Aka a ‘COVID track and trace apparatus being run through the IDF’ ring to it, doesn’t it?

Especially when you know that back in 2016, ‘Roim Rachok’ partnered up with INTEL, on a new aerial surveillance program that requires people on the autistic spectrum, because ‘regular’ people just can’t do that sort of painstaking surveillance work for very long.

I know this all sounds incredible, but here’s the shiny video to prove it:

I guess this is where the ‘social distancing’ rules come in, to make it easier for them to aerially surveil us all.


Avney Rosha”, below, is also funded by the Rothschilds:

“Avney Rosha, the Israeli Institute for School Leadership, was established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the education ministry and Yad Hanadiv.”

(NB: ‘ELKA’ is being run and funded by the JDC, also reform-minded American Jews.)


But the Rothschilds actually figure in big ways that are even more hidden, on this list.

Let’s take the Mimshak Fellowship, that sounds like it’s got nothing to do with the Rothschilds at all, until we start to take a closer look.

Here’s what it says on the Mimshak website:

The Mimshak Fellowships aims to form a leadership cohort of young, talented academic graduates who are trained to act effectively in the public sector, improving environmental decision-making in Israel and promoting dialogue between the scientific community and public policy makers in Israel.

Mimshak was established by the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Academy of Sciences in 2011.



Now, if you go HERE, you’ll find a PDF describing the Initiative for Applied Education Research. That PDF explains that:

The Initiative was established in late 2003 as a joint venture of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Ministry of Education, and the Rothschild Foundation (Yad Hanadiv). Since the beginning of 2010, the Initiative has been operating as a unit of the Israel Academy.

In the summer of 2010, the Israeli Knesset amended the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Law, regulating the Israel Academy’s advisory role vis-a-vis government ministries seeking its consulting services. The Initiative directs the consulting activities on education related issues which the Israel Academy provides to the government and various authorities.


In other words, the Rothschild Foundation is running the Israel Academy of Sciences, which in turn is directly ‘advising’ the Israeli government, and running programs like Mimshak.

And that’s not all.

The Rothschild Foundation is also running the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, too, again from behind the scenes. Take a look at this PDF report from 2009, entitled:

Linking Science to Environmental Policy and Decision Making in Israel: A report prepared for Yad Hanadiv (the Rothschild Foundation) and the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (ISEES).

Are you starting to see how this works?


This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure if I dig deep enough, I will find billionaire oligarchs behind every single one of these organisations, and these organisations are the ones who are deciding to lockdown the State of Israel, and to push the fake COVID-1984 narrative that is literally destroying millions of people’s parnassa in this country, plus targeting orthodox Jews and Judaism in some very sinister ways.

The question is this:

When the State of Israel is defacto being run by child traffickers, the biggest financial con-men in the history of Wall Street, and a family dedicated to a ‘New World Order’ that also happens to hold deed to most of the actual land in Eretz Yisrael – that’s why everything in this country is leasehold, for 99 years, stoopid us!!!! – is it any wonder that we are in the mess we are in today?

Or that so many other people in the world actually don’t like the State of Israel, so much?

Or that so many of the hard-to-understand actions and deeds of our governments – including making unnecessary wars, and pursuing very dangerous and harmful policies that have only hurt the average Jew in the street, while benefitting billionaire investors – took place?

Ad matai?


Changing the government at the ballot box is not enough to stop the rot.

We have to change the whole civil service, too, and ban all these NGOs and foundations that are really just a front for the Wexners, Milkens, Mandels, Rothschilds, and all the other corrupt billionaires, too.

That’s a big job.

And there’s only one person who can do it.


PS: In the middle of typing this up, Daisy sent me a video to watch, where the presenter said that the State of Israel’s Health Department is running Rhode Island’s ‘Open up after Covid’ initiative.

Apparently, it’s true.

See this:

Lt. Governor Engages Israeli Health Minister on COVID-19 Reopening Strategies

Office Activity Update

Lt. Governor Dan McKee and his coalition of International Economic Ambassadors, held a virtual meeting with Israeli Minister of Health Asher Salmon to discuss Israel’s strategies for shutting down and reopening the country during COVID-19. The meeting was organized through the efforts of Avi Nevel, President and CEO of the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative who serves as an International Economic Ambassador through the Lt. Governor’s Office.


And this, which describes how an Israeli Start-Up called Diagnostic Robotics will be running the track and trace program for Rhode Island.

“The tool was built by Israeli startup Diagnostic Robotics, whose flagship product is essentially a human-machine hybrid AI diagnostic system.”


Diagnostic Robotics is chaired by data-miner extraordinaire, Kira Radinsky.

Radinsky is also a partner in Maccabi’s ‘Big Data’ program with billionaire oligarch Morris Kahn, one of the founders of Amdocs. According to Globes:

The company’s technology is already installed at Leumit Health Services and Meuhedet Health Services, and at the Soroka and Rambam Medical Centers. The company’s cooperative ventures with these hospitals is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority and the government’s Digital Health as a Growth Engine Plan, which have allocated resources to support hospitals agreeing to try out new digital health technologies.”

Here’s a little about that, from the Kahn Sagol Maccabi research and Innovation institute:

The mission of the Institute is to make the broad database of medical data pertaining to some 2.5 million members of Maccabi Healthcare Services, compiled over a period of two decades, accessible to researchers worldwide. By doing so, it will enable each researcher to become a data scientist, and to conduct multi-dimensional research utilizing Big Data approaches and methods.


I belong to Maccabi. Nobody ever asked me, or told me, that my medical data is being made available to researchers around the globe. I’m sure no-one told all the people at Leumit and Meuhedet, either.

It’s time to totally sue the pants off these people, and to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.



As an afterthought, I went to see if Ronnie Gamzu, Israel’s ‘Coronavirus Tzar’, happened to be a fellow in any of these Rothschild-funded programs.

I discovered that in 2008, he participated in the INSEAD European Health Leadership Program, in France.

Guess who provided the funding for that program?

Yup. Our good friend the Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. Guess where the Israeli branch of INSEAD is located? Yup. In Caesarea. Here’s some blurb from their website:

“The new Regional Research Centre in Israel is a tangible example of INSEAD’s global vision as the business school for the world,” Mr. Nahmias said. “Thanks to its global network of alumni and corporate contacts, the school is uniquely positioned to build bridges and connect entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are very grateful for the support we have received from the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation to help us build INSEAD’s reputation as a leading authority on global entrepreneurship”.

It’s all connected.

Track down the INSEAD fellows, and I’m sure you’ll build up another very clear picture of another important part of the global COVID-1984 web.


We really do need Moshiach now.


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