I don’t know if you follow economic news or not, but a couple of weeks ago a remarkable thing happened.

A grassroots group of small traders, working via the Reddit platform, amongst others, banded together to start boosting a stock called Gamestop.

Here’s a little about that company, from Wiki:

GameStop Corp. is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine (a suburb of Dallas), TexasUnited States, and is the world’s largest video game retailer, operating 5,509 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe as of February 1, 2020.


Why was this such a big deal?

It was a big deal, because a number of massive hedge funds were colluding with each other to ‘short’ the stock – in that pure, corrupt ‘gambling’ way that actually characterises so much of what’s going on with the stockmarket.

And this group of Reddit-led small traders, called ‘Wallstreetbets’ decided that they were going to band together to play the ‘big boys’ at their own game.

And they did it spectacularly, as you can see from the headline below:


Here’s a snippet of that story:

Wallstreetbets is Occupy Wall Street meets QAnon, goes the thinking. Its posters talk about taking revenge on the hedge funds they insist have secretly controlled Wall Street and hail their recent triumphs as a win for the 99% over the wealthiest 1%.


After the ‘proof of concept’ was delivered with GameStop, the Wallstreetbets-Reddit group have now decided to go after silver.

I can’t entirely explain why, but I have the feeling that something profound is occurring around all this, and that something much bigger is going on under the surface.

Let me segue back into the Covid-19 plandemic to explain why.

In the last post, I was talking about those leaked files on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that was posted up in the comments section of the Jpost. They were put up there by a commentator calling themselves ‘Magic Monkey Dust’.


Over on the Jpost comments section for this post, tonight,’Magic Monkey Dust’ left this comment, and link:


I’m not interested in that info, so I’m not downloading the link.

But I know the last link worked, and was bona fide, so I’m assuming that this commentator really was able to hack the Israeli government’s emails, including Mossad IP addresses and locations, before posting them up on the Jpost comments.

Which is actually stunning news.


Something about all this is just striking me as very, very strange.

When I saw the link to Wallstreetbets, I decided to try and find out a little bit more about this group, who are taking Wall Street on at their own game, posting up leaked internal memos about the Pfizer vaccine – and now, apparently, taking on the Israeli government, too.

Let’s go back to that article on CBS, above, which described them like this:

Wallstreetbets is a fast-growing Reddit board with nearly 5 million followers, including at least 2 million new ones in the past 24 hours. Like at other internet discussion boards, users typically go by an online handle rather than their real names. Much of the discussion is about stocks —and it comes with plenty of attitude and tough talk.

You can read another good article (and there’s also a good 4 minute video that does a good job of summing up what’s going on with Wallstreetbets, not shmirat eynayim friendly tho) HERE.


‘Magic Monkey Dust’ says they are a moderator on the Wallstreetbets Reddit forum (HERE).

That forum is apparently anonymous, and there seems to be around 35-40 moderators.

So, it’s striking me as pretty strange how one of those moderators is apparently now posting up highly classified information in the comments section of the Jpost….

The more I’m looking into this, the more I have the strange feeling that something highly unusual is going on.


Now, this interesting, anonymous group of people are trying to pull the same stunt with silver.

This snippet comes from HERE:

“SLV will destroy the biggest banks, not just some little hedge funds,” one WallStreetBets user wrote. Another claimed JPMorgan Chase has been “suppressing metals for a long time. This should be epic. LOAD UP.”
Several noted that JPMorgan (JPM)paid a record $920 million fine last year to settle charges that it engaged in manipulative trades of futures tied to precious metals as well as Treasuries.”

If they pull off the same stunt with silver, WallStreetBets could literally take out some of the biggest banks overnight.

Again, I have no idea who is really behind all this – no-one does.

But it’s clear that Wall Street is another massive den of corruption that needs to disappear as the geula process continues, and WallStreetBets is shaping up to be a potential way of doing that.


I usually like to end my posts with some sort of solid conclusion, but this time around, I can’t.

I know it’s a bit wishy-washy, as posts go, but I just have a gut feeling that whatever is going on with WallStreetBets – and all this hacked information weirdly popping up on the Jpost’s comments section – it’s connected to entering the next stage of the geula process.

And with Rosh Chodesh Adar beginning this Thursday night…. the timing is right for some big ‘turnaround’ to show up soon.




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22 replies
  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    Didn’t a group of ‘investors’ try to corner the silver market a few years ago. They ended up being bankrupted so it’ll be interesting to see what happens this time.

  2. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    I love that Magic Monkey Dust: what he does is great! Normally I wouldn’t be in favor of this kind of behavior, but to hack the evil ones? Kol Hakavod! Yes, there is a great feeling of joy and geulah hearing this.

    BTW I have been following the heavily manipulated silver and gold markets for years; they call these precious metals “real money”, “biblical money”. Yes, that’s exactly what it is: Mearat Hamachpelah was bought with silver shekalim, pidyon Haben is done with silver coins, etc. etc. We need to return to truth money. Maybe the SHEKEL will even go back to being the real, silver shekel B”H? That would be nice.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Daisy, yeah, I’d also love to see our phony shekel be exchanged for real silver shekalim, 1:1. As though that’ll ever happen. I don’t want to scoff or make fun; but we don’t have enough fiat currency to even exchange all of it for the real value of a single silver shekel. Frankly, I’d like to have enough emunah to believe it would be arranged. Or is that simple expectation?

      Rivka, how’s that for being real?!

  3. Noach Santo
    Noach Santo says:

    If you’re opening your eyes to the Sabbatian Frankists, you shouldn’t fall for this open media hoax. To believe this is like to believe that Bill Gates created an empire out of nothing. I’ve been researching this for eleven years. Don’t be naive. The global power structure has complete control over what happens on stock exchanges and the internet. No hacker and no anonymous group really exists with the ability to circumvent the system. Illusion. The reason why this happened I don’t know and we can only speculate. However I’m sure that these cute stories are ridiculous. The same goes for cyber attacks. The military-state complex, which developed all the structures and languages ​​of the internet, hires hackers to assume what they did not do. In other words, they create viruses and vulnerabilities and exposures and then offer solutions or simply enjoy the fruits of fear. I really like your blog, so I would like you to reflect on that. May HaShem open our eyes. Shalom from a Brazilian ben Noach. Forgive my English because I used the online translator. There is no need to publish.

  4. Noach Santo
    Noach Santo says:

    There is no need to publish. If any insight can be useful to you I will be happy. I would like to give you an idea about my research: They are monitoring the event and the guidelines for the pandemic come from that timeline. Moshiach’s star, or Nibiru, or the Kachina blue star is just our sun, which is becoming more and more focused, until it becomes a blue beam. The large astronomical observatories have already been deactivated, it seems that one remains in Russia. Some blogs have already found the narrative of the solar minimum, something more coherent with what is approaching but still wrong. What comes next is an inversion of the magnetic field of this kingdom. Nothing will stop spinning, because it doesn’t. The ice stuck to the dome will plummet along with plasma, which comes from above the dome. It is a natural event, with clear physical explanation, and it is also a spiritual event. Do you remember the burning bush? plasma. Do you remember the fire accompanying the Hebrews in the desert? plasma. Do you remember Eliahu and the prophets of Baal? plasma. Plasma is sentient, forming all minerals, including water. Plasma is the manifestation of HaShem that man can see in the current state. Our sun is the focal point of the plasma formed through the lens of our dome. The globe model and current astrophysics is a fraud by the Vatican, by Eisav, by Nachash. All these current global plans are deceitful, to distract: elections, 5G, 6G, electric cars and end of oil, electromagnetic pulse weapons, water on the Moon, life on Mars, aliens. Cruise ships are being sliced and sold as scrap. The animals are being slaughtered and thrown away. There will be no economic recovery. Gold has already been collected on the market. Subdued states are buying rotten paper from the market. The bubble is huge and public debt is bigger. The scams are huge because they know that there will be no time for courts. All wars are combined, all cyber attacks are orchestrated, the telecommunications blackout will be carried out by the military-industrial complex, the elite are evil and transnational, right and left are pieces on a board and nobody sees their hands, least of all the players, who have very old bloodlines. They don’t need money because they print the money, even more so in this final moment, it is all deceit for stupid slaves. I’m sorry. People need to be at least sterilized before the event. If they survive, they will be scattered and it will be more difficult to master them. The food is going to the bunkers now. Many of the elite are selling their mansions to the unsuspecting. The climate before the inversion, with its floods, droughts, snowstorms and locusts, does not allow normal production. Hungry people tend to go to where the food is. These lockdowns are for maintaining certain control until the final limit. Before they lift the drawbridges and let the peoples fight with theatrical governments without the rule of law, they will take healthy children under the pretext of false covid tests. Course they will not prevail. Hashem laughs at them. However, everything is deserved. Jews are at a very low level. Most do not observe a Sabbath correctly. I see few rabbis rising up against vaccines. Non-Jews are a thousand times worse, like animals. What comes is deserved. It will not come sweetly. I dare to speak about Moshiach, be he one or two: it will come at a low level, according to the level of the Jewish people, and will be hardly and gradually recognized. He comes to govern proportionately more non-Jews than Jews. He will not be ashkenazi, sephardi, breslov, chabad, from USA or Europe, nor is he hidden in Israel, much less in contact with elected sages. Only אהוי knows where יִנּוֹן is now. We have a few months ahead of us. Perhaps he appears earlier this year shemitah. Definitely he will only rule after the event. A lot of water to roll yet, I mean, a lot of plasma and ice. HaShem be obeyed and praised!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I delayed putting this up, as I wanted to look into what you are saying before posting, and also to do some praying on it.

      My view on this is now this:

      Could all this stuff happen?


      Is it going to happen?

      Not definitely, at all. For a few reasons:

      1) God said He’s not going to destroy the world again as happened with Noah’s flood – which seems to be the same repeat scenario you are sketching out above, with the same ‘cosmic’ players (i.e. dark stars / comets / planets) as the delivery men.

      2) Teshuva can absolutely turn everything around for the best.

      This is probably the main difference between an authentic Jewish view of how the world works, and ‘everyone else’s’ view. God is in control. There is no ‘fate’ that can’t be sweetened, can’t be overturned, with enough teshuva, prayer and charity.

      I know this element is lacking in the non-Jewish world, which is far more deterministic, but you can sum this approach up under the simplistic banner of ‘real emuna’ – Ein Od Milvado.

      3) Lastly – and probably most importantly – I follow Rav Berland, and his teachings. I don’t believe that the Rav – and the people in his community, who have gone through fire and water for approaching a decade now – have suffered everything for nothing, for all this to just go down the satanic plug hole.

      Things are being sweetened all the time. That there is still food on the shelves, still quite a strong semblance of ‘normal life’ – despite a year of total madness – shows just how much this is being sweetened, all the time.

      And BH, that will continue.

      This is NOT going to plan for the evil forces in the world, and even cosmically-determined ‘must happen’ events can be changed and sweetened radically.

      But we have to get the message.

      • Noach Santo
        Noach Santo says:

        Dear Rivka, I am going to write little to be understood.
        1. I know that; I didn’t say it will be the same; it must be my confused text.
        2. I agree, except for the last sentence; by attending a synagogue I know that even the Jewish world has its determinisms; most Jews do not comply with Shabbat; I did not convert because I could not guarantee the observance of Shabbat and I would not like to be a Jew of this type.
        3. I have nothing against the Rav, indeed nothing against any true Jew, quite the contrary; the appearance of normal life is an appearance; I came to warn about the change in this scenario in the coming years.
        4. I think I need to study English to try to get my point across; for now I will concentrate here where I am; thanks for listening, forgive me for any word and HaShem bless your blog; I follow only as a reader.
        5. I am looking forward to the changes announced here from Purim; and also for the end of the pandemic and all the sweetening due to the release of the Rav; waiting with emunah, praying and watching the world.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Peace to you, Noach Santo.

          As long as we can talk about things, and iron them out, it’s ok to have discussions where we disagree, even sharp discussions. BH, once I know someone is genuine, and like me just a flawed human being trying to do better and give God what He wants, I have no problem with them saying things that might be a little ‘off’ here and there.

          I just have to check that out, though, carefully, first.

          I’ve had so many yucky people here on the blog, and I just don’t want to interact with them too much.

      • Noach Santo
        Noach Santo says:

        Forgive me. I understand and read well in English, speak little and write nothing. I had to use the online translator. As a poet who writes very well in Portuguese, I know how irritating and sad it is to see someone murder our language. Thank you for making me understand that I should give up commenting.

  5. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    The Hunt brothers:

    [link removed – see below]
    But realize that this is the “google’ version. Try your VPN browser, Rivka, and then see what it says about them. The story was also totally manipulated, as their actions went against the wishes of the deep you-know-what. Knowing you, you will dig out the real story here Rivka!

    • Daisy Stern
      Daisy Stern says:

      Hi Rivka,

      I am so sorry, by accident I gave the link to something else – it goes straight to my email account which could be very dangerous. I guess I got what I deserve: I thought it’s OK to hack somebody, even if a bad guy: Yissachar Berg, in today’s shiur, mentioned how we can’t think bad and wish bad even for bad people, that they are potential Baalei Teshuvah. So I guess I was wrong. But meanwhile my google account is at risk. PLEASE REMOVE THAT LINK, my comment too if you want, I don’t care. But I don’t want somebody to have access to my email because of that stupidity of mine! Thanks a lot.

      And do look up the Hunt brothers if you have time, apparently THEY were the victims in this story, if I understand it correctly. They weren’t doing anything illegal, but they were prevented from doing it because of the dollar effect, if I recall the story.

  6. Warren
    Warren says:

    Silver and Gold are being manipulated by Central Banks and Governments and price purposely depreciated so that they continue the biggest Ponzi Scheme and scam in history which is called “Fiat Currency.”

    See here https://youtu.be/NJd6RKsY5H4

    “Moshiach will only come when the peruta is no longer found in pockets” – Talmud

    By the way, I think you will all like what’s happening with cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin. It’s the people taking the power back in their hands and away from the evil Elite, Central Bankers, Governments, Etc.

    see this also about the wallstreetbets Gamestock fiasco and how Bitcoin is the peoples true ammunition. https://youtu.be/cAhOMOhFcY8

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Bitcoin is even more ‘pretend money’ than fiat currency.

      I don’t think for a moment the evil people controlling the world would so easily let something like Bitcoin / crypto currencies come about, if they weren’t also controlling that, too, behind the scenes.

      • Ana
        Ana says:

        It’s striking how much faith people put in these currencies and systems and how similar “bitcoin” sounds to “bitachon”…


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