I have to admit, I’ve been feeling kinda down about the state of the world again.

I know on Succot there is a mitzvah d’orayta to be happy – and I went to the Rav’s tent in Meah Shearim to dance a bit yesterday, on the hiloula of Rebbe Nachman – but I’m still feeling not so happy.

I guessing I’m not alone.

My husband told me that the band in the Rav’s tent was changing the words to some of the traditional songs being sung, to insert new lyrics about masks and corona ending, as people return to really believing in God.

He suspects the Rav may have had a hand in some of these lyrics, as it’s the Breslov belief that things that can’t be sweetened any other way, can still be sweetened by dancing and niggunim.

I hope he’s right.


This isn’t going to be a long post.

I just wanted to bring your attention, again, to this one hour documentary with English subtitles, that contains literally tens of first-hand stories of people who had severe health injuries in Israel after the Pfizer shot, or who lost loved ones – including their children.

It’s from the VaxTestimonies.org/en  (screenshot below).

As part of the censorship, I’m finding I can’t embed this video on my site, so if clicking this image, below, doesn’t work, then go straight to the link under this image.


And it’s not only in Israel that the media has been deliberately covering up all the death and destruction being wreaked by these DARPA-funded graphene nanotech Covid shots.

This headline from September 15, 2021 kind of says it all:

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead

Here’s a screenshot of some of those 180k responses, that turned up on Facebook:

In the Israeli documentary, nearly all of the witnesses said that when they tried to get medical help for their issues, they were told it had nothing to do with the ‘vaccine’.

Many of them suffered terrible side effects, but often the doctors treating them here refused to take their Covid jab side effects seriously (which of course, means they definitely weren’t even reported…) and then, when the ‘side effects’ persisted, made a very big deal of stressing that these new health issues had nothing to do with the experimental shots they’d just been jabbed with!!!!

They have been lying to us about everything.

And they got away with it, because we are also lying to ourselves, about so many things, so much of the time, that we can’t tell the difference between ‘truth and lies’.

I give us all a bracha, that as the festival of Succot winds down, we should all find the courage to face the truth about what is really happening in our lives, and in the world – and most of all, within ourselves and our relationships.

And when we do that, this ‘pandemic’ – and the rule of the covert evil that has been orchestrating all this from the shadows – will be over in an instant.


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3 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, Nechama also sent it to me.

      I am coming to the conclusion that natural news is ‘controlled opposition’ – i.e. 80% truth, mixed in with some deliberate distortions to keep us all chasing our tails and running after more and more stuff that then overwhelms us and confuses us even more.

      I’m not saying don’t watch or listen – each person makes their own cheshbon. I’m just saying for me, Natural News is not a primary source of information for me at this stage, and everything I read from there, I try to do a very careful birur of.

      Ah Daisy.

      Thank you, still, for caring enough to try to make a difference!

      I wish, so wish, more people would start to take this stuff seriously, and start to shake the heavens with their prayers.

      But in the meantime, it’s easier to characterise all this as ‘conspiracy’, than to actually have to grapple with the big questions of just how many lies this world of lies is really built on, including our governments, military, medicine, science – and just about everything else.

  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity, the more man tampers with the natural order of things, the more problems we make for ourselves.
    But it is the story of mankind to think they can do things better then Hashem.


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