You are going to be hearing a lot about graphene, or graphite oxide, over the coming weeks and months.

***Updates Below***

In this post – possibly the most important one I’ve put together – I’m going to explain what graphene is.

I’m also going to share proof that all of these ‘Covid 19’ shots, whoever manufactures them, contains graphite oxide, aka graphene.

Then I’m going to tell you the implications of this, for your health and for the world.

And most importantly of all, I’m going to tell you how you can already start to detox your body from the graphene in these Covid 19 shots.

Because once you understand what’s really going on here, you’ll be able to start taking actions to limit the damage, and start to heal your body.


Let’s do this!


The story starts with a book by Dr Len Horowitz, called Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that was written back in 1999.

On page 226, he wrote this:

“The structure upholding the ‘Tree of Life’ – DNA – is not a snake [i.e. the double helix], but….snowflake-shaped, hexagonal (six-sided) water clusters.

In it’s healthy state, the crystal cluster-supported double helix acts as an electro-magnetic energy receiver and transmitter.

Many scientists believe that this is the primary function of DNA…

Moreover, the structure of more than 4,000 enzymes that regulate virtually every body function largely depends on these same hexagonal-shaped crystal water clusters.”


Read that as many times as you need to, for it to really sink in.

Plain English: virtually every function in the human body is regulated by hexagonal-shaped, electro-magnetic emitting and receiving crystallized water clusters.


Now, I want to show you the structure of 2D ‘graphite oxide’ aka graphene:

(From Wikipedia)

“Graphene is an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.”


Now, I want to draw your attention to a site run by Spanish-speaking scientists, who are working together to analyse what is actually in all these ‘Covid 19’ shots.

It’s called LaQuinta Columna.

That site is all in Spanish, but another anonymous journalist working on the website has been translating and subtitling a great deal of the work and research appearing there, for the English-speaking audience.

You can see the Orwell.City Telegram feed HERE.

And below, I’m going to excerpt from, and link to, a few of their most recent studies.


Let’s start with the bottom line:

These spanish-speaking molecular biologists stuck ‘the Covid Jab’ from Pfizer and AstraZeneca under an optical microscope, and they have discovered that both these ‘vaccinations’ contain graphene (graphite oxide).

You can read their findings in detail, by clicking the links below:

Vaccination vials contain graphene oxide:


And here’s a short 2 minute video with good English subtitles, that demonstrates what they are seeing in these Covid 19 ‘vaccinations’:


This screenshot below compares what is in the Pfizer ‘vaccine’, on the left, with an image of graphite oxide (graphene) from Nature Nanotechnology journal.

As you can see, they look identical, except the image on the right appears 2.5 times larger.


We’re going to explain why this is a real problem in just a moment, but before we do that, I first want to tell you something hugely important, quoting from THIS piece, called: La Quinta Columa informs on more antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide


Thanks to scientific articles we have seen, we know that every antioxidant, especially the master antioxidant glutathione, degrades graphene oxide. Glutathione can reduce even to zero its toxicity. And we have demonstrated that. 


Again, I want to put this information about how it’s possible to detox from graphene front and centre, before I explain why it’s going to be so important to do that, ASAP.

This is literally pikuach nefesh, as we’ll see in a moment.

So, before we continue, here’s what gets graphene oxide to break down in the body:

  1. N-acetylcysteinethis causes the body to secrete glutathione endogenously.
  2. Glutathione itself.
  3. Zinc. (A lack of zinc can manifest itself in a lack of taste and smell – does this sound familiar?)
  4. Astaxanthin
  5. Quercetin
  6. Vitamin D3


Watch this video for more details on dosages and amounts, and what each anti-oxidant does, or go HERE to read that information, or download this as a PDF from my site: 


This is literally going to be saving people’s lives, in the very near future and it for sure will be heavily censored.


Now, here’s the ‘bare bones’, plain English version of what you need to understand about why they are putting graphene oxide into every brand of ‘Covid 19 vaccination’ out there, as well as in at least one regular ‘flu’ shot.

(If you want the scientific evidence to back all these statements up, I will list a bunch of articles at the bottom of this post, that you can work your way through.)

In a nutshell, they want to ‘replace’ as many of the body’s natural hexagonally-shaped water cluster electro-magnetic ‘transmitters’ with the hexagonal 2D graphene that’s in the Covid shots.


Because graphene conducts electromagnetic signals super-efficiently, and can amplify a signal at least 1,000 times, if not way more.

We are talking about titchy signals in the THz, or ‘tetrahertz‘ range.


Remember what Len Horowitz explained, above:

“The structure of more than 4,000 enzymes that regulate virtually every body function largely depends on these same hexagonal-shaped crystal water clusters.”

When they pump enough graphene oxide into a person’s body, they can literally ‘hijack’ the body’s electro-magnetic signalling system.

This has a number of very serious implications.


The following is the ‘topline’ of what is already known, but sadly I still think this is the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Graphene oxide is a powerful bio-toxin. Many of the people who have already died or experienced serious-to-mild side effects as a result of the shot simply had a reaction to the poisonous graphene oxide in the Covid shots.
  2. When the external (5G…) frequency that ‘excites’ the graphene oxide in the body is switched on, the graphene is going to start shooting electrons into all the cells nearby, destroying them. In turn, this will lead to the infamous ‘cytokine storm’ that can lead to the body literally destroying itself.
  3. Graphene oxide is an excellent electro-magnetic conductor, and can also be used for ‘neuromodulation’. Neuromodulation is just a fancy name for ‘mind control’. Every ‘thought’ is essentially a mini-electrical impulse. If the graphene oxide is present in the brain, it can be made to conduct electro-magnetic signals that the brain will literally translate as thoughts, feelings, impulses and ‘experiences’.


There is a great deal more to say about all this, and I strongly recommend you go to the Telegram account HERE, and to their website HERE, and start doing your own research into what is really going on with the graphene oxide in the Covid shots.

In the meantime, the 11 minute video below has English subtitles, and is a good introduction to what this graphene oxide actually is.

For example, it’s transparent – that’s why you can’t see it in the vaccine vials.

And it also emits light (= the glow in the dark veins, post-‘vaccine’).


The last thing I wanted to share in this post was to explain that THERE IS NO ‘SARS2-COVID SPIKE PROTEIN’.

People who got vaccinated are not ‘spreading’ any new variants of Covid.

People have greater or lesser reactions to the graphene oxide in the Covid shots depending on a number of factors, but particularly how close they happen to be to 5G antennas.

The frequencies emitted by those antennas ‘agitate’ the graphene oxide, causing them to emit electrons, and that leads to a number of serious physical issues and serious side-effects, including death.

All this talk of ‘spike proteins’ is misinformation.

The real problem always was, and always is, the nanotech graphene oxide contained in the ‘vaccines’.

‘Covid’ is an electro-magnetically induced disease.


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez, below, explain that what is ‘spiking’ people is the graphene oxide, nothing else.



Snippet below:

Electron microscopes were used, optical microscopes, spectroscopy tests have been done, absorbance tests. And with all this, between electron microscopy and spectroscopy, they are in a position to affirm that what was observed is graphene. 

So I ask the doctors of the medical community: Do you believe that it is necessary to inject graphene into people to immunize against a coronavirus? I asked this in private circuits, but now I am asking it publicly, I am inviting the medical community to think….

We know that 5G, in its bandwidth, can stimulate graphene. It can stimulate it. And when graphene is stimulated, it can also generate inflammation. So, those vaccinated with influenza vaccines in the 19/20 season also presented and present magnetic effect, and the phenomenon is also observed in children with calendar vaccines. 

So how did COVID start this issue? How did this start? Where were the first 5G antennas activated?



Don’t fear!

Understanding ‘the problem’ is more than half of the solution, and with more and more of this information now coming online, about what is really in those Covid shots, we are getting closer and closer to finding solutions to this very evil program that’s being rolled out here.

Share this information around, go and read up more on the website, and let’s work together to come out of denial about what is really going on here, so we can start to save people’s health, and their lives.


There’s a lot more to say, but I’ll stop there for now.

Here’s some more articles to check out in the meantime, for further reading:

A study on the properties of graphene and their link with EMF

Official interim report of Pfizer’s vaccination vial analysis

Zinc helps raise glutathione levels and glutathione helps degrade graphene oxide

The mysterious patent that attempts to normalize the use of graphene oxide as a carrier in vaccines

UV fluorescence test results that support the claim that the analyzed vaccination vials contain graphene oxide

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: ‘The Spike protein is nothing more than graphene inside your body and spiking you’

La Quinta Columna explains how graphene multiplies frequencies and damages cells, and how reducing agents help to control that damage

The Tunable Electrical Conductivity of Graphene

Graphene Oxide has been found in Vaxigrip Tetra vaccination vial (flu vaccine)

Graphene oxide gives a boost to new intranasal flu vaccine – and here we see why they are also ‘trialling’ inhalable Covid ‘vaccines’, which for sure also deliver a nice boost of graphene straight to the brain.

Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity

The above research paper shows that graphene oxide IS being shoved in vaccines as a ‘nano-adjuvant’. The corrupt scientists who are writing all this glowing stuff like to describe graphene as a great potential treatment for cancer. You know why?

Because it destroys cancer cells.

But you know what else they aren’t telling you?

Graphene can also destroy all types of other cells, too, depending on the frequency being used to ‘agitate’ it, once it’s inside the body.

As usual, the truth is being hidden in plain view.



Here’s a bit more on the graphene oxide that was found in last year’s flu shot, i.e. the flu shot for 2020.

(Images and snippet from the website HERE.)

The sample is on the left, that Vaxigrip flu vaccine from last year, from September/October 2020.

And on the right, with another condenser, you can see the graphene oxide as illustrated in the scientific literature.

So, as you see in the sample on the left, there are folds and some overlapping layers. The same characteristics of the picture that we have on the right, where you see that folds or edges are folding in on themselves. It is very, very, very similar.

When we asked people who work with this nanomaterial and who have seen it under light and electron microscopy, they said, ‘This is also graphene oxide.’ Well?

This is the Vaxigrip flu vaccine for September/October 2020.

Remember that many people who showed magnetism had not been vaccinated against COVID, didn’t wear masks or anything, and yet they had been inoculated with the flu vaccine. Very suspicious, isn’t it? And, of course, they expressed magnetic properties.


I lost my taste buds and sense of smell when I was in Uman for Rosh Hashana last year, although I had no other ‘Covid’ symptoms.

They still aren’t back, and it’s been 11 months.

So, off the back of this research, I just ordered myself some Zinc and some N-acetylcysteine, to BH finally get them back.

When the information ‘works’ in real life, to fix your real life issues, that’s when you can start to trust it just might be true.


BH, I am going to spend the next couple of days pulling a lot of the pertinent info we’ve covered on the blog recently about Covid 19 and nanotech into one PDF, similar to what I did with the ‘Murder in Meron’ information.

It’s imperative to start getting this information shared around our communities as quickly as possible.

Even if someone took the ‘vaccine’, they can still start the detox process – and the faster they do that, the better  it will be for everyone.

It seems as though DARPA-funded Big Pharma has been secretly putting this graphene oxide nanotech into vaccines for a very long time already.



Summarising from HERE.

This graphene nanotech functions as carbon nanotubes in the body.

And these carbon nanotubes function as both antennas – that pick up and act upon ‘information’ and signal recieved, and transmitters, that send ‘information’ back to the controllers via the internet and particularly 5G.

The frequencies being used by 5G spread across a very wide bandwidth.

That means the ‘controllers’ can send different signals to different individuals, that will be picked up by the graphene carbon nanotube ‘antennas’ – and then turned into different biological actions at the cellular level, and / or thoughts, or and / or ‘feelings’ and impulses, within that person’s body.


If you can understand more of the raw science behind that idea, here’s a snippet:

Ricardo Delgado: The length of carbon nanotubes makes it possible to realistically consider antennas for wireless communication at GHz and THz, both in the “macro-world” on the one hand, and in the “nanodevices” on the other. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: They are antennas that work with that frequency range…

… basic procedures such as incorporating an antenna, tuner, demodulator, and radio amplifier, are achieved with a single carbon nanotube… 

This reflects the reception of the same signal, tuning, amplification, and electromechanical demodulation processes.

In this way, the resonance frequency of the carbon nanotubes (magnetic resonance) should match the WC carrier (which is affected by the length of the nanotubes). 

This is related to the study made by an engineer, do you remember, José Luis?

That study said that it exactly matched the third 5G bidding bandwidth at forty-something GHz. It matched exactly with the resonant frequency of these carbon nanotubes that are graphene.



Summarising from HERE, where it explains how the graphene nanotech contained in these Covid shots (and probably, also other vaccines) can be ‘tuned’ using different frequencies.


If you really want to start ‘following the science’ on what’s going on with Covid 19 and these shots, that’s what is going on here. It’s not conjecture or propaganda. It’s cold, hard facts.

That’s what makes all this so disturbing, honestly.



HERE, they discuss how you can easily find aqueous graphene oxide solution for sale even on places like AliExpress.

That solution is used as the ‘base’ for a whole bunch of things in modern medicine, including saline drips.

Western medicine and Big Pharma have literally been putting graphene into saline drips, and ‘vaccinations’ for years already – and without COVID 19 and the ‘magnetic arms’ phenomenon, we would have been none the wiser.

Again, there is no therapeutic reason – at all!!! – for including graphene oxide in these vaccines and other solutions that are being given intravenously to patients in hospitals, etc.

Graphene oxide is a powerful bio-toxin.

Take a look at this paper, on the ScienceDirect website, entitled: Assessment of the toxic potential of the graphene family nanomaterials.


These observations suggest that both graphene insertion/cutting and destructive lipid extraction lead to serious membrane stress, thus decreasing cell viability.

Plain English:

Exposure to graphene can severely damage cell membranes, and literally kill the body’s cells.


Another snippet from that same paper:

Data from the literature suggest that GFNs exposure may result in cytotoxicity and/or genotoxicity in mammalian cells.

Let’s define those terms, shall we?

Cytotoxicity is the quality of being toxic to cells.

In genetics, genotoxicity describes the property of chemical agents that damages the genetic information within a cell causing mutations, which may lead to cancer.


And don’t forget, these studies were carried out on graphene nanotech that hadn’t been agitated by 5G, which is when the negative effects and destruction of the body’s cells by those graphene ‘carbon tube’ antennas becomes stratospheric.

Even without the 5G dimension, here’s the bottom line from this study:

The majority of current literature agree that unmodified graphene, GO and rGO are cytotoxic and/or genotoxic. 


Hey, and looky here!

I even found aqueous graphene oxide available for sale on, too. Here’s the descriptor:

DESCRIPTION: Single-layered graphene oxide (GO), a new exciting graphene-based nanomaterial, has a wide variety of applications due to its atomic thickness and other excellent properties. It can be reduced back to graphene chemically or thermally. Its good dissolvability in water as well as in organic solvents make it easy for solution processing. The GO production based on a wet chemistry approach is inexpensive and can be on a large scale. The listed item is AQUEOUS DISPERSION of GO, obtained by dissolving GO solid in DISTILLED WATER with the aid of sonication. NO SURFACTANT!

APPLICATIONS: Precursor for graphene preparation; Transparent conductive films/coatings; Solar energy; Graphene nanoelectronics; Supercapacitors; Graphene oxide paper; Biosensing material; Drug delivery carrier; and many more.




Tunable electrical conductivity.’

So, depending on the wave signal, it becomes more or less conductive. Therefore, you can perfectly have it in your body.

If you don’t expose it to waves that you shouldn’t, graphene doesn’t conduct or hardly conducts at all.

But whenever you want, you expose it to those waves, and it goes crazy. It starts to be more and more conductive. It means that it starts to oxidize. That’s almost for sure. Automatically. It means that it starts to destroy. It means that its conductive capabilities can be tuned.

It means that it can do damage or not, as you wish.



So as well as DARPA, the EU has also been in on the graphene nanoproject for years already, spending a billion euros on something called the ‘Graphene Flagship’.

See below, for more details, and here’s a pertinent snippet:

Europe Has Invested €1 Billion Into Graphene—But For What?

Six years ago [2013], the European Union (EU) embarked on an ambitious project to create a kind of Silicon Valley for the “wonder material” of the last decade: graphene.

The project—called the Graphene Flagship—would leverage €1 billion over 10 years to push graphene into commercial markets. The project would bring together academic and industrial research institutes to not only ensure graphene research would be commercialized, but to also make Europe an economic powerhouse for graphene-based technologies….

The Flagship does claim to have helped develop 17 commercial products based on graphene. One of these products is a flexible wireless sensor for measuring heart rates and other health parameters.


Anyone else out there wondering about all the bio-sensing graphene nanotech they aren’t writing fancy press releases about?


We’re all in the same boat, here, on some level.

And we need to work together to start solving this problem, and to let people know what’s really happening.

And that includes our ‘rabbis’.

And particularly, the ones who gave their haskama to this poisonous nanotech,and actively pushed this onto the frum public, either because they were duped, arrogant or complicit.

Time will tell, what was really happening behind the scenes.

And a key part of that will be seeing these people’s reactions to this new research and information, that is showing conclusively that poisonous graphene oxide is in these vaccines in very high amounts.



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31 replies
  1. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    So, are people shedding graphene oxide then? If the spike protein is basically the graphene spiking inside those who took the shot? Can that be transferred?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      From what I understand, the graphene oxide can’t be ‘shed’ in terms of infecting anyone else on the outside, because once it’s processed by the body, it’s basically broken down and neutralised.

      I.e. the process it goes through that enables the body to ‘discard’ it means that it has been neutralised.

      Any ‘covid’ symptoms are basically electro-magnetically induced from the outside.

      These minute electro-magnet frequencies are how the body operates. EG, if you find a way to send a frequency that causes the amount of zinc in the body to deplete, then you get the ‘no taste and no smell’ symptoms that we were told are hallmarks of covid.

      We saw a lot of articles last year floating the idea that 5G radiation is affecting the amount of oxygen take up in people severely affected by ‘covid’.

      I’m not sure if that was deliberate misinformation from the controlled opposition – i.e. 80% truth but mixed with deliberate red herrings to muddy the waters even more – or just groping in the dark and theorising that was almost ‘there’, but not quite.

      But it’s the same idea, like this from the natural news site:

      “Can 5G exposure alter the structure and function of hemoglobin, causing coronavirus patients to die from oxygen deprivation?”

  2. Rivkah
    Rivkah says:


    I was looking at the picture of the hexagonal shapes. It reminded me of the shape of the ten sefirot…’s almost identical I wonder if it’s connected?

  3. Chaim
    Chaim says:

    It’s very interesting to see that graphene is hexagon shaped because 6 usually represents incompletion and the six midot (cheesed, gevurah, tiveret, netzach, hod and yesod).

    One of the big contributions of the Rashash (R’ Shalom Sharabi) Zt”l to Kabbalah was dividing all the avodah in distinct systems that follow the same pattern to completion. They start with the 6 sephirot mentioned and require that we add the mochin (Chokhmah, Bina and Da’at), the way the avodah is supposed to be done, based on true Torah knowledge. Keter comes from Hashem as a gift, once we do all our effort, usually without our intervention.

    This system happens when a person prays, studies, do a mitzvah or simply get their midot fixed (like holding oneself from forbidden sights or not getting angry). As a result of our work, the particular system receives the mochin and a new system comes for us to work on it. The completion system can be macro-cosmical, like the Pesach, S. Haomer, Shavuot period or the Yovel period, or micro-cosmical, like every-day prayer or mitzvot.

    This process also happens even on an infinitesimal scale, as even thoughts have their system of 6 sephirot and count towards bringing blessing to Creation. One of the marks of true tzaddikim is their ability to not take a single step without thinking of Hashem or doing Yichudim or praying. (Those who have seen Rav Berland on the street can see he’s always moving his lips or gesturing).

    Tzaddikim know not a single instant can be wasted and are always guided by true Torah knowledge and Yir’at Shamayim. They are in a constant state of dvekut, irradiating mochin.

    In contrast, one of the marks of evil (and stupidity) is to let emotions loose, just “experience them” as they are, never tempering them with Torah. As a result, instead of the system of sephirot going from 6 to 10 (called Gadlut) it goes to “3 inside 3” (called Yibur/gestation) and to put simply, is the cause of everything that’s wrong with people and the world in general.

    So we could surmise that the zombification process of humanity that’s happening now is entirely related to graphene’s structure, as the media, politicians and doctors have been hammering us 24/7 with their propaganda: don’t think (and shut up with a mask, because praying is one great way of bringing mochin). Just panic and let your emotions take you over wherever they take. We do all the thinking for you.

    Graphene could be a way of ensuring a person never gets “his systems” to 10 sephirot, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other sorts of suppressors and poisonous effects there to limit brain activity.

    Thanks for the research Rivka!

  4. Nechama
    Nechama says:

    That’s why “they” are attempting to ban NAC as a natural product; and why they DO NOT recommend the other nutritional antioxidants listed above. That’s why V D3-K2 works wonders in preventing this and other deficiency illness. I would suggest that everyone buy immediately the above listed antioxidants before they are completely banned.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yeah, I just ordered some.

      Time to get my sense of smell back!

      Can’t believe the doctors out there weren’t picking this up earlier… unbelievable.

      Apart from Dr Zelenko, who was vilified by the Jewish community…. More unbelievable. It’s really a birur, going on.

  5. ilana
    ilana says:

    Thank for this detailed and informative article!! Are you saying that the Vit D3 – K2 is what we should use to detox from the vaccine? This is really remarkable research! I hope the truth gets out there!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m really just passing on the information from La Quinta Columna… They recommend (in order):

      N-acetylcysteine – this causes the body to secrete glutathione endogenously.
      Glutathione itself.
      Zinc. (A lack of zinc can manifest itself in a lack of taste and smell – does this sound familiar?)
      Vitamin D3

      And also mention MilkThistle, too.

  6. tzbie
    tzbie says:

    Supplements containing no genetically engineered ingredients can be found by locating the “non-gmo” information or certification on the product. Thank you for all your hard work, Ma’am

  7. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Very very interesting, Rivka. Really mind boggling, actually.

    A few points:

    1. Look where else graphene oxide is being used: who’d have thought? I remember chemtrails criss-crossing Yerushalayim skies, don’t you? – and in the US too. Lately I haven’t seen them anymore, at least not here in the Catskils: I guess they found a “better way” to deliver their payload; pretty scary, wouldn’t you say? If that’s the case, we are ingesting graphene via our food too, not just breathing it:

    2. I remember, years ago, that the first evidence of EMF sensitivity I had was from an MRI. I wonder now long graphene oxide has been in IV’s…..

    3. How do you understand the relationship between origami DNA and the graphene oxide “antennae”, Rivka?

    4. Graphene is closely connected to diamond, which are pure carbon. Graphite is a form of carbon too, and graphene is related to it as well; diamond is also an electric conductor. I wonder what the relationship is between these substances in the real world….

    5. Several researchers have shown that shikimic acid in pine needle tea treats the disease caused by Covid jab exposure. Pine needle is a very strong anti-oxidant, and it doesn’t taste bad at all ( I tried it). Here are a few details:

    You can find more info about it on Mike Adam’s website, among others. When I read about it, the explanation was that it works against the effects of the spike protein. But after the evidence presented by the Spanish researchers, it might simply be working against graphene oxide damage! It’s still certainly worth a try.

    6. Astaxanthin can be found in marigolds, which you can grow in your own garden, free of chemicals, they are apparently edible ( just in case you don’t know where to find Astaxanthin or it’s too expensive).

    7.There are also lots of food sources for the recommended supplements. The easiest source of quercetin, for example, is apples : “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, remember? Of course, supplements are a more concentrated form, but why not try food instead – or in addition – at least for people with minimal symptoms?

    Thank you so much Rivka, for this intensive research, and for their/your great advice.

    And now we understand why so many people died in Meron: probably lots of them had been jabbed, don’t you think?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Very helpful additional info, thanks Daisy.

      I am pulling the main blog posts into a PDF now, an editing it down a little, to make it easy to have something to ping around people who either aren’t online, or who haven’t been exposed to this info before, or who need it all in one place, so it’s easier to connect the dots.

      BH, I’ll include your tips there.

      I am praying more researchers are going to start having the guts to stick these vaccines under their electron microscopes, and to start sharing their findings. The more people add ‘real information’ into this mix, the faster we can figure out how to disable the tech.

      All of us have to be brave right now, in our dalet amot, some more than others. But all of us have a part to play, in trying to stand up for what’s right, and for God.

  8. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Rivka and readers,

    A warning:

    As I was researching shikimic acid ( from pine needles, in addition to fennel seeds and star anise), I found this warning, of which I was not aware: it has to do with dosage. Don’t overdo it! Read the references below if you want more details. I am not sure how to dose a tea, frankly. But people have been eating fennel seeds for generations: did anybody ever get sick from them??? No clue. And American Indians have used pine needle tea for a long time.
    It is clearly a strong anti-oxidant, mainly works on bacteria, viruses and fungi. So how would it work for graphene ? No clue. On the other hand, if people have found that it works for Covid symptoms, then why not? But as for details, how and why, I don’t know.

    Shabbat Shalom

  9. Daisy Stern
    Daisy Stern says:

    Rivka and readers,

    Shavua Tov.

    Here is a bombshell – in case you haven’t seen it yet – that pertains to everything we have been discussing and investigating here, including Bibi’s behavior and so much more; it is directly relevant to the situation in Israel: absolutely mind-boggling, and clarifies a lot of our questions. You had already discovered something along those lines, Rivka; but this goes way beyond. Kol Havavod to our brothers Mordechai Sones ( which whom I had cooperated for a long time in the past, BTW) and Ehden Biber: heroes directly from the Bible! These men have guts and tremendous Emunah, they are real Tzaddikim, willing to put their lives, livelihood and reputation on the line for the sake of Am Yisrael and of the whole world.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      If you take a look at the video posted up here from Nechama called ‘the Emperor has no Corona’, they make a pretty compelling case that SARS-Cov 2 was never isolated in a purified state, anywhere in the world.

      There are literally no documents, from any university or institution, where they set out how they isolated this virus.

      If the virus was never isolated – how could it replicated as a ‘spike protein’ in these vaccines?

      And other doctors also share this view, like Dr Luis Martinez, on the site:

      “And besides all of this has to be absolutely shot down, because I’m going to say in plain English, that given that no coronavirus has ever been isolated, no coronavirus has ever been purified. And it’s the truth because to know that you have to go through the entire virological literature. And I did that. That is why I speak as I speak.”

      The other thing that puzzles me is how this video has got such fancy production values. That always sets alarm bells ringing that something is not quite right here, as I’m a one man band myself, and I know that production values like that take a lot of time and money to create.

      So what’s in these shots, if it’s not a ‘spike protein coding for SARS Cov 2’? (Apart from the biotoxic, excited by 5G frequencies graphene nanotech?)

      That is the question. If there are 40 trillion of these things per syringe, they sound increasingly like Ido Bachelet’s DNA origami.

      • Daisy Stern
        Daisy Stern says:

        Rivka and Eliyahu, and al,

        There are tons of labs everywhere, especially bio..weapon labs, that are busy creating all kinds of nefarious stuff that they can introduce in all their toxic brews. There is no contradiction here: one does not negate the other: if there is a clear desire to cause harm and earn billions of blood money in the process, the options are endless, all you need is know-how, and unfortunately there are plenty of “scientists” out there with the necessary know-how .

        There is enough evidence to the existence of the mRNA-created spike protein – or whichever one it is, if not this particular protein: the D-Dimer test is good enough proof. The actual SARS- Cov-.. does not need to have been isolated in order for some lab to be able to create some new molecule to be included in the toxic brew named “vax”. If it didn’t exist in vivo, they can create it in vitro, and off we go!

        And then each part will play its own destructive role.

        The big problem I see with the “spike protein”, as opposed to the graphene oxide, is that it can be transmitted to non-vaxxed others, in the process making them quite sick as it can be inhaled, caught through contact, etc. even if the recipient won’t get magnetized. That’s bad enough damage already!

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Ta for this, Daisy.

          Question: the geneticist Dr Luis Martinez (linked below) seems to be saying that these ‘spike proteins’ would be processed by the body and changed / neutralised in that process, so they couldn’t be passed on intact to other people.

          So even if they do exist- and they may, who knows where all this is leading – he’s saying they couldn’t be ‘passed on’ to other people. ?

          • Daisy Stern
            Daisy Stern says:

            Hi Rivka,

            My mind is not working very well at this hour – almost 2:00 AM here – I will have to remember to look at this question in detail – if and when I can find the time during the day – and reply to this question and more. Sorry for now

          • Rivka Levy
            Rivka Levy says:

            Take it easy, Daisy! There is a time for everything. We are all feeling the stress at the moment…. BH, soon it will break and something very beautiful will flower in its place.

  10. Aharon
    Aharon says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading all this sheker on this website. I’ve gone through your posts, and all I see is craziness. I feel it is a Mitzvah to provide at least one dissenting voice in your comments section, with all the people blindly agreeing with what you write. You claim the earth is flat and that NASA never launched people into space, sheer depraved lunacy. This “La Quinta Columna” piece is completely bogus and reads like the rantings of a madman. See:

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Clearly, you are new to the site, otherwise you’d already know that I welcome dissenting voices -and get dissed for what I write – ALL THE TIME.

      For clarity, I’m not saying the earth is flat. I have no idea what shape the earth is. What I’m saying is that it’s highly unlikely to be a spherical globe.

      That NASA is lying about so many things is also obvious.

      Why is it so hard to believe that our governments and militaries aren’t exclusively ‘good’?

      And that there is such evil in the world?

      Just look around you – with all the money spent on NASA over the last 30 years, the US could have totally eradicated poverty and ensured that every person would be properly fed, educated and housed.

      Why wasn’t that a priority for our holy, ‘good’ governments?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      BTW, I forgot to ask if you are an orthodox Jew?

      And if yes, how do you understand Chazal’s words that this world is an ‘olam hafuch’, and a world of sheker and lies?

      Did that ‘world of sheker’ only start when I started questioning NASA on the blog, or is it possible that it was in existence beforehand?

      Looking forward to your response.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      So, I went to check out the ‘’ website you list above, as ‘fact-checking’ the information about graphene in the Pfizer shots (amongst others….) to see who funds it.

      This is what I found:

      Health Feedback
      Healthfeedback descr pict
      Geographical location of website’s owner
      Paris, France

      Website’s language(s)

      Website’s audience(s)
      General public and media

      Type of organization

      Description of the website
      The website of Health Feedback is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net (VSN).


      Yes, that same WHO that changed the rules determining what really counts as a pandemic just before Covid 19, that same WHO that has none other than Bill Gates as it’s biggest funder – that’s the same WHO that is funding the website.

      So, you tell me, Aharon, if someone is working for the WHO, how much leeway do you think they really have, to say ‘yes, that information that contradicts what the WHO is saying is factually correct’ – even if it is?

      Surely, you know the Talmudic dictum that a ‘bribe blinds the eyes of the wise’?

      I’m very grateful you brought this site to my attention, I’m checking it out further now, to see who else is funding it.

      Doesn’t it strike you as strange, Aharon, that it’s ALWAYS the same people, the same names, trying to control this discussion of factual science?

      What’s the big deal to, let the WHO take a vial of Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine themselves, live on air, and do the electron microscopy test themselves for the public, to conclusively show us all what’s in it, and that it contains no graphene…

      Don’t hold your breath.

  11. nechama
    nechama says:

    What is “shot down”? I don’t understand your paragraph: ““And besides all of this has to be absolutely shot down, because I’m going to say in plain English, that given that no coronavirus has ever been isolated, no coronavirus has ever been purified. And it’s the truth because to know that you have to go through the entire virological literature. And I did that. That is why I speak as I speak.”
    The ‘vaccine’ is the spike protein. At this time and date, it is the spike protein (S.P.) added onto the base “concoction” that is dangerous. The S.P. is the infection with all the naano partikules, robots, plus the graphene. The “concoction” is manually man made. But there is probably much more down this rabbit hole!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s translated from Spanish – that’s a quote from Dr Luis Martinez. I’m really just trying to bring as many credible sources together right now, and then I guess the truth will ‘shake out’, at some point.


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