What feels like 500 years ago, now, I started looking for who ‘Jacob Frank’ really was, in Jewish history.

Two years on, I have finally found him.

And I have finally managed to pin him down, enough, to show that he is in the same close family tree as both the ‘Barons Gunzburg’ of Russia (who seem to be very closely ‘aligned’ with the Chabad Rebbes) – and the Vilna Gaon, R’ Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman Rivlin, and also, a whole bunch of ‘Chief Rabbis of the British Commonwealth’ and of course, the infamous bankers.


Before I continue, I just want to tell you why I’m writing this post today.

A whole bunch of these genealogical pieces came together last week – last Friday morning, to be exact – and I could finally pin down where ‘Jacob Frank’, aka Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel really belonged on his family tree.

Also, I’d been working on unpicking the Vilna Gaon’s ancestors all week, so those two pieces of info kind of ‘arrived’ together in one big ‘Eureka!’ moment.

Then a strange thing happened:

I totally lost interest in this project, and decided I’d had enough of doing it, and enough of sharing it publically online.

Yalla, let me paint, let me start exploring the sonic healing stuff more, enough with all this!


I deleted nearly all of my tens of open tabs, connected to researching all this genealogy stuff.

Then, I literally moved my computer chair away from my desk, to start trying out some ‘sonic healing’ stuff on my husband, before getting on with a new painting.

Two minutes later… my computer chair collapsed underneath me, and I’m lucky I only had some very mild scraping and sore ribs, for a couple of hours. The stone floors in Israel are very hard.

This morning, I was talking to God about ‘the message’ He was trying to give me, with that whole chair collapsing episode, and this is what came back, like a shout in my head:

Get on with the family tree stuff, and don’t give up on it!

You didn’t come this far just to leave it alone now!


Every time I post up something about ‘real Jewish history’, Sucuri tags my site as containing suspicious malware:


It’s a subtle, but very effective, way of censoring this information online.

And paradoxically, it also shows me that I’m really on the right track with all this stuff, that started showing up when I made the connection between the Chabad Rebbes and the Baron Gunzburgs, in Russia.

At the same time, I’m totally sick of it, but what can I do?

When you ignore ‘messages’ from Hashem, they tend to just increase in volume.

So, here is the latest installment, of where I got to, replete with pictures of some of the massive ‘mind maps’ I’m doing, to keep all this info manageable and ‘together’.


To keep this is ‘concise’ as possible, so that each post doesn’t take literally six hours to complete,  I’m going to write this a different way today, with basically just the bottom line findings, and pictures of some of my family tree ‘mind maps’.


The first thing to tell you is this:

Rabbi Nachman Horodenka, the grandfather of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, appears to be the brother of R’ Chaim of Volozhin:


Because all this is so very deliberately convoluted, it could also be that Rabbi Nachman’s father, Simcha, is actually the brother of R’ Chaim of Volozhin. I’m still unpicking it.

But that close family connection between the ‘arch-Litvaks’ and Rabbenu’s family, on his father’s side, is definite.

And Rabbenu’s grand-father is also closely related to the Sha’agat Aryeh (Leib Gunzburg) – he is the uncle, or possibly great uncle, of both ‘Chaim of Volozhin’ and ‘Nachman the Judge of Pohost Volozhiner’.



The ‘Chief Rabbis’ of the Jewish community, for the last at least 500 years, also functioned as the go-betweens with the State they were living in, particularly in matters of tax collection for the royal treasury.

These ‘Court Jews’ were typically also made the ‘Chief Rabbis’ of a particular community, not because they were particularly learned or pious, but more because the secular state wanted their tax collectors to be able to enforce the royal decrees with ‘religious rulings’, that would appear to be binding on the Jews under their control.

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

All these rabbis today, who are being pressured and bribed to tell us all to just shut-up and happily follow the government line, are modern examples of this ancient ‘tradition’.

Much of this work in Eastern Europe was done by the ‘Council of the Four Lands’.

This snippet comes from HERE:

[T]he Council of the Four Lands [was] the Ottoman institution of the Jews of Poland, over the course of 200 years.

It was not for the benefit of the Jews of Poland that the kings decreed that the Jews would have autonomy over their own internal affairs and allowed them to hold gatherings and assemblies of representatives of the large Jewish communities of Poland. The Polish kings allowed the establishment of this institution in order to make use of it as a tool for concentrating the collection of taxes imposed on the Jews who were spread out in the cities and villages of Poland.

The Jewish communities that were organized in the Council of the Four Lands took upon themselves the responsibility for those taxes; while for their own part the Polish kings did not interfere with nor investigate how those taxes were collected….

Before the Farbrengen [general assembly] of the Council of the Four Lands, the councils of each individual country (land) would meet individually where the Polish symikim would customarily meet before the current Polish Syem [parliament] sat.


Remember this:

Tax collection and governance, ‘royal families’, and ‘Chief Rabbis’ always go together.

One of the key families of ‘Court Jews / Chief Rabbis’ that so many of the ‘interesting’ people I discuss here descend from, is the FISHEL / FISZEL family.


Ephraim Fischel was a court Jew to the Kings of Volyhnia / Poland, and a big mover and shaker in the ‘Council of the Four Lands’.

This snippet comes from the same source as above, on the JewishGen page HERE:

Rabbi Efraim Fishel ben Arieh Leib of Ludmir (1671 – 1719)
(Rabbi Efraim the Lobbyist, Trustee of the House of Israel)

In the years 1671 – 1684 Rabbi Efraim Fishel (Rabbi Efraim the Lobbyist) was a community leader of Ludmir on the Council of the Four Lands. He was a frequent participant in the meetings of the Council of the Four Lands and was one of the central figures of Jewish Poland in his day.


In a writ dated 18 April 1679 the Polish king Jan Soviesky sponsored Rabbi Efraim Fishel, naming him the Official Author Chosen by all the Jews of the Kingdom (in other words, Loyal to the House of Israel, of the Four Lands).

He was granted lifelong permission to live in the court of the king, to be and to trade wherever he wished, he was granted the right to establish a brewery, and he was released from all financial obligations regarding the community and region of Ludmir.

In 1699 the Polish king Augustus the Second confirmed the writ of sponsorship granted to him by the king Jan Soviesky. He is mentioned frequently in the registers of Tiktin and Opatow in connection with the gatherings of the Council of the Four Lands in which he took part; in 1719 he is mentioned as trustee of the Four Lands.


Because so many of these ‘Chief Rabbis’ mamash had dual personas, as ‘rabbis’ in one sphere, and suave ‘court Jews’ in another, Efraim Fishel was kind of ‘pushed back’ by 100 years, to distort these connections by packing his family tree with ‘alternative personas’ of his descendants.

Efraim Fishel is connected to ‘Moshe’ Stefan Fishel Powditsky – another wealthy and influential court Jew in Poland, who converted out to xtianity.

Read more about the Fishel family (with fake dates…) on the YIVO site HERE.


Remember this:

Court Jews and ‘Chief Rabbis’ often ‘converted out’ to xtianity, or Islam, as it suited them, and then sometimes ‘converted back’ at a later date. And sometimes they didn’t ‘convert back’, but still continued to have very close ties with their Jewish brethren.


This mind-map, on the left, sets out the ‘official chronology’ for Efraim Fishel – together with totally wrong dates:


Even so, we still discover that he had a grandchild called ‘Reb Joseph of Pinchow’, who married one ‘Dvora Kremer’.

Dvora Kremer is the sister of the Vilna’s Gaon’s great-grandad, Moshe Kremer of Vilna.

If you follow the family tree down, down, down, we get to Chaya, who marries one ‘Aharon Leib Gunzburg’ (1757-1804).

And then a couple of generations later, they spawn ‘Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg’, progenitor of the Barons Gunzburg I wrote about HERE.


In the middle of figuring all this stuff out, I noticed that the ‘Gunzburg’ family had the same people with different names, always popping up in the ‘crucial’ intersections that would link all these people together.

One of these ‘dual names’ was SAMUEL SANFEL (ZANWEL) GUNZBURG, who marries some unnamed ‘daughter of MESHULAM ZALMAN MIRELS.’

Their son is MEIR GUNZBURG, who marries some unnamed daughter of SIMCHA HAKOHEN RAPOPORT (the father of Nachman Horodenka, Rabbenu’s paternal grandfather.)

Meir’s daughter TREINA marries Shlomo Zalman (HaChassid) Rivlin – and their son is none other than:


(This makes the Vilna Gaon and Rabbi Nachman Horodenka first cousins.)


But over the course of a solid week of comparing family trees, I discovered that SAMUEL SANFEL (ZANWEL) GUNZBURG has a different name:

He is also ‘ISAAC EIZIK GUNZBURG’, who marries the unnamed daughter of ‘MOSHE GOLDES’.

(You can see all the scribbling on the family tree, that shows how I came to this conclusion.)

So then, this is what that means:

ISAAC EIZIK / SAMUEL SANFEL GUNZBURG has two sons (amongst other children).

One son is ‘Kalonymus Kalman Gunzburg’ – and his descendants include Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg, and the Barons Gunzburg who may, or may not, be the same as some of the Chabad Rebbes.

Another son is called ‘Meir Gunzburg, ABD Vizin and Dubno’, and his grandson, via his daughter Treina, is the Vilna Gaon.



But why cover all this up?

Sure, it’s kind of awkward that our leading rabbis, both in the Litvak and Chassidic worlds, literally all come from the same family, and literally were either one and the same as the ‘Court Jews’ who became the evil, Frankist-Freemason bankers and creators of the State of Israel, or their brothers, fathers and sons.

But still.

To answer that question, let me direct you to the right hand side of the mind map:


Again, there are many smaller knots still to unpick, but here is where I found Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel’s real father, namely:


He is the son of SIMEON GUNZBURG.

One of Simeon’s brothers, ‘Aaron Shtadlan of Wilna Gunzburg‘ branches down into the Baron Gunzburgs.

Another of Simeon’s brothers, ‘Naphtali Hirz Gunzburg’ branches down to the Vilna Gaon.

And in the middle we have…



To put this another way, the Baron Gunzburgs (who may or not be the Chabad Rebbes); the Vilna Gaon and the notorious, satanic ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank all have the same Gunzburg Grandpa.

And they all descend from that same tax-collecting, ‘Court Jew / Chief Rabbi’ of the 4 Lands guy (whose brother and other family members converted out to xtianity…), Efraim Fishel.



Let’s just wrap up with who Jacob Frank’s mother is, and who some of his descendants are, in the real world, as this story has more rabbit holes than Watership Down.

Jacob Frank’s mother is: MARGOLA SHOR.

She is the sister of EPHRAIM ZALMAN SHOR, and AVRAHAM CHAIM SHOR (patriarch of the Chabad rabbinical dynasty). EPHRAIM’s sons include ALEXANDER SENDER SHOR, and notorious Sabbatean ELISHA SHOR.

(That’s the guy whose Frankist descendants infiltrated the British royal family, as set out HERE.)

And now that I write these words, I’m getting the hunch that ‘Alexander Sender Shor’ was the alias for ‘Elisha Shor’, to try and divert some attention away from his descendants who remained in the Jewish community, when the whole Frankist project went underground.

We’ll come back to that.


Now we know all this, we can track some of Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’s descendants down ‘in the real world’.

(Go HERE, to follow this on geni.)


One of Jacob Frank’s daughters, Rebecca, marries Mordechai Adler, over in the UK.

And one of their sons, in London, is:

R’ NATAN ADLER, one of the first Chief Rabbis of Britain and the Commonwealth.


Here’s a very telling snippet from his (very long…) geni profile, HERE:

One of Adler’s first official duties in Hanover was to conduct a memorial service for George IV.

His connection with British royalty developed apace in Hanover, with significant consequences....

Shortly after taking up office in Hanover, Adler married Henrietta Worms (1800-53), from a prominent Frankfort family. Her aunt was a Rothschild; her cousin S B Worms and his sons were made barons in 1871, one becoming Lord Pirbright. She bore Nathan Marcus three daughters – Sarah (m. Henry Solomon), Jeanette (m. Rabbi Anschel Stem of Hamburg) and Minna (m. Jacob Israel) – and two sons, Marcus and Hermann.


So, here we have one of notorious ‘false messiah’ Jacob Frank’s grandsons as the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth, directly related to Rothschilds and Lord Pirbright, and also rubbing shoulders with Queen Victoria and (known Frankist brother-in-law of Nathan Rothschild), Sir Moses Montefiore.


(And now, are you starting to understand more, about why returning to this subject keeps bringing accusations of ‘malware’ down upon my blog?)


But there’s more.

Who is Jacob Frank’s mysterious father in law, this ‘R Joel of Wronke’?

We know that in the ‘mirror image’ of the real Jacob Frank, his first father in law was the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk.

This snippet about him comes from the Kotzk blog, HERE:

Rabbi (Doctor) Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk was known as the Baal Shem of London. Of Sefaradic descent, he was either born in Bavaria or Podolia around 1708 and he died in 1782 and was buried in the Alderney Road Cemetery in Mile End, London….

While in Westfalen, Germany, he was charged with sorcery and was sentenced to be burned at the stake, but he managed to escape and was sheltered in the castle of the German Count, von Rantzau, where he performed Kabbalistic practices for the nobility.

These practices are documented in detail in Mémoires du comte Rantzow. Around 1736 he found his way to London and took up residence at 35 Prescott Street, and then later at Wellclose Square where he had a private synagogue.


Falk was a founding pillar of many of the ‘secret societies’ that coagulated into what become modern Freemasonry, amongst many others.

All based on the practise of ‘black magic’, aka ‘practical kabbalah’, done for personal gain instead of to serve Hashem in the world.

So, who is this ‘Rabbi Joel’, who is the ‘real’ Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frank’s father in law?

I am hazarding an educated guess that he is one and the same as this guy:


Again, all the dates are deliberately confused, and the information fudged, by inestimable ‘gate keepers’ on geni including Malka Mysels and of course, Keith Lawrence Hanit.

But ‘Joel Heilprin, Baal Shem of Zamosc’ is still listed as being the brother of R’ELIEZER LIPPMAN HEILPRIN – who marries none other than Jacob Frank’s mother, MARGOLA SHOR.

Margola Shor’s other husband is meant to be ‘Yehuda Leib Gunzburg’ of Krotoschin, Jacob Frank’s father.

So, either she really did have two husbands, or ‘R Eliezer Lippman Heilprin’ was also given an alias.


Let’s sum this bit up:

The ‘Bad’ Baal Shem of London, Chaim Shmuel Yaakov Falk was Jacob Frank’s first father in law.

This guy was into black magic, ‘practical kabbalah’ and witchcraft, and had a sizeable following amongst Sabbateans. He also laid the foundations of ‘black magic / satanic’ secret societies including modern-day Freemasonry.

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad’ Baal Shem of Zamosc, Joel Heilprin, is the father in law of ‘Jacob Benjamin Loeb Frankel’.

This Baal Shem also conjures demons and makes use of ‘practical kabbalah’, and is praised and lauded by many, including in the memoirs of the Rebbe Rayatz, as being one of the main people who ‘inspired’ the path of what become Chabad chassidut.


That’s enough for today.

Isn’t it?

If God wills it, I’ll come back to this again, but when we talk about these ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ mamash taking over the Jewish world, we can see that the more we pin down real details in the real world, the more all this adds up to being the truth.

May God save us from them all.


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