Well, lots of pieces are starting to fall into place now, with the Frankist family tree.

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I added the following to the LAST post, as an update – and then I had a lot of siyatta dishmeya:

There is another Warburg who also fits into this picture.

Gabriel Jacob Gunzburg’s grand-daughter, Theofilla Rivka Tova Warburg (married to Paul and Max Warburg’s uncle Sigmund) had a very interesting grandson.

His name was: Siegmund George Warburg.

This comes from the Wikipedia page about him:

In the period immediately before the Second World War he worked under cover for the Z Organisation, a highly secret offshoot of MI6/SIS, and reported impressively from Switzerland on his regular meetings with Hjalmar Schacht, then the president of the Nazi GermanReichsbank and thus the most powerful German banker.

He was forced to flee the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler and moved to the United Kingdom in 1934 where he co-founded S. G. Warburg & Co. in 1946 with Henry Grunfeld….

His most famous achievement was the establishment of the EuroBond market.

He firmly believed that financial integration of Europe was an essential and natural step in the development of the European economy.

He was a firm supporter of European Integration and involved in organizations dedicated to this goal, like the Action Committee for a United States of Europe, the United Kingdom Council of the European Movement, the European Foundation or the Bilderberg group.


I have a notebook – about six, actually – where I jot down interesting family trees.

The work is so tedious, and so boring, that I can’t do it non-stop, and I have to keep returning to it after breaks of a few weeks – or even months.

So, I found this stuff about SG Warburg, above, and then, as I was tidying my desk for Shabbat, I came across one of the family trees I started doing for Jacob Loeb Benjamin Frankel‘s descendants, in the real world.

And that’s where I saw that one of Jacob Frank’s grand-daughters, Hanale, married a R’ Samuel Levi WARBURG.


His profile has had the ‘Kevin Lawrence Hanit’ treatment, so I can’t tell you how exactly this ‘Rabbi Samuel Levi Warburg’ fits into the Warburg family tree – but honestly, I don’t need to.

If you want to read more about this ‘illustrious’ family, that is spread all over the Jewish world, and has tentacles all over the place – as we already saw with setting up the FED in the USA, and bankrolling IG Farben and Hitler, in Nazi Germany – go HERE, for a brief overview from 100 years ago.


Of the London branch, founded by Mendel Martin Warburg (born 1789; died 1877), the younger son, James, has settled at Manchester, where he is known as a musician. Moses Delbanco (born 1784; died 1848) attained the distinguished position of “Cancelliraad” at Copenhagen.

Aby Warburg (born 1866) is known as an art critic and historian. Karl Johann Warburg (born in 1852 at Stockholm) is a historical and biographical writer of importance, has been appointed librarian of the Nobel Institute, and is a member of the Upper House of Sweden.

Otto Warburg studied at Berlin, where he is now professor of natural history, and is prominent in the Zionist movement. Emil Warburg is a professor at Freiburg and Charlottenburg.

One of the daughters of Marcus Warburg married R. Lassen, and her son was the composer and musical director, Eduard Lassen.

Felix M. Warburg (born in 1871 at Hamburg) settled in New York, where he joined the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. He is at present (1905) commissioner of education in the city of New York, and is also one of the trustees of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

At this stage, it’s enough to know that a lot of these ‘Warburgs’ descend directly from the false messiah Jacob Frank.


This is a good time to just flesh out, a little more, who the ‘R’ Joel of Wronke’, mentioned above actually is.

We know from the detective work we did HERE, that he’s the alter-ego of Chaim Samuel Jacob Falk in London (aka the Bad Baal Shem) – and also of ‘Joel Baal Shem of Zamosc‘ – who shows up in a starring role in the Chabad history written by the Rebbe Rayatz, as the leader of a special group of ‘mystics’ that Baruch Batlan, the Alter Rebbe’s father, is attracted to.

This guy is also Jacob Frankel’s father-in-law, good friend of Chief Rabbi of the UK David Tebele Schiff (directly related to the Schiffs of New York, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution) and also friends with a London banker called Aron Goldsmid.

You find a lot of interesting people in Aron Goldsmid’s family tree.

We’ll come back to that shortly.


First, I just want to make it super-clear, that R Joel of Wronke / Joel Baal Shem of Zamosc / Chaim Samuel Jacob Falk was REALLY EVIL, and also was kind of a ‘superstar’ in early Freemasonry.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Rabbi de Falk, also known as Cain Chenuel Falk, was a noted cabalist and magician living in London around this time, the late 1700s. His “son,” Johann Friedrich Falk was born in Hamburg and is mentioned in the classic Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie.

One Masonic historian believes they were the same person….

There can be no doubt that Falk was a magician.

He started out in Germany and accounts of his alchemical workings (in the late 1730s) have been published. He was eventually condemned for being a sorcerer. His punishment: to be burned alive. Luckily, he was able to escape to Holland before ending up in London.

Falk rapidly became known in England, both among Jews and even more so among Christians.

According to some historians, even the infamous Cagliostro was involved with Falk and learned from London’s Baal Shem both the secrets and rituals that later formed his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry. These Rites, by the way, became one of the sources for the modern O.T.O.


Falk was involved with revolutionaries and Freemasons.

He is noted in a German history of Freemasonry as being a “very extraordinary man from every point of view. Some people believe him to be the chief of all the Jews…He is referred to…as a Rose-Croix [Rosicrucian]…He has had adventures with the Marechal de Richelieu, a great seeker of the Philosopher’s Stone.” It is also noted that that he predicted the death of Louis XV.

One of Falk’s enemies in London complained that wealthy Christians liked him and gave him money which he spent on the men in his “Brotherhood.” This Brotherhood was probably a high-degree, Rose-Croix Masonic group. For those who are not familiar with the Golden Dawn, their so-called Inner Order claims to be the true Rosicrucian Order (and no, they’re not affiliated with the AMORC Rosicrucians).

While on one of his frequent trips to Paris, Falk consecrated a talismanic ring made of lapis lazuli for the Duke of Orleans to insure that the Duke, who supported Freemasons (and vice versa), would ascend to the throne of France. As a leader of the Freemasonic movement, he supported the French Revolution and became known as the hero, “Phillipe Egalité.” But the Freemasons lost control of the revolution, and the movement toward liberty became, instead, “The Terror.”

He became an “enemy of the people,” yet firmly believed in the ring’s power.

He was beheaded on the Guillotine in 1793, but gave the ring first to a Jewish friend who then passed it to the Duke’s son. In 1830 that son ascended to the throne as King Louis Phillipe of France.


Non-Jewish Freemasons and ‘formerly Jewish’ Frankists go together.

And the Frankists are serving the interests of the non-Jewish Freemasons, who have close ties to royalty and nominally xtian ‘powers behind the throne’.

Don’t forget that, as we go forward, because these non-Jewish Freemasons are looking to use the real Jews as their scapegoats, for all the evil stuff their Frankist-Freemason lackeys are up to.


OK, so back to Aron Goldsmid.

Here’s a snippet about him and his family:

Aaron F. Goldsmid: London merchant and founder of the Goldsmid family of England; born at Amsterdam; died June 3, 1782. He was the son of Benedict Goldsmid, a Hamburg merchant. In 1765 he left Holland with his family to settle in London, where he founded the firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son, subsequently Goldsmid & Eliason.

The firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son experienced serious reverses through the failure of Clifford & Sayer, one of the principal houses in Holland. Hence only George, the eldest son, entered into partnership with his father. The other sons founded new businesses for themselves in which they amassed large fortunes.

Goldsmid left four sons and four daughters. The second son, Asher, was one of the founders of the firm Mocatta & Goldsmid, bullion-brokers to the Bank of England.

Benjamin and Abraham were famous as financiers and philanthropists.


Asher Goldsmid’s son married Sir Moses Montefiore’s sister, Sarah.

And you’ll remember that Moses Montefiore came from a Sabbatean family, and was Nathan Rothschild’s brother-in-law and business partner.

And so we see clearly, how the ‘Freemason-Frankist’ nexus that is still shaping our world, particularly here in Israel, continued to grow and grow.


If you take a look around the Goldsmid family tree some other interesting names pop up.

Like this guy, Wyndham Deedes.


While Wikipedia tells you that Wyndham Deedes comes from four centuries of English aristocracy, and was a strict xtian, we can clearly see that three generations earlier, his Jewish (Frankist-Freemason….) ancestors were hanging out with the black magician, Falk, in London.

And Wyndham Deedes had an important role to play, in the nascent Zionist settlement of Israel (snippet from Wikipedia):

From 1920 to 1922, Deedes served as Chief Secretary to the then British High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel in Palestine….

Although Deedes had pro-Zionist sympathies, he played a role in promoting the Supreme Muslim Council as an Arab counterweight to the Jewish Agency…. There is a street named after him in the Emek Refaim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.


If you click that ‘pro-Zionist’ link, above, it takes you through to the ‘Christian Zionist’ page on Wikipedia.

But I hope you are really starting to see, just how fungible ‘religion’ really is, with these people.

Here’s a relevant snippet from the ‘Supreme Muslim Council’ page:

At the first election, held on 9 January 1922, the fifty-three former electors to the last Ottoman parliament, elected Hajj Amīn al-Husseini as president, by a vote of 40 out of 47.


Hajj Amin al-Husseini was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem by the (secret…) Frankist-Freemasons who were working as the ‘front men’ for the ‘get the Jews back to Israel’ project, including Herbert Samuel and Wyndham Deedes.

He’s notorious for inciting the Arabs to start killing the Jews, most notably in 1929 and 1936:

Fearful that increased Jewish immigration to Palestine would damage Arab standing in the area, the Mufti engineered the bloody riots against Jewish settlement in 1929 and 1936.


But as always with this stuff, you have to dig a little deeper.

For example, al-Husseini studied at the Alliance Israélite Universelle school in Jerusalem, and that organisation has been another Trojan Horse into the Jewish community, for the Frankist-Freemasons, and the non-Jews who are using them to try and crush Torah-true Judaism.


The original members of the society were Jews, and by far the largest number of its members belong to that faith, but the association has enjoyed the sympathy and cooperation of many prominent Christians.

Al-Husseini’s teacher was a Syrian ‘modern Jew’ by the name of Albert Antebi, who  just happened to be very good friends with secret Donmeh crypto-Sabbatean Jew and Freemason, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Ataturk was part of the ‘Young Turk’ secular group that overthrew the Turkish government – and then went on to commit the Armenian Genocide.


The new, ‘secular’ Turkey of these secret Donmeh-Sabbatian crypto Jews was also very popular with some other people you may have heard of, like David Ben Gurion, and Yitzhak ben Tzvi and a bunch of other proto-Zionists:

In 1912, [Ben Gurion] moved to Constantinople (now Istanbul), the then Ottoman capital, to study law at Istanbul University together with Ben-Zvi, and adopted the Hebrew name Ben-Gurion, after the medieval historian Yosef ben Gurion.

Different snippet, from HERE:

By [1912] many of the second Aliyah activists had gathered in the Ottoman capital, with Shochat, Ben Gurion, Moshe SharretDavid RemezGolda LishanskyManya Wilbushewitch and Joseph Trumpeldor all there.


Anyway, it’s just interesting, that all these ‘proto Zionist’ Freemason-Frankists were hanging out in Istanbul at exactly the same time as Al-Hussein was also there:

Prior to World War I, he studied at the School of Administration in Constantinople, the most secular of Ottoman institutions.

And then, more ‘Freemason-Frankists’ arranged for him to become the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem, just in time to start whipping up the ‘anti-Jewish’ hatred that the British hoped would ensure the State of Israel would be a permanent protectorate of the Empire…


Let’s just end with a few more snippets about ‘Aron Goldsmid’ and his descendants, big friend of the Bad Baal Shem of London, Jacob Frank’s father-in-law, ancestor of the yucky Warburgs and ‘inspirer’ of Chabad rebbes.

  • We have a link to the ‘people trafficking’ networks (aka the ‘Jewish Colonisation Association) of Moritz de Hirsch:

Other English descendants of Salomon Benedict Goldschmidt of Frankfurt were Mrs. Alice Model, Henri Bischoffsheim, Ellen, Countess of Desart and Sir Max Bonn. Baroness Moritz de Hirsch, wife of the famous philanthropist was also a member of the family.

  • We have a link to the Bank of England, and the ‘Crown Corporation’:

On the death of Aaron the firm combined with that of Abraham Mocatta [ancestor of Moses Montefiore], originally established in 1684 by an ancestor of our treasurer, as Mocatta and Goldsmid, bullion merchants. They have been agents of the Bank of England from its establishment.

  • There’s close links to British royalty:

The relations between Abraham [Goldsmid] and the royal Duke of Sussex were those of genuine friendship. It was under Abraham’s escort that the three Royal princes attended service at the Great Synagogue one Friday evening in 1809. He once actually entertained at luncheon, informally, King George III and his Queen.

  • There’s moving in and out of xtianity and Judaism as it suits them:

Benjamin [Goldsmid]’s family adopted Christianity after his death.

  • There’s links to promoting ‘Zionism’ before that was even really a thing:

Albert Edward [Goldsmid]… Born outside the Jewish Community he learnt only after he had attained manhood of his

Jewish ancestry. He turned to a study of Judaism and at the age of 24 adopted his ancestral faith. By a coincidence the lady whom he married, a distant kinswoman, followed a similar course and became a Jewess….

When Zionism was not yet fashionable he came out as a “Lover of Zion” and formed and took control of the Choveve Zion in England, the organization for the settlement of Jews in Palestine.


Let’s stop there.

I really hope you are starting to see how all these people are connected, behind the scenes, and always have been.

There’s so much ‘fake history’ to keep unpicking, sometimes it gets overwhelming.

But I am going to continue banging on this drum, because now it’s becoming obvious that the ‘christian zionists’ – or whoever the heck is actually controlling all the Frankist-Freemasons in our midst – are gearing up to put all the ‘blame’ for what’s going on with the Covid shots etc, on the Jewish people.

Here’s a recent video listed on the Stew Peters Rumble channel:


We know that all the nations of the world have to come against Eretz Yisrael, and Jerusalem, as part of the geula unfolding scenario.

It seems like blaming us all for the actions of the evil Freemason-Frankists in our midst – who are controlling our communities, on all sides of the divide – is going to be how this is done.

But at least for ourselves, and our children, we need to be super-clear that all these evil people with Jewish names and at least some Jewish blood are not authentic Jews.

They are Erev Rav Frankist-Freemasons.

And we need to do everything in our power to start calling out their connections, diminishing their influence in our lives and separating ourselves away from them, and what they really stand for.



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4 replies
  1. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    This made me think of Kate Middelton’s genealogy. Her father descends from a family named Goldsmith (yeah there are plenty of Goldsmiths, but even still), and her mother descends maternally from Dorothy Harrison, Elizabeth Mary Temple and Elizabeth Myers, according to ‘official records’ anyways. All these people like the father’s side are rumoured to be Jewish. So maybe they’re connected to these Sabbatean Frankist families.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I think so:

      3. Solomon Osipovich Ginzburg (1841-1.09.1905), head of the branch of the banking house “I. E. Ginzburg” in Paris, on Boulevard Haussmann. Committed suicide because of debt?? His wife is Goldsmith Henrietta-Ernestine, daughter of the Parisian banker Goldsmith Solomon.


      Middleton Carol Elizabeth, mother-in-law of Prince William, nee Goldsmith (Goldschmidt), mother of Princess Middleton Kate, wife of Prince Windsor William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II Windsor of Great Britain.


      It’s those same Gunzburgs / Goldsmidts we’ve been writing about, including the link between ‘Alexander Sender Shor’ and Prince William.

  2. Becky
    Becky says:

    What is the source of Jews coming to Israel before the coming of mashiach?
    This idea also seems to be Christian-rooted, so I would like to carefully look at the Jewish sources.


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