One of the commentators wanted to know if Rav Berland had said anything about ‘war with China’.

I try and read the Hebrew digest of his weekly shiurim called Shivivei Or on Shabbat every week. The last two weeks, I haven’t managed to read the whole thing, but to my knowledge, he hasn’t been speaking about war with China.

If I come across anything relevant in the meantime, I’ll try to translate it, and to post it up.

But I think there is a much deeper phenomenon going on with all these ‘wars’ being threatened and arranged right now, which I wanted to try to set out here.


Because then you’ll start to feel way better, and way calmer, about what’s really going on, and what we can all really do to improve things.


From the time I’ve been following the Rav, there have been so very many threats of ‘war’ in the background.

Iran’s nuke, rockets from Gaza, stabbing intifadas, war with Syria, the list goes on and on  and on. And that’s just in Israel.

And the Rav has spoken out many times in the past, about an incipient, threatened ‘war’ that needs to be sweetened with tehillim, prayer rallies, Tikkun Haklalis, bi-weekly fasts – and of course, huge amounts of bizayon, shaming and disgrace for the Rav himself, and his community.

And each time this has happened – and it’s happened literally more than a score of times, that I’m personally aware of – everything has been ‘sweetened’ somehow, and that war, that wave of terror, that threat, somehow disappears and everything calms down again.


The main ‘disagreement’ between the Rav and the autistics, if we can call it that, is that the autistics kept banging the war drum, and scaring the pants off people.

In the meantime, the Rav kept saying there will be no big war, because everything is being sweetened with prayers, Tikkun Haklalis, rallies in Hevron – and of course, huge doses of bizayon and disgrace for the Rav and his community.

It’s crucial to understand that THE REAL WAR IS SPIRITUAL.

And it’s also crucial to understand that the media lies about everything, literally everything.

When we buy into their lies about ‘wars’, and ‘pandemics’ and ‘food shortages’ – and all the rest – we typically fall into yeoush (despair), feel far away from God, and start to despair of our prayers, our efforts, our yearning for good making any difference at all.

And that’s the whole point of trying to pump us all full of ‘fear porn’, 24/7.

Because when a person is full of fallen fears, they are very easy to manipulate and control, and they forget that God is really in charge of EVERYTHING, and by God, there is ALWAYS a solution to the problem.


I don’t think anyone could accuse me of being a rosy-tinted optimist.

I see so much of the ‘bad’ that is really going on, I’m not trying to cover it over, or run away from it, or bury my head in the sand and go into denial.

But what I’m saying is, there is ALWAYS something you and I can really do, to swing the balance in some radical ways between good and evil.

We can pray sincerely, from our hearts, and ask God to get openly involved.

We can really get behind the Rav, the real Tzaddik HaDor, and when he’s putting a call out to say some Tikkun Haklalis every day, or to show up to a prayer gathering, or to undertake a special learning seder, we can take that seriously and try to participate, to the best of our abilities.

We can start doing some regular hitbodedut, to start transforming all of our ‘fallen fears’ into some real yirat shemayim, and do the hard work of building up our emuna, and acknowledging that really, there is only God going on here.

There’s really a million different options for tipping the balance here, because THE REAL WAR IS ONLY SPIRITUAL, AND INTERNAL.


I have a few friends who are going through a lot of difficult situations right now, and who sometimes feel like all they do is struggle with themselves, and their own bad middot.

There are days they struggle to get out of bed.

Days they struggle to clean their houses.

Days where they really wonder what on earth they are doing with their lives, because sometimes it all seems just so banal and pointless, to keep putting food on the table for their families, to keep cleaning toilets, to keep sweeping the floor.

I tell them: We are living in the olam hafuch, the upside-down world.

It’s dafka the big internal battles that we small people are waging, that is making all the difference in the world right now.


Each time I manage to wean off disgusting Netflix, or binging on Youtube – I am striking a massive blow against the forces of darkness.

Every tiny kindness I do, especially for my husband and kids and other family members – I am striking a massive blow, against the forces of darkness.

Each time I avoid getting angry, or put myself out for something ‘holy’, or even just find the strength to get out of bed again to start the day – I am striking a massive blow, against the forces of evil.

Dafka, it’s these internal battles of ours that give God the most pleasure, and that ultimately make the most difference in the world.


Some days, I also get overwhelmed by everything that is going on.

Sometimes, I also feel like giving up.

That’s where the whole principle of ‘running and returning’ comes in, that Rabbenu talks about.

On those days, I will eat an icecream, I will ‘tune out the bad’, I will stay away from the internet for a day, or two, or three, until I have the energy to deal with it all again.

That’s ok. I’m a human being, and I can’t maintain this pace ad infinitum, without taking big breaks and holidays, when required, in all sorts of ways.


Some days, I also start day-dreaming about writing about way happier things, and just leaving all this crud and yucky stuff totally behind.

Then I remember that part of my job down here, part of my own ‘spiritual battle’ is to carry on plugging away ‘unblocking the toilet’ that is real Jewish history.


So that more people can start to really beg Hashem to show them what is true, and who our real tzaddikim are.

Because then that’s game over, the whole enchilada.


I don’t have a nice way of wrapping this post up today, so instead, I’m going to share some of the more interesting links I’ve been sent, the last few days by other people.


Read more about that HERE.





Read more about that HERE, as a starting point.

Here’s what really took my eye:

The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, also called Order of the Holy Sepulchre or Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, is a Catholic order of knighthood under the protection of the Holy See.

The pope is the sovereign of the order.

The order creates “canons” as well as knights, with the primary mission to “support the Christian presence in the Holy Land”….

The order today is estimated to have some 30,000 knights and dames in 60 Lieutenancies around the world, including monarchs, crown princes and their consorts, and heads of state from countries such as Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.


This ‘order’ got started at the same time as the Knights Templar, and the Knights Hospitaller / SMOM.

I have a feeling that it basically ‘took over’ from the Knights Templar when that formally ‘disappeared’, because 30,000 members!?!?!?!

Including a whole bunch of royals and heads of state?!?!?!?!

All pledged to:

“Support the Christian presence in the Holy Land”….

Now, we start to understand what the Jewish nation is really up again, in Eretz Yisrael.


Let’s stop here for now.

The war is definitely raging, and the battle continues.

But we win that battle with prayers, teshuva and by sticking close to God and His true tzaddikim.

And no other way.


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8 replies
      • JR
        JR says:

        First check out this video- it shows how to extract iron particles from breakfast cereal:

        Then check out the ingredient list for nurofen:
        The ingredient list includes what the ink is made out of: Shellac, Iron
        Oxide Black (E172) and Propylene Glycol

        Some many have issues with shellac, but that’s not the scope of this discussion.
        Iron oxide has been used in ink since antiquity.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Why would anyone have ‘ink’ on nurofen, when that was never there before?

          The graphene oxide has been proven to be in the Covid shots by the Campra report, amongst many, many other scientific reports that are now floating around – and graphene oxide is nowhere on the ingredients list.

          This Telegram channel shows graphene oxide being found in all sorts of things – including food products and other pharmaceutical products.

          You say it’s iron oxide, I say it’s graphene oxide.

          Here’s Rice University, proudly explaining how they are printing graphene oxide on food, and a whole bunch of other things, too:

          They are talking about using this stuff as RFID tags and sensors – which is exactly what the Covid shots are really all about, creating enough nanotech circuitry within a human being that they emit MAC codes that can be read by Bluetooth scanners, and this is happening ALL OVER THE PLACE now.

          Not everyone who was Covid ‘vaxxed’ emits a MAC code, but plenty of people do. They just don’t know they are. Yet.

          So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how many more people have spontaneous and unexplained ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ because they’ve been been eating the same ‘iron oxide’ that’s been in their rice crispies since the dawn of time, before maybe, just maybe, you’ll be willing to admit that you were wrong to take the shots, and very wrong to persuade people around you to take them, too.

  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Wow, crazy.

    But you know what, Rivka, I don’t get a feeling that the researcher at Rice necessarily has evil intentions; he just seems to look at it as a wonderful invention. It could possibly be used for good purposes, who knows. The question is: who is sponsoring that research? Follow the money……. Billy the Goat? The C…. I… etc? The gov….?

    In addition these days they are putting tons of mRNA in all kinds of foods, really; Billy Goat is behind a lot of it.

    Buying organic is the best, of course, but not cheap for sure. So?…..

    Thanks Rivka, and Kol Hakavod for all your hard work!

  2. nechama
    nechama says:

    I recently found out that (in America) organic growers are not allowed to spray veggies, fruits with certain toxins; but shockingly, there is no prohibition of using those chemicals IN THE WATER that is fed to these crops. So they may be shtiping it to us another way!


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