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The real reason for the ‘war’ in Ukraine


Following on from the last post, let’s start to put more of the pieces together about what’s really going on in Ukraine.

Is there a war there?


Or rather, there is a localised confrontation between Russia and NATO-backed Ukraine around the area of Donbass and the Crimea.


Regardless of the propaganda you are reading in the media, and regardless of heavily publicised comments by people like Moshe Asman, ‘Chief Rabbi of Ukraine’ and just another propaganda puppet being used to try and stop people coming to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

HERE‘s a screenshot from the YWN propaganda site (but you can find a similar story on all the so-called ‘Jewish’ propaganda sites):


First, let’s answer that question, of WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY?!?!?!?

God will take the responsibility, as He does for everything else.

Personally, with thousands of Ukrainian ne0-Nazis either dead, or otherwise busy fighting Russia, I felt much safer in Ukraine itself this time around. The people who really scare me there are the ‘government officials’, police and soldiers, and Uman was a walk in the park last week, compared to what was going on two years ago during Corona.


Of course, we don’t use that as carte blanche to go and play with the traffic on Highway 1, or to roll our sleeves up for more killer GO nanotech injections, but you do your basic hishtadlut, you pray your bottom off, you bind yourself to the true tzaddikim – and then you do what your soul is whispering that you have to do.


And for all those who think ‘this sounds crazy!!!!’ – let me just say we heard the same arguments when we were trying to move to Israel, two decades ago.

What?!?!? You’re going to go to that dangerous country where they are blowing people up on buses?!?!? Where you can’t make ends meet?!?!? Where everything is totally corrupt?!?!?!

And baal teshuvas heard the same arguments when they decided to do ‘ridiculous’ and ‘crazy’ things like keeping Shabbat.

What!?!?!?!? You think you can find or keep a job when you’re leaving early every Friday afternoon and you’re out of contact for more than 26 hours every single week?!?!??

Either a person really believes in God, and God’s ability to support them through whatever nisyonot they are going to experience by trying to keep His commandments, or they don’t.

That’s what it boils down to.


BTW, we wrote about Moshe Azman’s links to Ukrainian oligarchs before here on the blog.

Take a look at THIS and THIS.

So, each person can follow their ‘rabbi’, of course, but I’d prefer to stick with the advice of Rav Berland, who is telling people to go, and that going to Uman for Rosh Hashana 5783 will change the whole global picture and ‘sweeten’ what is currently happening all over the place, so we can get to geula in once piece.

But if you prefer to listen to the pal of people-trafficking oligarchs and gun dealers, then go right ahead.


OK, back to why so much fuss is being made about the ‘war’ in Ukraine.

I got sent this clip of Tucker Carlson by a reader that sums it up. Tucker Carlson is for sure ‘controlled opposition’ – otherwise he wouldn’t be on the MSM.

But, for ‘controlled opposition’ to work, they have to tell the truth at least some of the time, to retain credibility, and so that’s where this following clip fits into the picture:


B’kitzur, the war in Ukraine is a fig-leaf for the genocidal maniacs who are really controlling our governments from the shadows to accomplish three main things:

  1. Stop the flow of gas from Russia to Europe, effectively plunging the continent into instant economic difficulties and government-enforced ‘energy blackouts’.
  2. Siphon more cash out of the Western economies to fund ‘the war in Ukraine’ – but really it’s all just flowing into the pockets of those self-same genocidal maniacs.
  3. Create a global ‘food shortage’ by using the war in Ukraine as a pretext for why food can no longer by shipped around the world.

And then hey presto, the economies collapse all over the place, leading to martial law, and enforced ‘covid shots’ for all.



And then, blame all this on China.

Please understand, ‘China’ is just a puppet, a distraction, a fig leaf for the real locus of power centred in the US military and secret service.

It’s the official ‘bogey man’ in this story, and has been right from the start, but China is just as controlled from the shadows as anywhere else.

Don’t get confused.


I just got sent something that says many of the kabbalists in Israel are predicting bank collapse and supermarket shutdowns imminently, across the world.

You have to understand something:

This is the scenario that will play out, if things aren’t radically sweetened beforehand with our prayers, teshuva – and mesirut nefesh to do things like go to pray gatherings in Hevron, and / or to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

That’s how this stuff works.


I can’t tell you how many times I have seen ‘scary predictions’ sweetened, totally, by the prayer gatherings, tikkun haklalis, fasts and other things that Rav Berland has been telling his community, and the people who still believe in real tzaddikim, to do.

It’s happened more times than I can count.

This ‘war’ in Ukraine fizzled.

It was meant to be the match that lit the whole world up, and brought all the economies instantly crashing down, leading to martial law.

That didn’t happen.


But they are still trying.


And that’s also why we are back to the old story of Israel deliberately trying to start a war with Iran again, too.

It’s all being orchestrated from behind, to light the touch paper that will bring the whole world crashing down into chaos.

And if it isn’t sweetened…. that may still happen.


I don’t go in for scare stories these days.

I am totally against pointless ‘predictions’ of suffering and bloodshed, that just get everyone all riled up and stressed and feeling hopeless and demoralised.

That’s not at all the point of this post.

The point of this post is to say:

We are currently facing some very difficult times ahead, economically and otherwise.



If we follow what the Tzaddik HaDor is telling us to do – to start reciting 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day; to attend prayer gatherings in Hevron, and other places, to book tickets for Uman even though it’s scary and daunting, to carry on working on overcoming our own bad middot, but particularly our fallen fears and our lack of emuna in Hashem and His true tzaddikim….


In that respect, all this is still in our own hands.

And prayer, teshuva and tzedaka overcome all the harsh decrees.


So, feel free to listen to whatever ‘rabbis’ you want to.

But let’s be clear, that if someone is sitting in the prophet’s chair, but is telling you that we all just kind of ‘coast’ into geula, without having to change ourselves, without having to do anything different, without having to make some real effort to fix our bad middot – those people are talking out of their derrieres.

They are giving you a false sense of security.


At the same time.

If all you are getting is fearmongering doom-and-gloom predictions – that’s also not reality.

Because everything can be changed for the better, if we bind ourselves to the true tzaddikim that do still exist even in our generation, and who are trying to lead us out of ‘Mitrayim’, whether or not we understand that is what is going on.

There’s a very narrow bridge to be trod here.

But the key is don’t make yourself afraid.

Do what you have to do as sensibly as you can, but then leave it to God to bring whatever outcome He deems is for the best, after you’ve stormed the Heavens with your prayers and mesirut nefesh and teshuva and tzedaka.

We can’t just wrap ourselves in cotton wool, go to sleep, or ‘polish buttons’.

There IS a war raging in Ukraine, after all.

But it’s mostly spiritual.

And Rabbenu needs as many soldiers as he can get, this Rosh Hashana.


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5 replies
  1. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Putin actually kicked out the Deep State Central Bank and brought back the Gold Standard. Putin is removing the Azov Neo Nazis and in the process exposing the DARPA /CIA Bioweapons labs.Sqy what u will about aputin,he’s certainly not a saint,but,like Trump,he is a nationalist. This is why the Deep State makes Putin and Russia the enemy. BRICS nations are the Central Banks greatest enemies. Hashem has his shluchim,they don’t always have to be Jewish or nice people.The future of the worlds economy is Gold and silver,already underway,it’s all good TY Hashem😁💕

  2. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    The New World Order/WEF/NATO/EU/the West think that they control things like it is the 1800’s under Queen Victory. They are finding out the hard way who controls things. The former colonies such as India, Africa and the former oppressed people such as China and Russia are setting up a New World of Freedom which people in the developing nations want to join. The framework is BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, All the Western Sanctions have blown up in the Western Leader’s Face like a Road Runner Cartoon with Willie E. Coyote. The Ukraine leadership that is run by the West is looking for scapegoats and will blame the Jews for Everything. Be Very, Very Careful. The West/Nazis can smell Freedom and Redemption in the Air.


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