There is one family name that keeps coming up again and again.

As part of my daily ‘look around’ to see what’s dinging off the bell today, I stumbled across this:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly…)


Now, I’m not a huge fan of Amazing Polly, even though a lot of her material and research seems honestly very thorough and sourced properly.

Don’t know why, she just strikes me as not totally my cup of tea.

But what caught me eye with this video, is the name of ‘Pfizer’s Inside Man’, namely one Fernando Polack.

Here’s a snippet of what she’s saying, from HERE:


[T]he Brighton Collaboration was set up to define adverse events across the world after Pfizer became annoyed by the vaccine injury lawsuits being lodged against them. If it didn’t meet the Brighton Collaboration’s definition for an adverse event, it wasn’t an adverse event!

The Brighton Collaboration was then taken over by World Health Organization and then taken over by CEPI, overseeing all the adverse drug reaction definitions for the COVID-19 vaccines.

She says this drug trial syndicate that they created is how they get away with human experimentation on you and your family. Bodies which are supposed to be overseeing vaccine safety are completely captured by the World Bank, the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation.


Back to ‘Amazing Polly’ herself, to explain what’s so interesting about ‘Fernando Polack’:

[T]he Task Force for Global Health is funded by all the predatory companies and all the predatory NGOs. I showed you all of it. All of it!…

“And today, I’m going to show you how one of those guys, just one that’s involved in the expert panel on the Brighton Collaboration to assess and define vaccine adverse events – I’m going to show you all of his connections and where the threads led me…It is just one guy. One guy.

“His name is Fernando Polack and the reason I focused on him is because in this publication in May 2021 in Vaccine magazine, this is one of the things that the Brighton Collaboration was doing. It was creating a definition for vaccine-associated enhanced disease.

“And right here, in the Abstract, it says that, ‘The Case Definition was developed by a group of experts convened by the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).’


“The very definition of vaccine-associated enhanced disease is set by Pfizer, Takeda, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Bill & Melinda Gates, Wellcome Trust, World Economic Forum and these governments [Norway, Germany, Japan and India].

“So I was looking at this paper and even that was unbelievable but then you scroll down to the Declaration of Competing Interests – this is conflicts of interest – this is the declaration of the authors of this paper for their conflicts of interest and I went over these last time, but the one I’m focusing on today is on the second page: F. Polack:

“‘F. Polack is an investigator in the Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial.’


“Am I making myself clear? Pfizer has a man on the inside. Knowing that, is it any surprise that the other day, September 30th, our [Canada’s] health officials came out and said, they recommended Pfizer over Moderna? It was everywhere. It was all over the news. They recommend Pfizer over Moderna. Guess why?

“And not only is F. Polack an investigator in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial, he is the lead researcher, says right here in this New York Times piece from September 30th, 2020…”


Here’s where we take the jump off into ‘interesting coincidences’ land.

Miles Mathis is an artist-cum-researcher, who has been trying to unpick real history – using as one of his main tools – for years.

I don’t agree with all his conclusions, especially about the ‘Jewish’ role in what’s gone down in the real history of the world, but I understand where the mistake has been made: he’s conflating the ‘Sabean-Sabbatian-Frankist-Freemason-Erev-Rav’ that hi-jacked the Jewish world with the real Jews.

It’s an easy thing to do.

Too many of us are still doing that, ourselves, inside the Jewish community.

But I digress.


Anyway, a couple of months ago I stumbled across his site, and I started reading his research articles on the Russian Revolution, and on the Nazis – that showed that many of the leading figures in all these revolutionary movements appear to descend from Jews.

That was back when I researching the whole ‘Zeitlin’ connection to the Russian Revolution, amongst other things connected to the whole Frankist-Freemason nexus.

Like I said, I don’t agree with everything he writes, and I know some of it is factually wrong.

But much of it isn’t.

And one paper that really caught my eye was THIS one, exploring the genealogy of Adolph Hitler.


Go read it yourself, form your own conclusions.

But one thing that really caught my attention was that back when Mathis was searching geni, a few years’ ago, Hitler’s family tree was listed as containing a lot of Pollacks.

Here’s an abridged snippet of what Mathis found (from page 10 of the PDF):

Hitler’s 4g-grandfather is listed as Simon Pollack…Hitler’s great-grandmother married Joseph Huettler, and she is listed as Eva Maria Decker…The name Pollack is also in that line.

One step back from Pollack in the maternal line, we find the name Fiechtinger, which is more misdirection. They have misspelled it on purpose. It is Feichtinger, and it is also Jewish.


Long story short, Mathis comes to the conclusion that most of Hitler’s relatives, and most probably Hitler himself, are ‘Jewish’.

Now, two years ago this would have been totally and utterly shocking to me, and I probably would have dismissed it outright.

But now, since I’ve been up to my neck researching these Erev-Rav-Freemason-Frankists who hijacked our community many centuries ago – way before Frank, and probably also way before Shabtai Tzvi, all the way back to Yanus and Yambrus, heads of the Erev Rav who left Egypt with the Jews – well.

Let’s just say I’m way more open-minded.

And what really bothered me is the name ‘Pollack’ – because this is one of the main names that has been inexplicably ‘scrubbed’ out of so many of the Jewish genealogies of ‘interesting’ people I’ve been busy researching.


Mathis wrote his paper in January 2017.

Since then, Hitler’s genealogy on geni has been totally changed – you can’t find any ‘Pollacks’ in the picture, any more.

If it’s no big deal to link Hitler to ‘Pollacks’, it’s hard to explain why his whole genealogy has now been scrubbed off, and re-created in a totally different way.


Take a look at THIS:


It’s a screenshot from the Jew Age website, showing how ‘Jacob Koppelman HaLevi Pollak’ connects us straight in to many of the ‘interesting people’ I’ve been writing about on the blog, including the Karaites, the Schorrs, and Yom Tov Lippman Heller.

Go back and read this:


You’ll notice some interesting things.

‘Pollaks’ are directly connected to Moshe Stefan Fiszel Powditsky – see him on the right, above, with the big red arrow.

Stefan Powditsky, as he became, is a royal tax collector who became a xtian. His brother is Ephraim Fishel, and Ephraim Fishel’s grandson is the Shaar Ephraim – who we are told in ‘made up history’ is the grandfather of the Chacham Tzvi.

Really, the Chacham Tzvi’s father is one Yacov Kopple Halevi Wallerstein:


Trying to track down the Chacham Tzvi’s real genealogy has been a total nightmare.

Which is kind of inexplicable, if there is nothing to hide here.

But now, we see that Yacov Kopple Halevi Wallerstein sounds very similar to Jacob Koppelman HaLevi Pollak, in the Jew Age family tree – who has been almost totally scrubbed out of history.

Look up ‘Jacob Pollack’, and you don’t find much.

But what I am finding suggests that there is a lot that is ‘hiding’ under this particular family.

There is THIS, from Wikipedia, snippet below:

After the accession of King Sigismund I in 1506, many Jews left Bohemia and went to Poland, founding a community of their own at Kraków. Pollak followed them, officiating as rabbi and organizing a school for the study of the Talmud, which, up to that time, had been neglected in Poland. This institution trained young men to introduce the study of the Talmud into other Polish communities.

In 1530 Pollak went to the Holy Land, and on his return took up his residence at Lublin, where he died on the same day as his opponent, Abraham Minz. His most famous pupils were Rabbi Shalom Shachna of Lublin and Meïr of Padua (Maharam Padua).


That ‘Rabbi Shalom Shachna of Lublin’ is almost certainly one and the same as the REMA’s father-in-law, R’ Shalom Shachne Shorr.

He was the disgraced Chief Rabbi of Lvov / Lemberg, who sounded to me (in THIS post) like he had some pronounced Karaite tendencies, in how he was interpreting the Torah.


That ‘Pollak’ family is very closely tied to so many of the people who were identified as Sabbatians, and who also went on to become the ‘core’ of the Frankist-Freemasons.

Some of those Frankist-Freemasons assimilated, but many didn’t.

And now, we have this stunning ‘coincidence’ that Hitler, may his name be erased, who lead the last crusade to destroy the Jews, descended from some Jewish Pollacks… and may have had ‘Hiller’ as his original surname…. and if that wasn’t enough to have us scratching our heads, now Pfizer’s ‘inside man’ is also a Polack.

What are the chances?


Plus, Albert Bourla, head of Pfizer, is – we are told – from a Greek Jewish family, with suspected Sabbatian links.

And don’t get me started again on Netanyahu’s family ties, and how all these people link up, one way or another, when you go back a few hundred years.

But now you’ve got me on that track again, I can’t resisting bringing one more snippet, from THIS post:

Netanyahu’s aunt, Shoshana Netanyahu, was a Supreme Court Justice in Israel, and instrumental in passing the National Health Insurance Act in 1994 that made participation in one of the nation’s four health kupot (organisations) mandatory for Israeli citizens.
From 1988 to 1990 [Shoshana Netanyahu] headed a national committee of inquiry for examining the functionality and efficiency of Israel’s health system. This required ground-breaking policy work, involving issues of public health, health economics and the rights of the citizen to health care.
Her commission recommended three reforms: reinforcing the status of ambulatory medicine in the community and transferring major medical care to it;transforming state-owned hospitals into economic corporations under government inspection and supervision; and a normative change in the relations between the Ministry of Health and the health system.
In the wake of these recommendations the revolutionary National Health Insurance Act was passed in 1994 but other reforms proposed by Netanyahu, such as privatization of the hospitals, have not yet been implemented and remain the subject of controversy.

This plan has been in the making for a very long time.

And the ‘Pollack / Pollak / Polack’ family, in all its incarnations, seems to have a habit of popping up at just the right time, and the right place, to help commit more mass murder against real Jews.
Isn’t that a CO-IN-CID-ENCE?
But like I said, I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago.

PS: I was going to stop here, but when I was marshalling some more of my posts that are linked to this subject, I made some more interesting links with ‘Jacob Koppelman HaLevi Pollack / Wallerstein’.

Let’s do this as screenshots:
This is the original screenshot from above, where you can see that Jacob Koppelman HaLevi Pollak is married to Esther Fiszel, Stefan Powditsky’s sister.
An ‘unknown Pollack’ daughter then marries Shalom Shachne, suspected Karaite and Chief Rabbi of Lvov – and the REMA’s father-in-law.
In this screenshot, I’ve just scooted over a bit, so you see that ‘Unknown Pollack’ and Karaite R’ Shalom Shachne are the grandparents of one Margela Mirele Schor:
We’ve met Margela Mirele Schorr before – she’s the sister of Avraham Haim, the G-G-G-grandad of the Alter Rebbe, Schneur Zalman of Liadi.
Margela is married to one Eliezer Lippman Heller – notice how all the same names just keep coming around and around and around in this story.
Eliezer’s brother is one Rabbi Joel Heilprin, ABD of Ostrog and Lvov, aka the ‘Baal Shem of Zamosc’.
This snippet from Wikipedia:
Yoel Baal Shem was an Orthodox Jewish scholar of Halacha and Kabbalah who lived in Zamość during the 17th century. He became renowned as a Baal Shem (lit. ’”Master of [Divine] Names”‘) for performing miracles, commanding demons and authoring Kabalistic amulets.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880–1950) writes in his memoirs that Yoel’s father was Yisrael Yosef, a disciple of Rabbi Mordecai Yoffe. Sometime after the latter’s passing in 1612 he moved to Zamosc. A year after his arrival to Zamosc he had a son and named him Yoel. Yoel learned for 5 years in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Joel Sirkis who was a Halachist and adherent of Kabbalah.


Yoel married before the age of 20 and started learning Kabbalah. Upon a dream, Yisrael Yosef sent his son Yoel to Prague to learn kabbalah from Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem. Yoel became one of the closest students of Rabbi Eliyahu Baal Shem who confided all his special teaching to him. Yoel returned to Zamosc and opened a Yeshiva there which became renowned for teaching both niglah and nistar.

Reb Yoel had a son Uri who learned in the Yeshiva of Rabbi David HaLevi Segal (author of the Turei Zahav) in Ostroh. After the latters passing, he went to learn for another six years under Rabbi Avraham Gombiner (author of Magen Avraham) in Kalisz

Rabbi Yoel Baal Shem was the teacher of Rabbi Adam Baal Shem of Ropczyce, who instructed Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov in Kabbalah.

Here we segue straight into the black-magic-practicing, ‘Sabbean-Sabatian-Satanic’ network of pretend Jews that hi-jacked the Jewish community, morphed into the Frankist-Freemasons, and then morphed again into the people who are running the show in the State of Israel – and also in most of the modern religious Jewish world.

Who are all pushing us to get ‘vaccinated’ with Pfizer shots….


That’s plenty for today.

And I am still scratching my head about who the ‘Chacham Tzvi’ really was, in all this.

Answers on a postcard.


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3 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      That’s an interesting question… ‘Jews’ commissioned, or these ‘fake Jews’ commissioned it?

      There’s a huge difference.

      My thesis is that these ‘fake Jews’ were also behind Yoshki – the original ‘false moshiach’ – and have just been trying the same trick again and again, ever since.

      I’ll take a look at the link that you sent.


      I read it now, thanks for posting it up. V interesting! It sounds like the fake Jews created the quasi-Jewish ‘one world religion’ xtianity, with its attacks against Rabbinic Judaism and the Torah, as kind of the ‘enemy within’, and then Chazal had to find a way to make it the ‘enemy without’.

      Maybe, we need to take a leaf out of their book, to deal with the fake, quasi-Jewish ‘one world religion’ practitioners we are still dealing with today…

  1. nechama
    nechama says:

    This is true what yd writes. I read about it years ago and thought it a real wise and crafty maneuver by the Sages of the era. JC was a real person and was attracting many Jews to him. They were worried about it becoming a real disabling movement. I’m glad he included a link because I couldn’t find my source.


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