I warn you now, this is going to be one of the weirder posts again.

While we’re waiting to see what’s going on with the Rav, I thought we’d continue with our series on real Jewish history.

Just to refresh your memory, you might want to go back and read THIS post again first, which is where we first came across Eliyahu Yale, a crypto Jew from Wales who made a lot of money as the governor of the British East India company in Madras.

In the course of researching all that, the penny started to drop that there are hundreds of thousands of these ‘crypto Jews’ with dual personalities, throughout the last 1400 years (at least…) of history.

When it suits them, they are ‘Jews’, and when it suits them, they are more non-Jewish than the non-Jews – particularly in the xtian world, where so many of them pop up as cardinals, archbishops, landed gentry – and even, royalty.

This is going to be one of the ‘head bending’ posts, probably, but I think you’ll still kinda get a kick out of it.

Let’s begin.


The story starts with a picture.

This picture, to be precise, a ‘self-portrait’ of one of Yale University’s other main founders – and good friend of crypto-Jew Eliyahu Yale – named Jeremiah Dummer.


Well, the art world had itself in a whole big tizzy about this picture, because Jeremiah Dummer was meant to be the son of a simple silversmith from England.

Yet, the signature on the back of this picture states that it was a ‘self-portrait’ (see HERE for more of the discussion, which I’ve excerpted below):

SELF PORTRAIT OF JEREMIAH DUMMER ACCORDING TO AN INSCRIPTION ON THE BACK OF THE CANVAS: Subject JDorn in Newbury, Massachusetts, September 14, 1645; one of foremost early- American silversmiths; merchant and part owner in several ships; captain of the Artillery Company; member of the Council for the Safety of the People, formed in 1689; selectman of Boston; treasurer of Suffolk County; judge of the Suffolk County Court of Common Pleas, 1701-1715; died in Boston, May 14, 1718.


Not only that, there was another portrait apparently attributed to Jeremiah Dummer Snr, too, that was apparently of his wife:



JL/aughter of Joshua and Mary (Blakeman) Atwater of New Haven, Connecticut; Subject
married Jeremiah Dummer, 1645-1718, in 1671; died September 16, 1715.


How could a simple silversmith from the English countryside be painting professional standard portraits in the new world?

The art critics all said that you’d need years of training with a master painter to be able to do that… And so, some said the paintings – or at least the signatures – were forged. Others claimed that the ‘Jeremiah Dummer’ who painted the canvases must have been his son, Jeremiah Jr – yet the clothing depicted in the portraits belong to the father’s period of time, not the son’s.

But when I read this, a lightbulb went off in my head that of course that ‘simple silversmith’ from the English countryside could paint like a pro, because he clearly belonged to a family of educated ‘crypto Jews’.


One of the big ‘giveaways’ was that he signed his name JDorn – not ‘Dummer’.

And if you look up ‘Dorn’, the surname, you find this:

Dorn (German for thorn) is a German/Austrian and Dutch/Flemish surname

While it would be weird for a yokel from the English countryside to have a surname like this, it would be totally understandable for a Jew who was moving around a lot between Germany and Holland – and also between religions.


BTW, going forward we’ll have to think up a different way of referring to this type of ‘crypto Jew’, i.e. people who pretended to be xtians, and then pretended to be Jews, as the whim suits them.

I’m talking here about people who had a totally different religion than either xtianity or Judaism, but who have been hiding amongst us for a very long time.

These people are NOT Jews, the way you or I understand it, but that distinction is very difficult to make, particularly for outsiders.

It’s a very thorny topic, and a post for another time. In the meantime, let’s continue with the story.


There were some more odd details about ‘Jeremiah Dummer Snr’ that seemed to fit the crypto-Jew mold, like for example the fact that:

“He was also an engraver, and engraved plates for currency: in 1710 he printed the first paper money in Connecticut.”

We are going to meet that link between ‘paper money’ and this group of transnational, trans-religional, trans-genderal…. pseudo Jews again and again, as we start to unpick what’s really going on here.


So, let’s recap:

Jeremiah Dummer Snr (1645 – 1718) is a silversmith, public figure and one of the first people to be ‘chosen’ to print money in the New World.

His son, Jeremiah Dummer Jnr (1681 – 1739), is co-founder of Yale, good friend of Eliyahu Yale (almost certainly another crypto Jew), and really chummy with corrupt, licentious British politicians like Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke, who was described by a contemporary as wanting to:

“[M]ix licentious orgies with the highest political responsibilities.”

Which is kinda strange, as Jeremiah Jnr sets himself up for a ‘career’ as a xtian preacher in Boston, and gets his PhD in Europe studying ‘divinity’.


Again, pay attention to how many of these ‘simple’ traders and merchants and craftsman popping up in the New World were amongst the most highly-educated, financially savvy, and geographically mobile people in the world.

These ‘traits’ simply don’t fit most ‘simple’ non-Jews of that time – but they fit crypto-Jews to a tee.

Contrary to how most of us believe, and were educated to believe, many members of the Jewish community were moving all over the globe, and were part of massive, semi-organised trade networks.

They often went backwards and forwards on multiple occasions to even the most distant places, like America and later on, Australia, and were also amongst the first to set up shop in colonies like Jamaica and Barbados.

But I’m getting ahead of the story here.


So, the more I look into ‘Jeremiah Dummer / Dorn’, and Eliyahu Yale, the more I start to realise that we’re dealing with an organised group of people who have been ‘pretending’ to be xtians for centuries already, and who are mamash embedded into the fabric of the countries they live in, often at the highest levels.

But who also – when it suits them – ‘re-adopt’ Judaism, and re-enter Jewish communities, again often at the highest stratas of Jewish society.

If you want to know how this occurred, it’s really very simple.

These people were part of the wealthy mercantile class (as we’ll see in a moment).

They were the ones with the money and the connections, the parnassim, the machers.

And it’s well-known that these families would pay a very large dowry for the privilege of having their children marry Torah scholars, and into the families of people with ‘good pedigree’, religiously.

That’s at least part of how so many of these families are producing the biggest Torah scholars – and also the biggest evildoers.

And also, how the position of ‘rabbi’ seems to have historically become so entwined with business, commerce and politics.


OK, so far so good.

So, I’m tootling around trying to find more details about the real Jacob Frank when I come across this profile, on geni, for a ‘Rabbi Jacob Franks’.



The picture of this Jacob Franks (1687 – 1789) reminds me of ole’ Jeremiah Dunner.

In the description below, this is what it says about him:

The Franks family came from a long line of successful Sephardic Jews.

A story of their dealings in the Revolution is told in Cha. 13 of Loyalist Mosaic by Joan McGee; Dundurn Press, Toronto (1985)

“Jacob Franks, a merchant of New York, born in Germany in 1688, came to New York from London about 1705, in the company with Moses Levy, whose daughter, Bilhah Abigail Levy, he married in 1719.”

“Jacob Franks had the degree of Doctor of Divinity and was a Rabbi of the Jewish Congregation in New York.”


So weird, how can there be ANOTHER Jacob Franks, who apparently played a leading role in American history and is from a ‘long line of successful Sephardic Jews’ – and yet I’ve never heard of him, or his family?

I start clicking around on geni, to see who else he’s related to, and pretty soon, I’ve figured out that all the ‘connecting profiles’ for Jacob Franks are being managed by none other than our old friend, Keith Lawrence Hanit.

Which immediately tells me I’ve hit another interesting seam of hidden (pseudo…) Jewish history.


If you click past Hanit’s ‘managed’ profile for Jacob Franks’ father Aaron, you hit some real people again, with his grandmother (?), Mary deTorres, who is listed as being born in Curaco, El Cuy, Río Negro Province, Argentina.

Mary is the daughter of  Amore (Yosuf Ben ha Levy Haivri) deTorres – who was born in Rome – and from his name, seems to be a converso who returned to yiddishkeit.

So, now I’m pondering to myself: why is Keith Lawrence Hanit all over this profile? What’s being hidden here?

(There’s for sure many answers to that question…)

But that’s when God directed me to THIS post.


Here’s where it’s about to get uncomfortable for a lot of us.

Because a lot of these ‘crypto Jews’ were up to their necks in the slave trade.

That link, above, lead to a whole discussion of Jews who owned slave ships, and ‘Jacob Franks’ and Moses Levy figure prominently. Here’s an excerpt:

In 1710 a Jewish immigrant named Jacob Franks arrived in New York from London and lived as a boarder in the household of Moses and Rachael Levy, later marrying their 16 year old daughter, Abigail in 1712. 

Acknowledged as a linguist and Judaic scholar, Jacob was the son of Adam Franks of Germany, a friend of King George of Hanover, who loaned that monarch the most valuable jewels in his coronation crown.

Jacob Franks was the British king’s sole agent for the Northern Colonies at New York and his son David was the king’s agent for Pennsylvania. An eminent and wealthy merchant, he engaged in the slave trade, privateering, general commerce, and shipping.

He was also very involved in the Jewish community and the construction of the Shearith Israel synagogue as well as president of the congregation in 1730. The Franks family was one of the leading families in Colonial New York, not only within the small Jewish community but also within the larger elite secular social circle comprised of prominent Protestant families.


Well, all of a sudden things got really interesting again.

Again, I’m a history buff, but I never heard about any of this before.

The website I linked to is sadly making the mistake of lumping ‘Jews’ together with these ‘crypto Jews’ – you can understand why.

We’ve been doing that ourselves, for centuries, without realising who and what we’re really dealing with.

But that site still has a lot of factual and historical information that can be independently verified, and not easily discounted or waved away with accusations of ‘anti-semitism’.

So before we continue in the next post, let me go and check out more of the information, to continue the birur process we’re engaged in on this blog.

(Feel free to join me…)


It’s hard to face up to things like this, I know.

It’s so much easier to just keep sticking our heads in the sand and to deny, deny, deny.

But these ‘crypto Jews’ have been giving real Jews a very bad name with their awful morals and bad actions in the world.

Time and again, the stories come back to the same twin motivations of acquiring more money, and acquiring more power.

And the Jewish community itself is still being controlled by people who put ‘making money’ at the top of their priority pile, regardless of how it may look externally.

Netanyahu is just the latest in a very long line of people who realised that wielding political power is the fastest way to get really rich.

But hopefully, he’ll be the last.



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  1. Aron
    Aron says:

    About these “crypto Jews’ with dual personalities”, and why there seems to be a “foreign influence” embedded within Judaism going back thousands of years.. I read something recently that may shed some light…

    The inyan is that all the spiritual contamination after the flood.. the bad religion, the satanic governments and endless wars etc.. basically it’s all noveah from the original old avodah zarah empires like Bavel and Mitzrayim.. their kings and chartumim and so on.. and then the “torch” got passed to Esav when he refused the nesiyous.

    Since Esav had the potential to become the next “av” and failed, memeilah all that energy became focused to the opposite extreme. Esav’s source is higher than all the pagan goyish kings so he overcame them all. Esav killed Nimrod on the day he sold his bechor. In the black teachings, the disciple’s goal is to kill his master, and then he becomes the master.

    Then he comes home to Yaakov Avinu, the good yeshiva bachur, and gives up his birthright in the holy nation, in exchange for “adom adom”= Red Edom, the empire of blood.. “for what I need my birthright in Israel, if I’m going to die anyways?.. I’m ‘tired if it all'”.. because he just killed Nimrod.. he just sold his soul to the death cult..

    Esav’s chiddush is that unlike the Nimrods and Paros of the world, he has the ability to APPEAR totally kosher yet inside rotten to the core.. like the chazir.. who displays his split hooves.. Esav knows kol haTorah kula.. in his HEAD.. which was zoche to get buried in Hebron.. but it didn’t penetrate from his head to the rest of his body.. his body is completely impure but his head knows everything.. very dangerous..

    (think of the vatican for example.. does it remind you of the zionists? it’s all about the “split personality”.. in the public eye they are “on”, and they look like the nicest people in the world..same playbook with all our fake “rabbis”)

    Esav/Edom.. some branch of the family apparently goes and sets up shop in Italy at some point and becomes Rome. But most of the family stayed in actual Edom adjacent to Eretz Yisroel. The idea is that in the whole shakeup during the golus Bavel and then coming back from Bavel, a lot of Jews and Edomites mixed up, and the Edomites just copied whatever the Jews were doing, so it LOOKED “kosher”. But inside, the Edomites’ actual ideology and assumptions were always somehow “off”.

    Later, when Rome conquered Eretz Yisroel, there was an energetic match between the Roman government and their blood, the local Edomites, who were mixed within Israel, and so whoever was in alingment with that inyan of spiritual contamination, memeilah rose up into positions of SPIRITUAL authority over the Jews.

    This is how you get the inyan of real Jews being browbeat and suppressed and gaslit by their supposed “religious leaders”, who are right now falling over themselves to sell us out to the beast system. Why? because they’re fallen souls who are really following the ways of Rome, Egypt and Babylon, not the true Israel they claim to represent. Why do you think 90% of Jews are completely disgusted by “orthodox Judaism”? Is it a pele that they seem to sense that something is “off”? It’s because we’ve been hijacked by Satan.. and then the entire nation goes off the derech and Satan gets them twice as hard in the secular world.. “divide and conquer”..

    Israel is the true malchus of the world and Esav will never stop trying to get that birthright back.. he will never stop saying he deserves it.. all these pretenders who set themselves up as kings over us, they will all fall, because they grasp the whole world, but in end they get nothing..

    A simple Jew just to say modeh ani and netilas yadaim.. bless his kids on shabbos night.. simple little things.. makes their blood boil, bc we live free of doubt and fear, we’re promised this world and the next, we sit every day with the REAL King of Kings like it’s the most normal and natural thing in the world.. we live with miracles and above physics and logic like it’s not a big deal.. our regular everyday routine is a living testimony to everything that they’re not.. that they can never be.. “Esav soneh es Yakov”..

    About these fancy looking fake Jews in those dumb wigs.. yes they are all Satanists.. this is in the 1600s-1700s.. if you got out of the ghetto and suddenly are gallavanting across the world, making tons of money and laying the groundwork for global capitalism and the American empire.. yes these people all sold their souls 100%. They serve the darkness. These are the people who bankrolled Napoleon.

    All the ambitious satanists were coming to America in those days because it was a blank slate. Europe was too complicated. You actually had to be somebody to get anywhere. In America you just needed money. And everybody was making money because “the system” was just getting started, so if you had capital and weren’t completely inept then you were guaranteed to get more capital. Jews with big brains and no morals did very well. Everyone knew America was going to be a real country with English-style law and order so it would be a safe place to store assets. And it was an empty continent bigger than all Europe. So the “in the know” people were all setting things up in America to be the “offshore” base of operations to store all their assets during their controlled demolition of Europe starting with the Napoleonic Wars and then culminating with the World Wars during which American money financed both sides and then financed the reconstruction, emerging as the global hegemon and spiritual leader of humanity.

    Now everything is global, all the money is everywhere and nowhere and America and its quaint notions of personal freedom and moral responsibility have become a very expendable liability..

    Their plan is you won’t buy with money, rather you buy with “social credit”, which you get not by working or trading but by being obedient. The masking and isolation and public chaos is a global occult ritual intended to initiate us all into this new mode of being, as acolytes to their cult. How many people have you heard say “wow it’s so great I GET TO work from home!” or something like this.. it’s so great I dont have to leave my house and participate in real life.. we all know we’re getting forced into accepting something that none of us want.. but the cognitive dissonance is too strong. Someone I know is hired to give the vaccine in nursing homes.. I asked him if anyone is giving informed consent to give vaccinnated .. “everyone should be forced”, “theyre just old geezers” , “the families sign for them”, “I dont want to think about it”.. someone else I know said “jokingly” that a local business should be burned down for “not following the rules”.. someone else said the crowds protesting in Washington should be “mowed down”..

    these are frum jews who came out of all the “good yeshivos”.. did all the “right things”.. what’s happening? who are we taking orders from, that we ended up with a “religion” that teaches us lots of knowledge and performances but can’t inculcate the most basic level of virtue, judgement and self-respect? A frum Jew who can’t see thru this fog has been misled by Satan, Torah is a “sam hamaves” for him..

    we have to drop this sick act these joke rabbis have sold us into and go back to the basics.. we need to decontaminate .. my soul feels dirty, I want to become clean..


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