Our ‘secret services’ are rotten to the core.


The last 80 years, 100 years, 150 years – whatever – we’ve all been told that America and the UK and the West stand for ‘liberty’ and ‘light’ and ‘human dignity and freedom’.

That’s a lie.

Daisy posted a link to this video, which is an interview with Dr Juliette Engel, who was sold to the OSS / CIA when she was six by her own father, to be used in the MK Ultra ‘mind kontrol’ project.

(Although she says the ‘MK’ stands for ‘Mein Kampf’, and Hitler’s plans to have a world of ‘slaves’ serving a small elite. That could be true – just look around what’s happening today.)


It’s not easy listening, but we have to start to get to grips with what evil is really doing in the world, if we want the evil to finally fall.


She does a very good job of explaining what is really going on, in as ‘tznius’ a way as you can, with the subject matter, and it really boils down to this:

“A lot of the real evil that’s happening in the world is being fuelled by child trafficking.”

And of course, the child abuse that is part and parcel of this.


All the ‘secret societies’ in the world literally worship the dark side, and perform all sorts of satanic rites that revolve around abuse of the worse kinds, and even child sacrifice.

This brave new world that we live in, that kicked off the ‘yoke of Torah’ and the ‘yoke’ of Torah-based morality isn’t ‘free’ at all.

They just replaced the ‘yoke of Torah’ with the ‘yoke of the Samech Mem’ – and we see that so clearly today, where ridiculous ‘Covid 19’ rules have mamash become a religion, for many people.


The ‘Sabbatian-Frankists’ within the Jewish community are also part of this network of child abuse and people trafficking – all covered over with shiny PR about charidee, and high ideals.

No-one can get on in this world of lies, this world of evil, and enjoy massive success on a massive scale, unless they are at the very least, tacitly agreeing to what is going on behind closed doors in all the ‘corridors of power’.


The last couple of days, I’ve had different readers flag a couple of things as ‘fishy’, connected to this subject, within the Jewish community.

One was this, a s*xual abuse ‘seminar’ from the South African Jewish community called ‘Let’s talk openly’:


And then, CO-INC-IDEN-TALLY, I was also sent this, from the corrupt propaganda site, Arutz 7:


What’s puzzling is that this video is from 20 years ago….

And that this subject is being ‘hawked’ by the same people who have routinely been pushing the Covid shots on the Jewish community.

And it’s being promoted by that same, rotten, corrupt media that is really just the propaganda arm for our rotten, corrupt governments and ‘elites’, who are up to their necks in participating in child trafficking.

So, something strikes me as very strange here.


It’s great to ‘nurture a culture where victims feel supported’, I am totally all for that.

Abuse of children IS happening in the Jewish world – secular and ‘religious’ – and IS happening in the orthodox Jewish world, particularly within those branches of the Jewish world that are closely tied to the (devil-worshipping….) Freemason-Frankist nexus that I keep writing about.

Both in the secular world, and in the so-called ‘orthodox’ world.

It could be, that the ‘Freemason-Frankist’ network is now starting to blow a lot of smoke about this subject to try to cover their own tracks, in the wake of the fall-out from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on here.

But I’m flagging this as ‘something to watch carefully’.

And something to pray a lot about.


Maybe, Chaim Walder was just a ‘trial balloon’ to test the waters.

You know, some sort of guaranteed mechanism to eradicate anyone that stands up to the “Covid 19 / Great Reset / enslavement of humanity” juggernaut in someway.

So remember, not everyone who is publically accused of stuff in the media, or in ‘kangaroo court’ Beit Dins is guilty.

Guilt is decided by facts and evidence, argued by BOTH SIDES in court, not in absentia, and not in the media.


And also remember most of the the people who really ARE guilty of this stuff, will never be publically accused, nor brought to justice

Just look at what happened at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, where the court papers were all sealed by the judge, so the ‘rich and powerful’ people who were incriminated by the trial can keep their reputations intact, and their horrible crimes hidden.

Look at Meshi-Zahav, who just totally disappeared off the scene before he could be brought to trial, and no-one even knows where he is today.

This is the world we currently live in.

This is the olam hafuch that needs to tip over, please God, very, very soon.


One more thing:

It’s interesting to me, that so many of the people and organisations who ‘went out’ on Chaim Walder appear to be connected to so many ‘covered up abuse’ stories within their own communities.

Are they going to stop suppressing the details of what their own ‘network’ has been up to now?

I won’t go into details, but start praying a lot about this, and don’t be fooled by ‘super-pious’ appearances and pronouncements.

Because the people making them are often part of that super-corrupt ‘machine’ that needs to disappear, before Moshiach can come.

And the birur is definitely heating up.



I just got sent a link to this story, snippet below:

It all starts with the removal of books… http://ch7.io/cbovc


Ofer Berkowitz, head of the Hitorerut (Awakening) party in the Jerusalem city council and a member of the district committee, has demanded that disgraced children’s author Chaim Walder’s books be removed from the municipal libraries and all public institutions in Jerusalem.


Whaddya know?

Ofer Berkowitz is also linked to the New Israel Fund:


Here’s some more about the New Israel Fund, from the Jewish Virtual Library, HERE:

An international partnership of Israelis, Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, NIF pioneered the funding of Israel’s social change organizations and advocacy groups, and is widely credited as the founder of much of Israeli civil society. 

NIF has funded more than 750 Non-Government Organizations with approximately $200 million in 26 years….

NIF has long been a principal supporter of a pluralistic and tolerant Israeli culture that includes diverse approaches to Judaism and Jewish identity. 

NIF grantees are in the forefront of the struggle for civil marriage and other life-cycle events, recognition of non-Orthodox conversions, and the equal and unbiased allocation of government resources.


And you have to ask, who has been funding Berkovitch and his ‘secular, zionist’ Hitorerut party in Jerusalem?

Because his voter base in frum, Arab Jerusalem is pretty darned tiny.

It’s all the same people, with the same agenda to try to destroy Torah Judaism, authentic Jewish values, and Torah-observant Jewish communities.


In THIS post, I also bring more about the New Israel Fund / Reform movement funding all these ‘ortho-feminists’, who are also trying to dismantle our Jewish communities and values from the inside.


And lastly, here’s a relevant snippet from Chananya Weissman’s long discussion of how halacha was not followed in the initial Beit Din judgment against Walder (if anyone can really call it that…), and is still not being followed now either, in the ongoing hysterical discussion about him:

Rav Eliyahu and his kangaroo court did NOT hear from 22 victims.  They didn’t hear from ANY victims.  They heard ABOUT them.  Kind of like how people didn’t really die FROM covid, but with a negligible trace of it somewhere in their system.    

Notice that the Jewish Press in the same article wrongly stated that “the rabbis ruled him guilty following evidence from 22 victims”.  No such thing.  It was all hearsay. 

Eliyahu and company are either woefully negligent or criminally corrupt, or both.  According to the Rosh, they should be made to stand before a Beis Din and be punished for their actions.


So how many people ACTUALLY testified?

We were told it had to be a secret trial (against halacha) because it’s too painful for the victims to testify. But they didn’t! So who did? Why can’t we know who THEY are, and how THEY got their information?

I have no idea what Walder did or didn’t do, and no one supports abusers. 

However, this entire lashon hara campaign is based on trusting Eliyahu that he heard a lot of stories, he checked them all out, and Walder is a really bad guy, so go get him.  I’m sorry, but this is not how halacha works, and it runs roughshod all over the laws of lashon hara, which Eliyahu is obligated to follow the same as anyone else.


The Frankist-Freemasons are really taking the gloves off again, and coming after the orthodox community.

They are using the same tactics they always use: smear, spin, propaganderise, divide and conquer, bribe and threaten.

BH, this time around, more of us will recognise what’s happening, and head this off at the pass.


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8 replies
  1. Becky
    Becky says:

    See this:

    I also agree that there is something fishy going here.

    Like, those who themselves are obsessed with this whole topic are pushing that we should be educated about how to protect ourselves and how to deal with the abuse.

    One interesting found:
    There is a children’s book in Hebrew Mah Sh’Batuach Batuach. It was sold by Feldheim for 10 ILS a few years ago after being heavily subsidized.
    It’s about teaching kids about personal safety.
    I found it on my couch the other day, so I opened it up and saw that it was endorsed by certain Rabbanim. One is Rav Silman and the other was Rav Chaim, with a letter from Rebbetzin Koledetsky.

    Now, this may not mean anything, but these names certainly add up.

    Maybe there’s a hidden agenda here- but what is it?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks so much for this – I took a look at that article, and now a bit of that hidden agenda has bobbed into view. I’m writing it up now, but thanks Becky.

  2. Eliora
    Eliora says:

    From the article on Arutz7: “For Keats-Jaskoll and other activists in the haredi Orthodox community, the fallout from the Walder case is indeed a watershed moment — and one that has to do with a broader phenomenon of people taking matters into their own hands after questioning their religious leaders.
    “I see more more and more and more people come to that realization of we have to do this, we can’t wait around,” Keats-Jaskoll said.
    “I think COVID helped with that, I think seeing what happened with COVID with leadership denying what was happening with COVID and watching people get sick and die, it kind of took a lot of people and shook them up and say maybe our leadership doesn’t know everything,” she said.”

    It’s incredible that the same rabbis which “denied” covid are now “denying” the alleged abuse crisis? (Of course there is such abuse in every community, but these articles make it sound like there’s an abuser lurking on every corner). It might make one think that our genuine leaders are unfit… Especially since such ‘holy’ (government approved) rabbis are leading the charge.

    There’s a lot of rhetoric coming from those behind tis movement, but very little in the way of reasonable proofs or verifiable facts. Why is that? It seems the narrative is being set that so long as someone is accused of committing a crime, that’s the only proof needed. The Torah outlines a different burden of proof, but when it comes to THIS one particular crime, alleged victim accusations are sufficient. But that begs the question, will there be other crimes in the near future for which accusations become sufficient grounds for conviction? (Hint: yes that’s where this is leading!)

    The State (Frankist-Freemasons) were unsuccessful in destroying the autonomy and cohesiveness of the frum world, though that was one of the main purposes of the State of Israel. So now it feels to me that the State (Frankist-Freemasons) are trying a new approach; create internal dissension and distrust by discrediting the Torah true, legitimate leadership of our community. The State couldn’t assimilate haredim; couldn’t buy off the leaders; couldn’t infiltrate; couldn’t force Haredim into the army; couldn’t break the community with covid dictates. So it seems to me the State wants to now turn haredim against our legitimate leadership by discrediting them. The narrative is shifting to something along the lines of ‘Those same leaders which ‘”denied covid” are also “denying abuse-” so obviously they are unfit to lead!’ And the bought and paid for government backed ‘rabbis’ which LOOK like haredim on the outside, lead the crusade against genuine leaders.

    And you know we’re being gaslight, because all the while THEIR guys are the ones perpetuating the abuse! The best way to deflect attention away from what they do, is to accuse someone else of either doing the same thing or being ‘soft’ on said crimes.

    That’s just my opinion, anyways.


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