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Yesterday morning, I was reading Ynet when my eyes went ‘funny’ again.

That happens occasionally, when it I get supersuper stressed out, internally.

I was reading a headline about ‘spiking Covid cases’ in Israel – or rather, spiking fake PCR tests in Israel being used to conjure more fear porn out of thin air, in order to ‘lock down’ the country again in another couple of weeks.

That stuff makes me very stressed.

And there’s nothing I can really do about it.


I closed the laptop, and took off with my husband to the Dead Sea for a day.

The green pass is coming back on Thursday, so we figured carpe diem on going to a hotel, for the first time in a while, and probably the last time in a while, too.

While I was there, I realised a few things.

Like, I need to go on a ‘news diet’ from all the Covid fear porn in the MSM the next little while.

There are enough other people with their eyes open now, fighting that particular battle, that I don’t need to be one of them at this stage.


Instead, I need to be focussing on the real information, the real ‘news’ that no-one is really talking about, still.

Stuff to do with how the world really works, and how human health really works, and how that’s all connected to Torah and emuna and emunat tzaddikim.

So BH, that’s what I’m going to be focussing on here, going forward.

And I have a LOT of awesome things to share with you.


Another thing I realised is just how much fear and yeoush (despair) is ringing around the world right now.

It’s pretty likely that’s going to increase, as our governments become more and more totalitarian, and as more and more people start to open their eyes and push back.

But remember:

The storm wind cannot be beaten while it’s raging, but it blows itself out very quickly.

Lie, cheat, fake, stay at home ‘with migraines’ for the next few weeks – whatever you have to do to, in order to avoid being coerced into doing something that you really don’t want be doing.

This stage is going to be intense – but short-lived.

So just keep buying time, and pushing things off as long as you can, until God comes to rescue us again.


And that’s the last thing to underline here, that our work right now consists of:




Pidyonot (charity…)

Nothing else is going to work to get this to turn around, really.

And if you really want maximum protection, then do all of the above under Rav Berland’s wing.

He’s the true Tzaddik HaDor, whatever else is going on, he’s the real deal, spiritually, and you will see for yourself how quickly things ‘lighten up’, at least in your own life, when you connect to the true tzaddikim out there.


In the meantime, I’m diving back into the research.

Not stam, but because that information holds the key to how this can really turn around into a way more beautiful, moshiach-ready, hopeful world much quicker than any of us really think.

Hang on, sweet reader!

The blanket is being shaken once more.

But all this is temporary, and soon the clouds will part again.


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  1. Aliza Green
    Aliza Green says:

    Chaya, dear- a good friend just contacted me because she found that it is quite disturbing to see someone, like yourself, who has been Divinely gifted with influence and charisma to be abusing it to harm herself and others while deceptively acting as if she is a G-d fearing intelligent person and influencer. We all share this very special but extraordinarily precarious time in history in which Hashem’s ABSOLUTE truth is being either COURAGEOUSLY & FEARLESSLY expressed and fought for by the genuinely G-d fearing humans on the planet who tenaciously align with Hashem and cling ONLY to this magnificent ABSOLUTE truth OR through those who desperately FEAR owning up to their RESPONSIBILITY to master their wily egos by learning and practicing timeless principles of emunah (chovos halevovos – shaar habechina) and bitachon, and FOUNDATIONAL emotional intelligence, Hashem’s ABSOLUTE truth (and the community of the G-d fearing) is then vilified, denigrated, mocked, discredited, denied, defied, disgraced, disparaged, maligned, smeared, villianized, twisted, bad-mouthed, slammed, knocked, etc., etc. by those who allow their materialistic desires for COVID (kavode), comfort, convenience, compliance with social “norms”, corrupted authority figures, and group think to RULE their existence. The scenery has changed, the players wear updated costumes, but the Divine Laws are timeless – Hashem gifted each and every one of us with b’chirah – FREE WILL. We CHOOSE – bracha v’chaim or klalah v’maves – Blessing & Life OR Curse & Death…..Have you, dear Chaya, noticed, per chance, anything remotely resembling “Divine wake-up calls” slamming countless fellow Yidden? Again, and again and again just like the Torah warns us in B’chukosai and Ki Savoh – curses, for example that we will be running in fear with nothing chasing us – that was the beginning of the Covid illusion and drama….or was that the beginning….NO, come to think of it – Covid was the response to the MMR-Measles drama derived from the well-funded sources of tumah in the world…..Did you know that thousands of vibrantly healthy children were KICKED out of yeshivos because their SMART parents learned their lessons and refused to comply to inject them with diabolically derived tumadik filth that is formulated in order to destroy the Divinely designed immune system, so that people can be easily controlled and abused. LOTS of corrupted “rabbis” complied with the pHARMafia that has infiltrated most of our institutions and our hashkafa for far too long. They kicked out children and all the other parents not only did not stand up for their fellow Jews, but took it as a mitzva upon themselves to HATE, yes OPENLY HATE upon their fellow Jews in various ways making sure to also vilify, denigrate, mock, discredit, deny, defy, disgrace, disparage, malign, smear, villianize, twist, bad-mouth, slam, knock, etc., etc. ANYONE who dares question or think for themselves, despite the CRYSTAL CLEAR EVIDENCE that quaccines are BIOWEAPONS and that the thousands of RESPONSIBLE adults who stopped or never harmed their children with these bioweapons are EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT, MORAL, AND INTEGROUS upstanding human beings who HONOR HASHEM’s TIMELESS RULES of CREATION (also called “nature”). By the way – I happen to have the claim to “infame” for starting the quaccine awareness movement in the frum community. We are Parents Educating and Advocating for Children’s Health. Nonquaccinated children are HEALTHY and quaccinated children are NOT. End of Story. quaccinated children CAN get healthy IF their parents truly cared enough to find out how. IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME & EFFORT!!!! YOU WILL BE PROUD OF DOING THIS HOLY WORK. FIRST YOU MUST GET EDUCATED! REMEMBER – WE ARE ALL ONE and ON THE SAME TEAM! IF HATE AND DIVISIVENESS IS PROMOTED BY ANYONE – No matter how much “inspiring torah they express” – they are NOT authentic. I’ve taken the pains to speak to MANY rabbanim and influencers, including principals – just because they all buy the BIG lie – doesn’t make the lie become truth. EVERY single one of those influencers have lost trust with the G-d fearing community. Once you compromise your integrity, it’s nearly impossible to earn it back…but it IS worth trying. Please try, Chaya and please stop embarrassing yourself. The truth is in BLACK & WHITE! It is crystal clearly obvious. What a kiddush Hashem you would make if you recognized and shared that the “Emporer is NAKED”. Quaccine-promoted mediSIN by medical practitioners who collude with the Lavans in pHARMafia because they fear for their parnassa has wreaked ENOUGH havoc on our communities! You CAN also be a Hero, Chaya…IF you OWN up right NOW, very soon, it will be TOO late….there’s always a deadline for teshuva in one’s lifetime….Don’t worry, Hashem really loves you, so, one shame-filled way or another, Hashem makes sure every one of His precious children get cleansed from such tuma….but wouldn’t it be nice if you educated yourself NOW and reap the vast rewards of that effort, especially as an influencer! Some excellent resources: RodefShalom613.or (end letters omitted) Sooner than later, Chaya, dear – you WILL have to accept the truth, despite your many fans suffering from cowardly weakness and not willing to speak up and hold you accountable for espousing obviously deadly-dangerous lies. I don’t know how you are profiting from the Covid Lie, but any moral human with a bit of understanding of how the Borei Olam conducts the Creation and our human biology with PURE UNADULTURATED CHESSED – KNOWS that Hashem created us with highly sophisticated and intricately designed systems that do NOT improve by injecting poisons and filth that you would NEVER introduce to your own mouth, never mind your newborn’s mouth. Bypassing the alimentary canal during digestion in which filtering occurs, to inject verified toxic sludge directly into the bloodstream can ONLY wreak havoc. New diabolically designed delivery systems are being introduced as I type by the very same criminals that you are praising – like putting mRNA of bioweapons in our food supply, like it isn’t already filled with toxic chemicals. Chaya !!!!!! WE CAN & MUST DO BETTER!!! WE ARE THE WOMEN UPON WHO RESTS THE PRIVILEGE AND RESPONSIBILITY TO MANIFEST GEULAH – WITH LOVE OF EACH OTHER! We cannot do that by encouraging people to poison themselves and their families which is SOOOOO NOT going to accelerate anything BUT death and destruction!!!! Enough is Enough! If anyone has bothered to read this post – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – HEAR the truth and attempt to share with anyone that can hear it. It IS a tremendous merit for you. If you want to get involved or learn more: if you want to arrange workshops on learning about the immune system and how to detox from vaccines as much as possible – please email: If you want to uplevel your life, consider learning true health. Check out for many holistic health providers in israel. There is only One Truth! Let us open our hearts and minds to discover it…Together! B’Achdus! As One Loving family and nation…’s time!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m posting this up. But I have to say, I mostly have no idea what you’re talking about in this comment. Who is ‘Chaya’?

      If you’re referring to me, my name is Rivka….

      And if you’re having a go at me, that’s fine – I accept the bizayon even if I have no idea what, specifically, you are talking about.

      Like I said in the post, there’s a lot of stress in the air all over the place, and it’s clearly affecting us all in strange ways.

  2. nonee
    nonee says:

    Shavua Tov Rivka.
    I was wondering too about the name ‘Chaya’ 🙂

    Well… whoever Aliza Green is, Gd bless and help and all of us.



  3. Angela
    Angela says:

    Hi Rivka, the Chaya comment reminds me of the hilarious and so true story you wrote some years ago on how todays media would write about f.e.. King David etc. (his brothers claiming he threatened them etc.)
    By the way, where can I find this article?


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