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After last week’s mega output of information, I had a day of feeling like ‘I’ve done what I need to do now’.

I’ve been working on all this yucky Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemason stuff for two years already, and when that post about Eybshutz finally went up, I had the thought that I’d finished my part of this birur process.

I started a new painting….I started to think about what other projects I want to focus on, and where I want to take my writing etc from here…

And for a day, I just breathed out and enjoyed life without that pressing feeling that ‘there’s something I need to be doing that I’m not doing.’


Already by Shabbat morning, that feeling had gone.

And the gnawing dissatisfaction with the world in its current, tumah-dik state, roared back.

One of my kids is studying to be a social worker.

Shabbat morning, I told her about all the posts I’d been putting up last week, and how much I was hoping that all the ‘secret abuse’ going on in the chareidi world – and in the Frankist-Freemason world generally – would start to be addressed more honestly and rigorously now we know where it’s really coming from.


She told me:

Ima, they interviewed my friend for Israel news about another abuse case involving a school principal here, and someone in the chareidi world is blocking that program from airing.

What do you mean, another (female) school principal? Are you talking about Malka Leifer?

No, no – this is someone else in Israel. My friend was abused by her, and she abused a bunch of other chareidi girls too. The news did a whole program on it, but someone is stopping that program from being shown, so my friend is trying to start a campaign to get it to air.

I sighed a deep sigh.


You see, this is how it is in our Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, that works hand-in-glove with all those Frankist-Freemason ‘abusers’ – all part of the same extended family network – who run most of the chareidi and chassidish world.

While they made up a whole bunch of lies about Rav Berland, and have ruthlessly pursued him and his community for over a decade already, when it comes to the abusers that are part of their little club – i.e., nearly all of them – the curtain comes down on any allegations of abuse.

Again, just ask yourself why the same people who were jumping all over Chaim Walder in such an OTT fashion are now working together to actively suppress another abuse story in the chareidi world, that appears to at least have real people with real names in the picture (some of whom I’ve met personally….)

What’s really going on here?


But you know what God? I’ve done my bit. Let someone else deal with this stuff now.

That’s what I told myself, as I picked up the latest copy of Shivivei Or, the newsletter that brings together all of Rav Berland’s shiurim from the previous week, and settled down on the couch to read it.

I can’t tell you how many ‘hints’ and clues I got about what was really going on in Jewish history, in the Jewish world, from the Rav’s shiurim, particularly the ones I translated for Rav Berland’s Conversations, two years’ ago. When the Rav went to prison, the shiurim started to dry up, and for the six months before he was miraculously released, they totally stopped, as the corrupt court wouldn’t let him communicate with his followers.


So, I settled into read, and I got to this, on page 30 of Issue 249:

The moment that the Berdichever [R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev] didn’t want to excommunicate the Shpoler [The Shpoler Zeida – Rebbe Nachman’s main persecutor during his lifetime]…His mother didn’t give him permission to excommunicate the Shpoler.

There was a meeting of all the Tzaddikim of the Berdichever, and all the Tzaddikim from every corner of Russia also came, and they decided to excommunicate him [i.e. the Shpoler Zeida], because he was talking against Rabbenu, and was disgracing him.

His mother didn’t agree, and said, I don’t give my son permission to excommunicate him -and from then on, he [i.e. the Berdichever] didn’t see the angels anymore – the angels that he saw in the siddur.

These angels that used to come to the Baal Shem Tov the moment that they would say ‘ki l’olam hasdo’ (for His kindness lasts forever) – the Berdichever never saw them again.


Already motzash, I knew I’d be looking up the mother of Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev – who was himself a very holy Tzaddik, but who like Rabbenu, came from a ‘interesting’ family that has tons of weirdness going on in his family tree.

But understand, that I wasn’t very happy about this.

Man, this just never ends…. Every time I think I can rest on my laurels for a bit, I get more work to do, more leads to follow, more bad middot welling up, angry that I can’t just have ‘the easy life’ and spend my time doing other things, already….

Because do you know how frustrating it can be, to keep circling around the same family trees, the same people, knowing full well that underneath all the lies, there is a truth that can transform the whole Jewish world?

But that truth keeps dangling itself a few centimetres ahead of you, out of reach, like some mythical carrot of Greek fables?


You can see the Shpola Zeida’s family tree HERE.

If you scoot over to the left, you’ll notice a ‘Sarah Soshia Derbaremdiker’ who is totally disconnected from her famous son, R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev.

There is so much distortion in this family tree, it’s going to take me hours and hours to figure it all out.


Motzash, I was in a pretty bad mood.

I started looking more into the mother of Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, and I got to HERE – that murky world of the Chernobyler Rebbes, that segues seamlessly into the murky world of the Chabad Rebbes, and a bunch more other Rebbes who are all connected to each other and whose descendants are still running most of the ‘orthodox’ Jewish world today.

I was really, really hoping that I could somehow dodge opening that particular can of worms, because it’s really not going to be pretty.

Yes, of course, people can make teshuva, and people are far more than their yichus and their abusive Frankist-families.

But the problem is this:

While some people, maybe even many people, have made teshuva, my daughter’s story shows that so many of these Frankists are still carrying on their family traditions of abusing their own children, and other people’s, as part of the Sabbatean antinomian ‘mitzva’ of turning every single rule in the Torah governing sexual morality totally on its head.


That someone like Shimon Peres was a predatory abuser is not such a shock, honestly.

But to understand that so much of our ‘orthodox’ Jewish world is also being run, secretly, according to ‘Frum Frankist’ principles is shocking to the core.

But look around at what’s going on.

Do you know how many private emails I’ve had from people, sharing their own stories of abuse that they know is happening in the ‘chareidi / chassidish’ world – that’s routinely covered up?

It seems the Malka Leifers and the Meshi-Zahavs are not the aberrations we all hope and wish they were.

There is a massive problem of Sabbatean-Frankist sexual abuse going on in our communities – and the rot goes right to the top.


So it is, that I find myself poring over my family trees again today.

So it is, that much as I wanted to run away from this topic, and everything that comes with it, I once again find myself struggling with trying to figure out what is really going on, so that I can share it here, and hopefully inspire others out there to start calling a spade and spade, and standing up for what is really right.

So many of our apparently chareidi, chassidish and even modern orthodox communities are routinely covering up abuse, and mamash bullying the victims into silence.

They are doing this because once we start to understand the real scope of the problem, then we’ll start to understand that so many of our ‘leaders’ are actually just scions of Sabbatean-Frankist families who never stopped believing that incest and adultery were the way to ‘bring the geula’.

That is the bitter truth we have to face.

The horrible pill, we have to swallow, if we really want to start cleaning up our community and our world.


The time for sticking our head in the sand has long gone.

Geula is waiting.

And while this job is really unpleasant, there is no ducking the truth, or avoiding the pain. We have to take a deep breath, hold God’s hand, and pop the lid off this can of worms once and for all.

Because teshuva, prayer and charity cancels out all the harsh decrees.

And if we don’t get to grips with the teshuva we so fervently need to make, as a community, as a people, there are no shortage of harsh decrees waiting in the wings, that we’ll have to face instead.


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