More and more people are starting to push back against the Corona Con.

I’m currently up to my eyeballs researching Rothschilds and their connection to the State of Israel. It’s a BIG job – you would not believe just how deep all this goes, and how convoluted it all is, and how it’s all totally connected to our corrupt banking system, including the central banks.

It’s taking me a long time to unravel, but I’m getting there.

And in the meantime, I’m very pleased to tell you that more and more people are starting to push back against the Corona Con.


Take a look at this German lawyer, who is fronting an international movement to start criminal proceedings against the people responsible for this Corona scam:

Politicians and billionaires and corrupt medical staff beware, the whole truth is coming out very soon….

And when it does, it’s going to totally change the world.


Also, Trump’s own bizarre brush with ‘COVID-1984’ – which I’m still pondering on, as nothing is what it seems at the moment – at least has led to a lot of people in the US starting to question the COVID-1984 narrative.

Tucker Carlson sums it up very nicely.

(You can read his comments HERE, if you don’t want to watch the video):

Here’s a snippet:

“[Watching Trump,] you might conclude the coronavirus isn’t quite as scary as they’re telling you it is,” Carlson said. “You might regret giving up your constitutional rights in a panic last spring, or letting them destroy the American economy in response.”


Hold on, everyone.

We are in the last month of this ‘birth process’, culminating around November 9th.

It’s going to be hairy, it’s going to be difficult in parts. But the way to get through is to keep talking to God, to work on moving into ‘the world of truth’ in our own lives, and to make some sincere teshuva about believing the billionaire-funded media and billionaire-controlled politicians, police and medical establishment.

We could stop COVID-1984 in its tracks tomorrow, if we’d just acknowledge all the lies we’re being told by the government and the doctors and the academics and the media.

These people are motivated by financial greed and a eugenics agenda to reduce the numbers of people walking around.

They are the epitome of ‘evil’.

Basically, it’s the upside-down world. Almost anyone today with money, power or influence is the lowest of the low, morally and spiritually. The more money and influence they have, the more ‘yucky’ they are.

But all the lies are starting to unravel now.


There will be more ‘push back’ from the billionaire oligarchs running the world and controlling our economies and governments.

Probably, they will try to use harsher measures to contain the civil unrest that’s going to be popping up all over the place, as more and more regular people start to understand just how much they’ve been lied to – about COVID 1984, and about a whole bunch of other things, too.

That’s to be expected.

And paradoxically, that’s also when the light will really start to shine, because it’s hard to keep sitting on the fence about what’s really going on in the world when a bunch of brown shirts rush into your own living room.

So hang on!

We are nearly there.

The contractions are painful, they are overwhelming, they are scary.

But at the end of this process, we’ll have the geula.



A reader just sent me a link to this short, 4 minute video – get it before they ban it!

It’s MD Christine Northrop talking about the DNA-altering ‘vaccine’ that will turn us all into programmable human antennas, and give us a nanotech ‘bar code’ to make us a crypto-currency commodity – patented by who else? Bill Gates.

Oh, and the name of these nanoparticles is LUCIFERase, part of that nudge, nudge, wink, wink ‘game’ they like to play of shoving all this stuff straight in our face.

See it for yourself, below: (not shmirat eynayim friendly).

(Don’t worry! The Rav will get out of prison soon, and once that happens, it’s all going to turn around for the best.)




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4 replies
  1. Hadassa
    Hadassa says:

    Appreciate the postings – really! Thanks a lot!
    While everything will unravel and the start truth will come forth with no doubt – but still trying to understand how that can effectively really be if many, many regular people truly believe(especially if they were personally affected) that COVID killed people. People really did die – it’s a fact. People that had absolutely no pre-existing underlying symptoms died – it’s a fact. People really did leave the world without having been exposed to the negligence and malpractice of doctors/nurses/hospitals etc. – fact. How and why would these regular good people and families accept this COVID pandemic as a cover up and a plan? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  2. Ana
    Ana says:

    You are writing so many important things, please be careful not to get stuck with exaggerated claims that might harm the receptiveness of your posts.

    “Luciferase” with a quick Google search is a generic term for a kind of enzyme and was not “invented” or specifically chosen by anyone related to Coronavirus. It doesn’t mean there aren’t “deeper, hashgacha” issues worth nothing, but it’s not part of a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink ‘game’ they like to play of shoving all this stuff straight in our face.”


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