So, what’s going on in Uman right now?

If you’re still holding by the ‘news’, you’re probably expecting something very different from what is really going on there.

Here, take a look for yourself (from Thursday afternoon, yesterday):


These guys spent 20, 30, 40 hours travelling via all sorts of weird routes, to get to Uman.

They probably had a whole bunch of unpleasantness dealing with the Ukrainian officials – not because there is a war on, just because Ukrainian passport people are mostly scumbags who like to interrogate religious Jews and see them squirm.

The tickets were super-expensive this year…

And so on and so forth.

But tell me something:

Where else are you seeing a bunch of such happy, joyful people these days?


Here in Jerusalem, in Israel, there are heart-felt selichot going on at night.

And apparently, they are totally full of young people, many with tattoos and other weird stuff going on, who are pouring their hearts out to Hashem and even crying.

(My daughter has been going regularly to the selichot in Meron, and has been telling me some stories of the people praying there that are filling me with tremendous hope for the future of Am Yisrael. We are down, but we aren’t beaten!!!! Not at all.)


Here’s some of Rabbenu’s light even spreading into the IDF:



Here’s another video from inside the Tzion, from yesterday:



It’s not just frummers who go to Uman.

A large percentage of the crowd would probably self-identify as ‘not religious’ – but really?

The pintele yid is alive and kicking in so many of the simple Jews who have been turned off ‘formal religion’ by the horrible ‘rabbis’, and the horrible, hateful, destructive and warped ideas they teach in the name of the Torah.

And in Uman, that pintele yid re-ignites.

Especially on Rosh Hashana.


My husband headed out there yesterday afternoon, met a bunch of people he knows from a few years ago in the airport, and he just called me now to say he’s almost at Uman, and while it’s been a tiring journey, it’s also been uneventful, Baruch Hashem.

If you were believing the deep-state controlled news, is this what you were expecting to hear?

And if it isn’t, what does that tell you about what else propaganda sites like the YWN are lying to you about?

(And CNN…. and the BBC…. and all of them, really.)


There’s a war going on in Ukraine, don’t you know?

It’s such a big, widespread war, that all of the Western countries have just HAD to send billions of your hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine, so they can fight the Russkies.

Where did all that money really go?

These are the questions more people should probably start asking themselves.


In the meantime, it made my soul so happy to see all these happy, dancing Jews from all backgrounds, in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

There are apparently a LOT of people there this year, easily above 10,000, maybe even 20,000 – and Rosh Hashana is still 2 1/2 days away.

It’s awesome!

And it’s a total lesson in not listening to all the propaganda they are putting out there to confuse and demoralise us all into just giving up.


Only fear Hashem!

Nothing and no-one else.

And don’t listen to people like this:


BTW, apparently the Rav has hit some difficulties getting in to Uman.

I will keep you updated once I know more, but the State of Israel, and all its little demonic helpers, have been working overtime to keep the Rav out of Uman.

Again, what does that tell you?


We so need the light of Rabbenu to spread around the globe this Rosh Hashana.

We are very close to the ‘mask’ dropping, and to really understanding just what is going on in the world, good and bad, and who is really on what side.

The forces of evil have some really frightening plans for humanity…. plans so evil, it’s hard to really wrap your head around them.

But God is running the world.

And the tens of thousands of Jews who listened to the dictates of their soul, and who have some real Emunat Tzaddikim are sweetening things for all of, this Rosh Hashana, BH.

With some help from Rabbenu HaKadosh.



My husband estimates there are around 20,000 people currently in Uman for the Chag.

That may yet go up, as Rosh Hashana only begins Sunday night.

Also, the Rav is still being prevented from entering Uman (and possibly, also Ukraine itself) by the ongoing dirty tricks of the Freemason-Frankist State of Israel, and its agents within the Meah Shearim Breslov community, who have been pulling out all the stops – and the cash – with the corrupt officials there.

BH, we still need to pray the barriers fall, and the Rav actually gets to Uman itself.


But on the good news front, even the propaganda site YWN is starting to run stories that actually reflect reality, instead of non-stop scare stories:

NO SIGN OF WAR IN UMAN: Thousands Travel For 34 Hours To Daven At Kever Of Rebbe Nachman On Rosh Hashanah

There’s a lot of videos from Uman at that link, as well.


Just to be clear, if anything does ‘happen’ in Uman this year, God forbid a trillion times, it will be a false flag by the Ukrainians, egged on by the State of Israel.

Just to be super clear, about where the real ‘threat’ lies, in Uman.

It’s that same State of Israel that used DEW to kill 45 people in Meron last year; and that’s also behind all these strange ‘terror attacks’ here in the Eretz Kodosh, that really make no sense on a number of levels, except to provide a flimsy ‘back-drop’ for Lapid wanting a two state ‘solution’ – to a problem that really doesn’t exist.

And Lapid is just the poodle of the Biden administration.

And Biden is just the puppet of…. who exactly?

We’re probably going to find out very soon.


My husband also told me that almost 100% of the people in Uman this year are Israelis (i.e. people who live in Israel).

The French and the Americans are notable absent.

Eretz Yisrael is the land where you learn emuna, and I guess that lesson is a crucial requirement for getting to Uman this year.

Shabbat shalom, and I’ll update if I hear anything else before Rosh Hashana 5783 begins.

May we all be signed for an uplifting, healthy and emuna-dik year, wherever we happen to live, and whichever people we happen to follow.


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